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  • in reply to: My Son is a Lefty #732353

    Wow we got a few new posters here.


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    Popa how many tickets do you get a year??

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    Bpt I don’t think its right to be the type that talks to your nerighbor!!! Why do you think its fine to talk to an opposite gender neighbor?? Just cuz she’s your neighbor its mutar?? Please explain

    Mother in israel if your not the type to talk to your neigghbor kal vchomer you shouldn’t talk to people on the internet. I think you should rethink

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    Eclipse good for you but u can’t say that and then not tell us what the rumor was. You got my interest piqued

    in reply to: why did eclipse leave? #731645

    Eclipse I’d like to welcome you back. Or is this a new person who took the name eclipse now that the old one became watermelon??

    in reply to: socializing #731982

    I personally think its fine cuz

    A don’t know who it is

    B Can’t find out any personal info

    in reply to: Alter heim #731235

    In the alter heim a thread like this never wouldve started.

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    Popa that’s the crummest svara I’ve ever heard. First of all just cuz u do one thing wrong doesn’t mean u should do another thing wrong. Second texting and driving is much more dangerous than speeding cuz when u speed at least u are paying attention when u are texting you aren’t even looking at the road.

    Truthbetold that’s a bad point also. Statisticly jumping off a roof has a higher percentage of deaths than driving with your eyes closed so let’s all drive with oyr eyes closed because its not as big of a risk

    What about texting with a flip phone if you can text without looking at the phone??

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833848

    Watermelon I’m really surprised

    Just cuz I stopped doesn’t mean u shudve compromised

    If u think its wrong to have a shot or a beer

    I wudnt expect a lchaim to hear

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833847

    Watermelon slow down I was just kidding

    I drink while standing and also when sitting

    I drink rightside up and upside down

    But drinking takes away everyones frowns

    Lchaim to watermalon lerts have a stiff shot

    and jhust be happy I’m drinking and not shmeffing pot

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    In the cr we talk abt a lot

    But at a point the topics styart to rot

    We talk abt shidduchim

    And also zevugim

    Teens at risk and many more

    But the topics start to bore

    So I talk abt drinking cuz it causes a stir

    But they still don’t know if I’m a bubby or a mister

    I do it just for fun

    I don’t really drink rum

    Its all a big joke

    So fun you guys poke

    I’m sorry u guys didn’t chop

    So I guess ill stop

    in reply to: How tznius are todays sheitels? #731079

    Brooklyn yenta its true that even when a personm doies ridicuyles things they attract attention but if a lady is wearing a shmata although shell attract attention people won’t be attracted to her. If she’s wearing a nice shaitel shell attract attention and be attractive

    in reply to: How tznius are todays sheitels? #731077

    BrooKklyn yenta its true that u can also get attention by doing somwthing weird but usually a lady that is wearing a shmata on her head although she will get attention nobody will be attracted. Hwvr someone who is wearing an oustantetous shaitel wiL get attention and will be attractive.

    in reply to: Beshert #1058730

    I think everyone has one zivug but its possible for sdomeone to take someone elses zivug by davening for it. But I don’t know how it works when a person is married and then the spouse dies and get remarried. Which one was the real zivug???

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    you have a good point but you are completely wrong. If a lady would be covering her arm with a more attractive arm that would be the same problem as covering her hair with more attractive hair. Wearing nice clothes isnt using more attractive erva to cover the ervah

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833840

    watermelon just take a chill

    if u really need just pop a pill

    u dont know me from a whole in the wall

    i may be short fat skinny or tall

    so let me drink to my hearts content

    but if u really want u can vent

    hwvr i must say i approve of drinking

    cuz it gets you through the day with minimal thinking

    a shot a day keeps the doctor away

    and keep in mind chayavinishlivisumay

    in reply to: watermelon #730847

    what is watermelon in yiddishe??

    in reply to: yeshiva guy back-up degree #806747

    if lawyers and doctors and every other proffesional doesnt have a back up why do marbeitzei torah need a backup with some siyata dishmaya they’ll be fine. i know marbeitzie torah that had no backup and when the time came they managed to get a good job without a problem. hashem helps

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833831

    maybe i will go see a shrink

    but only after i have a good drink

    he’ll tell me to change gear

    ill wash his advice down with a cold beer

    its true i may be in a tough spot

    but ill forget abt it after a nice shot

    in reply to: Worst Chore #731729

    em yirtzah hashem by you

    in reply to: texting while driving #732138

    bed stuy i dont know where you live but where i live 16,17,18,19 year olds are considered kids and they drive

    in reply to: How tznius are todays sheitels? #731058

    apushatayid- who says im not a posek??

    yiddishemishpacha- does your whole family gather around the computer and vote on what to post?? its probably hard with a few people to decide.

    in reply to: bath together #731557


    1)i think u know what was innapropriate abt what you “keyed”

    2)in the alter heim people didnt “key” such things

    3)Yochie is a nickname for yochanan

    4)mitzve haba b’aveira is not mutar

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221400

    daas yaochid it seems u are talking alone

    do u have conversations with noone else on the phone

    u left five comments in a row

    so let someone else have a go

    nah forget it ill just leave u alone

    in reply to: texting while driving #732132

    what abt talking on the phone while driving?? that also makes you less aware??

    in reply to: Worst Chore #731726

    unpacking groceries is the worst chore by far. My parents go suparmarket shopping once a week and when they come home there is 300 dollars worth of groceries to unpack

    in reply to: Bachurim Learning in Israel #790965

    i spoke to an adam choshov and he told me that if the boy is not into learning and wudnt do well in the states its worth taking the risk of snding him to EY because it is very inspiring and uplifting. Hwvr a boy that is already into learning and can be matzliach in the states shud not take the risk

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833826

    watermelon i think u shud contact a therapist for your relative, im only an alcoholic not a crack addict

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833824

    i may be a queen and not a king

    but i needed a word that rhymed with thing

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833820

    daas yochid u are only 1 opinion

    to make me stop talking ull need a minyan

    a bubby is allowed to enjoy

    even if im not a teenage boy

    so i get drunk whenever i need

    but to all youngsters please take heed

    getting drunk is not a simple think

    but listen to me cuz i am the king

    a few shots will last u a long time

    and if u use vodka drink it with lime

    beer is a low percentage drink

    so u wont get drunk in a blink

    wine is tha chiyuv that the rabbis say

    but hwvr u do it remember chayavinishlivisumay

    in reply to: bath together #731548

    yochie inappropate for such a kodoshdika site. in the alter heim ppl didnt talk this way

    especially for a guy

    im pushit ashamed of the narishkeit

    please close

    in reply to: shaving women's hair. #730691

    smartcookie the thread is titled shaving womens hair

    mods this might not be such an appropriate thread already there were some interesting comments

    consider closing!!!!!!

    in reply to: Substitute Words For Unprintables #730802

    i always read it as the gog but apparently i was wrong

    in reply to: proving judaism #730513

    alwayswondering- stop wondering

    in reply to: How tznius are todays sheitels? #731048

    asyyeger electricity has nothing to do with this electricity has enhanced our lives without damaging yiddishkeit but sheitels have greatly ruined our spirituality for many reasons

    1)women have to outdo each other causing sinas chinum,kinah

    2)It takes away the whole point of covering their hair

    brooklyn yenta-

    a woman would probably attract more attention looking like garbage.


    in reply to: new game #731110

    wm u lose eclipse isnt a poster anymore

    in reply to: Yeshivish Lite? #916651

    it just means hes not greasy but at the same time he has yeshivish values


    in reply to: Chayav=eclipse #730683

    u may not be chayav but i am watermelon

    in reply to: Jewish "Telemarketing" #730733

    look at the positive there are probably 500 instituitions that need money and only 50 call

    in reply to: illegal weatlth #730429

    daniel u r a girl????

    what has this world come to??????

    in reply to: Smile E. Face….Another "merger"? #736335

    fahkert if u changed ur name u shud let us know

    i think that if a big personality in the cr (like myself) were to change there screenname they shud let other big personalities know

    in reply to: Substitute Words For Unprintables #730795

    try “bsiyata dishmaya”

    thatll calm u down

    in reply to: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn,A Watermelon in Flatbush… #731486

    mbochur i also live in the miami area

    in reply to: The Alteh Threads a"h #963284

    this one wont last more than a day


    in reply to: What do you mean I should not drive?! #730532

    dont take life advice from this website if u feel like u need to drive forget what everyone here said

    anyways i dont think there is anything wrong with women driving especially oot

    so kal vchomer in ur circumstances there is nothing wrong

    in reply to: Jewish "Telemarketing" #730728

    i think it builds character when u run across the house and its a tzedaka. i dont think there is a real way to solve the problem unless every person in klal yisroel takes it upon himself to research tzedakas and donate without people having to call and ask for money. The mosdos need the money and people dont give without being asked so this is what they have to do. Sorry

    in reply to: How tznius are todays sheitels? #731029

    even if they r not 5000 they are still upwards of 2000 and i think the sheitels are nicer than a lot of womens actual hair. just because ur covering ur hair doesnt mean that u can go out and buy the shaitel that will make u look very good. i think women shud buy shaitels that are equally as nice as their actual hair

    amuligiyuren in the alter heim not only did people not have custom shaitels but they covered their hair with shmatas and nobody thought any worse of them

    in reply to: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn,A Watermelon in Flatbush… #731472

    im not exactly sure at the moment


    in reply to: Do you or would you wear jeans #730653

    sadly the world bases everything on chitzoniyus so although there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing jeans, ppl view it as bad in the non modern orthodox frum community. however in other circles it is totally fine. But now that there is a bad association with wearing jeans i dont think u shud.

    black jeans dont really have a bad association so there is nothing wrong with them

    i never really understood why ppl are so obs3essed with jeans are they that comfortable??

    in reply to: Substitute Words For Unprintables #730792

    can i please get a subtitle??

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