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    Btw it rocks to have a thread named after me

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    I honestly have bigger things in life to worry about

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    This is a mans world but it would be nothing without a woman or a girlllll-it’s a song

    “Behind every great man stands an even greater woman”

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    Comlink x what?

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    Is it muktzah in shabbos

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    Let’s not give them the satisfaction I being curiously

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    Now I got my answer about you being a girl ….yeah go US!!!

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    There was one poster that surprised me by being a girl wad that you LU

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    I don’t really know the drama only my own….but mod 29 has a private joke witha poster I’m so curious if it’s about me or if it’s a private joke…..

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    I didn’t really add anything here so I may as well

    When i was 13 I wrote

    Royalty is us princesses who are noble and fine

    Ruby’s saphires and diamond

    Each one can glow and shine

    But only when put away can it be secure

    The same is with us because we are so very pure

    We must be modest and refined as can be

    We are of better quality cause bas Melech ani

    Would think poem is quite mediocre but the message is straight. Tznius is something you should do for yourself not because men might be oiver or look at you a certain way. A woman’s body is a beautiful because hashem created it with his own hands from the part of Adam that was hidden and said “tehai eesha tzneea”. The same way a beautiful sefer torah is covered up so too our body’s are like that.


    I was in the supermarket and saw these two guys standing there and looking at frum erlicha tzniusdiga girls and rating them…those gurls were even nerdy looking and yet there will always be guys out there that are bored and i dont think that those girls would “go to gehinom” for attracting boys attention. I have to say maybe we should teach the boys not to view women as objects for pleasure.

    And let’s not forget men have tznius rules as well.it isn’t just in the garment it’s your whole being.

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    Sparkly do you ever like the ywn posts on instagram

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    #igetthehint I am a child and the adults don’t want me listening in to their conversation so today will imyh be my last day..i have heard this way too much on here and everyone is complaining and i feel guilty

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    Update: I just met the director that kicked me out of camp (the Same year that this thread took place so basically I was kicked put of camp and school within two months (record of the year) ) it was so weird …first she screams across the restaurant that I’m gorgeous then she redts me a shidduch of some bum…..and then she wants my number like…omggg can my life get any more dramatic

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    Is there such a thing as a female ups girl? I don’t dig the uniform but 81000 IS lots of dough maybe I’ll just dress it up with a cute headband….y’all know any female ones?

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    They posted my post day late…an sparkly he’s praying for the girls…chop?

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    Wow wow wow #speechless

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    Ma are u serious? I would totally go if it was true

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    I thought whichever one you wanna eat at that moment goes first…so if I want a piece of watermelon im gonna eat it even if there’s a peach there

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    I have to make a mention here that I have had a dream multiple times in the past of a long gross huge I section with many thick legs and it also had mouth pitchers and i was running away from it…….in my case it might be because I had a centipede plague in my bathroom bh we got am exterminator but it won’t last forever…unfortunately

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    I don’t the therapists go to help themselves but that’s what ultimately ends up happening

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    In the beginning of the year I felt unwanted but overtime ot changed I showed my school why it’s important to have me I started being the teachers prized possession by beung the biggest participater in class always raising my hand to ask and answer and i volunteered to tutor girls and i was always writing stuff for the school newsletter and ended up being head I it and i made sure to be nice to everyone and when I graduated my principals were super happy for me the gurls and teachers loved me and i made alot of friends FOR life…it really is in the attitude if I would have come back as u said you would have sparkly I would have been angry during class and probably would have flunked everything and for sure been kicked out during the year so I’m happy for the choices I made….and btw combining this into my other thread that’s why I believe in therapy so much they don’t lead ur life for u they show u ur options and make u see which one will be most beneficial for u and you have the knowledge and power to make an informed decision and since that period in my life I still go to the same one

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    5 is it something you play with

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    Lilmod ulelameid awwww thanks..every compliment really boosts me ya have no idea……the comments I have gotten though….lets not discuss.

    Btw I find it so cute that we know mod 29 scedule.like when he goes shluffy and when he has a simcha and when he goes to shill and if hes making early shabbos…

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    Omg i remember gumball!!

    Sparkly I continued in that school and i graduated a few months ago with hashems help. I am so grateful and emotional I keeps on rereading it. Baruch hashemmmm. At the rate I was going I would have been as sparkly says “otd” a long time ago…..tearsssss

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    Is it something involved with judaism

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    I honestly didn’t have patience to read this long drooshis but why Don people wanna vaccinate? The autism theory was proven not true already so??

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    As if posting this here will change the out come of the election…sigh

    Dude ever heard other #electoralcollege

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    First tell me what does approve it mean? And tell me what letter it starts with and ends with and I’ll tell u

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    Omg how do u taka work out ur past life???? I think I was someone in the holacaust

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    Is it something you can eat

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    CLEARLY NONE I YOU ARE CHASSIDISH!!!! lol when I read that question I’m like duhhh of course people do it and it’s common and you people…..hahaha it’s so cute how you’re surroundings effect ur ideas

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    Btw the interview went awesome thanks for the tefillos

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    Lu true and i totally agree with that policy im just saying i would be cool then again she might be a guy so who knows. I still think we should all have a reunion at amnons….well let mod 29 organize and pay the bill. Thanks modddddd

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    I generally like better the hadumah from fruits like strawberries and watermelon

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    Abba s I’m sorry but you crack me up this isn’t the forced time I nearly choked in my food while reading your post keep up ur great sense of humor and use it in the right way

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    Sparkly so there’s really no way to like get to know anyone off this chat?

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    Omg #imsettingatrendhere

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    Doesn’t every relationship need a balance? Like I’m just thinking of all the couple’s I know including my own parents and their personalities are so opposite that that’s what makes them still together. Imagine having two really quiet people there would never be any conversation I exciting things happening or two loud people or two lazy people …the list goes on and on.


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    Well this past year in school we had a subject called methods and we learned in all bullying scenes there are three categories bully the victim and bystanders. We must empower the bystanders to stick up for what they believe in (like imagine if all the bystanders by the seudah of kamtza and bar kamtza would have stood up for the ehat they felt..) second you have to find out what’s going on by the bully at home that’s usually the problem and of course teach the victim how to defend or ignore

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    Thanks MA and omg They changed my name I’m so excited Time to jump on my bed yay Now I’m like really happy!!! and i have a question mod 29 or whoever when I sign in I use my new name?

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    Can i crash the nursing homes party?

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    It’s gonna be the little little kinderlach it’s gonna be the little little kinderlach that brings moshiach!!!!!!!!

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    Lol i have no problem telling any of u my name or giving my email or showin a pic….but I’m afraid you’ll laugh at my orange face and moppy bleached hair and my desire to rule the USA..oops I think I spoke too much…..now everyone knows that I’m not who I claim to be. Sparkly beware!!

    Seriously though if you wanna know who I am just ask. Want my social security too?

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    Thanks for all the chizuk people I really feel like you’re all my older brothers and sisters (which technically is true) but wow sparkly do you know me???I was never tested for adhd or add or anxiety but I do have symptoms of each which I guess most people do (by me it’s the hyperness-I actually love this part of me,impulsiveness-could juat mean I’m a teen,and anxiety)but I don’t think I would label myself any of these.and to the last poster I haveseen many changes since going to therapy and at this point I’m going because I like her and it’s a good relationship .lol. And i don’t suffer clinical depression (or anything clinical)just as one poster said i guess it’s natural that I should feel this way. And how can i change MY username? A few years ago I had a different one…but I wanna change it to happygirlygirl. And people I have an interview tomorrow please daven for me.. I’m serious! I love you all!!!!! Sincerely happygirlygirl

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    Subtitle please…..aha so who am I?

    And sparkly it’s not so easy to become a psychologist it’s hard work and years however you are right it’s like randomly I keep on hearing how so many people on this forum are mental health professionals it’s like they’re so excited to scream it out…well at least theyre #proudtobe

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    Sparkly the drama he’s referring to us…the young girls who have no one to ask our questions the ones who come up with the original topics….and make this Coffee room interesting. Even if they did separate the guys from gurls the guys would wanan join our discussions cause ours are serious and fun!!! We will not feel stepped on

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    Your past life was a spider

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    Oh thanks sparkly for bringing back up my thread cause my depression went away but then it came back (probably has to do with the fact that I have no job and i roam 13 ave like a zombie) to be honest at this point I know what triggers my depression and i know how to get out of it. When i feel like I’m doing nothing with my life and day I feel horrible ,so if I don’t have a job or I juat lounge around I feel like likable lazy bum and then I have TOO MUCH TIME and i started feeling guilty about random things I did in my life and it’s a vicious cycle.????? ??? ???? ????? so basically I figured out that if I find other stuff to make me feel accomplished I will feel better like even stupid things like making a fancy supper for my parents or making a good recording (I like to sing) will help but the biggest help for yourself is helping others so I volunteer sometimes to visit people and help with kids and that’s the best

    Sparkly don’t underestimate the power of these sfarim and fabulous books ..the ultimate satisfaction I get (and I’m not a rebbetzin) is davening and when I say that I mean in English. Just talking to him.

    Abba s and Ice cream of course helps but that’s temporary

    Sparkly therr are so many things to read I have a whole shelf of stuff if u wanna come over lol or juat go to eichlers..idk where u live tho

    And of course I’m still looking for a job once I get that hopefully it will help me feel better all the way

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    There are alot of ways to take out die…wikihow has a couple of ways

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