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    xl double double

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    mazal tov … we have made it to a 5th page

    I would also like to take the time to commend the moderators for the ridiculously quick postings of our comments … gr8 job guys … props

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    curious … thanks for the insight

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    yeshiva in israel for a couple of years to get some solid learning done, then university

    what ru up to these days

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    anonymiss, thanks so much

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    yup … btw … sorry, forgot to put you on my list for “want to meet” so ill do it here …

    also joseph … my guess? a teenager like me who has nothing better to do with some of his free time (or maybe this out of all the possibilities, is the best thing), and enjoys being a contrarian … how close am i?

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    In no particular order:

    1) azi

    2) yashrus20

    3) squeak

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    sorry azi … couldn’t agree more with you in reality.

    was in a sarcastic mood … needed to get it out somehow

    sorry :>0 :>)

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    What’s wrong with a “real” college … I don’t know … that’s why I am asking.

    In addition, the reason that I put real in quotations was for precisely that reason. The general perception is that Touro, Landers etc. is a lower level of education than most secular universities. I have heard this from others who are either there, or know about it.

    I don’t know about anyone else here, but most Universities provide a higher level of education, and base salaries are generaly lower if you come from a “touro/landers” style program.

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    Harav Hagoan ilsin has his own yeshiva/kollel in Mea Shearim … guys who are there love it apperantly (sorry, typo, mod please correct)

    azi … are you looking for a dif type of convo … we can always arrange for one to be started really easily … in case you haven’t noticed, stirring up contreversy is not exactly the most challenging thing to do here

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    i’m in the mood to start a (??healthy??) debate, so here goes:

    what would be wrong with a “real” college?

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    anonomiss (sorry for the typo … it was too much to go back and check the speling or cut/paste)


    anyone noticed how when you log in, even b4 typing anything, it automatically says “incorrect password?”

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    unfortunately, the burdens of my screen name were calling, and I actually had to do some work … nice to see im missed

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    alright … i’ve been debating whether or not to join the fray, but i’m in?

    heard an interesting line:

    “A recession is when your neighbour loses his job … a depression is when you lose yours”

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    ya … their voices changed

    in reply to: BREAKING: Lipa to do another concert – “The Event”? #630120

    no … how pathetic we have to look ….

    can we not make our own decisions?

    or maybe you need to ask before sneezing as well?

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    KeepinEntertained, no problem

    I don’t know how this could be accomplished, but if you don’t mind, and our wonderful moderators can do this somehow, I would be interested to see it when you are done

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    Hi … while I would love to give you actual details, I am not as versed in the life of MLKJ as I would like … that being said however, why don’t you construct your essay like this?

    Paragraph 1:

    Hook – contraversial (sorry for spelling) or interesting quote from Him

    Thesis – ask question, and answer it in your arguments

    arguments (summarized) – points that he wanted, and did it come true … no … in what way

    Remaining paragrahs – your arguments expanded

    some possibilities: has his dream been carried too far?

    have his followers corrupted his dream

    have the blacks corrupted it with affirmitave action etc.

    what do you think?

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    Hi, my name is ____________________ and I get mad at people who I don’t even know, for typing things that are quite possibly said just to annoy me. I have been anger free for 3 days now, and …………………….

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    What grade are you writing this paper for, and how long does it have to be? I might be able to direct you towards reading material, or even help you with your thesis

    in reply to: Our Society And a Developing Crisis #629876

    Economics = Supply vs. Demand … or the allocation of scarce resources

    The system is constructed in such a way that eventually it will fail, as it is INHERENTLY flawed.

    Don’t get me wrong … I am all for people learning, and if yeshivos decide to push that, what can I do? However, I have seen that “Ba’al Ha’batim” are treated as second class citizens … shivim Panim latorah people … while i don’t mind arguing the nuances of all the various shitos, these arguments have become so archaic that I believe they don’t really have a point anymore

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    just me … chances i know who your kids are (2 kids trained and worked as lifegaurds … not that difficult to figure out) … and if i do, they are both great guys.

    that being said, I can answer specific questions, and all I have to say is positive (learning, rebbeim, sports, etc.)

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    whose line is it anyways? select kosher topics … always good for a laugh

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    not at all … the i am your father line was a star wars reference … sorry, and sorry for your loss

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    No, Brooklyn19, I am your father

    lol … sorry, ill keep my mouth shut from now on … carry on

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    brooklyn19 … why was that neccessary?

    in reply to: High School Crisis #643297

    thank you … amen

    in reply to: Who’s Your Favourite Singer(s)? #1055116

    sorry to spoil the party here, but most of these artists have in some way or another stolen (borrowed) music from pop culture

    Take for example:

    1) Lev Tahor’s Asher Bara – the initial guitar solo, and the lead towards the end of the song have been taken from the Scorpion’s “Rock you like a hurricane”

    As well, the orchestra at the beggining, and during the interlude in the middle of the song is also copied from a concert that they did while in berlin … youtube the song (thats how i found out), and pick the live in berlin 03

    2) MBD – has copied Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music (“Close every door to me” in Joseph and the technicolor dream coat)

    I could go on …

    in reply to: Problem to Look at X-Mas Lights? #1204877

    would it be a question of “Lo Selech” … just postulating

    also, the fact that Christmas has reverted back to what it used to be (a secular, pagan holiday), probably makes things no different.

    Both are Avoda Zara

    in reply to: Top Yeshivas #631618

    BYM … kind of, and it is especially ironic that in another thread, you warned me not to post personal info online

    in reply to: High School Crisis #643294

    I don’t remember who said it, but I heard that a Rav (and a prominent one at that), said, that if kids who are in a yeshiva where secular studies are part of the curriculum, it is bittul zman not to try your utmost.

    that being said, not studying secular subjects as well is ridiculous. I am in 12th grade, and realize that it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to support my family. The Ketuba says it is my responsibility, not my father-in-law’s … to mooch off of him would, in my eyes, be disgusting

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    Tutzech … I have been to CBK … if i can get some specific questions, I can answer them

    in reply to: Help Choosing a Camp #878831

    this coming year will IY”H be my 3rd (if i get a job) at CBK

    I loved it … specifics what do you want to know?

    in reply to: Yeshiva Mercaz Hatorah or Rabbi Senters #1214649

    BYmaydel … just curious, why would that be private (unless I am posting just to annoy and create trouble, which I generally don’t) (BTW, that was not sarcastic, just simple curiosity)

    in reply to: YW Moderator 72 or 86… #627594

    there is only one moderator … he (or she jfem … there is equality for you lol) just likes messing with our heads

    in reply to: Please Share Recommendations For Children’s Fiction #670086

    Harry Potter … don’t everybody get up and yell at me, but they were masterfully written and extremely entertaining

    For Fantasy lovers – the Inheretance cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr)

    Andrew clements is a classic, as are Encyclopedia Brown, Hardy Boys etc.

    Or my all time favourite, Maurice Sendaks books (lol … he wrote “where the wild things” are and “Pierre, the boy who didn’t care.”)

    Dr. Seuss too

    in reply to: Random Questions #1078006

    the “funny bone” is called such as it is really called the “humerus” – (think I spelt that right)

    in reply to: New Schwekey DVD & CD #627256

    so it was a cd of a assur performance … lol

    sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

    in reply to: Television: A Cry of Anguish and Appeal to Our Jewish Brethren 📺 #1192785

    THE BIG ONE … clearly not.

    This is the problem … everyone here is eschewing subtlety and do not realize that like everything else, there is nothing black or white. The issue is really in full technicolor (to those who understand the reference), and really is not simply yes or no.

    I think the issue really has to be analyzed in its entirety, and not just be subject to the shallow opinions of some (not all) on this site

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    Hi … I’m actually considering going to Mercaz after I graduate.

    What kind of info are you looking for?

    From what I currently know, it is a very warm place that gives you potential to really excel at learning, and is very open-minded hashkafically (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

    in reply to: Is there a Drug Problem in the “Frum World”? #1100305

    very simply … yes

    in reply to: Kollel Sustainability #627151

    I am going to faced with a lot of opposition for this post, but here goes:

    I am not sure that kollel is necessarily the ideal. The concept of Torah Im Derech Eretz, although abused by people using to twist it for their own gain (see Torah U’Madda), believes that working is the ideal although it must always be “subserviant” if you will, to Torah study.

    It is interesting, but the more one becomes a “lifer,” the less L’shmah his torah becomes. The businessman/lawyer/doctor who drags himself up in the morning to learn, and after a tiring day, drags himself back at night, is on an infinitely higher level than the “Lifer.”

    in reply to: YWN Moderators #644530

    curious … what is the code as to what is appropriate or not … not an irreverent question, i am just curious to know the posting policies of this wonderful site

    in reply to: Where Do You Live? #626549

    TORONTO … ONTARIO … Canada

    in reply to: Screen Names #1175433

    i was just going to say … worry about what?

    in reply to: Kids Following Sports, Something to Worry About?? #626393

    what would be wrong about it?

    in reply to: How old are you? #870261

    chacham … how old are you?

    when i notice who hasn’t started to argue with jfem

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    No … Im from TO (Toronto)

    in reply to: How old are you? #870255

    16 … 17 in a month … am I the youngest guy here?

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