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    Vote for moderators they keep the yeshivah world safe from ….stuff

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    MA thanks for the tips!!!lately ivebjust been keeping my toothbrush in my bedroom

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    Sparkly cause u sound cute and nice and smart very simple ingredients #friendshipgoals

    They should have an option to give out numbers

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    A better question how do u stop the cleaning lady from using your toothbrush in other places and having to buy a new one every week!!!

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    I dont either know anyone on this group but……kay I have a confession….I wish I knew sparkly *blushes deeply*

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    I’m normally not one to give my advice being that I feel I’m not worthy and who would wanna listen to me but on this topic I can promise you I know what I’m talking about. There was this girl who to put it mildly ruined my name and basically my life a few years ago she told people alot of lies about me ,that I hung out with the wrong people etc. And basicly my camp life and school life were destroyed and no one wanted to talk to me because they thought I was bad.And eventually I started thinking no one will believe me anyways and i started doing the very things she said about me if not worse.(eventually I worked hard and Baruch hashem things only got better and i had alot of friends)for years I wished something bad happened to her that she should suffer the same way i did that she should feel what lonliness and depression feels like and then one day i came to a scary conclusion I realized that the only way for me to have closure is to let go and forgive i cant say that it was easy i didnt even know if i had to she made me get kicked out of places and i couldnt get summer jobs because of it but sat down on my bed and started writing about everything all my feelings I was crying but ya know what after that I didn’t send it to her (which technically I could have.I just threw it away and with that all my anger went away (she doesn’t believe she did any thing wrong before i forgave her I trued being mature …at some point I called her to talk things through and she said that I owe her an apology I had nothing to do with her prior to the rumors she made up but yet I still asked her for forgiveness and she said no….I plain hung up the phone on her…I was not gonna get angry) so basically my humble advice to u is just do what it takes to forgive you can write you can talk or you can just think and you will feel like the weight of the world is off your shoulders love, sadgirlygirl

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    -Absan no I’m not part of the staff here at ywn but if I was things would be a bit different. On a sidenote I do appreciate the mods here really I do. But I think the lines have been blurred between what they think is inappropriate..like sometimes something is okay and sometimes it’s not.

    Mashiach agent are u a psychologist? Because imyh I’m going into that field and i wanna know whether you have any advice

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    Sparkly I thought your wjole issue was that you’re in shidduchim with grey hair

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    And at least if u take something down tell me why so I know for next time

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    Omg moshiach agent don’t talk like that I still Want u here….And you can’t do mitzvos up there

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    Sparkly it’s random…that’s why I’m saying it just bored

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    Coffee addict you’re hysterical…I was sleeping wirh my mouth open and i woke up and my mouth was parched

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    Theprof1 I want gonna say the black person comment I was afraid it’s racist

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    Grape flavor laffy taffys aren’t so bad

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    So what did everyone eat for breakfast today *tries starting a conversation *

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    I didn’t say that

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    From what I heard the dye would be a chatzitzah when she goes to the mikvah

    I don’t really know the halachos but my friend who is married wanted to dye her hair ombre brown to blonde and she wasn’t allowed cause it would be a chatzitzah. But her mom got a heter to dye her grey hair brown because it’s her natural color. So I think you have to ask your local rabbi cause two different rabbis gave different psaks

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    Sparkly yes girls that get BA in these programs have been accepted to LIU/NYU and such type of places…and when you say “non hewish colleges with us” you’re going to a not jewish college? And who is “us”?

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    Im staying in my favorite place boroooooo parkkkkkkkk

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    I’m gonna try my luck now…can you reach out to me tonight? :*

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    Sparkly Why would you say that most girls getting their degrees are otd. As gofish has stated there are alot of programs for them tti /sora shenirer and even some seminaries offer BA and touro collge itself has separate classes for men and women. The world isn’t black and white either you dorm in a mixed university and party and get drunk with guys or you have no degree and kollel lifestyle. Hashem gave us kosher ways to get a degree like that we can still keep our morals and halachos and still be able to earn a living and marry off our kids and make yuntif.

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    When you’re talking about young people getting married typically it’s chassidish people who typically don’t get degrees(there are exceptions like myself) so there fore they have the ability to start earlier because they have nothing holding them back as they say in Yiddish (for those who understand ) ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????

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    The best time to get married is when there’s a hall available….

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    Sparkly I don’t understand your question I left a job that was the point of this thread and college didn’t even start yet but somebody commented on what I said about college so I’m just trying to clarify

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    Syag lachuchma omg I never thought I would hear you say that….wow this is an emotional day!!!! And thanks I’m trying to be positive! And omg thanks all of you for all your suggestions and…theories and comments …..r

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    And btw it was my first job I didn’t know (not even a week) and the boss combined three jobs in one in order not have to pay more people (I was receptionist, assistant, and ……..cleaning lady) so between all my gross conditions (cleaning bathroom garbage etc) I led in addition to the uncomfortableness

    Better? (I think it is worth keeping the post)

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    Okay everyone…..update!!!!!! So I was feeling super uncomfortable for so many reasons that I didn’t even post here to retain some iota of privacy…but the point is I leftttttt!!!!! And for those of you wondering all random facts

    1. I’m not a troll

    2.um not also in college I’m accepted to a college next year

    3.I’m not scared it will ruin shidduchim cause I know God has someone for me before I was born however I don’t want certain people to call me a quitter which they already did

    4.it’s not a basement

    5.that story I said with me being alone with a male patient..he had the first morning appointment and Dr wasn’t in yet

    Any other questions lemme know for now the job hunt continues —op sadgirlygirl

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    jewishfeminist lol actually not …confession for today i was on this coffee room when i was 14 haha..but i dont see the question why they shouldnt be able to

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    haha i literally thought you were talking bout trolls like the big green scary one from harry potter

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    the goal of every woman is that she should read shlome hamelechs words in aishes chayil and try her best to be what it says there because that is a perfect guideline

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    okay i guess thanks for all your advice….ahhhhhhhh….still confused

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    apushetayid and all gemara kups and dayanim here random afterthought ..many of u sound so knowledgable in halacha but if youre alwasy posting here how do u have time to learn fancy terms

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    btw sparkly i am also in college so no need to worry. can i be honest with all of you….i dont have guts to quit im scared…what would i tell the dr and what would people who know me say “oh she quit x,y,z now she gonna quit marriage when things get too hard”…and too all of you asking about patients coming in and out.. im alone with him most of the day..and another point he isnt here right now so im alone with a different male patient..also where will i get another job

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    @brisker26 so off topic but im a girl that took karate lessons

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    its not about age its about stage…where you are upto mentally and spiritually. as many of you are talking about chassidish 17 year olds ill just throw this in. im a heimish chassidish girl and ill be 18 soon. baruch hashem i grew up in a super chilled and open minded home…people have such a misconception about chasssdish people..utterly ridiculous…anyhow going back to our topic.i have already had many suggestions “redt” to me bh and my parents are listening despite the fact that im 17 because that isnt the point…maturity is the key word

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    Hey I can recommend two books for u to read

    1. Oz vehudar by rabbi Falk

    2.daughters of dignity

    Both are Amazing I would recommend first the daughters of dignity book it brings out so many beautiful stories for each halacha

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    You people have it all wrong

    Strawberry ice cream is bae

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    Omg thank you all for your wonderful ideas.so btw I do go to a therapist like I said at some point and she didn’t tell me I have depression but due to many traumas and abuses in my life I have anxiety (she said I don’t neede medication ). All of you gave fabulous ideas I keep rereading them to see how I can implement them.thanks all of u (the only thing that I probably can’t do is the chabad rabbi thing…..)

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    Wow I like the way that was put down

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    I am very overwhelmed and by the way I do have a therapist but im looking for torah perspective

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