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    tumid bsimcha- you must be a girl.

    actually i think that it is a problem of tznius. many yeshiva guys wont even hold a door open for the girl when going into the restaurant because there is an inyan that the guy shouldnt walk behind the girl. rather they hold it open then they walk in and the girl walks in while the door is still open. Therefore it would be untznius to walk the girl to the door.

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    ceasar salad gets boring but if you broil chicken cutlets and and chop it up and put it in the salad it livens it up

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    so if a persons parents has bad middos will they inheret??

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    if you are not overweight than you have nothing to lose!!!

    losing weight when you are underweight is anerexia

    in reply to: WHAT'S THE RUSH?!?!? #769546

    smartcookie that is completely wrong. obviously you will get to know the person better because you are spending more time with them. i know people that went to their wedding not being so comfortable with their decision to get maried but they just assumed it will end up working out.


    its worth dating a few more times to really make sure that its for you. whats the rush???

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    its a matter of self confidence. but if your hair is so curly that ist like seel wool you should straighten it

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    i guess im outvoted

    in reply to: family matters #732371

    please say it

    in reply to: why are all my threads removed #732428

    ok that makes me feel better

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    deiyezooger- are you talking about your childish inclinations or the baby in your stomach??

    in reply to: In The Good Old Days #870941

    in the alter heim

    1)people didnt text and drive

    2)people didnt buy 5000 dollar sheitels

    3)people didnt tell gedolim what to do

    4)people were happy with what they had

    in reply to: In The Good Old Days #870940

    oh how touching, ive been waiting for a thread about the alter heim thanks for starting one

    in reply to: WHAT'S THE RUSH?!?!? #769537

    i totally agree with you. when my sister started going out my mother told her that she couldnt get engaged before 6 weeks. my sister thought that was crazy, she thought she would be ready after 3 weeks. at a certain point she realized that she really did need a while to decide.

    i just hope the divorce rate doesnt go up because of these hasty decisions

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    can a person make a subtitle or do they need a moderator to make it for them??

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    well you assumed i was being critical or talking about drinking, please explain how that can be good??

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    i know im just amazing

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833869

    in a poem does every line need to rhyme or every other??

    in reply to: posting pictures on onlysimchas? #735695

    ofcourse- they go to only simchas so that they can leave a comment wishing wazal tov to their friend and because they want to seee what others said. its the only place to see the mazal tovs and get gossip along with it

    in reply to: why are all my threads removed #732424

    daas yochid- very cute

    eclipse- you always assume the worst of me

    derech hamelech- im already an expert but ill try to improve

    in reply to: its not budging!! #733653

    if you ralized that you dont really have anthing to lose and its just a problem of stress, go see a psycologist

    but if you really feel like you need to diet try weight watchers. its a really good diet. it allows you to eat all types of food even junk but in limited amounts. i lost 20 lbs in a month on weight watchers but i really stuck to it. if you really want to lose weight you cant cheat. ever.

    in reply to: Davening from a Blackberry/PDA #732654

    apushatayid obviously you are yotzei davening from a blackberry but its not ideal. if there are no siddurim its also obvious that its better to use ur blackberry than daven without a siddur

    in reply to: posting pictures on onlysimchas? #735682

    fahkert i think that it is not tznius at all. the whole world is looking at those pictures. and most times more frum people dont post pictures so obviously its not tznius

    in reply to: Tobacco pipe smoking #747918

    they are definately less dangerous than cigarettes but only if the pipe has a filter. if you wanna stop smoking buy one of the electronic cigarettes that dont have nicotine in them but somehow they claim it satisfies your need for nicotine. they sell them in 7 11 and in many other places

    in reply to: The Sandwich Generation #732314

    im not sure what this has to do with the sandwich generation i think it was the same in the “alter heim”

    in reply to: The Sandwich Generation #732313

    i totally agree. My grandparents built an apartment onto their house for my great grandmother and i think all the gran/great grandchildren learned a tremendous amount from the way my grandparents did it. Imagine when you are 85 you’ll want your kids to do the same for you, so it may be hard but you should really do it

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    i dont think there is a problem of touching the opposite gender, you can request in advance that they dont try to shake your hand. i know a guy that was on who wants to be a millionaire and he asked the lady in advance and it wasnt a problem

    anyways if they do try i think it might be mutar because in a place where there are 3 people watching it will be embarassing if u refuse.

    dont rely on me ask your LOR

    in reply to: Companies that Make Employees Work Saturdays #735553

    most companies dont work on saturdays so just find one like that. theres no point in getting a job that makes you work on saturdays and then make a big deal about it, just get a different job

    in reply to: height in shidduchim #1034058

    as in most things with shidduchim its no biggie but its blown out of proportion. let them go out and if they like each other theyll forget about the height difference. i think thats how it should be with all small problems.

    but if theres a big problem that might be a reason to not go out

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221431

    daas yochid you really have a skill

    you can rhyme for parnassah and bill

    believe me you would make a lot of cash

    youd have a whole big stash

    but im not so good so ill pop a pill

    in reply to: realistic?? #732402

    pa is a very good job it takes minimal schooling and the opening salary is 90 grand. but its the same problem as a doctor, it has crazy hours and internship

    in reply to: Davening from a Blackberry/PDA #732644

    i totally agree with AinOhdMilvado

    another point is that people will be looking at you and thinking what a chutzpa how can this guy do this during davening(thinking you are texting or something) and it will cause them to spend their whole shmoneh esrei looking at you

    in reply to: In town vs. out of town #732127

    out of town is much better for many reasons

    1)its quieter

    2)more peaceful

    3)less honking

    4)less competition

    5)have drivewys to park in as opposed to circling the block for an hour

    6)less traffic

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221427

    limericks are hard why are we here

    i opened this thread while batting a tear

    i really like the poetry thread

    “so ill go back” is what i said

    but the poetry thread was abondoned as i fear(ed)

    in reply to: #732819

    mazal tov im a too lazy to go check out the video so can you give me a summary

    in reply to: How Much Socializing Do You Do? #732234


    are you saying the cr is productive???

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Stories #1227492

    simchashachaim- sounds like you have something against the issur of yichud??

    in reply to: How Much Socializing Do You Do? #732227

    it depnds on whether you are a girl or a boy. an average girl should spend at least an hour a day on the phone, out with friends etc..

    boys may be different

    in reply to: Why my presence here is sporadic #732300

    as you can tell from my posts although im a bubby i post in text lingo. i think it would really help if there was a spell check option. i dont know how or if we would be able to do that but when i use microsoft word i get the green and red lines under sentences when they are grammatically incorrreect. Mods please see if this is possible

    in reply to: For The Second Time In My Life… #732020

    eclipse that very impressive because they say its just as hard to undo loshan hora as it is to collect all the feathers from your pillow.

    but why do we need to know this??

    in reply to: Chronic Interrupting #732079

    have you ever lost your thought of train??

    in reply to: texting while driving #732192

    popa its true speeding is also dangerous but that doesnt mean people shouldnt stop texting and driving they should work on one thing at a time.

    and by the way if you ever end up killing someone because of the way you drive ie speeding,rolling stop signs,texting you will live the rest of your life with a guilty feeling and will regret it. so stop now before its too late

    in reply to: My New Subtitle #993029

    i think all the joseph subtitles like

    definately not joseph, joseph and all the others are lame and should be removed. i think if someone is zoche to a subtitle it should be creative


    in reply to: Please List All The Nightmares You Could Bring On Yourself #736527

    i dont think it would be that bad

    however when my sister got engaged i went onto her only simchas page and left a really girly girl comment like totally freaking out that she was engaged OMG and i thought i was under a different name and when i hit the send button i saw the post go up under my name. That was probably the scarriest moment in my life. it wouldve completely ruined my reputation. BH i was able to delete the post

    in reply to: If This Is The Answer, What Was The Question #732076

    when do we say chayavinishlivisumay

    in reply to: realistic?? #732395

    oh i just remembered my grandmother used to be a nurse and she says that it is a very hard demanding job that really cuts into the time that you have to spend with your husband and kids especially in the first years of marriage. i dont think she would recommend going into the medical field.

    especially when you are interning and they make you work crazy shifts.

    in reply to: socializing #731999

    gavra at work- wow it seems like your a buki in shas. quoting gemaras from lo yachpor

    psh psh

    in reply to: realistic?? #732388

    I know a woman doctor but it could be the guy married her only because he is also a doctor. But if you plan on marrying a learning guy he might not want a girl that works crazy hours but then again it all depends on the guy.

    I know a girl that wanted to be a lawyer but didn’t because she didn’t think a guy would want a lawyer as a wife so she went for accounting. She didn’t get married for a few years so she decided that’s it I’m goiing for law and later she found a shidduch so it all depends on hashgacha protis

    in reply to: my brother is off the derech #733245

    This is a really serious issue and I think its should be discussed with a rebbe or rebbetzin that you feel comfortable with and respect. Its true it may be embarrasing but people will end up finding out so its worth approaching someone.

    I personally think that you shouldn’t criticize hom for anything he does and try to be as kind as you can he’s probably going through a very hard time. But at the same time keep your distance so you don’t get influenced.

    Maybe suggest to your parents that they should discuss it with their rav, rebbe, rebbetzin

    in reply to: My New Subtitle #993009

    I think spaced out is better then previously the goq. Mods please can I get a subtitle it shudnt be too hard to come up with one for me

    in reply to: Just The Way You Are #731626

    Eclipse I’m glad to see that you were able to think of more topics. I thought you were done

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