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VIDEO: ‘We Want Moshiach Now’ Balloon Message Lands in Lebanon

cA number of Chabad Chassidim in northern Israel made a large “we want Moshiach now” poster and attached it to balloons, which they intended to fly in the air.

According to the Channel 10 News video, balloon message crossed the border and landed in Hizbullah terror-country in southern Lebanon. The video seen was taken from Hizbullah TV in Lebanon showing the banner and attached balloons.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Wow this is really old news. Here is the caption on the original video posted to you tube by crownheightsinfo in 2012

    “Published on Jul 3, 2012
    CrownHeightsinfo — Balloons released by kids participating the Lag BaOmer parade organized by Chabad of Kiryat Shmona, landed on territory occupied by Hezbollah in the nearby Lebanon. The balloons inscribed with the words, “We Want Moshiach Now”, were given to children participating the parade organized by the Shliach, Rabbi Yigal Tzippori.

    The Arab television station ‘El Manar’ showed Hezbollah guerrillas proudly displaying their captured ‘loot’ which the station was reporting to be sophisticated Israeli recon equipment. The report was later pulled when they finally figured out what was actually written on the balloons!

    Israel’s Channel 10 were discussing the incident with much amusement, we embedded the clip for your enjoyment.”

  2. The slogan ‘We Want Moshiach Now’ needs an explanation. or {We don’t wanna wait..} Hashem wants it more.. he wants us to deserve it no?? Can someone please explain?

  3. Sending up a balloon with this message is ridiculous! Hashem doesn’t need our balloons demanding that Moshiach come now, He wants our good middos, our tznius, our chesed, our Torah learning, our keeping the mitzvos, our Ahavas Yisroel etc. so that we will merit Moshiach b’karov.

  4. The first to comment is correct. This video is from 2012. Was there a mistake made in this article? Was the wrong video uploaded? Is this the second time this happened or is something that happened three years ago just being reported now?

  5. Lamid vovnik. The explanation is simple. We say 3 times every day in shmoine esrei
    כי לישועתך קיוינו כל היום. And some of you even add
    ומצפים לישועה.
    That means you have to want moshiach. Its not just enough that hashem wants moshiach.
    Therefore the statement, we want moshiach now, very much reflects many of the brochos we say in shmoine esrei.
    Maybe you need to daven with more kavono and pirush hamilos.

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