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Former President Donald Trump was treated to a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” by a sea of enthusiastic supporters at the Turning Point USA’s People’s Convention on Saturday.

In an awkward moment at a star-studded campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday night, President Biden appeared to freeze up on stage and had to be led off by

More than 25,000 Lomdei and Tomchei Torah streamed to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Sunday to participate in the third historic Maamad Hatorah and Kiddush Shem Shamayim that

Hagaon Harav Shmuel Kamenetzky shlit”a, the zkan roshei yeshiva of America, on Sunday evening traveled to the Adirei Hatorah maamad at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, marking his first

In a June 9, 2024 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hezbollah-Lebanon), Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan discussed the American presence in the Gaza Strip, and issued a bold threat to the United

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi held a situational assessment and tour in central Gaza with the head of the Southern Command, Maj.-Gen. Yaron Finkelman, and other senior IDF officials.

Yihye Ben-Yosef Z”L, one of the last remaining Jews in Yemen, was Niftar last week and was laid to rest on Thursday. Ben-Yosef chose to stay in the Arhab district

Agudath Israel of America has introduced a compelling new initiative, Torah Perspectives, designed to provide profound wisdom and valuable insights from gedolei Yisroel and prominent rabbonim. This series aims to

A senior Hamas official, Osama Hamdan, claims that no one knows how many of the 116 remaining Israeli hostages in Gaza are still alive. In an interview with CNN on

A growing migrant crisis has transformed Boston’s Logan International Airport into an impromptu shelter, with over 100 migrants sleeping on the floors due to a lack of space and resources

A video of IDF reserve soldiers operating a trebuchet [a type of catapult] that circulated online on Thursday aroused the curiosity of viewers who wondered why one of the world’s

President Joe Biden said Thursday that he will not use his presidential powers to lessen the eventual sentence that his son Hunter will receive for his federal felony conviction on

New York City subway cars were filled with dangerous, hateful, and threatening antisemites on Monday before and following a protest outside the a memorial for the victims of the Nova

Anti-Israel protesters chanted “Long live the Intifada” and waved a Hezbollah flag outside a memorial exhibit honoring the 364 victims of the October 7 Nova Music Festival attack on Monday

A heartwarming scene unfolded at Five Towns Premier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Monday as a large crowd gathered to welcome Yonatan, an IDF soldier who had been grievously wounded

Police have released dramatic footage of the rescue operation for hostages Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv, conducted by the elite Yamam unit and Shin Bet agents in

In a perfect example of “you can’t make this up,” a BBC presenter asked former IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus why Israel didn’t provide an evacuation warning to Gazans before the

Donald Trump appeared on Dr. Phil Primetime on Thursday, where he thanked the hpst for giving him a “psychological interview,” saying he felt confident in opening up to McGraw due

President Joe Biden responded sharply to former President Donald Trump’s criticism of his executive action on the southern border, calling Trump’s description of the move as “weak and pathetic” and

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have unveiled a new, solid-fuel missile in their arsenal that resembles aspects of one earlier displayed by Iran that Tehran described as flying at hypersonic speeds. The

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