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    I had a very uplifiting Yom Kippur…once davening was over I had some orange juice in shul.

    On my way home I stopped and picked up a 64ounce of orange juice and drank it very slowly. Once I got home my roomate had a veggie burger waiting for me that I ate on the way to the venue.

    My bandmates had gotten me some water and some excedrin migrane to offset the caffiene withdrawl and by the time we went onstage I was feeling perfectly fine!

    Thank you to everyone for the advice and Gmar Tov!


    Do you have a good reason for looking for that kind of information?

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    @of course

    Yes I’m sure guys deaing with a shadchan who have a YU backround are looking for girls that will give up shabbous and kashrut!

    That to me sounds ridiculous

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    Thank you both Middle and Mike

    However my solution will fall on deaf ears and we will perpetuate the same cycle of hopelessness for 70% of the ladies out there.

    The fact that you guys agree with me is proof enough that the rest of the readers on this board will ignore/ridicule it.

    And to the girls in parasha who are falling victim to the extortion or being ignored in favor of girls that will net them financial gain..there are guys out there for you! You might just need to be a little bit proactive or step outside your comfort zone!

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    You tried to make a Yeshiva and you were only to employ people cut out for/enthusiastic about Chinuch?

    And you couldn’t raise enough money for it?

    Well Kudos to you for trying. I hope you are successful one day.

    Do you think I’m too cynical for posting what I did?

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    No that is not my solution.

    My solution would be to level the playing field.

    Not every guy in yeshiva past age 20 belongs there.

    Have them go get some “real world” experience so they could bring something to the table (I.E. have some money saved so they could sit and learn for a year after marriage, or have a real degree that they can use for a decent paying job)

    That way not every lazy guy with a decent reputation is holding out for the same 4 girls on the market.

    Plus maybe leaving the yeshiva would force them to grow up a bit and realize that life ain’t easy and it ain’t cheap.

    My other solution is a bit to radical but sufice it to say, I believe that a female should maybe have some controll/input over her own future.

    @Queenbee; Thanks! I’m glad someone gets it!

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    Mechanchim have the same problem as sports coaches do.

    When the kids do well, it’s because of the family life or the parents or maybe even the child him/her self

    When the kids show the slightest disinterest regarding anything having to do with “the yeshiva world” all of the sudden the teachers get blamed that they arent “selling yiddishkeit” the right way or are intentionally harming the child.

    There is an old saying that “Players win games and coaches lose them.” So while I sympithize with Mechanchim and realize that they are in an untennable situation. They should go into teaching knowing that you are under a microscope and are the manifestation of what the parents of a child are spending their retirement savings on. If you can properly understand that responsibilty and still want to work under those conditions then good for you.

    If you are going into teaching because you dont want to get a job outside of the “system” then all you are doing is stealing from that parent/child.

    Maybe if there was a school where the teachers/administration all felt and acted that way, I would feel better about going into debt for Jewish Education. But right now, I’ll take my chances

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    Thanks everyone for the great advice

    From what I can see, the best suggestions have been to have an immediate intake of fluids!

    While it would be great to have a full sit down meal with vegetable soup and and rice, it’s just not practical.

    By the time we daven ma’ariv and make havdalah it will be close to 7:45 and I still need to change and pack away all my equipment.

    It looks like I’m just going to stash bottles of water in the fridge of the place I’m davening at and then grab a power bar or two on the way to the venue. Hopefully I might have time to grab a bagel before we start playing.

    @Health, the tzom kal product you that just time release pain killer or is it some sort of supplement?

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    I don’t think my band would be welcome at your simchos but I would do it if I could.

    I’ve tried Pedialyte before for severe dehydration and it does work pretty well, so thank you for that.

    Would it be wise to also have some Vitamin B capsules?

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    @AM Yisroel Chai

    Believe me the rest of my yom tov plans have not been set, I’m just trying to get an idea of what would be a good meal to have or something to do so I can play this show without an incident

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    I’ve got a feeling that I might have one or two of those through out the night but I’m guessing that right off the bat might knock me out

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    Favorite would have to be Master Of Puppets but I think they hit their peak on …And Justice For All. I just wish Justice would have been recorded under better circumstances because the bass is non existent.

    BTW, I have Ride The Lightning on vinyl, it sounds amazing!

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    How do you not know how to play that solo?

    If your looking for my favorite solo from that artist, it would be the one from Hero Of The Day. Easily the one that fits in to the context of the song the best!

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    Cool magic trick!!

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    Mandated Reporter


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    I feel old and I’m not even thirty yet. But when your divorced by age 25 you sometimes feel that you’ve been through life already.

    This lifestyle isnt set up for someone who is single in their late 20’s.

    So yeah, I feel old, not to mention alone. But hey, at least I dont need to worry about paying tuition.

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    Seems like another instance where common sense/courtesy should dictate the decision but instead it’s being made a big deal over and acts as a hinderance to shiduchim being pursued.

    *writes down reason number number 2384 that the shidduch crisis is self imposed*

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    Or you can just look at it for what it is,

    a tragic story of a neglectful mother, an over-reaching prosecutor after headlines, and a media that was determained to let mob justice prevail.

    The state had no business seeking a murder in the first degree charge but because the suspect was caucasian and “middle class” they needed to bare their teeth and show that the law applies “equally” to everyone.

    To extrapolate that the entire criminal justice system is now defunct is just another case of crying wolf when it’s not only unnecessary but incredibly counter productive.

    Mothers killing their children is present in every society/country, dont use that as evidence that this “treifah medina” that everyone seems to love benefiting from is now totally lawless.

    In this instance, the law did what it was supposed to. It protected the mother from an instance of mob justice due to an unpopular verdict.

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    The really expensive one that doesnt taste as good as it’s cholov stam counterparts!!

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    Did you get a name? Wikipedia says one of the band members converted to messianic judaisim but that aint exactly “frumkeit”

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    I’m glad you figured it out!

    It’s amazing how small the world is, I went to see a group play Sat night and their bass player is one of the top rated commentors on the talkbass forums!

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    @Middlepath, did you get the answer you were looking for?

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    @Middlepath, yeah they sound really bright and punchy

    regarding your question, do you get the fuzz when you just play through a regular amplifer or is it there only on the recording?

    I’m not all that up on recording techniques but what I could tell you is to check out a forum called talkbass they should be able to be very very helpful

    @gavra, it happened 3 years ago, but it was funny to me that 3 months after I had shadchanim calling me up. It was like they were saying “oh time to get over it and on to the next one”

    I did a pretty good job of destroying my reputation so the phone has been quiet.

    I dont see myself ever going that route as no one is really honest at all through that process.

    @Gavra, the @ symbol is a may for you to know that I’m refering to your post/comments

    This issue hits very close to home for me as I just turned 28 2 days ago and having been married and divorced already, I know exactly what I need in a wife now..and a girl fresh from seminary who wants me to learn all day is not at the top of my list.

    I would not be suprised to see enrollments in overprice/subpar religious schools drop tremendously.

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    Wasnt the whole concept of being a “moser” something that shouldnt really apply anymore in a “malchus shel chesed” like America?

    There are laws here that protect all citizens equally and it’s not like back in the shtetl where you could be arrested and detained for any offensive real or imagined.

    This whole business of not getting the cops involved, from minor disputes to full fledged aiding and abetting of child molesters seems really misplaced here.

    Unless people are more concerned with the public perception of the religious community, then the whole situation starts making more sense.

    *cue posters with ancedotal evidence about how American jurisprudence is really all very anti-semtic*

    And for heavens sake, please dont throw SMR @ me.

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    well turns out my point by point response to @600kilobear was blocked so never mind

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    @aimhabonim; Thank you for correcting the mis-spell but my point remains valid…gossiping and spreading misinformation, while fun is not getting you the truth about prospective shiduchim.

    My new business venture called “the not for you squad” will gather intellegence about a prospective matche like parents financial statements,internet browsing history, school transcripts, sworn statements by Rabanim,friends,dorm counslers all extracted under the influence of sodium pentothal (truth serum) along with a deep backround check that involves going back 4 generations to see if someone attended a questionable camp or event at any point.

    Our motto..”Remember, the other side is hiding something, let us find it”

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    There’s no security in being sensible when being all sorts of extreme works like gangbusters.

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    @brothers, What values do you remember from nursery?

    If anything the values taught to small children are going to be the same

    I.E. dont hurt others, dont take something that isnt yours, be nice to your classmates..etc

    Dont make it seem like the second the child enters nursey he is going to be taught all about evolution or toe’ivah marriage.

    Nursey in both religious and secular school is just expensive baby sitting except sometimes the sitter is paid by the state.

    in reply to: Shidduch Threats #779085

    This mod must be a little too sensitive about this issue since all I suggested was that this situation is getting to the point where people are going to start highering their own investigators to get the truth on people.

    Who knows, it’s a whole new market to explore and I’m sure some people could use the work

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    @bpt; Kanoim arent really ones to think things through.

    Believe me I would love nothing more than to go back to pre-civil rights era in the country in terms of values but this has no foresable benefit in the short or medium term for us to concern ourselves with this fight.

    Maybe one can argue that the religious Jews of America will be judged harshly for doing nothing to stop it but everything else tells me this isnt our fight.

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    Sounds like a rumor to me

    The sad thing is the truth is most likely alot worse.

    People have a vested interest in getting the “best” and not the “right fit”

    As long as the attitude is I want the best this or the best that then your going to have this self imposed crisis.

    Best advice I can give you is networking, I would tell you to just be yourself and unique but that doesnt go over well.

    Good luck!

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    Wouldnt this horrible machla just help bring moshiach closer by making things worse?

    It worked in Egypt!

    However @Ferd is right. Organizations that lobby for every manner of taxpayer money to support the religious community can not at the same time lobby against these selfsame politicians who have objectionable policies.

    The Agudah is trying to have it’s cake and eat it to. By outwardly opposing the issue they keep their supporters but by not going all out, they dont upset the politicians.

    It’s an amazing strategy and it will work because no one would dare question Agudah leadership, at least not on an institutional level

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    well assuming this isnt a troll and your looking for a sincere is mine.

    ultimatley the level or religiousity has to do with what the home life is like. If the home is filled with the love of torah and a proper life style, then there is no reason an arangement like this could not work.

    However, there are two issues

    1: The Morah or Rebbe would need to be up to snuff and be able to either match or exceed the limudey kodesh subjects so if the kids do transition into a jewish school they will either be on par or better yet ahead of the game.

    2: Assuming you havent been shunned for doing whats best for your family, make sure they are exposed to a religious peer group so they can integrate well and not be dependant on their public school classmates for social interaction.

    At that age – (Kindergarden to 3rd grade) there really isnt anything to objectionable being taught in public school so all you would really need to do is make sure the child understands that they are special and different and holy.

    Just my opinion having made it through over twelve years of Jewish education.

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    “My gun has killed less people then Ted Kennedy’s car”

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    Its funny you name Alice In Chains as an example of basic chord progressions as I’m trying to tackle one of their songs and having a very tough time because the bass line is all over the place.

    The grunge movement was born out of the “hair metal” and “stadium rock” music the players grew up on so the focus wasnt on complexity, it was more about the emotion behind it. That being said Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are two bands from the “Grunge Era” that had some pretty intricate songs. And Soundgarden did it all with one guitar player!

    Nirvana was basically at their core a punk band that wrote some very very catchy songs with an amazing producer behind the board. I dont think they ever intended to get as huge as they did.

    Regarding a softshell case, if your going to spend that much money on a case, I would just go with a hardshell at that point. A middle of the road hardshell case will do better than an expensive soft shell.

    I just got the new musicians friend catalogue and am currently waiting to see how many shows we have booked coming up to decide if I want to pull the trigger on a new amplifier

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    officially anything from the 90’s is fair game. But unofficially we stick to the big radio hits from the grunge era and the one hit wonders that still get played. It’s a niche market and thats why we do well.

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    progress instrumental jazz metal sounds frightening and excellent all at the same time!

    I play in a 90’s cover band so we dont spend alot of time in the studio but instead it’s all about the live performance.

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    Thats pretty cool that you can just record a whole song by yourself

    It’s also a lot of fun to do so in a proper recording studio, I got to do that a few years ago and even when I wasnt laying down my parts, I stayed in the control room watching how everything was done!

    What does the music you record sound like?

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    @Middle Path,

    actually Dextar Holland uses RG’s mostly. Personally all of the great “lead players” kind of bore me. Music is more about the song as a whole rather than one guy taking a 3 minute solo with sweeping arpeggios.

    Its sad you dont get to play live ever, if I couldnt play live I dont think I would even play anymore. The cool thing about the Synyster model is that if he were on tour and broke his, he could walk into any guitar center and pick one up off the wall and its the exact same specifications. On a lot of different signature models its just the same paint job but none of the same electronics. I have a lot of respect for companies like that.

    and if you would only use pedals live, then kal v’chomer you would use them on a recording which needs to sound perfect rather than be at the mercy of some factory preset effects!

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    I actually use my SX basses (i’ve added a SX Precision Bass to my collection since my original post) more when I play live.

    I’m interested in selling off my Kustom amp head in favor of an Ampeg SVT model as the tone you get from that is unreal!

    Ibanez makes some great guitars and they are finally starting to get their due. My favorite is the Artcore models as I’ve always wanted to play a semi hollow body but the RG is used by one of my favorite musicians of all time. Is your Yamaha an acoustic electric?

    Is the Vox Valvetronix a solid state or a tube amplifier? and no matter what any press release or guitar center employee tells you, there is never a substitute for individual pedals for effects. You should look into getting a chorus, delay, and an Ibanez Tubescreamer for overdrive!

    Right now I dont think my neighboors would appreciate me trying my hands at drums but thats awesome that you have an electronic kit as it’s great for practicing but there is also no substitute for acoustic drums in a live setting!

    I used to have an epiphone sg with some great modifications to it but i sold it 🙁 Scheter makes some great guitars and the Synyster Gates model is a good choice vis a vi looks and tone but its really only appropriate for the harder edged stuff as you would look kind of ridiculous playing certain styles of music on it.

    If you ever do play in a live setting, a wireless unit is worth it’s weight in gold.

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    Ron and Rand Paul want to end all foreign aid to every country including Israel. He’s not singling out the Jews like some of the people on the left who want to “stop funding the occupation”

    But ending aid to everyone (including Israel)is fine with me, when you take aid from a country that does not have your best interests at heart then all you are doing is giving them control over your internal decisions that best suits their needs. It’s better to cut the purse strings and do things your way.

    One of these days maybe “our people” will wake up and realize that not every conservative white xtian male is out get them.

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    as a fellow creative soul i understand your frustration as there is no good creative outlet if you are looking to turn a profit.

    Any musician nowadays will tell you that the money is in licensing or in live performance and since Hollywood movies and commerical radio station arent lining up to add Jewish music to their repitoire you are stuck with the live performace.

    In the religious community since concerts are banned the only way to make it would be to have a simcha band and just play as many weddings as possible to the point where you become popular enough that an album might sell enough copies to break even.

    I know what its like to have the music inside you and want to share it with as many people as possible but not being able’s frustrating and sometimes make you even resent your gift.

    Do not despair as your answer will come to you.

    My final piece of advice is to make sure you have a written contract before you “sell” any of your songs or concepts to another artist. (Although I dont understand how you can copywrite jewish music since either Hashem or Dovid Hamelech wrote the words anyway)

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    ?? ?????? ?????? – Journeys

    in reply to: Let's Define Terms – What is "yeshivish", "MO", etc? #753787

    Anyone to the left of you = goy/M.O.

    Anyone to the right of you = Taliban Judaisim

    You = Exactly what Hashem wants

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    @Ofcourse; I’m not talking corporations I’m talking about the usual ba’alei tzedakah and people who own lucrative businesses

    The figures arent exact but the key is finding out how much everything “really” costs

    From there the problem becomes a little easier to solve

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    If each community knew how much it took to operate each school then it would accomplish two things, 1: parents would be able to see where the money is going and maybe sway people to cut some luxuries out of the budget. 2: Donors and people with business could get together and say “ok so for the school to run it needs $5000 per child, Charge the parents 3000 and we can make up the difference”

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    Yes that is correct, being frum is worth costing you your life,

    The problem is your children wont see it that way when they see the downside to it.

    It’s similar to the problem in the 30’s and 40’s where men were losing their jobs every week and all they heard around the shabbous table was “It is so hard to be a Jew in America”

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    An idea to cut cost would be to asses the real cost of operating a school.

    When parents apply to a school they are given a number as to how much it is per child. That number; based on circumstances is usually flexible. The number is a wishful thinking on the part of the administration as it does not reflect the “real” operating cost of the school. It’s there so when they have someone with the means to pay it, it helps make up for some of the people they need to give breaks to.

    If the real operating cost were to be disclosed, then maybe each community could get their businesses involved and work towards contributing and discounting the cost of tuition.

    Our people have had an amazing track record in making businesses profitable and products affordable (other then Kosher food) maybe it’s time to use some of that cunning and seichel towards this issue.

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