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    Isn’t this thread just great? https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/obama-fraud-and-destroyer-of-america
    OPs such as that thread’s do not seem, to me, likely to lead to quality discussions. Perhaps you should tighten the reins.

    are you serious? With all the spewing these past years on presidents past and present you are bothered by this one?

    in reply to: Is there a Drug Problem in the “Frum World”? #2262618

    “Addiction is nondiscriminatory. It doesn’t care about your religion”

    Being Jewish is not merely subscribing to a religion. We are, in the words of the kuzari, a different beriah, a different level of creation above “medaber.”

    A jew doesn’t have the same problems or the same mentality as anyone else. Of course yidden can get addicted, but the way you’re describing it is, i hate to use the word again because it makes me sound “extreme,” close to apikorsus.

    Of course, of course. That’s why taavah, gaavah, kinah, and kaas are all unheard of among Jews
    and the heilige seforim tell us we don’t need to work on these at all. Jews don’t have any desire
    for ma’acholim tovim or other luxuries, either; any advertisements seen in frum publications for
    such things are only so that we can buy suitable gifts for non-Jews of our acquaintance.*

    *Only under the cirumstances in which one is allowed to give a gift to a non-Jew, of course.

    in reply to: Time for Frum Magazines to Change their Standards #2262544

    Also, while people might change, psychological chazakos/umdenos do not. Even rabbi yoshe ber soloveitchik was staunchly opposed to any idea which questioned the application of things like טב למיתב etc.. he said these chazakos are metaphysical realities.

    Isn’t there one about a person not denying a debt in their creditor’s presence that we don’t apply anymore?

    (Hi, everyone. Don’t expect to see me much.)

    in reply to: moving from Jerusalem to Cleveland – TIPS please! #2235554

    You might get more helpful responses at the DansDeals forums.

    Mods, if you will not allow a reference to an external website, please e-mail OP with that suggestion.

    in reply to: Sefer Charedim chapter 26 paragraph 29 #2200432

    I do not find SQUARE_ROOT’s intention to be self-evident.
    I also do not understand the relevance of the first response.
    (Perhaps if I understood SQUARE_ROOT’s intention…?)

    in reply to: Teen Violence in Lakewood #2170520

    Did something happen recently that OP is referring to?

    Yes. You can google [Lakewood Snaps assault].

    in reply to: Headlines #2170522

    There’s also the use of “v’shochat” in the last bit of Chad Gadya.

    in reply to: Does Netilas Neshama on Shabbos Only Apply At the Organism Level? #2170519

    My second sentence was a mistake. (I’m somewhat sleep-deprived at the moment.)

    in reply to: Pinchas Segalov Z”l #2170517

    (By “you,” I meant whoever happened to be reading the thread.)

    in reply to: Does Netilas Neshama on Shabbos Only Apply At the Organism Level? #2170389

    That’s not the way everyone else uses the word “alive.”
    To avoid confusion, please find your own word to use.

    in reply to: Melech HaMashiach #2170392

    (It’s just “regardless” – “irregardless” isn’t an actual word.)

    in reply to: With new clause: Will Haaretz get punished for its racism?ism? #2170356

    I don’t think you read that last paragraph thoroughly before posting it.

    in reply to: Pinchas Segalov Z”l #2170358

    (I’ll save you a Google: Hiroo Onoda was a Japanese soldier who didn’t find out
    and come to accept that World War II was over until decades after it had ended.)

    in reply to: what many people do not understand by SQUARE_ROOT #2170360

    If you want to raise certain points based on things that you’ve read in the name of CW.

    I didn’t think of Chananya Weissman… (I’m not here much, though.)

    (As for the WSJ, people will hold of anything that leans conservative.)

    in reply to: 30000 frum people have a kosher phone #2170363

    I first got struck by that when I let my young kid to play an innocently-looking game, and we had to go somewhere, so I asked to play “until the end of this game”, and he replied – “what do you mean, this game does not end”…

    (Score-as-much-as-you-can games that end only when a
    loss condition is reached go back at least as far as Tetris.)

    in reply to: 30000 frum people have a kosher phone #2170366

    I don’t have a kosher phone, and I see nothing wrong with that.

    I’m not sure what I meant by that – I’ve never owned a smartphone, and I don’t
    think I’ve had a cell phone at all since coming back from yeshivah in Eretz Yisrael.
    (Perhaps I was waiting for someone to ask so I could say that.)

    in reply to: Mods? Mods? #2170370

    2168764 got an eyebrow raise from me.

    in reply to: Headlines #2141292

    After A Yr And A Half: Gafni Is Reappointed As Finance Committee Chairman

    in reply to: Randomex's junk thread thread (Ride the troller coaster!) #2138896


    Randomex facepalming.

    in reply to: Search #2063926

    Click on your name (next to any of your posts).

    in reply to: King Charles and Queen Camilla #2063911

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed you were using “pure democracy” carelessly.
    (At least it’s useful to anyone unaware of the meaning of the term.)

    Regarding the “quiet agreement” of the Russian people…

    DICTATOR PUTIN CRACKDOWN: Hundreds Arrested As Russians Protest Ukraine Attack

    in reply to: JOKES #2063142

    For those of you who are new here:


    in reply to: King Charles and Queen Camilla #2063019

    ( “Direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of democracy in which the electorate decides on policy initiatives without legislative representatives as proxies. This differs from the majority of currently established democracies, which are representative democracies.” – Wikipedia )

    in reply to: Easy Money #2062704

    It’s “nouveau riche,” from French, not Spanish (in which it’d be “nuevo rico”).

    in reply to: King Charles and Queen Camilla #2062703

    Not getting it right the first 2 times.

    in reply to: King Charles and Queen Camilla #2062644


    whatcha sighing about?

    in reply to: King Charles and Queen Camilla #2062625

    <i>(It’s been a while.)</i>

    in reply to: King Charles and Queen Camilla #2062619

    Dictators are not [i]melachim[/i], who rule by the will of their people,
    but [i]moshlim[/i], who rule against the will of their people.

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #2055576

    I recently heard (over Lakewood Plaza’s outdoor sound system) part of a Yiddish song that sounded like it was about a visit to a DMV, passport office, or some such. What might it have been?

    in reply to: Song Lyrics #2054629

    I’ve been told they’re from “Little Tree” (Abie Rottenberg, Journeys 4) and “My Fellow Jew” (Avraham Fried).

    in reply to: Song Lyrics #2054609

    The 8th post in that thread is “The earth was freshly painted but the sky was feeling blue,”
    which also returns no Google results.

    in reply to: Silence #2045283

    I doubt you have any idea how many more people have committed suicide as a result
    of being the victim of such crimes than as a result of having been accused of them.

    in reply to: Is there a middle class frum family financial crisis ? #1947770

    However middle class families need to earn a salary that forces them to pay
    taxes that can only be afforded by the wealthy, so as such they must stay poor.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the US, don’t you only pay each tax bracket’s
    rate on the portion of your income that puts you in that tax bracket?

    in reply to: Two Frum Community Problems Solved with One Approach #1946566

    It is up to Hashem to decide how many children you have. You shouldn’t be acting to interfere with Hashem’s nature during the natural occurrence of events.
    … deliberately acting to limit the number of children and the other looney toon ideas proffered.

    Original post:
    c) Because they’re older, they won’t end up having tons of kids.

    On the woman’s side, at least, no intervention is being made.

    I don’t know the proper hashkafa on family planning (my local public library has a copy of Rabbi Mendel Dubov’s Shall We Have Another? A Jewish Approach to Family Planning, which I’ve been planning to read), though I will note that I can’t remember the last time I saw a tzedaka letter saying the person had a relatively small number of children and was deeply in debt from chasuna expenses.

    in reply to: Is there a middle class frum family financial crisis ? #1946464

    Mishpacha had a piece about this 2 weeks ago. Google [ “Fuzzy Math” “Alexandra Fleksher” ].

    in reply to: online media #1910210

    Sometimes it may be so they can say things that wouldn’t be tolerated in real life.

    in reply to: Fleegull’s Flight #1910209

    I had never heard of it. You need to be looking for “Fliegel’s Flight.”

    in reply to: Lack of respect for Rabbonim shlita #1910208

    The only reason to obey an anti-semitic tyrant is fear that the tyrant will try to kill you

    Being fined or jailed isn’t enough for you, I guess.
    (There’s also chillul haShem to worry about.)

    in reply to: Mods? Mods? #1910207

    Search the Coffee Room 🔍

    The link there is still non-functional.

    in reply to: New World Order #1907245

    Everythung we believed or thought to be true will be dismantled very soon….Bill Gates is only the puppet of those managering his “ideals.” Those who deny Baalamd child trafficking and that which is going on amongst the “elite” etc…

    Oh, look, it’s a Q believer.

    in reply to: To peeps that are voting Biden #1907238

    President Donald Trump was Brilliant on the Debate last nite, and definitely won the debate.

    Biden lied badly concerning his son & Ukraine, as well as numerous other lies,
    and no liar can be put into the Oval Office:- Period!!

    Trump lied worse than Biden did, according to a fact check review I read.
    Also, Trump’s disregard for the truth is well-known, so by that logic…
    As for the winning:
    Debate watchers were pretty decisive in their verdict of last night’s performances: Only about one-third said Trump’s performance was “somewhat good” or “very good,” and 50 percent said it was “very poor.” Biden’s performance was more positively received, with around 60 percent saying they thought he performed well. – FiveThirtyEight

    in reply to: COVID Confusion #1907218

    If the whole point of thousands of people wearing masks is to make thousands
    of others happy as you say, and not because it’s actually useful

    He didn’t say that.

    The consensus of health professionals is that masks can decrease the spread;
    more info is readily available online.

    I suppose your friend’s community abstains from video-call technology?

    in reply to: Mods? Mods? #1905713

    This post has e-mail addresses in it:

    New World Order

    (If the link doesn’t come through, it’s post 1900918.)

    in reply to: Kashering A Laptop. #1905711

    Suggestion: Delete the drivers for the relevant hardware.
    (If reversibility is desired, note their location, back them up on something, and
    give it to someone who wouldn’t know what to do with them to hold on to.)

    (Sure, it’s possible to get new drivers off the Internet or another laptop
    with the same hardware, but you’d first need to know that was the issue
    and then also have access to one of those sources.)

    in reply to: Chassidim #1900609

    I heard until 9 min after shkia

    This is Reb Moshe’s shita about washing for Shalosh Seudos,
    according to Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen (The Radiance of Shabbos).

    in reply to: Leftest are reshoem? #1900606

    but I think AOC basically summed it up recently when she commented how being morally right was more important than being factually correct. If it seems right and feels right, it is right. And when you base your morals on whatever your gut feeling is

    I looked this up, and it’s a misrepresentation. She wasn’t saying that it’s
    more important for a given statement to be morally than factually correct,
    she was commenting on people focusing more on fact-checking her than
    on whether her positions are right.

    “If people want to really blow up one figure here or one word there, I would argue that they’re missing the forest for the trees,” she said. I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

    Cortez said being “morally right” is more important than being “factually right” and that whenever she makes “a mistake” it is not the same thing as President Trump “lying about immigrants.”

    “But being factually correct is important,” Cooper told her.

    “It’s absolutely important,” Ocasio-Cortez agreed. “And whenever I make a mistake. I say, “Okay, this was clumsy.” And then I restate what my point was. But it’s not the same thing as the president lying about immigrants. It’s not the same thing, at all.”

    in reply to: Leftest are reshoem? #1900597

    (Isn’t there an anti-duplication feature in place?)

    Never mind, those posts weren’t identical. Post 1 included
    “(Also, Hashem’s standards for conviction are very demanding.)”
    while post 2 did not, and post 2 added a bit about non-fatal violence.

    in reply to: Shalom Bayis Pamphlet in Aramaic #1900575

    Many years ago I saw a pamphlet in Lakewood about shalom bayis, written in Aramaic
    (the author stated that it was in Aramaic so women wouldn’t be able to read it).

    That made me laugh. Thanks.

    First of all, increasing numbers of women today ARE learning talmud…

    He said it was “many years ago.” Even today, I doubt
    those women are marrying BMG kollel men.

    Secondly, for those that don’t, Google Translate…

    Google Translate (unsurprisingly) does not feature Aramaic.

    P.S. What kind of jerk wouldn’t want yidden to share information on Shalom
    Bayis with their wives or beschert?? Is that some special thing in Lakewood??

    This might be related to the idea I’ve seen expressed by Rabbi Akiva Tatz
    that if both parties in an arrangement focus on their obligations to the other,
    it will work out well for them, but if they focus on the other’s obligations to
    them, there will be strife.
    (Rabbi Shalom Arush has separate books on the topic for men and women,
    with requests for each not to read the one not intended for them.)

    in reply to: Name a Gadol That Endorsed Biden #1900573

    To all those who go ballistic when trump’s name is mentioned need to realized Hashem
    is in charge. He wanted trump in and you are wrong to have tainas on HKBH.

    When you find out who Hashem has chosen as our president, you shut up and accept this, and everything else He does with love. Try accepting that what you want is worth nothing against what Hashem has deemed to be best for you. Stop fighting Him. Let it go.

    You could say the same about anyone in any position of power. That Hashem
    put them there doesn’t mean they were a good choice by any standard or
    that they didn’t do terrible things that Hashem decided were necessary.

    in reply to: Social Mania #1900571

    trending stunts

    Like phonebooth stuffing, goldfish-swallowing, and flagpole sitting?

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