WATCH: CNN Interviews Hasidic Business Owner From Monsey About Measles; New Cases SOAR in Williamsburg


According to the NYC Health Department, as of today, 466 cases of measles have been confirmed since the beginning of the outbreak last October. 379 cases (81%) have occurred in Williamsburg (ZIP codes 11205, 11206, 11211, 11249), which has been under an Emergency Order issued April 9 requiring those who live or work in these ZIP codes to have been vaccinated with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR). There have been 34 hospitalizations and nine admissions to the ICU due to complications.

A small number of cases have occurred outside of these neighborhoods but have, to date, not resulted in sustained transmission of measles.

The Health Department today identified three additional cases outside the affected neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Borough Park, Brooklyn. These cases occurred in persons living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn who do not identify as members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

Two of these cases occurred in students who attend New York City public schools; both students had a religious exemption that allows them to attend school without being vaccinated. These individuals did not attend school while infectious. All three of these cases reported spending time in areas of NYC with known measles activity.

In addition, 84 individuals have received summonses for being non-compliant with the Emergency Order in zip codes 11205, 11206, 11211, and 11249 since the City began issuing summonses in mid-April. Any person receiving the summons is entitled to a hearing, and if the hearing officer upholds the summons, a $1,000 penalty will be imposed. Failing to appear at the hearing or respond to the summons will result in a $2,000 fine.

Meanwhile, Shimon Singer from Rockland County was interviewed on CNN in the attached video. Singer owns Turtle Boo, an indoor children’s play center in nearby Spring Valley. Over the past three months, about 40 families have canceled birthday parties because of a fear of measles. He added that there have been no confirmed cases of measles at his facility.


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  1. Can someone please shed some light on what the anti-vaxers have to gain? I know Merck is making billions off these vaccines so they clearly have an incentive, I have a feeling that Merck’s financial gain may supersede our children’s well being!?!

  2. Since it has been reported that there are Rabbonim who are anti-vaxxers. If it’s true how do we as a community go and remove “Gadlus” status from these few Rabbonim? You want to be an anti-vaxxer? No problem but you cannot be in a leadership role if you are.

  3. Mylogic37: Not sure which “rabbonim” you are referencing, much less endowing any of these morons in the Anti-Vaxer groups with “Gadlus”. As reported here on YWN and across all Jewish media, the vast majority of rabbonim have worked tirelessly to educate their tzibur about the risks of not vaccinating their children. I have not seen any evidence of a rav or respected askan taking an anti-vax position here although some have perhaps tried to show some empathy to parents who have frightened about the possible risks by the anti-vax nutcases.

  4. Yetzer-
    From a financial standpoint it would be more of a benefit to the pharmaceutical companies if everyone got the measles.

  5. First off for this that are saying that Merck is making billions please stop buying any electronics please don’t build houses they all do what they do for money.

    Hats off to this business owner one thing upsets me is he allowed groups of unvaccinated kids into his place when they were sent out of school

  6. Gadolhadorah, from an article online….

    ….Although ground zero for the outbreaks in America have been the Chasidic strongholds of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods, it is the non-Chasidic leaders of Agudath Israel who not only have justified opposition to vaccinations, but explicitly condemn schools that require vaccines as a prerequisite for attendance. They draw upon on mostly discredited studies and argue that the risk of complications from measles is minimal. They overlook the fact that the saving of life (pikuach nefesh) applies even in cases where the risk of death is minimal. Yet the risk is very real. I should know. Many years ago, my younger brother nearly died from complications of measles. It was only thanks to the proximity of a talented and energetic doctor that he survived the trip to the hospital.

    The risk is very real. I should know. Many years ago, my younger brother nearly died from complications of measles.

    And yet these rabbis assert their opinion is nothing less than what has come to be called da’as Torah, or Torah authority, elevating their erroneous and dangerous views to the level of near prophesy. No wonder ordinary Charedim are loathe to challenge the views of their respected leaders. To do so would be to risk expulsion from their tightly-knit communities.

    Who are the men issuing these pronouncements? Two of them lead the Beis Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, N.J.: Rabbi Malkiel Kotler, its chancellor or Rosh HaYeshiva, and Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon, its moral tutor (to borrow a term employed at Oxbridge colleges) or mashgiach. They lead a yeshiva that is the most prestigious and the wealthiest school of its kind in the United Stares — in effect, the Harvard of yeshivas. No wonder their word is taken as law.

    But these men are not alone among the rabbinical anti-vaxxers. Rabbis Shmuel Kamenetsky and Aaron Schechter are, like Rabbi Kotler, members of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah — the Committee of Torah Sages — that dictates Agudah’s religious and secular policies. Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leading Israel-based decisor for thousands of Charedim worldwide, has also, in the words of Rabbis Kotler, Solomon and Kaminetsky, “explicitly ruled that schools cannot refuse such [unvaccinated] children.” These rulings are not merely flouting science; their da’as Torah is endangering hundreds, perhaps thousands of younger children and older people who are especially vulnerable to complications from measles.

    If links are allowed EDITED BY YWN…

    Moderators Note:
    We would definitely not allow a link that promotes 100% fake news. Just one example, Rav Aharon Schechter of Chaim Berlin wrote a public letter a few months ago to his entire Yeshiva that they must vaccinate. Read the letter here:, And Rav Maatisyahu Soloman and Rav Chaim kanievsky hold you must vaccinate. Simply stunning the amount of lies the anti-vaxxers will spread.

  7. Which rabbonim have come out in writting and stated that they support the anti vaccine movement?

    Unless you factor in anti medicine and alternative healers, there is no debate about vaccines in general among the medical and scientific community.

  8. Formerla please explain how this is so? And please can someone suggest why anti vaxxers may take this stance??? There are hundreds of thousands of them, across the globe… are you suggesting they are all crazy? Could it be possible that they have done some research? That they are trying to protect their children… do you know what the increase in autism has been since the vaccine program was introduced? Have you asked to see the list of possible side effects written on the vaccine itself? Could these vaccines be contributing to a huge spike in autoimmune diseases, have vaccine safety studies been carried out… look…all the information is out there!!!

  9. There are no Gedolim who support the anti-vaxxer movement. The issue is that of shticka k’hodoah, the Rabbonim who are quiet when their communities are not vaccinating.

    There are actually two Litvish Rebbetzins who are vocal anti-vaxxers and many frum anti-vaxxers rely on their guidance (even if they wouldn’t have otherwise). Those Rebbetzin’s husbands are both in influential positions but Baruch Hashem have not made great use of their positions to push the agenda. As far as I can tell, one Rov wrote a letter (not a psak) about 5 years ago against vaccines, and the other signed his name on a few petchkvillim that demanded schools allow un-immunized kids to come to class.

  10. mylogic37, nebach. Hashem should have rachmunus on you when Yom Kippur arrives. You don’t hold by “Daas Torah” and Rabbinic leadership. You don’t hold by Medical research, physicians (both frum and non-Jewish) or the American Academy of Pediatrics. The only thing you hold by is your own selfish opinions, ‘findings’, and threats. Please show YWN your credentials, including the following 1. Your Medical degree and transcript. 2. Where you completed your Medical Residency. 3. Any reputable and published Medical Journals which you authored 4. Photocopies of payment checks from ‘Big Pharma’ which were cashed by Jewish institutions. You are allowed to blur private account numbers.

    Formerla- If medical facilities are now offering free vaccinations, can you please elaborate on your point? Is the American Dental Association (the ADA) pushing for dental hygiene solely in order to push sales of toothpaste and mouthwash?