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    1) I consider any molestor or anyone with said tayvas who remains in chinuch or in any other mentoring or “helping” role around young people (ie a pediatrician, choir leader etc) to be a roidef who deserves all four of the arba misois beis din. This is the case even if he leaves chinuch after more than one violation or a clear realization that he has a tayva and does not agree to community supervised treatment and payment of damages to his victims.

    2) The sad cases are those few who are unfairly accused, and an occasional camp counselor who somehow falls victim to a tayva once, and then goes on to a normal life. As far as the first are concerned, whoever accuses them should pay restitution and be named and shamed just as a molester should. The second need evaluation and treatment somehow, and to make sure their victim is taken care of, without overly harsh punishment.

    As for what goes on in that despicable organization, some is true but some stories come about because oisvorf 1 who is embellishing the truth convinces oisvorfke 2, who is disturbed, to make up a story out of thin air. Note in my earlier post that I have had experience with troubled kids making up stories. The two I mentioned were only two out of four – the other 2 (one an m. zochor fantasy and the other against someone whom I happened to know) were so ridiculous that I warned the kids of very dire consequences if they ever shared their nonsense with anyone else.

    And with this I leave you until next Tu BiShvat. (Please block me – sorry to always ask for this but I am not in the world’s most secure location and someone could hack my account here if I leave it dormant).

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    I know of a menahel who is suffering to no end because of a false accusation. I hate his accuser, who is a true rosho that would have been a drug addict on the streets had it not been for this menahel. Then there is Joe diMaggio or whatever Deutsch’s new name is – that one robbed his own father to say nothing of making up tall tales about an unproven assault in the mikveh to justify his self-destructive behavior.

    It is like the agunah “epidemic.” While one unjustly chained agunah is too many, so is one faker who is just trying to ruin her ex-husband for her own financial gain.

    Those whom I listed are reshoim gemurim, on the same level as Solomon Dwek. Others whose offenses are not as numerous or as severe may be baalei tayva who are truly as pitiable as their victims. For the first, I have an answer but it isn’t legal. For the second, I don’t have an answer.

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    The problem is that there is more than sufficient reason to believe that these collectors are NOT the ones who live in poverty in Mea Shearim or even Mattersdorf, but rather those who have a few bank accounts hidden away, or even those who take what they collect and head off to Atlantic City.

    Those who truly live in poverty are modest people who know not to disturb davening. They are after all too modest to approach organizations that can help them make a proper Shabbos every week, and we know that Y-m is full of such organizations.

    Those who collect on behalf of those who do need it often collect in an organized manner.

    The answer is some sort of authorization system – and also an end to the driver percentage scam that ensnares the honest collectors as well as encouraging the crooks.

    in reply to: is the YW hacked purim joke an ayin harah? #858020

    Ayin harah? Too obvious is more like it.

    in reply to: Water Wine #858036

    Only a min or nebach an apikorus gives out water on Peerim! A shygetz bist di????????

    Crystal Light? Eppes monts di Crystal Meth far dem oisvorfen oder Crystal Drano far dem Chassidim fin der anderer rebbe?

    in reply to: recycling shalach monos #857977

    Remember that Mordechai and Esther were the archetypal Parsim, with all that this designation entails when it comes to PARSIMony and recycling. Therefore, it is very much in the spirit of Purim to be as stingy as possible, and even to reuse the backs of cards that have your own name on them to attach to the sholoch munis that you pass on to the next guy.

    in reply to: Is Red Bull Kosher? #857796

    Only Red Bull original and Red Bull Sugar Free are certified kosher by the London Federation but are not marked as such. All RB is exported from Europe so the US gets the same RB as everywhere else.

    The other two authentic RB products – shots and cola – are NOT certified kosher.

    Any other flavors of RB would not be kosher either – but they must be trial products or actually not RB as RB officially makes only five products.

    -regular (kosher)

    -sugar free (kosher)

    -shots (not kosher certified)

    -sugar free shots (not kosher certified)

    -cola (not kosher certified)

    in reply to: Help! Have Gallstones; Can I Avoid Gallbladder Removal?? #925574

    Google: “WD-40 gallstones” and don’t forget “Bernard Madoff investments” while you are at it :(.

    It is time to clear the frum community of this counterculture alternative medicine nonsense once and for all. That includes fake mekubalim as well as fake alternative cures.

    I don’t know if “alternative” medicine came in with the influx of former counterculture baalei tshuva (some of whom are the parents of OTD children because they themselves never really made the full jump to Torah values) or if it is a continuation of folk medicine that we relied upon in our old oppressive homelands because nothing better was available.

    It pains me to no end to see people who can barely make ends meet being ripped off by purveyors of alternative therapies that can KILL, as well as by manufacturers of all kinds of so-called health food, organic food etc. that is no better than regular food. I have even heard of people requesting organic poultry from organizations similar to Tomchei Shabbos.

    The worst is that kashrus organizations are willing to certify this fraudulent and often harmful array of snake oil remedies and overpriced food.

    Ubecharta baCHAIM – that is the only alternative. Alternative medicine = sam ha MAVES!

    in reply to: Bizarre song adaptations. #857758

    🙂 I probably have written dozens. Few are fit for YWN.

    in reply to: Memoir called "Unorthodox" and its effect on us #869070

    Most of the OTD blogs are written by attention seekers. A handful were abused, but just as many if not more make up stories of abuse. The big time menuvelach who get picked up by the frei papers do not claim to have been abused.

    I was sucked in twice by young adults who told me tall tales of their abuse by family members. One claimed the abuser was a parent; the other refused to give me the name of the “cousin” even though I know the family. A little digging and I found out both cases were lies. Both of them were just classic “users” who wanted my attention (one may be OTD now; the other is not). After that, I stopped making myself available to speak to young people; this should be left to professionals and kiruv rabbonim. Wannabe askanim are behind a lot of problems in our community.

    The big-time creeps like Mondrowitz, Kolko, Lebovits, Weingarten, Cyprys, Kramer, Lanner etc (may each of them have a misse meshune and when they are gone, they deserve YMS after their names) are worthy of hatred and disdain. They probably are under din roidef. Mondrowitz needs to be erased from this world no less than Ahmadinejad does and on the day he peygers, I intend to celebrate. I think there are plenty of people, myself very much included, who would help usher Mondrowitz (and perhaps Kolko as well as he has also escaped justice) into sheol tachtis were it not for fear of arrest followed by a murder charge.

    Some of the other cases are not so clear and professionals need to be brought in before lives are ruined. I had to think twice when my friend’s son asked me to help him fasten his belt in the shul courtyard because in the US, I’d end up accused of the unthinkable by some wannabe askan. Fortunately, I live in a place where abuse fever has yet to penetrate.

    Meanwhile, this reshois Feldman is a double-edged sword. I don’t know if she will convince others to go OTD now that she has been outed – or if she will be seen as a clear example of what an OTD attention-monger is all about. Those who believe her are far past tshuva anyway; they are the same ones who will go to kiruv functions for free food and a good fight with the speaker, and you also see them on another forum where their services as trolls attract hits so that they are not censored.

    Pearlperry also came across as trailer park trash and I don’t think she will have much impact in the end.

    in reply to: Is Red Bull Kosher? #857789

    Red Bull? No Red Bull has the star-K!

    in reply to: Pronunciation Rules for the Sons of Homon #858537

    Mockery is the best way to deal with the Nutter Kartel. They really aren’t deserving of much more.

    in reply to: Is Red Bull Kosher? #857785

    If it is the original Red Bull from Europe then it is 100% Kosher – Federation (London) Dayan Elzas. If they are packaging it in the US now, check with Rav Eidlitz or another kashrus authority who keeps up with the latest information to make sure the info on the Star-K list is up to date.

    in reply to: Mutar To Go To Mekubalim? #857435

    I can predict your future by reading the numbers on your credit cards, copying them, and finding gematriyas. I must have your card number, issuer, expiration date and three or four digit code to do this.

    In order to test my skills I also use your cards to make some orders that cover my expenses.

    in reply to: Kings of Jerusalem #857354

    Yoilish Kroiz (Krausz) is the present King of Jerusalem.

    in reply to: Waking Up from a Years-Long Coma #857346

    Soliek – no – cannibalism is only when a quadriplegic eats a paperweight :)). A vegetable eating a salad would be cannibalism, but vegetables by definition cannot eat.

    in reply to: Ki Hirbeisa #868096

    Do a search for Avremi G (Avremi Gourarie). He would have what you need.

    in reply to: Bosch or Magic Mill #857104

    Bosch appliances are made by a Bosch-Siemens joint venture. The most common consumer goods made by Bosch alone are power tools.

    I would make an exception for buying Bosch tools even though I usually don’t buy anything durable from Nazistan (and all the more so given Zeresh Merkel yemach shma’s position on Arab terror in EY), but given the horrendous record of Siemens, I would not touch Bosch appliances.

    Bosch was never Jewish owned. If the family has Jewish roots, they go way, way back before Robert Bosch was even born.

    Jewish owned at one time would be AEG (which you probably don’t find in the US unless you’re looking for very heavy-duty power tools such as what you’d use to give Og Melech Bashan a bris).

    in reply to: Waking Up from a Years-Long Coma #857343

    We’ll see if the US recovers from its four-year-long coma in 2012 or whether it will last another four years R”L after which it may be too late – and it will wake up speaking Chinese (or Arabic RL)

    in reply to: Help! Have Gallstones; Can I Avoid Gallbladder Removal?? #925564

    Seriously, someone I had the displeasure to know just peygered (he was a goy and a rosho, so pardon the language) from gallstone related pancreatitis in Moscow where his treatment was probably botched.

    Someone else I know grew up without a father because his father passed away from this at a very young age RL.

    Don’t play around. Rav Blumenkranz AH called alternative medicine kishuf veavodo zoro. A flush is for your radiator. Get real treatment from real doctors, which in this case means laparoscopic surgery. I know someone who was back to running his new business the day after he had his gallbladder removed this way. That’s better than what happened in the cases above.

    Unishmartem meoid es nafshoiseichem.

    in reply to: Greeting people on Purim #856710

    Depends – either Shygetz Aross or Shiksa Arann, depending on how far gone I am.

    in reply to: Lakewood Mail Fraud #856624

    Health = you know why that crossover bridge on Lee Ave has a fence now, don’t you :).

    in reply to: Drinking #856948

    Do you confuse Shygetz Aross with Shiksa Arann? (Homon and Mordechai are Peerim only).

    in reply to: Flat Challos – any advice? #856604

    When the dough is kneaded and ready, insert a basketball inflation needle and hook it up to an air compressor. Run 250 PSI of air into the dough for 5 minutes, all the while reciting the segula “Klal Yisroel: Tizoik Shygetz Aross!”

    Alternately, add three Alka Seltzer tablets to the water when making the dough and reduce the compressor/segile time to 2 minutes.

    in reply to: Lakewood Mail Fraud #856622

    No, there is a BIG difference between us and them.

    Al pi halacha, these people have the din of aku”m. Regardless of why they ended up as they did, that is how they are – and vehaya machanecho kodosh means we have to keep them far away. They are sociopaths.

    Only those who are skilled enough and know their culture should even try to mekarev them (usually it only works in prison or after a sentence anyway as these people have to hit rock bottom before they cry for help).

    It is a mitzvah to reports such people to law enforcement if they are endangering our property or our lives. I prefer the Old Williamsburgh style Rav Shtarkman’s Beis Din but frontier justice is illegal in the US so the cops need to be called.

    There have been many piskei din regarding such issues and such people.

    in reply to: Copying Music #860857

    And stealing and hasagas gvul pertain to theft of non-Jewish music as well.

    in reply to: Copying Music #860854

    Stealing, hasagas gvul, and cheating Yidden out of parnosso/causing losses to Jewish businesses.

    End of story (unless the album is not available anymore).

    in reply to: This year's "Niggunei Karta" hit! #856528

    Let’s get some more up here!

    in reply to: Lakewood Mail Fraud #856620

    even mafia types draw the line and do not steal from charities.

    The small time Israelis and some Russians draw no such line; they prey on every person and every organization that sets out to help Jews. They are considered organized crime because they are often also involved in drug sales and other tzidkus.

    They may have had hard lives, but Shomrim and similar groups need to make their lives even harder as long as the INS doesn’t do their job and stop these creeps from coming to the US. That is the only language they understand.

    in reply to: At-Home Haircuts #856980

    Can you really use the buzz cut machine yourself? Do you need a cordless model to do your own “Chassidishe” cuts?

    The water here makes my hair grow unevenly, and I’m of the “zero” blade persuasion anyway because I don’t have much hair left. Neither male barber in town is located conveniently for me, neither one is a Yid, and neither one exactly relies on me for parnosso. I could take the machine to the mikve and pay someone to do it for me but I don’t want to carry the machine around from home to shul to mikve.

    in reply to: Memoir called "Unorthodox" and its effect on us #869018

    Time to put this to bed.

    Anyone who still wants to defend her is advised to take note that one of the biggest roidfim and moisrim in the Jewish blog world has called Feldman out as a liar. Happens to be that this miserable failure is jealous of her success, but a stopped clock is right twice a day and this menuval got it 1000% right when it came to Feldman.

    If by fake frum you mean molestors, they themselves are mentally ill and need treatment. Those who covered for molestors in earlier days frankly barely understood the whole issue in many cases. We just don’t think about these things in the Torah world, or in any civilized circles, and the mistakes made were devastating, but understandable. In the old days, many people would have believed a tale about a shark or a bear in the mikve before they believed a story about pedophiles. (In the old days they also nailed pedophiles to barn doors and then set the barn afire, but we can’t do that to Yidden regardless of how sick they are.)

    Feldman is a reshois with no morals whatsoever. (The rusha merushe who helped expose her is just as bad, but you set a crook to catch a crook.)

    in reply to: Lakewood Mail Fraud #856617

    Chilul Hashem? Usually, “an Israeli man” refers to a secular Israeli, sadly often an unfortunate descendant of the victims of the shmad in the maabarot, who may well pose as a frum man while committing crimes against bnei Torah in frum neighborhoods. There are tens, if not hundreds, of these fallen Yidden from EY committing tzedoko scams all over Brooklyn, so sadly I am not surprised that they made it to Lakewood as well.

    in reply to: Most Moving Jewish Song In Your View #1097029

    The Camp Shalva song about a boy who comes back into this world disabled because he chose that over Gehennom as oinesh for hitting another Yid. It is in Yiddish and hard to listen to unless you are fluent because it lasts over 10 minutes, but it is worth it. I show the title as “Neshume” but I bought my Camp Shalva albums as downloads and some of the titles are truncated in my files.

    in reply to: 49.5% of Americans dont pay any income tax #853738

    Al Sharpton YMS lost weight; he can’t even count as 20% of Americans let alone 49% even though he was a perennial tax evader!

    in reply to: Carpathian Jewry #943882

    Chances are if you meet a dozen Yidden whose families left Europe just before the war or as refugees, 7 or 8 of them have roots in Carpathia (or the next region over toward Romania, Bukovina, which included major centers like Sadigora, which is really now a part of the former major Jewish city of Chernovitz; it is where my family is from). Those areas were not the worst places to live as Yidden until Communism and Naziism reared their hideous heads.

    All of Jewish Carpathia and Bukovina is part of Ukraine now. It remains rural and underdeveloped; the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Carpathia besides Jewish history is mineral springs around which some primitive resorts have cropped up. One day I will visit.

    in reply to: Memoir called "Unorthodox" and its effect on us #868927

    I also had terrible experiences, left and then came back.

    I waited too long to come back, which was a big mistake, but the reason I came back is that I NEVER did what Feldman did past a couple of dumb online posts during the first 6 months or so after I left. In fact, I had nothing but contempt for the couple of Feldmans I encountered (one is a Failed rather than a Feldman, vehamayvin yavin) – they just wanted to stay bitter either to avoid moving on or to get 15 minutes of fame. I just wanted to move on, although deep down I wanted to come back. What kept me from coming back earlier was that I was in a place where the community was very weak and corrupt so I had nowhere to go back to.

    I remained a very proud Jew; I even “destabilized” a couple of anti-Semites and made big problems for them with creditors, authorities etc. I also never did anything particularly wild, and I avoided a situation that could have led me to marry out. (Here, too, now, I see etzba elokim because circumstances ended this situation in a very nice and peaceful way before anything could have happened). I just spent most of my time working, and managed to get my 15 minutes of fame the real way, as an expert who was quoted almost daily in business papers where I lived.

    On the other hand, I will never forgive the rosho, who unfortunately is in a very high place (for now) for what he did to me. I have him in mind every time I say the word Reshoim in Ashrei; when I get the amud at Mincha I yell out that word VERY loud with him in mind. (everyone thinks I am either cursing Ahmadinejad or reminding people to finish Ashrei in time for Kaddish, but I recite shomer…yashmid out loud for another reason altogether). In fact, he suffered greatly a few months after he pulled shtick on me, and as he is approaching the age of kareis, I do not expect him to be around much longer – after he got his maka he went from being a weak man who was being used by reshoim to an out and out rosho. He saw me on the street in the US and trembled with fear; that’s my revenge and I will let Hashem do the rest and erase this cancer from our midst when He sees it fit.

    And I am very careful not to accept rabbonim of the type we refer to in “ohev es hamelocho vesone rabbonus” in any way at face value again or to get too close to them. Instead, I look at them as businessmen whose services I may or may not need. Sadly, the European generation that did not mix ruchnius and gashmius is gone; yeridas hadoiros is a big issue and I know to watch out and to keep away from any communal politics.

    [There is an amazing “coincidence” having to do with the number of years I was off the derech and the rosho’s first maka.]

    in reply to: teens doing chesed #863522

    When I was a teen, the judge made me do 1000 hours of chessed. Back then we called it Community Service.

    in reply to: Wht it is time for Jews to get over the Holocaust #875958

    As they say in Creedmoor: “He’s an oxymoron, give or take an oxygen molecule.”

    in reply to: What country besides US and UK are you from? #853537

    Native of US, now in Ukraine, formerly in Russia.

    in reply to: Cheaper Gas Stations #853520

    Nissim’s Super Miracle Gas Station on Ocean Parkway and Ave. S pumps arak instead of premium unleaded. At the rate we are going, arak will soon be cheaper than gasoline.

    in reply to: Wht it is time for Jews to get over the Holocaust #875954

    What is this Reich’s given name again? Third?

    (Yes, it’s me, the ursine from Creedmoor. I messed up my last account by closing the email address it was linked to. Sorry about that.)

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