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  • in reply to: My name was in today's Haftarah #1215292

    mazel tove meno..lol!!!

    my name was mentioned in parshas shemos….im always ready to lend a hand..

    in reply to: The LATEST shidduchim thread! #1206823

    what ive done lately in regards to the shidduch crisis?????

    well im a girl that got engaged a month ago bh so i guess thats one less girl in a crisis

    in reply to: Life updates happygirlygirl #1199480

    Lilmoid—- basically I had one bishow and then a day date and a night date and then a date the day I got engaged.

    The first day date actually lasted 8 hours ….Bh we hit off.

    in reply to: Life updates happygirlygirl #1199478

    Aww everyone!! Amein, brichem teyeh!!! And ctlawyer that would be so beautiful!! Thank you so much

    in reply to: desensitized to cursing #1189395

    Thanks LU…seems like you’re the onky one that responds

    in reply to: Fakers #1196229

    Well I am a happy girly girl sometimes

    in reply to: Fear of Heaven #1196303

    To all you cliche people complaining about how u can’t judge fear of God ON a woman’s appearance…I feel like you’re lying to yourselves. The same way if you saw a girl who had holes in Jr tights and dirty clothing and knotty unkempt hair and smelled bad you would automatically assume that she’s either slow, poor, abused at home….etc the same way you can judge a girl by her appearance. To some extent of course because there will always be the people that hide their true unstable insides…but most of the time ita detectable in their appearance doesn’t. No one should make it their business to judge people to begin with…but you shouldn’t complain cause I’m sure we have all judged

    in reply to: balabatish shoes #1189271

    Well it depends where ya livin

    in reply to: desensitized to cursing #1189392

    Question to the smarter older people than me here: to certain things get permitted to speak about as u get older? Or as u reach that stage? Or never? Or if ur girl/boy (depending on topic )…only serious answer

    in reply to: Fakers #1196224

    I love how LU is so temimisdik!! I actually wish that we had to identify just to the moderators. It would keep stuff safe honest

    in reply to: Where is Sparkly #1189599

    Question why would the mods block an account…I have to know what not to do….btw mods can I switch my email for this account?

    in reply to: Where is Sparkly #1189581

    Did anyone else think princess cape is sparkly?

    in reply to: Where is Sparkly #1189567

    Yeah where is sparkly

    in reply to: desensitized to cursing #1189339

    Hi princess cape , first of all I admire you for being in touch with urself that you feel that what you’re doing is wrong and i have to tell you that I had the exact same problem. I used every word out there like all them time. And then I realized something that helped me out tremendously. Smart and classy people don’t use street language aka curse words. The educated and aristocratic men and women don’t use it on a daily basis. That means its for the commoners. I’m a princess and therefore I will sound educated and upperclass and not use foul language. And that’s how I stopped because I put it beneath myself to say such things. And judging by your username you agree to be a princess . A princess is a princess because of the way she acts and speaks….

    in reply to: Cute or funny simanim for Rosh hashana :) #1184790

    Everyone is talking about dates….can someone think of something for bishows

    in reply to: Solutions for Waterproofing Sukkah Decorations #1184758

    Perhaps the most logical answer. ..buy a shlock

    in reply to: Ladies first is because #1184845

    Omggg you “ladies” are ridiculous. The average height for a white male in us is 5’10 and average height for a woman is 5’5 . I myself am a female and i stand at 5’4 it is safe to presume that MY future husband will be taller than me as biologically that would make sense. Hispanic men on avergae are shorter as are the women. If we can say that easily why do u find it demeaning to say that on average women are shorter. As it so happens he never said anything about women having less successful careers so your comment about being a speech therapist was completely random and irrelevant.

    in reply to: What is your favorite flavor of soda? #1185071

    Cherry coke and fanta and ….Snapple?

    in reply to: Read if you want yo be blessed #1184007

    Little froggie (btw my autocorrect keeps changing it to little druggie is there something I should know about? ) I bench you that hashem should give you the strength TO overcome your yetzer hora and make the right choices in life and you should have a lechtiga gan eden because of that.

    And Feivel (autocorrect drivel) yes I put alot of thought into each word

    in reply to: people going places sick #1183997

    Speaking about subtitles I would really be so honered if your majesty will grant me one….pleaseeeeeeee

    in reply to: 12 STEP!!! HELPPPP #1184134

    Thank you so much for the number softword…I might use it idk yet….if I don’t have to go then I won’t…but I’m scared just in case

    in reply to: 12 STEP!!! HELPPPP #1184130

    In my case a license won’t help sparkly

    in reply to: needs help. looking for sem #1184727

    Did I just hear correctly sparkly? There’s 2 guys that u want? What does that even mean?

    in reply to: people going places sick #1183981

    I thought this thread was gonna be about people going to places that are sick……like clubs,bars with inappropriate things going on or I thought it was gonna be about people going to places with Ebola or zika virus……what a bummer it’s only about coomon cold

    in reply to: Can you comfort me #1183828

    I’m totally clueless to what and who you all are talking about…whose brother died ?

    in reply to: needs help. looking for sem #1184716

    Lookingforsem I like to be Dan likof zchus and maybe u are looking for sem is that why u cam here to begin with? Cause ur username is very specific to that question. So when you get your answer will your name changed to howshouldipackforsem or suitcaseorduffelbag ? Btw i was also accused of being a troll like a few months ago don’t take it personal unless its true. And also if you ask a question and you are not open minded to advice then why bother asking to begin with?

    in reply to: Tell us about your first date with your spouse #1183898

    First date boardwalk on Coney island

    in reply to: Living Wage #1181176

    Sparkly…you need a reality check.sorry

    in reply to: Salads #1185767

    Dovrosenbaum ever heard of Israeli salad

    in reply to: Tell us about your first date with your spouse #1183880

    I’m not engaged yet! IF I am I will let u all know.

    in reply to: Tell us about your first date with your spouse #1183877

    Meno….my family

    in reply to: Salads #1185762

    Menos thanks for helping me prove my point

    in reply to: Salads #1185759

    Well when I go to my super market every morning alot of guys wait online…maybe cause it’s also a sandwhich bar

    in reply to: Tell us about your first date with your spouse #1183874

    IMYH mine will be in my dining rooom….and then I’ll have another one in a dining room then one or two dates then engaged and the dates throughout engagement then marry and kids bezras hashem…..moshiach

    in reply to: happygirlygirl #1180056

    I’m back…thanks for remembering me sparkly

    in reply to: CR Relationship #1180014

    I think there should be a thing that before u get accepted TO coffee room the mods have to verify who u are…I would totoally DO that

    in reply to: Salads #1185757

    Lol I guess you don’t know many girls or maybe I’m a rare catch but im a burger kinda gurl…..come to think of it I even look like a burger

    in reply to: bored #1179877

    Sparkly why did u mention my name?

    in reply to: ??? ???? ?? ??? for kallah #1179849

    Meno your sarcasm didn’t escape my radar….job well done I actually chuckled

    in reply to: Salads #1185755

    Gala,herring,meatloaf,beer are male conspiracy

    in reply to: Apologies by happygirlygirl #1179838

    Omg…..wait no this can’t be……lilmod ulilameid is sparkly?!?!?! My heart’s is palpitating

    in reply to: [open] Closed Threads #1178272

    I like this thread

    in reply to: My makeup routine making the churban #1178234

    Sparkly – I’m gonna teach u something. ..you can never say things like “guys don’t like headbands” or “guys like tall girls ” people in general (male/female) are attracted to different things and i don’t think you should go to some guy and ask if he finds something attractive that like both appropriate and also I don’t wear perfume for you so I won’t stop because u don’t like it.

    in reply to: Apologies by happygirlygirl #1179813

    Thanks people it really means alot to me btw did u notice that only gurls replied…..sensitive creatures I love my fellow sisters…

    I wish I could go into real details but im scared…..how can i stop crying I wanna go to sleep

    in reply to: Tropical storm hermoine #1177479

    Oish I got excited for a minute that the name was hermione

    in reply to: Which cheap stuff are good and which are not good? Please tell me. #1177419

    Okay for all my girls out there don’t be afraid of pharmacy makeup products and skin care products..not always is it better than the “brand name” but of course you have to know therefore I am here to tell u and all this you can get at rite aid

    Covergirl mascara Is great

    Loreal long lasting liquid lipstick

    Physician formula blush

    Covergirl brush

    Rite aid beauty blender

    Neutrogena face wipes and acne washd

    Loreal think tip eyeliner marker thing is the best everrrrr

    Okay basically all that

    Now never buy wet and wild foundation and beware about the oily face products because they really make breakouts

    in reply to: happygirlygirl #1180050

    Do u really wanna hear about the thread I hate

    in reply to: happygirlygirl #1180047

    I have been very busy lately so forgive me for not commenting however I have to say certain threads I can’t stand so….I don’t have where to write

    in reply to: Who Is Your Role Model? #1188399

    Well depends on which areas of my life different people would effect

    My therapist (obvious reasons)

    Ivanka trump(a successful woman,classy,a family that she takes care of even though she’s a busy entrepreneur and businesswoman )

    Ywn29/100(even though he gets hurt doesn’t hold a grudge and also he does the right thing)

    Hillel (cause he could control his temper)

    Rabbi akiva (never too late)

    And so much more…..no patience to conitnue

    in reply to: Who Is Your Role Model? #1188388

    I have a few should I list them

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