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  • in reply to: Relationship advice! #1049371

    I love the way the first two parts of Popa’s

    last post set up perfectly for the third one.

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177895

    I was surprised no one realized I was “Alter” after Mod-29 and I virtually gave it away >here< and (I assume it was also Mod-29) in my post with the question four posts above that one.

    I had also had a longer than usual post in the “Alter” thread.

    in reply to: Project Improve #1049374

    1. I agree that that would be nice.

    2. Such sections probably wouldn’t be updated often

    enough to motivate people to check it themselves.

    3. Trolls would not use a section designated for them, and this whole “bored” is just that. I think threads generally get at least as much attention as they deserve.

    4/5. The general inability to contact another poster about something that isn’t a thread topic without posting in a thread is annoying. However, I don’t know if bbPress even

    supports private messages or profile messages, and I highly

    doubt the mods want the burden of deciding whether specific

    private communications are safe.

    Perhaps there should be a stickied thread for non-topical messages,

    and everyone would check to see if anyone had

    left a message for them every once in a while.

    in reply to: Subtitle log #1197813

    Actually, you gave me the idea. 🙂


    As for Mod1097:

    I assumed you had missed that post. After all, you didn’t “say so.”

    Why did I suspect you?

    It was someone who had noticed my tendency to experiment, you had

    addressed SDD in a previous post in the same way as Mod1097 did,

    and you seemed quite interested in Mod1097, which I interpreted

    according to my own behavior towards “Alter.”

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050178


    Clarification (possibly unnecessary): The possibility that I assume you would not have considered in that case is that I was using “Chareidi” as a pejorative.

    (Also, I wrote “if the mods approve it” because

    a previous response had been rejected.)

    I did not cover the option of leaving in the face of foreign

    demand because I just didn’t think of it at the time, and I

    realize now that it’s a good thing I didn’t mention it.

    I’m not done with you yet (unless the mods say so, anyway)…



    Having thought it over, I assume that by “pre-Chanukah-like tragedy” you meant a desire by Jews to be accepted by and/or

    similar to the other nations.



    Weren’t the Chareidim (and everyone else) unaware of the full threat in 1939? Also, it is a spiritual response that is called for in the face of a physical threat in the chareidi mind.

    (Theoretical aside:

    I doubt one from Europe’s chareidi minority alone would have been enough, and wonder whether by the time the war started it would

    already have been too late.)


    For a premise to be flawed, it must be illogical, not merely not

    have usually been the case before. Also, if when there wasn’t a

    religious majority they took up arms, why couldn’t they do so if

    they were the majority?

    Or am I not getting something?

    Did you perhaps mean that this situation would not be

    the same as the one at the time of the Chasmonaim?

    In case you haven’t seen it, I’ve responded to an old post of yours here:


    (I’m not sure you’d check that thread without this notice.)



    I considered questioning your use of “gymnasium,” but

    according to You-Know-What, Israel has five of them.

    To answer your question about Herod, I’d revert it. And seeing

    as I don’t know how reverts are counted for the three-revert rule, if it was locked on your version, I’d check the edit

    history and cite the primary source instead.





    Please delete only the specific section(s), if any, you deem unfit for publication. You wouldn’t make me break this into six parts (seven with this) and wait 60 seconds between putting up each one, would you?

    in reply to: CR in Country Yossi Magazine #1214812

    I think they like to print topics on serious issues, and

    you’re in a lot of those, aren’t you, DaasYochid? 🙂

    B’hashgacha, the April 2014 issue recently entered my home.

    It features what they chose to title

    “Why Do Chareidim Exempt Themselves?”

    It starts with this post –

    http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/million-man-atzeres#post-514067 – and runs through the line

    [more what I had in mind by spiritual danger).] in this post:


    (I didn’t compare the two texts to see if any more editing

    than cutting off your last post, possibly just because they

    were out of space, had been done.)

    That’s eight-and-a-half posts, two-and-a-half of them

    written by you and another four addressed to you by name.

    If this is anything to go by, you’re a household name among

    readers of Country Yossi Magazine. How does that make you feel? 🙂

    in reply to: CR in Country Yossi Magazine #1214811
    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1173821

    Bumpius Humorus!

    Discipline ever tell you how evil auto-complete programs are?

    Speaking of your past, were you joking a couple of years

    ago when you mentioned writing a book about it?

    (I was looking through old threads trying to

    find as many musicians as I could, because of >this<.)

    in reply to: CR in Country Yossi Magazine #1214808

    This misquotation business has me even more curious whether

    I’ve been included (and whether I’ve been misquoted). That was

    why I asked about recent topics they’ve printed in the first place. 🙂

    in reply to: the new seminary #1200134

    I also want to THE NEW SEMINARY. 😉

    But seriously, do those ads not tell you how you

    can ask them (instead of us) about their program?

    in reply to: Subtitle log #1197810

    [scared driver delight]’s subtitle used to be [PhD], a reference to the final line of >this< post, before becoming an alliterative, part-Yiddish version of his SN, [fearful fiherer fargeniggin].

    in reply to: Fast songs #1072186

    Here’s what I was talking about:

    Haifagirl: Go to YouTube and search for “fast Jewish music.” There’s plenty.

    Cozimjewish: I can’t access YouTube…..

    Me (the next post): She probably won’t see that post either. : 🙂

    The first post she didn’t see, of course, was the first time

    you said that you didn’t have access to YouTube.

    (I had considered putting her name in my post.

    I’ll have to err on the side of caution in future.)


    This time, you mistook me as being serious.

    in reply to: Googling Your Date #1075064

    No, but I would reject an understanding of another person’s

    words that I cannot at all understand the reasoning behind

    (unless there is no alternative, which happens sometimes).

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050174

    To clarify my view in this discussion:

    Hashem fights for our physical survival (this does not mean that

    there’s no rule of “Habo l’harg’cha hashkeim l’hargo”), and we fight when He presents us with a violent challenge to our Yiddishkeit. (That’s the ideal, anyway – see Logician’s post.)

    “[T]o preserve or restore Jewish sovereignty” is not something

    Chareidim believe in fighting for as an ideal, and historically

    speaking, lack of a Jewish government in Eretz Yisrael has not

    prevented us from living there, so the country in question being

    Eretz Yisrael doesn’t matter.

    So, were a foreign power to give a Chareidi government,

    in Eretz Yisrael or elsewhere, the option of peacefully

    surrendering to them (becoming subject to foreign taxation, etc.),

    I think we’d take it. Does anyone here disagree?

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050173

    Herod, who murdered the chachomim, was not part

    of the Hasmonean dynasty. (So says Wikipedia.)

    I don’t think his rule can be considered Jewish

    self-governance, seeing as he got his authority

    from the Romans.

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050172

    The possibility should not have entered your mind any more

    than I assume it would have if I’d posted the following:

    “Why would Zionists fight to keep kollelim in operation?

    That’s a Chareidi ideal…”

    A self-governing Jewish country is something that

    Zionism believes in and believes in fighting for.

    I don’t think it’s possible to disagree with that.


    1. Did anything other than Zionism motivate the fight

    for Israeli independence?

    2. The term used in Hebrew for Religious Zionists literally means “Nationalist Religious.”)

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050171

    I was not using “Zionist” as a pejorative.

    See my next post, if the mods approve it.

    in reply to: Could Chanukah happen again #1050169

    Here’s hoping not to look ignorant…

    Sam, what did you mean by “a pre-Chanukah-like tragedy?”

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177893

    I don’t enjoy annoying people. :

    Like your alleged numerous rejected posts (I like to reserve

    “deleted” for when a post was already up), it just happens.

    I especially dislike leaving questions unanswered,

    so if you see any… hmmm. There’s no real way to “tap another user on the shoulder.” Just include it in a post in any conversation with me, I guess. Goodnight, everyone.

    Sorry, mods. Am I at least doing better than

    before I took two weeks unannounced leave?

    in reply to: fastest subtitle? #1119210

    Hey, you’re back! You had me a little worried. 🙂

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051299

    Nishtdayngesheft, I really don’t think that was called for.

    What he said sounded like this: After his Christian friends

    pointed out a few pesukim to him, he looked into it

    more on his own. Readers, here’s the original post:


    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051298

    Re: Yossi Green

    Here’s what A 600 Kilo Bear, the late great Creedmoorer Roov,

    had to say, about what I assume was that interview, in 2008:

    Yossi Green as a composer is no more of an authority on music than a butcher is on hilchos schechita. Or should I respect

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051297

    Re: Yossi Green

    I highly doubt “Simply Jewish music is music written by a Jewish person” is valid from a musicological point of view, and I likewise doubt anyone holds that as a specific level in their hashkafic hakpados against certain music. It does not seem to have any use.

    The term “Chasidic music” has no connection to Chasidus, which is annoying but here’s the real issue with his definition:

    In the end, whether something brings you closer to G-d cannot be determined except through ruach hakodesh. One can only ask (or) assume about the intention. And even if you say your intentions are good, someone can claim that your music is not, and what can you say in your defense?

    in reply to: fastest subtitle? #1119208

    I think it happened because you actually were talking about subtitles.

    in reply to: Not all feminists are the same. #1049225

    I think there are actual feminists who don’t believe in a wage gap either.

    in reply to: Fast songs #1072181

    She probably won’t see that post either. : 🙂

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177890

    Oh! My remarks about your speed are meant to be taken as positive answers. Yes, I am/was Randomex/Alter.

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177889

    Oh, and SIDI, I was blocked. I think I’m being made to use this account (which I had made to ask to be unblocked with) instead as punishment.

    Not as a punishment, as a reminder to follow the rules. It is apparently not working.

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177888

    You’re really fast! 🙂

    Sorry for the wait – I just didn’t see your posts until now.

    in reply to: Attention Mods #1049019

    I forgot to say – I would probably see anything you wanted to say to me much faster if you put it on my profile instead of in a post. Or is that difficult/inconvenient?

    EDIT: Should I not have assumed this was one of the old technical support threads? I didn’t read it before posting.

    Once more, if a post is deleted, do not try to resubmit it in any form. Your final warning.

    in reply to: Attention Mods #1049018

    If some of my edits have looked unnecessary, they were just for

    formatting purposes (to try and make the text symmetrical).

    I try to do those immediately so that you won’t have to mod it twice. Does this end up inconveniencing you? If it does, I’ll stop.

    in reply to: Hasn't gotten a date #1070338

    Patur (and anyone else interested), how would you explain this line of the Radak (from your first quote)?

    ???? ??? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ???? ????? ????? ???

    My question is, how is ????? ??? connected to their wives being beautiful? (It also needs to make sense for ???????? ???? ?????,

    unless you want to explain that differently.)

    as being about complexion, and ??? ???? as about the shape of the face.

    one for men and one for women.

    I thought of explaining ????? ????? ??? as about

    Do you have any more possible explanations, or perhaps

    a better understanding of one of mine?

    in reply to: PAA's not-always-in-context Coffee Room Report Card Comments #1156682

    I assume he thought “HUH” was in response to his false answer to you.

    “isn’t” might have been confusing because it didn’t make sense.

    Oops. Sorry, Popa. (I don’t see how that post made any sense, though, so I think you put it to better use, Cozimjewish.)

    in reply to: A Complaint About The Terms 'Frei' & 'Shiksa' #1049087

    And I would further extend it to any insult.

    in reply to: Fast songs #1072179

    I have a law, but I don’t remember you having one. Can you link to it?

    in reply to: Safety First #1050201

    Take that Me, you mean – Zelig was the one who was putting

    health first, and you argued for the precedence of safety.

    Someone had already agreed with you, though – me! I’ll do it again:

    If “Dept. of Health and Safety” is a precedent,

    “Safety first!” is a well-known principle!

    Take that, Zelig (who isn’t reading this, otherwise I wouldn’t say it)!

    in reply to: Googling Your Date #1075060

    Apushatayid, we were only quoting Lior and discussing

    how his sentence should have been written. Lior actually said to PAA, “Please provide the quote with its full sentence as it is

    out of context the way you chopped off half the comment,”

    so I’ll do that for you now: “Girls dating pictures helps, basically, with boys looking for vanity.” – Lior

    You can argue with that statement here if you want to:


    in reply to: PAA's not-always-in-context Coffee Room Report Card Comments #1156680

    Then you should have mentioned him to begin with.

    Cozimjewish doesn’t have YouTube access, so you might want

    to find an alternate location and post it in her thread.

    in reply to: fastest subtitle? #1119206

    Not the fastest:


    I think anyone who names themselves with the first half

    of a famous saying might get a subtitle pretty quickly.

    Who wants to be known as “Four score and?”

    in reply to: #1052448

    I don’t know Shir HaShirim either.

    That’s not good, but what’s the big deal?

    [Achievement Unlocked!] (Where’s my dollar?)

    in reply to: Why I'm an Ama'aretz #1060455

    What was this thread like when it was known as “The thread thread?”

    in reply to: Inaccurate things we learned as kids #1222434

    Patur, you should be able to find a string of text

    unique to that page to post here, but you needn’t

    bother. Just tell me if any of them say “Nishtanu

    hat’va’im,” or state categorically that there are

    exactly 613 seeds in all healthy pomegranates.

    in reply to: Googling Your Date #1075059


    One link to that page is enough for me today. 🙂

    You can do it for posterity if you want to.

    Your defense will be accepted once you come up with a way that “having pictures of girls dating (i.e. a picture of a girl on a date) would help,”

    to justify understanding Lior’s statement that way.

    in reply to: #1052447

    Shir HaShirim is an allegory, not a euphemism (as Oomis said).

    It is not meaningless when read literally, but the literal meaning is not the intended one. (In fact, it is assur to translate it literally, not that that stopped some Jews… ArtScroll describes their own Shir HaShirim

    as “an allegorical translation based upon Rashi.”)

    Okay, many more Jews speak Hebrew and English

    than Yiddish, but how many non-Jews speak Yiddish?

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051296

    Can we all at least agree that listening to “Arba Bavot” does not evoke the same feelings as, l’havdil(?), listening to “Ya’a’lili?” 😉

    I think we can assume that there are numerous feelings that might be evoked by Jewish music, and even multiple songs by one musician(Eminem too) may evoke very different emotions.

    One can argue, however, that some emotions are traditionally never

    expressed in Jewish music, such as anger, even righteous anger.


    1. Read the lyrics to “Jerusalem is Not for Sale” and

    ask yourself, “Are these lyrics righteously angry?”

    2. Listen to the song, and ask yourself “If I didn’t

    speak English, would I think this was an angry song?”

    Bonus Q: How well would an aggressive style of music fit the lyrics?)

    in reply to: Fast songs #1072178

    It certainly does. I just didn’t remember it.

    (I know that I saw it before my previous post because

    my post in that thread is older than the one here.)

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051292

    Saying that a genre uses a certain instrument in no way implies that any music made with that instrument is of that genre, Apushatayid.

    in reply to: Hasn't gotten a date #1070336


    “I assume he mentions the bracketed part because we can assume that”

    should read “Presumably,”.

    Also, I forgot to mention that in the future, I think you should mention when the teshuva you’re quoting is by a Modern Orthodox rav, as I’m sure some of us would not give such an opinion as much weight.

    Do you think I should read the rest of the teshuva, Patur?

    in reply to: What Makes Jewish Music Jewish? #1051288

    Haifagirl, I think we should express Golfer’s answer as follows:

    Jewish music, as far as those opposed to non-Jewish music are

    concerned, is created by Orthodox Jews, for Orthodox Jews.

    (Additionally, they may be concerned about non-Jewish musical influence on by-and-for-Orthodox-Jews Jewish music.)

    Your examples thus no longer pose a challenge, even if,

    musically speaking, they are Jewish music.

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