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    Zahavasdad, please explain what “real Jewish music” means to you, keeping in mind that according to Wikipedia, “the style and structure of klezmer as we know it today is thought to have come largely from 19th century Bessarabia, where the bulk of today’s traditional repertoire was written.”

    (And why would we have let “real Jewish music” die?)

    in reply to: Googling Your Date #1075056

    Googling Your Date

    LOL at the first paragraph!

    Googling Your Date

    I can’t agree to that. If someone else also would not want to go out with the person if they had the same information, shouldn’t they be given it?

    That probably depends on the individual case, actually. AYLOR.

    Googling Your Date

    (The post is by Patur, mods.)

    Joke aside, I don’t see how “dating” could be meant as anything but an adjective for pictures here (it refers to their use), and removing it would not make the sentence correct, as it lacks something to connect “girls” to “pictures.” Either of these would work:

    “Girls’ dating pictures help”

    “Girls having dating pictures helps”

    in reply to: Inaccurate things we learned as kids #1222432

    Does anyone else remember being taught that Yosef’s dream was of bundles of wheat in a field, with all the bundles bowing to one bundle?

    in reply to: Trolling Wikipedia #1048200

    How is “troll” used differently here, DaasYochid?


    in reply to: Fast songs #1072175

    I’ve known you not to be serious, PAA, but I don’t remember if I’ve

    ever seen you indicate non-seriousness within a non-serious post.

    I assume you either hate Poe’s Law, enjoy abusing it, or both.

    in reply to: PAA's not-always-in-context Coffee Room Report Card Comments #1156678

    Does anyone remember (did they notice?) when Cozimjewish unilaterally made an addition to the thread by posting a critical comment about one of PAA’s posts (in this thread) and attributing it to herself?


    Whether it was intentional or not, I was amused.

    in reply to: PAA's not-always-in-context Coffee Room Report Card Comments #1156677


    Should I assume Yigal Calek’s “Mar’eh Kohen” does not

    have the musical characteristics you had requested?

    in reply to: PAA's not-always-in-context Coffee Room Report Card Comments #1156676

    PAA said that he should have said “isn’t,” not that

    Cozimjewish should have.

    However, saying “isn’t” would not have answered the question. The question was “Does it not?” The (false) answer given was “It does not.”

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051283

    When someone talks about only listening to “Jewish music,” I think what they actually mean is “Orthodox Jewish music.” Does anyone disagree?

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051282

    I would reject any position which required hearing

    music to determine whether it is Jewish or not.

    in reply to: Inaccurate things we learned as kids #1222428

    It results only in this very page.

    EDIT: I tried again with spaces added. That worked better.

    in reply to: Inspirational One Liners #1048085

    The day you die is the day G-d decided that

    the world could exist without you.

    -A twist of a previous quote

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051280

    Do you object to Golfer’s answer, music created by and for non-Jews?


    in reply to: Inspirational One Liners #1048084

    “Love your fellow as yourself. The rest is commentary.”

    I think this is a mash-up of two actual quotes:

    “V’ohavto l’rei’acha kamocha – zeh k’lal gadol baTorah”

    -Rabi Akiva

    (A copied translation because I don’t know how to pronounce the Aramaic:)

    “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah;

    the rest is its explanation; go and learn.”

    -Hillel Hazokein

    in reply to: Inspirational One Liners #1048083

    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Resistance is useless.”

    Source: Nineteen Eighty-Four (Thanks, Redleg [and Google].)

    “[A]s a rule things are settled not by gunpowder, but by those who invented it.”

    Source: War and Peace (Googled.)

    “??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ???? ????”

    Source: The first Harry Potter book (Google told me which volume.)

    (I got it when you posted it as a ring inscription suggestion, Patur, but I saw no need to notify you [unlike >this< time].)

    “?? ??? ????? ????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ?????”

    Source: Atlas Shrugged (Thanks to PAA/Google.)

    ???? ??? ???, ????, ?????”

    ??? ?? ?? ?????? ?????

    “????? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ????

    Source: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (Thanks, mod/G.)

    Do these really inspire you, Patur? 🙂

    Just kidding. Actually, I have a request, which

    should include the words “????” and “??????”.

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051278

    The Goq, you can try Eli Nathan’s “Destiny” series (the first album is good – I don’t know the others), and I’d suggest the following Country Yossi songs:

    Vol. 2: “Make-Believe” and “Ahvaira”

    Vol. 3: “Tick-Tock (Al Tomar)”

    Vol. 5: “I Will Follow Him” and “Mitzvah Tantz (The Wedding’s Over)”

    Vol. 6: “I Am the Flower,” “Rav Shmuel and the Myrtle Twig,”

    “Good Morning Klal Yisroel,” and, especially, “Elan Elan.”

    These I Remember: Most of the album.

    in reply to: #Because you were born?! #1048034

    The original post seems kind of harsh, though I wouldn’t consider

    a birthday a valid reason to be absent from school.

    (I would consider the first response a little

    more well-adjusted than the opening post. 🙂 )

    in reply to: Welcome YW Moderator-42 #1114726

    He meant that it sounded like they’re married.

    If I had a dollar for every time someone on the CR used

    a possible misinterpretation of a post as a humor device…

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051276

    Shopping613 makes a point about distinguishing

    between religious and ethnic music.

    Here are Wikipedia’s definitions of the accepted music classifications,

    as well as “Jewish music” (from each one’s article):

    Jewish music is the music and melodies of the Jewish people. There exist both traditions of religious music, as sung at the synagogue and domestic prayers, and of secular music, such as klezmer. While some elements of Jewish music may originate in biblical times, differences of rhythm and sound can be found among later Jewish communities that have been musically influenced by location.

    Religious music is music performed or composed for religious use or through religious influence.

    [Ed. note: This is not a fully independent class, that is, music of any type listed below can be religious music as well.]

    Traditional folk music has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted orally, or as music with unknown composers. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. One meaning often given is that of old songs, with no known composers; another is music that has been transmitted and evolved by a process of oral transmission or performed by custom over a long period of time.

    The term popular music belongs to any of a number of musical genres “having wide appeal” and typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry. It stands in contrast to both art music and traditional music, which are typically disseminated academically or orally to smaller, local audiences. The original application of the term is to music of the 1880s Tin Pan Alley period in the United States.

    Let’s talk about what Jewish music falls into which category, shall we?

    in reply to: Inaccurate things we learned as kids #1222424

    Oh, right. Oops. 🙂 But kids aren’t very tall, so…

    in reply to: Dear Popa Bar Abby (Advice Column) #1092069

    Mod42, did this thread come up in a search

    for the thread about Oorah’s raffle?

    Happy sixth anniversary!

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051275

    Was your opening post meant to test our musical knowledge, Haifagirl?

    (I pass, my modal ignorance aside).

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051274

    I can’t tell if Includinghashem’s post was sincere or a

    parody/troll, but either way, I don’t remember seeing anywhere

    that Yaakov Shwekey has used secular tunes*, and I also

    doubt any Jewish musician has used Eminem (Google not

    finding anything about that is virtually proof).


    Yes, I know he sang “You Raise Me Up” live.

    in reply to: CR in Country Yossi Magazine #1214798

    Can anyone list some more threads they’ve printed recently?

    in reply to: Inaccurate things we learned as kids #1222422

    Re: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/inaccurate-things-teachers-tell-us/page/2?replies=89#post-548026

    And there I was thinking the pomegranate thing was a misconception

    caused by taking “m’lei’in mitzvos k’rimon” a little too literally… (No one person can fulfill all 613 mitzvos, either.)

    Let’s look at those sources:

    “B’sheyodua,” “Al pi hayodua,” L’fi hanoda,” = Everybody knows. Do they? [shrug]

    “In my youth, I heard that it is found in seforim” – What’s this thread’s (current) title?

    “It is written in [a sefer] that he (that sefer’s author)

    saw […] in seforim” – Slightly stronger,

    but it’s still third-hand with anonymous original sources.

    That leaves the Malbim. Can we say lav davka there?

    Can anyone confirm that there exists any species of fruit

    which always produces the same number (other than 1) of seeds? The whole idea doesn’t sound biologically plausible.

    in reply to: Inaccurate things we learned as kids #1222421

    Women generally don’t make havdalah, which

    makes that saying more puzzling.


    Maybe SaraCFL was just saying that that’s

    what she was taught as a child?

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050164

    Oh, those are the rules?

    Why would chareidim fight to keep a Jewish government in

    control of Eretz Yisrael? That’s a Zionist ideal…

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050161

    That wasn’t in response to a threat – that was just

    because we could. The threat had already been dealt with.

    (Do you think the Brisker Rav didn’t know the Megillah?)

    I don’t know what you mean with the rest of your post.

    If the enemy wants to destroy us, they’re a physical threat.

    If the enemy wants to destroy Yiddishkeit, though they may use physical force to that end, they’re a spiritual threat.

    There is an appropriate response to each situation.

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051268

    Would you consider reading some of Wikipedia’s

    numerous articles about Jewish music, Haifagirl?

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050156

    If I remember correctly,

    according to the Brisker Rav, a physical threat calls for a spiritual response, as in the case of Purim, and a spiritual threat calls for a physical response, as in the case of Chanukah.

    in reply to: What age should you teach your kid about Shabbos? #1048244

    You may even put their hand on the switch, so long as the child does not understand that his action benefits you.

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177881

    Well, that was quick. 🙂

    Actually, Comlink-X is only 1 day old.

    I was talking about… someone else,

    named after a thread and blocked after 10 posts.

    in reply to: Not all feminists are the same. #1049221

    DikDukDuck, if you can quote a single statement by a self-defined,

    feminist-community-accepted person that supports your idea of

    modern feminism, I’ll be a… I’ll be, uh… I’ll be very surprised!

    in reply to: Not all feminists are the same. #1049220

    Popa, I have a similar problem – I only disagree with true Scotsmen.

    in reply to: Physical Therapist #1047985

    My post originally had “(Just in case:)” before it,

    so as not to imply an assumption of ignorance on your part.

    in reply to: Fast songs #1072171

    Yidcore were a Jewish [ed: but probably not frum] punk rock band from Australia, known for playing punk covers of Jewish and Israeli songs.


    (Also, I have two posts above which you might miss if I didn’t mention them, due to their not being approved for a while.)

    in reply to: Misleading Tzedaka Emails #1048096

    “Es la’asos laShem, heifeiru Torasecha.”

    How is that darshened?

    “Vachai bahem.”

    Almost all means are justified by that end.

    I’d assume what was meant is that in Judaism,

    the end doesn’t always justify the means,

    not that it never does.

    in reply to: Frum and Fit #1050458

    Frum and Fit

    What, RebYidd. Just what.

    in reply to: Physical Therapist #1047984

    It is forbidden to tell a non-Jew that you got them a gift

    “for C—-tmas.” There may also be other issues – if you are

    not familiar with the subject, please call a Rav.

    in reply to: Starin' at the candles… #1048229

    1. While I’ve heard something similar, I think it’s meant for men…

    3. I highly doubt it. The half-hour is probably the half-hour

    that the flame is meant to burn to fulfill the mitzvah.

    I assume you’re meant to look at it during that time.

    As far as the Tehillim goes, would that be R’ Nachman of Breslov’s

    “Tikkun HaKlali?” That’s definitely (primarily) for men.

    You should be able to Google it… eh, I’ll just do it myself.

    OK, according to Wikipedia(!), “The Tikkun HaKlali consists of the following ten Psalms said in this order:

    16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, and 150,” and

    “Women also recite it as a general rectification for sin.”

    Ah freilichen Chanukah (and please ask a doctor if it is advisable to stare at a candle for 30 minutes before doing so)!

    in reply to: Hasn't gotten a date #1070333

    Vogue, I wouldn’t expect you to personally give the guy another shot, but once he’s treated for his bipolar disorder, he should be a different person. That one detail changes the whole picture.

    (I wouldn’t expect him to actually be ready for marriage too fast, though…)

    in reply to: What age should you teach your kid about Shabbos? #1048242

    (Exception regardless of decision for a d’var halocho, please?)

    Source used: Children in Halacha by Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen.

    Chinuch for not doing aveiros begins at an earlier

    age than chinuch for doing mitzvos does.

    The stage of chinuch in negative mitzvos is reached when

    the child can be taught that something is forbidden,

    that is, they will not merely stop now only to do it

    again later (Mishna Berura, siman 343, se’if koton 3, b’shem “Acharonim”).

    Rabbi Cohen says the stage is generally reached

    at approximately four years of age (it varies).

    (Thus far from CiH pages 7-8.)

    According to this, you and your friend are not obligated

    to teach your sons about muktzeh. (Whether it is a good idea

    to start teaching muktzeh before you have an obligation to

    is a question which it is not for me to answer.)

    In addition to the requirement of chinuch, there is another Shabbos law regarding children. The Torah states (Shemos 20:10):

    [v’gomer] ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ???? ????, Do not perform any labor, neither you nor your son nor your daughter…

    We learn from this that parents must not allow their children

    to perform any melachah (forbidden act) on Shabbos. If a child does a melachah because he realizes that it will be beneficial to the parent, even if the parent does not instruct the child to do it, the parent is obligated to stop the child from doing so.

    Since this Torah prohibition, unrelated to the law of chinuch, is part of the parent’s own Shabbos observance, it applies even to children who are below chinuch age.

    Thus, the issue of chinuch and its appropriate age is relevant in regard to Shabbos prohibitions only when a child wishes to do a forbidden act for his (or her) own benefit. A parent whose child wishes to perform labor for the parent’s benefit must prevent the child from doing so, regardless of the child’s age.


    It should be noted that if a child did melachah for his parents or strangers, they are forbidden to derive benefit from that melachah (pages 66-7, emphasis added).

    I’m tired of typing this up, so for permissible ways to have a child below the age of chinuch perform melacha, see the rest of Chapter 12.

    (You are never allowed to let him knowingly

    do something that benefits you, though.)

    in reply to: Most Moving Jewish Song In Your View #1097057

    Heartfelt does not mean what most CR readers seem to

    think it means. Here’s what Google has to say:


    (of a feeling or its expression) sincere; deeply and strongly felt.

    “our heartfelt thanks”

    synonyms: sincere, genuine, from the heart; earnest, profound, deep, wholehearted, ardent, fervent, passionate, enthusiastic, eager; honest, bona fide

    The word refers to the sincerity of something, not how much feeling it evokes in its audience (though of course, something sincere is generally assumed to be more evocative.)

    Thus, this thread’s question, taken literally, is

    “What Jewish song do you think is the most sincere one?”

    Maybe I should go with Pesach Moshe’s music, as I don’t think

    anything other than sincerity could have gone into it.

    Two posts do fit well with the correct meaning.

    Bored123’s, here:


    and DaasYochid’s here:


    in reply to: Fast songs #1072167

    I would suggest Chaim Yisrael’s “Ten Li Ahava” (it’s the sixth

    song on Milim shel Tfilla, if the name’s wrong).

    Other options include his “Yodayim L’mala” and “Rak Elokim” (the eighth and eleventh songs on that album), and

    Itzik Eshel’s “Im Ein Ani” (first song on Rak Ata/Only You). His “Rak Ata” and “Eizeh Keif” (the seventh and ninth songs on that album) are less intense options if that’s what you’re looking for.

    (“Im Ein Ani” uses the whole ma’amar and should not be

    confused with “Eizeh Keif,” which uses only part of it.)

    Also, here are some questions that might help:

    Will this be a live event?

    How long a clip do you need?

    Would an instrumental non-Jewish song be OK (what if it sounds Jewish)?

    (Have you tried asking people who have Step It Up for suggestions?)

    in reply to: B"H for Restore Points #1047973

    I heard that a save-game function will be added with

    the upcoming “Y’mos HaMoshiach” expansion pack.

    in reply to: Safety First #1050195

    Takeh, you’re right about the helmet going on first, but l’mayseh, there’s no tachlis in a reflective vest under one’s coat, so that should come last.

    in reply to: New suggestion #1189709

    I’ve a feeling “X is good” is not a valid legal statement, seeing as

    it has no implications for action.

    Sunglasses are useful in winter, especially to prevent

    snow blindness if you live at a high altitude.

    in reply to: Is Addiction a self inflicted disease? #1050137

    The situation of someone who is currently addicted

    to a substance is not the same as yours.

    When they have not had their substance, they feel a far more intense

    desire (sometimes in fact a physiological need) for it than your

    desire to eat some good mezonos.

    in reply to: Fast songs #1072163

    Any fast song should be significantly more propulsive when played

    at 1.5 times normal speed by VLC Media Player (I don’t know if Windows Media Player can do it).

    (.66 speed has the same effect, but it’s slow.)

    How fast is “fast?” Can you name a song with the kind of speed

    you’re looking for?

    Patur Aval Assur’s song is “Mar’eh Kohen,” apparently by Yigal Calek.

    in reply to: how do i make my user name not show up every time im on the cr? #1047963

    I got the problem wrong last time.

    Uncheck “Remember me” below the username field (when not signed in).

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