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    i dont know but you may be killing them

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    Don’t walk in the street, you might see a woman.

    What are you saying?!? This website is called YESHIVAWORLDNEWS and an ad with women on it is totally innapropriate

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    none of this is cool its totally creepy

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    popa you are totally nuts!!

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    I was also addicted in the beginning but once the initial addiction went away, I kinda lost my interest and often find the threads boring. aalthough maybe its only boring cuz I don’t post anymore…..

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    Baki in all things genai

    In Slabodka, they did mussar for a lot longer than a half hour. But as I quoted above, in Slabodka they were very sick. Having a mussar seder at all is really against what the Chofetz Chaim was saying. You think that every person in the Yeshiva is equally sick? Every person should grab a few minutes of mussar commensurate to the level of his sickness. Institutionalizing it defeats the whole purpose. Maybe for practical reasons they can’t follow my suggestion. I don’t know.

    BOLD- Everyone agrees that EVERYONE needs limud hammusar!!!!!!! what are you saying???

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    and patur aval assur what exactly is your point?? the mussar movement won, that argument is long over so r chaims shitta doesn’t really have any relevance.

    All Yeshivos besides the ones on the brisker mehalech have a mussar seder so clearly all yeshivos hold of it. the discussion here is whether other yeshivos take it seriously

    My relative is in BMG and he said during Elul, r Mattisyahu was constantly stressing the importance of limud hammusar. I think he went as far as “without mussar you have no chance”!!!!

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    In Slabodka, they did mussar for a lot longer than a half hour.(mod pls italicize)

    Im pretty sure that they only learned mussar for an hr day so doesn’t really seem like you know what your talkin about

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    I think bullies should be indefinitely suspended until it finally dawns on them and their parents that they are ruining lives. All parents of bullies shud be required to read riva pomerantzs Diamond Dust

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    This was probably about 30 yrs ago. They are B”H still married and have already married off a bunch of kids.

    Gefen it is totally and completely ridiculous to get engaged on a third date, it takes longer for them to pick out the ring than the amount of time it took them to get engaged. And the fact that a couple you know is still b”h married after 30 years is completely irrelevant. Sometimes fools strike it lucky. But maybe goofa if they’re fools you can apply shomer pesaim has hem and that’s why it worked out.

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    But on the topic at hand I think that it is totally cowardly and stems from a certain level of discomfort expressing emotions. How does this guy plan on proposing???

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    Mr Melamed, any person or shadchan who does not give any answer when the answer is no, is beyond not menchlich. Any person like that requires adjectives that it is not possible to post in the CR, or to even express privately less than 2 months before Yom Kippur.

    I’m trying to decide whether it’s inspirational that you control yourself in the months leading up to yom kippur or whether it’s pathetic that when it’s not within a few months of yom kippur you let your mouth flow freely

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    by the way the mishmeres chaim one is awesome. i personally know the guy and he is willing to hock it out with you so if you think you knoe the answer you can txt him and he will usually respond

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    if ur intereste in signing up for a mishmar shailah txt lemme know

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    i think the frum world overemphasizes the stresses and struggles of marriage and i think that it is totally due to the jewish magazines

    look at the thread titled jewish magazine weekly stories

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    ctrl alt dl – r ui serious or kidding??

    do u have to have an iphone for this or do u put it on their phone and then check it every so often

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    squeak – you took the words out of my mouth

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    RABBAIM- these stories r meant for the children

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    Can you really get into a nuclear physicist turned Ba’al teshuva who is the only one around who is able to stop a large scale terrorist attack on the population all while battling shidduch issues.

    Thats what th jewish novels r like and i have no problem with them my poblem is with the stories centering arund personl issues

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    dr dovvshtein long time no see i thought you retired from the cr

    but seriously whats ur opinion on the matter

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    sometime I feel the magazine is a brochure from a psychiatrist waiting room with all the stories there…

    it happens to be that one of the authors of these stories, husband is a psychologist

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    the goq- i think you missed the point just a teensy bit

    poster- thats a terrible svara and ppl shudnt have to read abt dysfunctionalities just to appreciate their own lives

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    granted this may be the only way to get people to keep reading the story and people wont read stories that are all blissful but i think its better to not have these stories than to have the whole klal yisroel reading about parents that dont like their kids and shalom bayis isssues and fighting and going to psychologists and tales of adoption

    why do these authors feel the need to publicize all dysfunctionalities

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    this is the first time that i came on to this thread and i briefly skimmed what was happening.

    I personally think that real life situations such as this shouldnt be discussed on ywn. nobody here is qualified to advise on such a matter.

    What does ANYONE here know???????

    speak to a rav, posek, experienced rebbe, your husbands rebbe, your sons rebbe, but you should not make decisions abt how to respond based on the shnooks in ywncr

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    its good for shiduchim, it lets guys get out and see what kind of girls are out there.

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    all of you just relax!!!

    We in the sourthern part of America went for two weeks without electricity after hurricane wilma. I think it would bwe good for all the brooklyners to experience some discomfort for the first time in their lives! it builds character!!!!!

    but then again they’ll probably all pik up and fly to some exotic place so that your precious bodies domnt need to experience even one moment without your AC

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    middlepath r u kidding those accents are the MOST annoying accents in the world. You can barely undustand whoot they ah sayin.

    and popa thanks for the welcome i havent been on in so long but im not really sure if im going to keep on commenting i find it a lil boring now that ive been gone for so long

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    just because shes not from this country is not a reason to dump her

    BUT if she has an accent that is!!!!!!!!!

    just kidding dont really take what i said seriously

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    chayavs einikel its good to see you again i havent spoke to u in so long. Send regards to all my other einiklach

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    Huyde LaHashem ur wrong im a bubby not as teenage girl i was just making fun of gumball and all the other newcomers who all know each other and say lol all day long

    in reply to: What does your Cr name mean…?? #762974

    OMG LOL that is so crazy.


    btw r u always on maybe u shud do something productive

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    it is not so wierd but many times when this happens they get someone outsiode to redt the shidduch, they dont do it themselves

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    why do you think this is my name??

    in reply to: Yom Hashoah…why do charaidim/right wing orthodox not "celebrate"? #762629

    because tisha baav is the day to mourn all tragedies that have befallen the Jews. there is no special day to remember the spanuish inquisition,crusade,etcetc… i think in one of the kinos on tishabaaav it says that the only day for mourning tragedies is tisha baav. also yom hashoah is in the month of nisan which is the time of redemption. therefore it is assur to have eulogies, so how can we mourn during thismonth??

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    No one forces the kallah’s parents to do anything. If they can’t afford support, then they (obviously) shouldn’t give it.

    The Wolf

    wishful thinking, if they dont give it, they dont get the guy!!!!!

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    i once had that shailah and then i realized it was chol hamoed succos so i was good

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    yenta that doesnt make any sense!!

    in reply to: very funny shidduch story #762358

    any more funny stories????????????

    There’s a whole bunch of them at

    in reply to: How many times did you say Sh’monah Esreh tonight? #1012074

    5 times. the first time i said mashiv haruach so i had to start again. the second time i said vsain tal umatar and forgot tpo correctmyself till the end. the 3 time i forgot yaaleh veyuvoh. Ans the 4th time i realized i was drunk so i had to start again. FINALLY ON MY FIFTH TRY I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    in reply to: Dream Chosson/Kallah… or Settle? #761999

    bpt dont let ur wife see that post!!!!!

    i think everyone shud be realistic although u cud set ur goals higher but in reality ur goals arent usually gonna be met in every expectation

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    basically everyone is saying the same thing. it is normal to get jittery but if shes terribly scared or has weird fears, she shud talk to someone

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    another funny story

    the couple was walking on the boardwalk which was 20 min away from the hotel and the guy really needed the bathroom so he said to the girl “do you mind if i go in the bushes?” the girl agreed out of astonishment. the guy came backand said “I feel so bad cuz there was another date going on and i think i killed their date.” the girl turned to him and said “well i guess thats 2 dates you killed”

    HAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA what an idiot!!!!!!!! dont ever do that on a date

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    although its up to the boy to decide how much he wants to spend, stilol its not good tpo come across as cheap. you shud spend money liberally.

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    i thnk when i was a regular poster i was by far the best poster but unfortunately i dont get such a thrill from being on here any more

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    another funny story

    a girl needed to use the bathroom on a date. when she was ready to flush, she did it with her foot because she didnt want to touch the flusher. and then her shoe fell in the toilet. she came hopping out to the guy and told him what happened. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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    thanx popa but im not sure if they would let me because id let posts go up that the other mods dont approve of. every day like 5 of my posts arent allowed up so i guess im just not as sensitive to the intricacies of inappropriatenesss

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    I rarely go to movies, and don’t have a television, but there are some brilliant movies that are worth seeing. We often buy them online, download them, and watch them on the computer.

    Charlie you must be english nobody else says brilliant

    wolf i watched that movie in civics class. and i think one of the witnesses was a lady

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    in reply to: smokers #759053

    definately not!!!!! it can cause defects in children. also the mother is constantly around the kids theres tons of second hand smoke

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