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    Sounds like recognizing and accepting that your emotional state isn’t
    always as you would like it to be and can be affected by various factors
    (that guess is based on nothing).

    in reply to: Is trump really immoral #1837396

    So the phenomenon you were arguing against doesn’t exist?

    (You can put <em> before text and </em> after it to make it look like this,
    or at least put what you want to quote in quotation marks.)

    in reply to: Is coronavirus BAD?? #1837393

    And don’t forget, while everyone else says to wear a mask,
    the CDC says to only wear them if you are sick.

    I recently read somewhere online that masks are designed
    to protect others from the wearer’s sickness, not vice versa.

    in reply to: Is trump really immoral #1837003

    Never mind what “this” means. Is it actually the migrants complaining
    about how migrants are dealt with or is it American citizens?

    in reply to: mashiach ben yosef #1836788

    I wanted to tag the thread (and thought you’d just delete the blank post).

    That was my assumption 

    in reply to: Does seminary’s cause a shidduch crisis? #1836736

    Testing (part 3)

    in reply to: Mods? Mods? #1836731

    Does seminary’s cause a shidduch crisis?

    Was that allowed deliberately?

    Yes, after much thought and determining it may not have been as it seemed. But it’s gone now.

    in reply to: mashiach ben yosef #1836726
    in reply to: Does seminary’s cause a shidduch crisis? #1836735

    Testing (part 2)

    in reply to: Does seminary’s cause a shidduch crisis? #1836734

    Testing (part 1)

    in reply to: Hashkafah on watching the Super Bowl #1836743

    I don’t see why Joseph’s statement should be interpreted as
    referring specifically to people who watched the Super Bowl.

    Seriously you know the costumes are going to be an issue so find something else to do for 30 minutes. I wanted to hear [the singers, who are female] so I took the tablet into the kitchen, and while it was facing away from me

    I don’t think most authorities are okay with that, either.

    in reply to: Hashkafah on watching the Super Bowl #1836741

    i dont think i did anything soooo terrible by watching something that i have a very big yetzer hara to see.

    Answers itself? 🙂

    A person i know just came over to me telling me that he was horrified, that although he was aware that they were going to watch the superbowl, he took it for granted that they would shut it for the half time…

    Who “they” are is unclear.

    in reply to: Does seminary’s cause a shidduch crisis? #1836733

    what a great idea! instead of looking for the zivug Hashem designated for us, let’s make our own criteria and actively avoid shidduchim sent our way that don’t fit our made up rules! 🤦‍♀️How could we not have thought of that years ago?!

    I thought we did.

    in reply to: Is trump really immoral #1836725

    NO I WASN’T GOING TO ASK THAT (“Does it say anywhere ‘war crime’ is only if it’s part of a war?”)

    Well, you were talking about a war crime in a non-war situation, so…


    I’m saying they could not be charged with the war crime of using human shields by a body that deals with
    war crimes. (They could face a child endangerment charge from a law enforcement agency, assuming such a law exists in their country.)

    You didn’t respond about the relevant issue of migrant parents’ intent.

    in reply to: Is trump really immoral #1835220

    If I’m wrong show me how if I’m not then what’s your issue?

    My issue is that you should know by yourself that you’re wrong. You asked for this.

    I believe that is a war crime

    Is your next question “Does it say anywhere ‘war crime’ is only if it’s part of a war?”

    Geneva Conventions… civilians… armed conflict

    “People coming across the border” are not involved in armed conflict (which is what the Geneva
    Conventions apply to) and cannot be classed as non-civilians as opposed to their children.

    Someone committing a crime, which he knows carries a certain punishment, who commits the crime while with his children so he can then say you can’t punish me because it will leave the children in a terrible predicament. That is classic human shield.

    The classic use of “human shield” is as a military law term with a specific meaning. (It’s also come to
    be used for any situation in which the tactic is used, but it has no legal ramifications outside war.)
    Also, I disagree with the reason you give here for why people bring their children along
    when attempting to move to another country (the alternative being what, exactly?).

    in reply to: Does seminary’s cause a shidduch crisis? #1835212

    Mmmm, quality content.

    in reply to: How girls are causing the shidduch crisis! #1835121

    The OP (I assume) sent the OP with minor changes as a letter to
    Mishpacha, which printed it this week. Let’s see how that goes.

    in reply to: Is trump really immoral #1835113

    You know what people coming across the border with children are doing?
    Using their children as human shields
    I believe that is a war crime

    That’s a very unusual spelling of “I’m a total idiot or troll,” but I’ll accept it.

    in reply to: Kosher games for computer #1830245

    Digital versions of Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne (both best-selling, award-winning
    board games) are free to download from the Epic Games Store until February 13.

    in reply to: Mods? Mods? #1825526

    What do you think about the Pan-American Highway?

    in reply to: frum exercise #1825523

    (I think GH thought it was Sam – it’s his sort of talk – but it wasn’t.)

    in reply to: Selective Service System – Do you register your sons? #1825491

    Did this take nearly 24 hours to be approved?

    in reply to: frum exercise #1825490

    I don’t remember. Also, Sam (Klein, I assume?) is not the name I remember
    the second poster having (“and I…”). Was their name changed twice?

    in reply to: frum exercise #1825170

    Both the OP and the poster of 1824696 have since changed
    their names (or had them changed). Interesting.

    in reply to: Teenagers and technology #1825008

    The process is simple. Step 1:
    Don’t feed trolls.

    in reply to: Black Lives Matter #1823831

    The “All lives matter” response to “Black lives matter” misunderstands the
    meaning of the original statement.

    in reply to: Now, that’s Jewish(?) #1823833

    If you have a really long post with nothing too controversial in it,
    you can split it up into multiple posts. (Years back, I think I used
    to make a copy of every post I submitted and then delete it once
    it had been approved, but that’s kind of a hassle.)

    (*”couldn’t care less” – bit of a pet peeve)

    in reply to: Black Lives Matter #1823367

    From an article somewhere on the interwebs:

    Four years ago, the national media and liberal activists converged on the city of Baltimore, Maryland, following the shocking and unconscionable death of Freddie Gray, a man who died in police custody in 2015. Intense protests and riots occurred in the aftermath, and the city engaged in a consent decree with the Department of Justice to reform itself. The government’s investigations did indeed find corrupt and unconstitutional practices by some of the city’s police force.

    But as Baltimore engaged in much-needed reforms to prevent police brutality and heal relations with the citizenry, it also effectively de-policed much of the city. There were 39,654 arrests in Baltimore in 2014, compared to 25,820 arrests in 2016, while homicides increased from 211 to 318 in that period. By November 2017, gun arrests were down 67 percent from the previous year.

    Reverend Kinji Scott, a community activist in the city, told me last year that he blames this de-policing for the spike in homicides. “We saw the police department arrest less during a period of high crime,” he said. “So what happened is you have a community of emboldened criminals.”

    in reply to: MO Daf Yomi #1822712

    It’s the opposite of פרישות and we know women want to be with anyone (רצה אשה בקב ותפלות)

    Are you sure that’s what tiflus means in this context – being with any
    man (it sounds more like an explanation of “Tan du mi’l’meisav arm’lu”)?
    Also, whatever פרישות means here, it’s seems it’s not good for women:
    .רבי יהושע אומר: רוצה אשה בקב ותפלות מתשעה קבין ופרישות
    .הוא היה אומר: חסיד שוטה, ורשע ערום, ואשה פרושה, ומכות פרושין, הרי אלו מכלי עולם

    in reply to: Games for Shabbos #1822652

    I’m somewhat curious about who added “Country Yossi and
    the Shteeble-Hoppers game” (1984) to Boardgamegeek.

    (I realized what happened with my last post shortly afterward;
    I forgot to delete the line I had used as a line length reference.)

    in reply to: gun control #1822575

    I’ll second that LOL.

    in reply to: Now, that’s Jewish(?) #1822573

    Why isn’t Judaism the most ancient of all religions if it is the correct
    one or is it the most ancient just wasn’t officially considered a religion?

    Because people had plenty of time to make up religions before Matan Torah.

    How come idolatrous religions are still alive and strong even in this age of understanding?

    Age of scientific understanding, I assume? If you don’t make any claim
    that can be proven or disproven by science, science is irrelevant.
    (Science has nothing to say about right and wrong, for example.)

    Obviously there are many instances where modern medicine is not fit
    to cure and more homeopathic and herbal remedies are necessary and can fix.

    Homeopathy has been thoroughly demonstrated to be based on nothing and doing nothing. (According to Wikipedia, “Although the treatments themselves had no effect, they were far safer than most medical practices at the time [late 18th-19th centuries]. The outcome from no treatment and adequate rest was usually superior to mainstream medicine as practiced at the time of homeopathy’s inception.” So there’s that.)

    Wouldn’t it be strange if Judaism doesn’t have those
    essential secrets but having to rely on other religious wisdom?

    lot of times it’s intertwined and difficult to separate the wisdom from the religion aspect

    One of your examples was medicine, a field we are told
    that Chizkiyahu haMelech took away our knowledge of,
    and your later comment about the difficulty of separating
    religion and wisdom tells me you mostly mean Eastern stuff.
    I’m going to assume that in that category, if we don’t have it,
    it’s either not wisdom at all or it’s not essential for us to have.

    in reply to: MO Daf Yomi #1822572

    No. My statement was addressed to someone suggesting a particular
    reasoning behind them. (Now that I think about it, though ” women
    taking high-level courses” aren’t “most women,” so my response
    might not have been valid.) What IITFT wrote, while relevant to the
    topic, is similarly irrelevant to my statement.

    Would anyone care to list the explanations of “tiflus?”

    in reply to: Non-Jewish books #1822561

    I don’t think that’s a good argument. They said that success was portrayed,
    not popularity (and real life tells us that successful people can often afford
    to ignore others’ opinions of them).

    in reply to: donating a kidney #1822562

    I know a father who gave a kidney to his son. If dad had given it to strangers or an “organ bank” at a young age, his son might have had to wait for a suitable donor, or never have received the needed kidney.

    True (although a child usually has 2 parents). However, if kidney donation
    was widely understood to be low-risk, it might be easier to find a match.

    (Just to explain further, when I said that a kidney donor should avoid donating a kidney, I meant he shouldn’t do so AFTER he had already donated a kidney, because then he will have donated TWO kidneys, and that leaves only one kidney left.)

    And definitely don’t donate your third and last kidney. : )

    in reply to: Mods? Mods? #1821544


    in reply to: MO Daf Yomi #1821541

    Do you disagree with Chazal and Halacha?

    Is that for me, Joseph?

    in reply to: Hey, RebYidd23 #1821250

    My previous post was incorrect (and the main profile text is now italic too).

    in reply to: MO Daf Yomi #1821249

    It seems to me that according to the Rambam, Talmud Torah 1:13, most
    women don’t have the mental focus. Maybe they could if they really tried.

    Tell that to the women taking high-level university courses.

    in reply to: Jewish Music #1821246

    The ways in which Jewish musicians can make money, and their potential audience numbers, are far more limited than those for non-Jewish musicians. What the latter does is not a basis for expectations of the former.

    There are ways to listen to large amounts of Jewish music without great expense. They just can’t help you make a mixtape CD (which is also true for non-Jewish music).

    (If you have the time, you could always audio-record the music you
    want playing from a free source and then put that audio onto a CD,
    though this might well result in quality reduction.)

    in reply to: Shidduchim #1821245

    or allow their friends to make the introductions?

    How would those friends know the other party?
    (Perhaps they’d met them on their own shidduch?)

    in reply to: Changing a Topic to Another Forum #1821230

    I fully agree with Joseph here (which is rare).

    And now the Coffee Room button on the top bar points to the Decaf forum,
    which is perhaps better, but means that people probably won’t see any threads
    categorized otherwise by well-meaning posters.

    (Also, I don’t remember if this was different before, but this
    thread isn’t showing its category at the top of the page.)

    in reply to: Mods? Mods? #1819654

    I found this in the source code for a YWN article*,
    and I assume it’s the same for all article pages:

    <label for="mce-EMAIL">Get email updates from Yeshiva World</label>
    	<input type="email" value="" name="EMAIL" class="email" id="mce-EMAIL" placeholder="email address" required>
        <!-- real people should not fill this in and expect good things - do not remove this or risk form bot signups-->

    What is the meaning of this? There’s only one field, which simply
    takes in e-mail addresses. Is this left over from a previous version?

    * I was getting the YouTube links out of the article about
    Kovno Ghetto survivors; they can’t be seen on the normal
    page if you have YouTube blocked with Nativ.

    in reply to: MO Daf Yomi #1819650

    They may not have been seeking publicity, but it sounds like they’ve gotten it.

    in reply to: Jewish Music #1819651

    even if they do [offer individual song purchases] that would still add up to a large sum of money.


    in reply to: Jewish Music #1819282

    I don’t understand why they don’t just put the album on YouTube they will be making more money having their songs up there rather than selling overpriced CDs. All the non Jewish music is on YouTube ready to be downloaded so if it works for them why not for the Jewish songs?

    YouTube is not a music sales platform, and I don’t think it offers downloads
    of anything. You can make some amount of money on YouTube by allowing
    YouTube to play ads on your content, but from what I hear, it’s not a lot
    unless your view counts are very high. I don’t know if YouTube even has a
    royalties system the way Spotify does (meaning artists are compensated
    each time their music is played), and I’ve heard Spotify isn’t too profitable
    for artists either.

    Can your car play music off a USB drive? That’s another option.

    in reply to: Choosing Correct Category In New Threads #1818988

    The categories with the fewest threads in them
    (according to the current main page) are:
    Kosher Alcohol Beverages (Wine, Bourbon, Vodkas, Scotch) – 16 threads
    Cooking Tips – 17 threads
    Web & Social Media – Latest Online Tips & Tools – 38
    (I’m not counting Kosher Establishments-without-further-classification.)

    in reply to: Where Was Rechnitz At The Siyum Hashas? #1818982

    There’s an unusually high number of screen names I don’t recognize
    in this thread. (I can’t be bothered to check if they’re new users now.)

    in reply to: gun control #1818981

    in the mosey attack, tha attack was not stopped untill the murderer decided he had enough.

    Not according to this week’s Mishpacha.
    (He didn’t have a gun, though.)

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