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Eichler: “Bennett Is PM Only By Title, Lieberman Is The True Ruler”

UTJ Yisrael Eichler slammed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday in an interview on Kol Chai Radio, saying that Bennett is “no more than the government secretary.”

Eichler warned that the true ruler of the government is Avigdor Leiberman. “The only thing that unites this government is hatred. Leiberman will rule by force, he’ll exploit all the citizens. Bennett is the government secretary. Lapid and Lieberman are the true rulers.”

Eicher added that he’s “davka depending on the Arabs to topple the government. They understood that they tricked them with the agreement on the Negev, which is why [Ra’am MK Saeed] Alkharumi absented himself [from voting for the government]. If they destroy their houses, they’ll topple the government.”

According to Eichler, the government won’t fall due to the opposition. “Governments fall because of internal matters,” he said.

When asked if he talks to Leiberman, Eichler responded: “I sit in the Knesset and speak with almost everyone except for whoever incites against Chareidim out of anti-Semitic motives.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The Chareidim should have had the courage to disallow Peleg’s ugly and evil Protests. Those protests encouraged regular people to vote for whatever is against those protests. Now its too late.

  2. You put all your eggs in the wrong basket, MK Eichler. Lieberman holds the purse strings now, and THATS what has you all hot and bothered. He may be an antagonist, even a provocateur, but at least he’s transparent about it. You and your colleagues could learn something about that. You complain about his Rishus when your close political allies in the Machane include a convicted criminal who did time in jail, and an accused abettor of a child molester?

    This is the outcome of the cynical politics you’ve been practicing these past twelve years. And it sticks in your craw that people will see a different model of Torah observance in the Prime Minister’s office. (yes, I know that his religious standards are not yours MK Eichler, or even mine; that’s not my point).

    Maybe the accumulated brain trust of the Chareidi parties can learn something about how to make allies instead of enemies among the majority of Israelis who don’t depend on their votes? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.

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