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    So because you don’t like my comment, I’m all of the sudden “reform?”

    I’m a product/victim of the system that this website claims to be. So basically, I call them like I see them.

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    My old dorm counsler from high school said that he always wanted to open a seminary for american girls. Not to teach them but just as a money maker.

    Think about it, you dont feed them but once a day, you dont really need to teach them much other than “marry a learning boy” or “make sure you are covered up to the point that sunlight cant touch your skin”

    Just sit back and watch the money roll in.

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    Most people with a decent sized IQ dont really care for magic tricks.

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    Personally I would rather Tennessee since both NJ and NY have more than their fair share of Jews behaving badly.

    You might at least get the benefit of the doubt in the south where New York transplants havent ruined it for the local Jews yet.

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    Personally I think that boys from the dreaded east coast should only be looking for east coast girls.

    If one cant find a match in the massive NY/NJ/CT population then there is most likely something wrong with them that forces them to take their search to unsuspecting OOT (lord how i hate that phrase) community.

    I get so mad when I see one of my midwest sisters rushing off to catch a flight to JFK.


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    My relationship with Hashem was just fine

    I just didnt see the need to keep up apperences if everyone around me already thought the worst of me.

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    For the record, I didnt think that being frum was some magic trick that ensured me a happy life then left when it wasnt true.

    I made the choices I made because there was no room for me in the community and the huge sacrifices I made being frum no longer seemed worth it.

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    I have a gig Saturday night with the new set up.

    We’re doing a 75 minute set featuring our best material

    I’m excited to hear how I sound with the new rig and some new strings!

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    Guess my description was a little too true since it got blocked

    We have no idea if it is true. We don’t publish motzi shem ra, or lashon hara. This is not the place to get back at your high school.

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    Depends if you are talking about the high school or the beis medrish program.

    I went there for four years of high school. You can search all my other posts with my view points and then draw a conclusion from anecdotal evidence…you know, the way all frum people do.

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    Sounds like some gross generalizations.

    But yet when a goy does it, they get smeared with the anti semite label.

    But I guess nothing trumps the “Eisav Soneh Et’s Yakov” card so therefore everything you have written must be true.


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    Yeah DTWS is going to be very rough on your drums. I still remember seeing that song live at The Metro before that record came out…sold out show before the world knew who they were.

    I’m ok with the pedal tuner on second though, I think it was just the actual board I was using and the daisy chain power cable that was giving me problems. I’m going to try the new setup for all of January and if it works then I will keep it.

    Yeah I got a good deal on the cable so I decided to go for it.

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    I picked up a new pedal tuner so what I am going to do is run the tuner through the tuner out loop.

    During gigs where I’m going to use my wireless unit i will use an extra long cable so I can keep the pedal receiver as far away as possible.

    But for the near future I will be using the new 25 foot Monster cable I got.

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    Ewww…unwashed thanks!

    I would probably rather go with @MiddlePath to see Machine Head.

    Oh and @MiddlePath, I pulled the trigger and picked up the Ampeg PF500 and the matching 2×10 Cabinet!!

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    People who work hard or have lucrative professions have a right to spend their money as they see fit. Especially if they pay full tuition for their children to attend school.

    How about worrying about the people who dont act above board when it comes to things like taxes or regulations then try to buy respectibility or honor by donating money and getting their names on buildings.

    To me that sends a worse message then the Neurosurgeon who drives a Jaguar.

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    Clip on tuners arent a good idea as I’m trying to minimize the amount of peripherals I can damage while jumping around on stage.

    Rack tuner/wireless would accomplish that and I all I would need to do is just turn around to tune quickly (we jump tunings multiple times a gig going from standard, to half step down, to full step down)

    Mesa is probably one of the most distinctive sounding amps out there. My favorite being the Triple Rectifier series.

    My advice before parting with hard earned money is to take your personal guitar into the shop and try out any amp you are thinking about.

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    Marshall Tube Amps are the gold standard when it comes to amplifiers so dont let one bad experience sour you on them. Other brands I like are Mesa/Boogie, Orange, Hugehes & Kettner.

    Well I would think the JP album would be much easier to play then City Of Evil. Those riffs are hard in fact that they dont even play them live. They just let the backing track do it for them.

    Some people on TalkBass have asked the same question about building a rackmount for the PF500 and I’m still waiting to see a good answer.

    Yeah I could fix the pedal board but I think what I really want is to move away from even needing one. Right now I do because I need a tuner, my amp sounds terrible so I need a DI box to give me decent tone, and my wireless is in the form of a pedal. I would much rather have a set up where I dont need to worry about tripping over the board or stepping on a switch too hard.

    in reply to: Facebook and Shidduchim #835419

    When you consider that it’s almost become the norm to say no to a shidduch for how a family clears their table on shabbous then it’s really not too far out to see people discarding matches due to facebook use.

    in reply to: The CR Band – Who Plays What? #837845


    If you are looking at line 6 stuff you should consider their actual tube models that have the effect modeling as well. They are excellent!

    Regarding the song books, I have a huge collection of them and what I can tell you is that in order for them to be worth it, you need to LOVE the entire album or most of it. Otherwise you use it for one or two songs and it just sits there gathering dust.

    Right now I’m in a huge dilema because I have a rack case for the amplifier head I currently use. In that case is a power conditioner, my amp, a compressor, and a wireless mic receiver.

    The Ampeg PF500 is not rackmountable and I want to move away from having a pedal board as it is the part of my set up that causes me the most trouble. In a perfet world I would be able to rack mount the PF500 and get my own 4 or 5 space rack and throw in a rack tuner, compressor,wireless receiver (the line 6 G90 model, I have the G50 which is a pedal receiver) and maybe even a tube preamp.

    Or I can just really go to town and fix my pedal board and make it indestructible.

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    I just got my wireless unit repaired under warranty so that freed up about $200

    I’m thinking about scrapping my entire setup and starting over now that we’ve got gigs booked in 2012 including some venues with house sound.

    In the lead is the Ampeg PF500 since it has an onboard compressor. I would also get the 1×12 and the 2×10 cabinets and either use just one or both depending on the situation.

    in reply to: The CR Band – Who Plays What? #837803

    Ok we get it you edgy and witty types who snuck a glance at an episode of Saturday Night Live that one time

    Knock it off!

    in reply to: Serving Alcohol To Bochurim And Sem Girls And Kids #835351


    i’m looking for a shidduch, she sounds perfect!! (completly serious)

    in reply to: The CR Band – Who Plays What? #837800

    Bass guitar and rhythm guitar on both acoustic and electric!!

    Who is treating themselves to some new gear for Chanukah?

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    ?? ?????? ?????? – Journey

    in reply to: what are your thoughts on the SY community #830910


    thats not what the question is.

    what the OP really wants to ask is if people will treat him better,the same, or worse for it.

    He probably has X amount of status and whats to understand how this move will alter it.

    in reply to: A Jew should lose profit to stop a Non-Jew from sinning. #831111

    Clearly its not Halacha L’Meisah as we have fine tuned a system of benefits for votes.

    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” – Maragert Thatcher

    in reply to: Zumba=Not Tzanuah? #931166


    “But we all wonder why tragedy after tragedy hits us. No need to mention all the Gedolim passing away on an almost weekly basis. The amount of personal tragedy going on in families is unprecedented. The cholim tehillim lists keep growing. The shidduchim crisis keeps growing, kids going off keeps growing and when you tell people its time to care about Tznius nobody wants to hear it. Lets go do some sgulos or rub some magic lamps or go to some mekubal. That will solve Everything!”

    The gedolim that have passed away have all been elderly or very ill.

    The cholim list keeps growing because people are living longer and over a longer life you are more liable to get sick..especially towards the end

    Kids are going off the derech due to the rigidness of certain derachim and the abuse/hypocrisy that goes on in every community that calls themselves frum.

    I will however agree with you that people are always looking for quick fixes and magic tricks.

    But to blame skirt lengths or dance classes for every thing affecting klal yisrael is both ignorant and dangerous

    Is tznius something that is important? Yes it is, but it is not the end all be all to yiddishkeit. Nor is it a geder to “keep boys away” Let me clue you in, most boys who find themselves in a position to talk to the opposite gender would do so even if they were in the “BY Girl” uniform

    A girl that respects herself and has decent self esteem is less likely to get involved in promiscuity. Seems to me that can be accomplished by a loving and nutruing enviroment, rather than some kanoim running around with rulers measuring skirt lengths.

    in reply to: Zumba=Not Tzanuah? #931158

    Take your pick,

    Someone will find something objectionable about pretty much anything.

    Especially regarding issues dealing with “tznius”

    in reply to: It's time for the Imas to save our children from the Nile again. #831433

    She is very subtly trying to say that she will call the cops about suspected abuse and not wait for a Rav to weigh the pro’s and con’s depending on how “Chosuv” the person is.

    in reply to: Is the vaad the mafia?? #831263

    One of my Rabbeim told me

    “the first four letters of Kashrut are KASH!!”

    (Please excuse the misspell, but the point remains valid)

    Sometimes Kashrut organizations do resemble organized crime as they wield insane amounts of power over the success of businesses.

    But no one is brave enough to stand up to them.

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    You mean people actually used to meet without some meddling busybody asking stupid questions about irrelevant details of someones personal life?

    I dont believe it!

    in reply to: H-a-s-h-e-m H-e-l-p M-e F-i-n-d A S-h-i-d-d-u-c-h-!-! #888450

    Yup I was right, so far nothing but plattitudes and “magic tricks”

    in reply to: H-a-s-h-e-m H-e-l-p M-e F-i-n-d A S-h-i-d-d-u-c-h-!-! #888441


    Thank you for proving my

    in reply to: H-a-s-h-e-m H-e-l-p M-e F-i-n-d A S-h-i-d-d-u-c-h-!-! #888439


    first of all its Old Maid (and you dont sound very old)

    second, all you are going to get here is plattitudes and “magic tricks”

    third, your best bet is to be as proactive as possible (yes that includes davening but you need to get out there and do your hishtadlus as well)

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    Maybe I just see Tefilah as something intimate and powerful and not like the child bugging his father for a candy bar in the grocery store.

    in reply to: Reasons why I DON'T like Lakewood #829888

    *slow clap*


    You took a stand, said what was on your mind, and raised some valid points.

    Now watch as all of the other posters resort to Ad Homeinum attacks and claim that you are an enemy of Torah for having a different take on things.

    The bubble is unsustainable and there will come a time in the near future where the entire tri state Jewish community will find themselves in a situation where the only resource they have are people. Everything else like money, jobs , and real estate will be gone. And they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    in reply to: Sports teams and Hashem #1028347

    R’ Berel Wein said that without sports, we would have Pogroms in America.

    Nothing wrong with following a sport and enjoying the thrill of professional athletes perform.

    But Davening for them is a different story.

    It kind of cheapens the connection we have with Hashem when you attend a Tehilim rally for some terrible situation, and then you go and ask Hashem to please let the Packers lose the next 4 games so the Bears have a shot at the NFC Central.

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    The explanation I heard was that extensive Old Testament study and analysis is one of the things that led to the Haskalah and the like back in Europe.

    So it’s been the Yeshivish modus operandi to give it a precursory glance then move on to hardcore Gemarah Study

    The other cop out excuse I heard was that “you are supposed to have it mastered by grade school”

    in reply to: Sheva Brachos Funeral #826144

    Or this is just another case of “crying wolf” and instead of good natured jabs, it turns into another “crisis!”

    in reply to: the next step #826001


    in reply to: college='OTD' #825686


    I agree with you!

    I was just summerizing the “typical” point of view of those subjects.

    in reply to: college='OTD' #825684


    It’s more a reference to some of the “narishkeit” like civics, social studies, history (not jewish history though) sociology and classic literature.

    Schools treat these subjects like an afterthought then wonder why kids SAT and ACT scores dont come close to their public school counterparts. Or why they have no respect for the law or society around them.

    It’s taught more in the vein of “here are some subjects that you need to know a little bit about so you can get accepted to some degree mill and hock your way into some graduate program or law school”

    Frightening to think about what’s going to happen when the well of rich grandparents runs dry.


    Those people were extremly successful but for every one of them, there are a million people stuck in a dead end job (if they even have a job) with no hope of ever improving their situation.

    It is true that becoming a Doctor or Lawyer can be a long and costly process but those are not the only two professional jobs that can be very lucrative. A college degree might not be worth what it once was but it is still worth every penny (in most cases, people with degrees in Medival Irish Poetry are probably not in too high a demand) Just a quick browsing of Careerbuilder or Monster and you will see that a lot of mid level or even entry level jobs require a 4 year degree.

    in reply to: Why People Go Off The Derech #826456


    People like to point to anything that irks them or they are opposed to and blame some sort of tragedy on it. Like they know exactly why Hashem does what he does.

    I belonged to this camp for a while and saw the hand of G-d when he turned Ariel Sharon into a vegetable after giving up Gaza.

    However, I now know that never in a million years will I learn why Hashem chose to let events play out like they did.

    When people see something they dont like going on, they will do anything in their power to stop it. Unfortunatly it means engaging in hyperbole and hysteria.

    You have all sorts of “askanim” running around all the time claiming that the sky is falling and that American judiasim is in danger of disappearing overnight.

    When you amplify everything, you hear NOTHING!

    Yes, kids going OTD is a terrible tradgedy. But rarely can one factor be blamed. Infact, I would argue more times than not, it’s a perfect storm of issues and circumstances. And to go off and lay blame on something you might find distasteful is hugely disrespectful and manipulative.

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    People tend to only remember RAMBAM for his more extreme/hardline positions and not the fact that he was a student of Aristotle or was a phyiscian.

    If the Rambam walked into a shul or yeshiva in this country, he would have no clue as to what we are all about.

    in reply to: college='OTD' #825676

    First of all, this conversation can go a few different ways based on a few different factors.

    First, you dont state if you are male or female.

    Second, you dont really give much detail as to why your parents are opposed to the idea.

    Third, are they concerned that higher education is going to A: bring down the family name? B: make you unattractive to shadchanim C: fill your head with ideas that will make you want to escape from the community.

    Also, you are correct that the “yeshivisha world” does look down on professionals in some cases. But then, when they need a professional, they tend to look for some one heimish. It’s quite a contradiciton, they would never allow their children to be professionals, but when they need one, they prefer one of their own kind.

    Dont let this discourage you. Ultimatley it is your life and there are many shining examples of religious doctors,lawyers,accountants,stock brokers, and business owners. Dont let yourself be pushed into a marriage and a lifestyle with a self perpetuating cycle of poverty that seems to be pushed as the only option.

    in reply to: Any frum Beatle fans? #982468

    The Spinal Tap album cover scene inspired a group to name themselves None More Black.

    Personally I find the Beatles to be extremly overrated in the grand scheme of things. But you can’t argue with history.

    and @Middlepath, I have long since argued that the “glory days” ended after they lost the grammy for “And Justice For All” to Jethro Tull.

    After Bob Rock got behind the board, they became the money making juggernaut that you see today.

    in reply to: Idea!! #823765


    Yes exactly! We want to put them in the workplace or in school to learn something that will make them money.

    Last I checked, there was no shortage of teachers in the religious schools.

    The point that you made about how “if they arent occupied with shidduchim, you will cause a bigger crisis” is ridiculous and should be rejected on it’s face.

    I was always taught that the process of shiduchim and dating is supposed to be about finding yourself as much as finding someone else to build a family with. And here you are just talking about it like its something to keep girls occupied for a couple of years before they become wives and mothers.

    I can kind of see a point where a few girls might embrace that free time for pursuits that might be counter productive but I think that the positives far outweigh any negative outcome. (From a numbers standpoint as yes I know for even “one girl to go OTD” is terrible)

    in reply to: Idea!! #823761

    The problem with that approach is that females have a very alpha attitude especially in our community where family size is something to envy. So you would not be able to hold back that kind of force of nature.

    If you told girls that they werent going to be put into the shidduch system until age 21 or 22 you would have 3 Groups.

    Group 1 – they would abide by the rules and find something constructive to do with their time (I.E. go to school, work, etc)

    Group 2 – would abide by the rules publicly but have their parents/friends working behind the scenes to get them married off so they can have a “head start” on their friends

    Group 3 – People who view the rule as an invalid solution and do not consider it binding.

    So there you have it, the rule would not have a lasting or widespread effect and to the contrary might make things worse.

    in reply to: Gog vs. uMagog = Modern orthodoxy vs. Charaidism #819387

    Akuperma nails it once again!

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