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    longarekel, you definitely have a point. Alot easier said than done. Your allowed to cry out to Hashem with a broken heart, but not live broken hearted. There is a big difference. I wasn’t only writing about tears of sadness, I wrote about tears of happiness as well. There is so much to be thankful for, and everything you have is exactly what Hashem KNOWS you need at that very moment. At the same time, you still need to daven for things and do hishtadlus. I am sorry if what I wrote gave the impression of crying all the time, it wasn’t my intentions.

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    There is no such thing as “impossible” for Hashem. Also, for Hashem there is no concept of “time.” Hashem knows what He is doing… don’t worry :-).

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    MP, thank you so much for addressing this! I have also been back and forth whether or not I should post here and have taken breaks here and there to get away from it. Sometimes when you post, you never know which way its going to go. Everyone needs to make an effort to be respectful, because even though the CR is internet-based, there are real people behind the computers.

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    MP- Thanks alot! I love getting back feedback. I am always looking for new posts from you. Keep them coming! Have a beautiful Shabbos :-).

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    Photogenic- I LOOOOOOVE the idea of this thread!!! Thank you both for sharing the stories. Lets hear some more!

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    You know what is the best segula? YOURSELF! Zos Chanukah has the Kedusha of the past 7 days of chanukah built up. The sefarim hakedoshim bring down how its a very mesugaldik time to daven your heart out infront of the candles. Your own words. It is especially true with zivigum. Daven for anything and everything you need.

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    Shticky Guy- Emes!!!!! You said that so beautifully!! I agree 100%.

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    Thank you all so much for your encouraging words! I am so happy that you got some chizuk from it!

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    MP: That was the sweetest of the sweet!! I loved it. Its like the Garden of Emunah summarized. Have you read it? If not, I think you would love it. When things go our way, its easy to have emunah, but thats when we should be training. Its when things don’t go our way that we get to see the growth from that training. To go through things without faith is draining and so exhausting. But its true… once we believe with complete emunah that everything we go through is from Hashem and for our own good, it makes it that much easier to deal with. Faith and being positive really do go hand and hand. Thank you for writing this!

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    BaalHabooze: Thank you so much. No, I do not write for any magazine, but I do have a facebook (gasp!)that I share my thoughts on.

    miritchka: Thank you! I am not related to MiddlePath, but he definitely has an amazing talent for putting his heart on paper.

    MiddlePath: I am waiting to see more pieces from you! Thank you for the compliment!

    Tzaddiq: There is definitely something powerful about fire. Maybe its because a neshama is compared to a flame. I learned once (I think in Lekutai Moharan, but im not positive) That the flame has four colors. Each color is kneged the name of Hashem.

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    Sam2- Thank you very much for the apology. I would be more than happy to discuss it at another time when my thoughts are clear. Bracha V’Hatzlacha.

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    Twisted, a mamin, and oomis- thank you so much!

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    Wolf, yes I would have wanted you in the group. I would have asked if you could be included in the group of 40 women. In the end, I didnt get 40 because it was all very last minute, but thank you for the offer.

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    Wolf, Im sorry for not answering. I am not sure if men are included in it. I know the mitzvah of challah is for women, but a mitzvah is a mitzvah. I dont think that men davka cant do it. Ill ask my Rav and find out.

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    Twisted- Amen!!!!! From your mouth to HAshems ears!

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    This is something I wrote yesterday after his Levaya. I hope other people can gain from it, and have it be an aliyah for his neshama..

    My Uncle, Pesach ben Leibig Zalman, (may his neshama have an aliyah) was a Tzadik. I want to share one thing that he taught his children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. He taught that a family is a chain, connecting one link to another- a strong chain. But sometimes, one link is broken or weak and it needs the other links to give it strength. Sometimes one person in a family, a sister, brother, mother- is broken and needs the other links, their family, to help them get their strength again. This is what he taught, and this is what he lived every single day of his life. My mother added something to this today. When you walk into a shiva home, (Hashem should have rachmanus on us and bring the geula soon so that we never have to again) who do you see on the floor? The chain… the individual links of the family holding on to one another, forming that strong chain. When one person breaks, the other link gives him strength and comfort.

    This is how it is for all of Klal Yisrael. We are all links making up one strong unbreakable chain. Why is that chain unbreakable? Because if one chain weakens, another will help build it up again. The chain can never be destroyed, because we work together giving strength in times of need. We share a little piece of ourselves, we give a little piece of our strength to another yid, that yid passes the new acquired strength to another, and it goes on and on. I relate this idea to a havdalah candle. A havdala candle has many wicks, that form into one. You can never loose that flame because if one wick goes out, it can be lit by another. A flame is like a neshama. A neshama can never die out. A neshama is always burning. When a neshama is weak, another will re ignite the flame, to help it burn bright and strong. That flame ignites another and another, and the “chain” goes on and on. Even when that flame, that neshama, is no longer clothed in a guf, a body, it is still burning, still giving strength, and will never die out. Take advantage of being a part of Klal Yisrael, and be that piece of wick, that one link, that will keep us strong and burning together. *This lesson is in the zechus of my Uncle, Pesach ben Leibig Zalman, may his neshama should rise straight to the kisei hakavod, and all of us should be reunited with our loved ones who returned their neshamos to the Ribono Shel Olam, dancing our way to the Beis Hamikdash, together, united with the greatest simcha, b’mehaira b’yameinu amen.

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    soliek- I agree with you 100%. At one time, I was embaressed of talking about my “life story” but as I matured, I didn’t care anymore and started to share it, pieces here and there. I found that people gain so so much by hearing about someone else’s life experiences. You could make a tremendous impact in someones life.

    If this is your mission, with Hashems help, youll make it happen!!

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    WIY- I have to say something. Usually, I let things go very easily. But as I read your post after my uncles levayah today, it mamesh made me nauseous. I posted on the CR for the support, and for extra tefillos, because thats what I thought it was all about. To join together Klal Yisrael, to answer questions, to get advice, and to ask for help and tefillos when needed chas vshalom.

    I would go through everything you said and show you how you were so wrong in so many ways, but I dont have the emotinal energy for that, and I am going to be dan lkaf zechus and hope that you didnt realize what the situation was, and that you just needed to open your eyes a little bit.

    Every person in my family took something on in his zechus. Every person was doing something that would give Hashem nachas. It is not a matter of, “Do segulas work?”

    When you have a relative so so sick, you do ANYTHING you can, as a mere creation of the Ribono Shel Olam, to try to make some kind of different. Do you know the beauty of the mitzvah of hafrashas challah? Do you know that when you make a hafrashas challah, it is a time of eis ratzon for bakashos? I dont know where 40 comes from, I didn’t look into it, but I do know that Hashem gets so much nachas from women making hafrashas challah- one of the 3 mitzvos given to just women. And I do know that 40 women davening and doing the mitzvah in the zechus of a refuah for someone is huge. A person can only do so much, and Hashem takes care of the rest. But I was going to do everything and anything I could do make sure I did my hishtadlus.

    As for the last point you made. My uncle, was mamesh a Tzadik. Like the Rav said at the hesped.. He has suffering at the end of his life to cleanse his neshama. He davened with tremendous kavannah, his whole being was chesed and put every ounce of koach into his mitzvos. He was the kindest, gentlest person, so that suffering he went through was what he needed to go through in order to get to Olam Haba quickly. He accepted his suffering with love. He had no anger. His trust was completely and totally in Hashem Yisbarech.

    YehudaTzvi, a mamin, and flowers- thank you so much for your tefillos. No tefilla goes unanswered and we have no idea what impact it made, either for his neshama or Klal Yisrael. We should only hear of simchas throughout Klal Yisrael.

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    Baruch Dayan Haemes…. My Uncle returned His holy neshama to the Ribono Shel Olam this Shabbos. Thank you for all of your tefillos…we should all be zoche to dance to Yerushalyim, along with all of the family members we have lost to the Beis HaMikdash with Moshiach Tzadkeinu.

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    Amen charlie brown.. from your mouth to Hashems ears. I am still looking for volunteers…. anyone?

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    popa, I like that! That’s amazing. With Hashems help, ill have a husband like that :-).

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    Yossi z- I second that!

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    Wow, that was really touching. So many of us feel very similar in our own way. IY”H, you will find your true Eishes Chayil at the right time, let that be soon, and give you the strength to wait until that time comes. Hashem should make it clear to you when you finally meet your zivug and it should flow with endless simcha that will build and build ad meah vesrim.

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    Thank you kapusta, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, it just seems like so much work. We’ll see.

    What you said is so true. I never really thought of it like that before, thank you.

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    Eitan Katz- Haneshama Lach

    Yosef Karduner- Im Yehudi

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    BaalHabooze- I really believe that every single person here is a hero in some way.

    From the short time ive been on CR, I’ve seen people write about tzarus they are going through, yet they are still walking forward. I see people who write here for the sole reason of helping others, when the person they are helping can’t give back to them because they dont even know who they are. I’ve seen people here who share personal stories about themselves, and people who respond with care. It’s beautiful.

    So, yes, I think each person is a hero. A hero is someone who doesn’t give up, and I think that every person on CR is like that some way or another. Heros that fall and get back up and keep walking, sharing experiences and lessons that help others. (Its just my opinion)

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    Every single one of you is a hero in some way or another…

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    Soliek- Thats great!! We should all be zoche to think that every time we make kiddus. PS- I made sure to put in paragraphs so you could read it :-).

    BTGuy- Your very welcome. Thank you for reading it!

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    Thank you 🙂

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    MiddlePath- Thank you so much. I think it was more of a beautiful thing for the teacher to have this idea. I felt it was a zechus to be able to speak and share my experiences. In addition to speaking, she asked me to bring my guitar, so i was also able to show the girls after i spoke how you can be frum, and still stay you by using the abilities HaKadosh Baruch Hu gave you. I think I came away more inspired than them. And I wish you all the hatzlacha in the world trying to use your own experiences and helping others. I can see from what you write yourself that you definitely have the abilityto use your experiences to help others.

    Coffee addict- Good for you! It really changes your perspective when you think about it that way. Maybe after davening, strike up a conversation with someone. Maybe they just need some inspiration. If they see you concentrating on davening and then making an effort to reach out and act like a mentsch, they may really take an interest in you.

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    Soliek- Sorry, IYH I will next time.

    Coffee Addict- Thats amazing! It really changes your way of thinking.

    Aries- awesome! who else is going to join?!

    MiddlePath- Thanks so much! I didn’t have much support either. I am a BT with a different kind of background and wasn’t easiily accepted. Now, no one would be able to tell. But a really beautiful thing happened. I was asked to speak somethwew in a very yeshiviish school and tell my story, my background, and the girls were able to ask questions and it was sn amazing thing. It was teaching the girls acceptance of other people, and to know that not everyone is raised or brought up the way they are, and thats okay. I thought what the teacher and principal did that day for the girls was amazing, because the lessons they were learning could change the way they view other people and really see them for who they are.

    Also MP, maybe since you didn’t have that support growing up, you could make it a goal for yourself to be able to do it for other people (Just a suggestion.) You could really change someones life. Experiences make us stronger, and also give us wisdom to help others :-).

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    MP- Beautifully written… I couldn’t agree more.

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    ZeesKite and toomuch00- wow, thank you both so much!

    Toomuch00- Dont think Im the one who saved you. It was Hashem. He had you read it just when you needed it. :-). Keep climbing..

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    mommamia- You can put your child into a school that may be the “right” school that looks good for shidduchim, but it doesnt necessarily mean that it is “right” for the child. Everyone looks for someone that is right for them. What is right for one person, isnt what is right for another person. Just concentrate on giving your children the best of what is right for them individually, because with Hashems help, they will find their zivugim easily.

    The shidduch process isn’t the easiest and has its own challenges. I personally think that in addition to making sure your children are in the right place for them, you should also prepare them to remember, and try to engrain in your children that HASHEM is the One Who makes the shidduch, and everyone and everything is just a stick in His hands. That they will find their bashert at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT way, with the RIGHT one. I wish you soo much hatzlacha!

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    BSD- Emes!! Thank you for sharing that..

    MP- Thank you so much. I have seen a lot of things you have written and you really can share your ideas very well. I have been inspired by a lot of things you have written, so thank you too!

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    Wow Middlepath, that was amazing. Thank you!

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    Everything has a spiritual price tag :-). Keep davening.

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    BTGuy- I hear what your saying. BH our job in this world isnt about prediting and figuring out things like this. We don’t really know anything- the only One who knows in Hashem. He is the only One with the answers. Our job is to look at our own lives and try to do the ratzon Hashem, whatever that may be for each person individually. All we can do it daven that the choices we make are the riight ones.

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    BTGuy- Most broken engagements dont happen because of one “little” detail. Also, most of them are done with the guidence of Rabbeim and Daas Torah.

    I look forward to it every year. People from all ages come (men and women), for the sole purpose of using the night to connect to the tzadik, and be inspired by music and divrei torah. They just moved to a much larger building because the building they have been using wwas getting to small.

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    Onlytruth- i dont know if your broken engagement is recent or it happened a while ago, but time heals. It doesn’t matter if you were the one who broke it, or if your the one on the receiving end, no matter what it is painful. But it shapes you, it will make you a stronger person. One day SOOOON you will look back at what happened, and be thankiing Hashem with tears in your eyes because you have found your true zivug and Hashem saved you from something else that could have been detrimental. There are so many people who see warning signs, or for another valid reasons need to break it off, but they are too afraid because the plans are made, and people might think this or think that. But going through with it BEFORE marriage shows strength. And if you were the one who was broken up with, consider that also a bracha because the other person is just a shliach of Hashem. If it happened, it was meant to be. Your not the one who caused it to happen, and you wont ever be thinking if you did the right thing or not. I don’t know what happened, and I wont ask you for details because it is very personal, but Hashem has a plan for you and wiith Hashems help, one day very soon, we will be dancing with you at your chasunah with your TRUE zivug, and with Moshiach Tzidkeinu!

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    oh yossi z- Im sorry I misunderstood. I totally agree with you, 100%. I thought maybe the person started probably had one and would be comforted someone knowing there are others who have been through it.

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    OnlyTruth- Yes, and it was probably the hardest thing I have ever gone through, and G-d willing it will be the hardest thing I ever have to go through. Sometimes things happen to us in life and all you really have is to cling on to is to Hashem and emunah. I am assuming you had one?

    Yossi Z.. it is better to have pain like that, then to have a divorce and even worse pain after. My Rav told me Sometimes neshamas need to make tikkunim with each other for a certain amount of time, to lead them to their true zivug.

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    Adorable-I did not ask if it works. I asked if anyone has tried it. The two are very different.

    Every tefilla you say can move mountains. If Hashems answer is no, the words and tefillos still never get lost. You can be helping so many people without even knowing. The alef bais letters that you brought out from your mouth add new light to the world.

    I was simply asking if anyone has ever done it.

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    Thank you so much. I used to have a blog. For now I just have a facebook page for chizuk. The blog only lasted for a couple of weeks, if that. Its hard to keep up, but maybe I should try it again. sephardicguy, whats your blog?

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    Wow, Silentone.. that was your heart on paper. Thank you so much. It was really beautiful.

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    Who is like Hashem Yisbarech?? He gives us Yom kippur, a day where we mamesh become higher than melachim! We walk out of yom kippur with this feeling of pureness, because we were just given the most tremendous gift. We were given the gift to be completely cleansed, attached to Hashem, and given the ability to transcend to new levels in our avodas Hashem. It doesn’t stop there! We are given the mitzvah of Succah! We come out of Yom Kippur, with the another yuntif full of simcha! Where we are mamesh sitting WITH Hashem. The inspiration you feel now is just the beginninG! Hashem gives us this yuntiif to make that inspiration really become who we are! We go into the succah, and say, “Hashem I want to be with You!” The succah shields us so that we can become great, so that no outside influences can get in the way! How amazing!

    Stay strong and hold on to that inspiration, because through the kochos of succos, YOU WILL become that inspiration!

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    When you go to shul Yom Kippur, or if you are davening at home, take a sefer Kedushas Levi with you and hold it close. Kiss the sefer once in a while. Reb Levi Yitzchok is going to be fighting for each one of you! It is good to have his sefer with you, or write his name, Levi Yitzchok ben Sara Sasha, on a piece of paper and stick it in your siddur. It is very mesugaldiik for this time of tefillah and teshuva, and attaching yourself to Hashem Yisbarech. We should all be zoche to do complete teshuva m’ahava!To get rid of every shell around your heart that keeps you from feeling the emes, from feeling Hashems sweetness everywhere, with you every second. Remember, Avinu Malkeinu. Hashem is our melech, but He is our Father first. He is waiting fo…r us to come home to Him, to call out His name. You should all be inscribed for a year of good health, simcha, parnassa in ruchnuis and in gashmuis. Hashem should give you everything you need and want (if it is good for you!) A year of emunah, growth, and strength. A year where Hashem showers upon you and your families an endless abundance of sweet brachas. That everything in life should be good, you should be able to perceive it as good, and not chas vshalom have nisyonos that are painful and have to work hard to know that it is good. You should only have the sweetest goodness! You should see tremendous nissim niflaos, yeshuos, refuos, and be zoche through our tears, our tefillos, and our desire for only the emes, to bring moshiach.

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    Tatte.. Its me. I know that I haven’t spoken to You in a while. I have been so busy, but now I realize that everything I was busy with was just a waste of time.

    Tatte… its me… do you recognize me? I know that You see me all the time, but I havent seen you. I have been so lost. But now I see you everywhere. I see You in the sky, the moon, the stars, the clouds. I see you when a blade of grass moves and when the wind blows my hair. I see you when a leaf falls and when the tree branches dance for the greatness of Your name. I see You when I say Shema at night and when I wake up in the morning. When my hands are over myself, I remind myself that even when I am blind, when things are so hard and I mamesh can’t see anything. When my pain is sometimes blinding, I know that in hat darkness you are there, holding my hand, guiding me. When I put my hands over my eyes and I can’t see, I know that You will guide me every step of the way. When I look in the mirror. There is a piece of You in me. You are my Creator. I see you when I look at the reflection in my eyes. I want to make you proud. I want to give You nachas. I know that I got a little lost along the way. But I see now that my “wrong” turns weren’t wrong turns. They led me directly back to You. I have made alot of mistakes, and I felt like You weren’t happy with me. It is easy to feel that way, but it was my Yetzer Hara. That Yetzer Hara is so powerful. But I know, I realize now, that every mistake was a step of growth, a step of humility, a step closer to You. When I thought it made me distant, I realize that the only one causing the distance was me. You were there with me all along. It has been a year of obstacles, of struggles, where I had no where to turn, but right into Your arms. I did Tatty, aren’t You proud of me? I know You are. I can feel it in my heart. I know I am a diamond in Your eyes. I am a little dirty though, a little rusty, from all of the distractions and taivas that came my way. I know that I have to clean myself up a lot more. But I am still a diamond. Your diamond. I know you can see how beautiful I really can be. With hard work and Your help, I can shine with Your light, and reflect it on to others. Please help me see myself as the diamond that I really am in Your eyes, and help me and all of Klal Yisrael shine with your light, bringing the geula shelaimah and having that light revealed throughout the world. She’Cholas Ahava Ani, Your daughter.

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