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    Mods, was my post not permitted to be posted? Just want to know for future reference. Or did my post simply get lost because I turned my computer off immediately after posting it?


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    Welcome aboard and don’t forget to buckle your seat belt!

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    I saw a few moving vans as well. I like the bread and salt minhag… so if you moved to Baltimore, I’ll gladly bring you salt and bread.

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    I know a couple of people have figured out who I am here. My own fault, I used a name that people who really know me would recognize. But… we are all related anyway being that we are all yidden. Kapusta, have we met other than at Sinai?

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    My son and daughter-in law got engaged in the rain. He parked the car in a covered parking garage and popped the question with tons of flowers and a ring. She said “yes” in the rain. We had a l’chaim that evening even though it was raining cats and dogs outside. Jeepers!!! Rain happens!!!! As do fender benders and all kinds of calamities while on a date!

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    I’m with bomb here. Sounded to me like an innocent older guy trying to find his way around the bungalow colonies. It’s not like they are all on the map and often GPS doesn’t even work up in the country. How else do we find our way around, but to ask?

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    Acetate nail polish remover removes permanent ink!!!! There are these nets that can be put on top of cribs to keep climbers in. Do you know why I know these tricks? Because you are not the only one with leibidik kids!!! And I am looking at your name here, and I am thinking that I just might know where your kids get their spunk from!!! Spunk will get them far in life, it is good!! They might need you to set different boundaries than you have set before. But they are normal. Good luck!!! Keep us posted, it sounds like a lot of fun in your house. I kind of miss the fun now that mine are grown up.

    in reply to: How was the stabbing was dealt with in EY? #796391

    Your typo is in the title…… but do we really have to correct each other for every little thing?

    jmj: You are permitted to be overwhelmed by your problems no matter what kind of problems other people have. Hurts are not really comparable. Your hurts hurt you and you are entitled to complain about them.

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    My friends are also quite a bit older and some younger than I am. I only have a handful of friends the same age as I am.

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    no, I would not allow my child to play in a house that has a biting dog. I must admit, when my kids were still young enough to have playdates, I did not allow my child to play at his best friend’s house because he told me that they had a gun. My child was furious with me, but I told him that I loved him too much to put him in the kind of danger that a gun could bring. I never gave in no matter how much he begged. On the other hand, I do not believe in suing friends, neighbors, or even doctors. I have stood by that. Maybe if more people stood by that, more of us could afford insurance premiums.

    in reply to: Should I sue? #1097807

    Aries…… That pole sounds a tad like bullying…. ganging up on someone sure sounds like bullying to me. It’s almost Tisha Bav… c’mon!!Let’s be kind to people.

    Ok, so I have been thinking and trying to come up with ways to give a little chizuk here. I have been thru 2 pretty horrible things in my life. One happened when I was a child and to get through that, I went for therapy many years later. The second thing happened almost 10 years ago now. Luckily, I was already an adult and was much better able to deal with it. HUMOR, HUMOR, HUMOR!!!! Without humor, I would have lost my mind!!! (Though some say that I have already lost my mind) I was also aware enough of my weaknesses to know to ask for help when I needed it. Whether it was asking for someone to learn Eiyuv with me, or just knowing that I needed to go out for coffee with a friend who would make me laugh. My extended family and the frum community have both been my backbone. Without them, I would not have made it these last 10 years. (have to admit, I am shocked that it is 10 years now!) Friends who stuck by me are such a gift! The ones that didn’t, I feel it is their loss, because as a person I have so much more to give now than I had before. If you are going through something hard, talk to people older than you. They are so wise and have so much to teach us all! AND FIND A WAY TO LAUGH! I could write a few comedy books about all the funny things that happened throughout my worst days! One more thing… Antidepressants are not our enemy! Sometimes we are even lucky enough to only need them short term. They can help us get through the rough patches without hurting ourselves or those around us.

    There, I did it! And I gave out no personal or embarrassing information out. Hope I helped someone. I can now stop worrying about whether I am going to ruin this thread with my memories.

    I don’t feel comfortable sharing that here. Sorry.

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    Not going to go into specifics because I don’t want the mods to censor my post…. so here goes:

    When my kids were teenagers, life was very rough in our house due to illness in the family. One kid was left to his own devices too many times because of the illness. He started hanging with the wrong crowd and I was scared for him. He was not in HS yet, but I decided mid year to send him to a Yeshiva out of town so that he could be surrounded be the Torah way in a safer environment than he was getting at home. When he was with me, whatever crazy music or styles he was interested in, I met him halfway. I showed him that, in my opinion, he could listen to M&M and other rappers and still be a Torah Jew. I learned the lyrics with him. I wanted him to see that we could incorporate his likes into our lives as long as they did not interfere with our Torah life. I made it well known that I trusted him to make the right decisions and I expected him to be the best Ben Torah he could be no matter what was going on at home. He never went off the derech. (at least not in my opinion.) He is now in his 3rd year in Yeshiva post HS in Israel. Maybe it worked out so nicely because I lean more towards the MO way of life and had more lenient expectations. I would NEVER allow texting on Shabbos, but if he wanted to wear jeans during the week, he could. He has chosen NOT to, in case you are wondering.

    in reply to: Wedding Dresses – Woman Only!! #796640

    I bought a dress at David’s Bridal. I had it built up a few inches in the front, and then wore a Bolero Jacket from there in a contrasting color. Looked very nice and got lots of compliments.

    in reply to: Would Anyone Here Be Old Enough to Be President??????????????? #793242

    I am old enough to be President of the USA, but I am not so interested in the job. Thanks anyway!

    in reply to: CR POSTERS #793295

    I’m middle aged and I work in a Day School.

    in reply to: What is MO? #792430

    It is not a major difference, you are right, Sender. It is just something that came to my mind.

    in reply to: What is MO? #792426

    MO….. They go to orthodox shuls with a totally kosher mechitza. Some of the women I know that are MO, do not cover their hair, while others, cover their hair with baseball hats and other hats that tend to show some hair. They are not mechalel shabbos and they keep kosher. They drink chalav stam and don’t pay attention to pas yisroel. They only eat Glatt meat. They have TVs, computers, Facebook… and they send their kids to Day Schools. Sometimes those day schools are co-ed. Sometimes not. I see some MO women where I live that wear pants. They teach their children good middos. And are often treated as goyim by some yeshivish or chasidish people.

    in reply to: Should the coffee room be split into two? #792257

    Ok, my thoughts…… this site is called Yeshiva World News…. that in itself tells me that it leans towards the yeshivish crowd. That said, I am glad that the YWN doesn’t ask our religious affiliation before allowing us to join. If one wants a strictly modern crowd, then they shouldn’t look in a yeshivish room.

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    I am not saying that the shadchan doesn’t deserve lots of money, but I sure am glad that the Rav who made my son’s shidduch knew he would get nothing from me and graciously took whatever my son and his Kallah’s family gave him! To be honest, I didn’t ask him to find someone for my son, and I would never have paid $1,000 for that! I already had to get money from every possible tzedakah in order to buy or pay for EVERYTHING that I paid for to make the wedding, including my own $50 shaitel and dress!

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    Mod…. thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!!! I love my new subtitle!!!!! Just like a Timex!!!

    in reply to: Digital Picture Frames #841231

    I am more modern orthodox than my yeshivish kids, and one of my kids was shocked that I leave my digital frame on…. But that is what I do.

    in reply to: Post Here to Add/Change Your Subtitle #1199038

    ok, Mods, if you would be so kind as to add my subtitle…. I figured out what works for me…. you ready for this??? are you sure you are ready??? ok, here goes…. “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. if you don’t like that one… how about ” wobbles but doesn’t fall down” Do I need to keep thinking, cuz I thought these were perfect for me?? Now the begging…. If you give me a subtitle, I will invite you to my birthday party!!! Please….

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    I would like a subtitle……but have no clue what fits me.

    in reply to: Can anyone explain… #1093391

    search for it on they have a good explanation by way of song, but u can read about it there. good luck and stay cool!

    in reply to: What Should I Do? #790386

    Can I just say……….

    one picture and a 13 yr old’s comment about loving a boy does not mean she is doing something terrible with this boy or even that it might end badly!! Geez!!! Haven’t any of you had a crush on somebody??????? When I was 13 yrs old I had a “boyfriend”. His mom (O”H) used to take us out for ice cream. It was all so innocent!!! I would have been so humiliated if somebody had made us stop spending time together. Nothing came of the friendship. We both grew up and married other people. But for a year or so we each had a friend.

    in reply to: saying HI :) #791017

    fine…. I’ll bite…

    Hi from Baltimore!

    in reply to: Sleepaway Camps taking advantage of their staff. #787310

    It’s not so much different than thinking about how poorly we pay our teachers in Day schools! JMHO!!!! I think it is a shonda how poorly we pay people in camps and schools!!!!

    in reply to: where are you from? #785912

    I am not a frequent poster…….or should I say… I don’t post frequently……

    I am living in Baltimore.

    in reply to: another boy lost? #785850

    the three weeks are coming, so you need to be strong!!! Sorry, I’m just a realist. We never come out of the 3 weeks and 9 days unscathed!

    in reply to: Does anyone care? Are we so stupid? #785929

    I care.

    in reply to: Is Anyone Else Freaking out? #782193

    20 more years? Just sayin’.

    in reply to: Proper Etiquette or Against Halacha? #773556

    I wish the Coffee Room had a LIKE button the way that facebook does!!!

    in reply to: Cars That Go Off The Derech #772922

    And my car stays on the derech for the most part simply because it has a GPS….. surely SOMEONE here can come up with a GOOD use for the letters GPS here. I, unfortunately, am stumped.

    in reply to: Cars That Go Off The Derech #772921

    I don’t think anyone means to make fun of accidents. I think they are just trying to make a play on words.

    in reply to: Midaber Ivrit??? #770105

    Ok, here is one that happened to me in 1983 or 1984. I walked over to a falafel stand, and the guy running the stand said, falafel chofshi chofshi!!! So I asked for one, and then walked away without paying!!!!

    in reply to: True or False Game!!! #766699

    False!!! u jst got ur wisdom teeth removed ( an its killing ) !!!

    u r happy with ur job??

    in reply to: The Sefiras Ha'Omar game!! #949000

    10 makos

    in reply to: The Sefiras Ha'Omar game!! #948975

    9 apartments in my apartment bldg

    in reply to: member count #873522

    I hardly post. I think I have posted 2 or 3 times since I joined. So maybe I am NOT 5 and a half…..

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    Ok, I’ll bite……… I am grateful that I can laugh at all the hard things in my life. I am grateful that shabbos is coming!!

    in reply to: I am Shaking! #757119

    I’m thinking……. maybe there should be an age requirement for the CR.

    in reply to: Why Would A Jaw Hurt? #753439

    could be from a sinus infection too. If it is from TMJ, stop chewing gum.

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    I have been reading the CR posts for a week or so and this is the first time I felt like posting…. I AM A LEFTY TOO!!!! GO LEFTIES!!!

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