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    Well, if the song plays for over a minute without any lyrics, that’s a clue.

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    Neturei Karta INCREASES Arab hatred towards Jews. They use the idea that there are “religious” Jews (YES in quotes because at this point they are just religiously CRAZY. I don’t think their behavior and actions allow them to be considered Jews anymore, let alone considered religious Jews) supporting them as justification for killing “evil Zionists.”

    Jews who support the murder of other Jews are disgusting.

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    Just look up old Seminar and Ateres posts. I doubt the school changed much from last year.

    Why don’t you ask your school for phone numbers of the girls that were two years older than you and just ask their opinions directly?

    Don’t be shy.

    Also remember that no sem is perfect, so if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Trust someone who tells you a mix of the good AND the bad.

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    My family sampled all the magazines, but we love the Ami best.

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    Sorry just catching up on the last few pages of this post… heehee love you Harry Potter people.

    McGonagall is a widow. She WAS married.To a MAN. For those of you who are too busy (read: have a life that doesn’t center around Harry Potter) and don’t have time to keep up with Pottermore, Harry Potter wikia updates character’s profiles with JK Rowling’s new information.

    in reply to: Westboro baptist church? #1044544

    Life was easy for Jews in arab countries?!?!?

    There were blood libels and “pogroms” in arab countries way before zionism was even an idea.

    Please don’t kid yourself that Jews living in Arab countries had it easier than those living in Christian ones. They both took turns persecuting us. We suffered horribly under both.

    in reply to: NeutiquamErro's favorite thread with an obscure title #1147504

    @Patul Avar Assur:

    I would assume Harry’s generation was particularly lower than most, as many children were killed/ people too scared of Voldemort.

    It probably varied year to year, Harry’s year being the least.

    But if we go with the theory that there probably under 250 students during Harry’s third year, than it doesn’t make sense that Harry didn’t notice Peter and Sirius on the map. So it must be that the map hides animagus when in animal form…

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    There are over a thousand students at Hogwarts. Unless you’re looking for someone, it is very easy to overlook some of the little dots. It could very well be that Sirius and Peter were on the map the whole time, but that Harry didn’t search them out so he never noticed them.

    in reply to: Riddle: Which food has an option of 5 different Brochos? #1094972

    @ari-free I meant you don’t have to make a mezonot on the sushi. You could theoretically make a ha’adama on the cucumber (if that’s what you think the ikar is) and have it include the rice.

    If you were eating plain rice, then of course it’s mezonot.

    in reply to: Riddle: Which food has an option of 5 different Brochos? #1094967

    Can’t sushi have four? Because rice isn’t BROWS so you don’t HAVE TO make mezonot? If there’s a small piece of fish,fruit (like mango or avocado) and vegetable (cucumber), don’t you get to choose which you like best/reason you’re eating it?

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    A good anagram is ENEMY RISK TWO or TEENY SKI WORM

    in reply to: "Official List" of CR Users #1220772

    I don’t know why I’m feeling so insulted that I was left out. Time to do a Cheshbon Hanefesh.

    in reply to: Frum Jewish Communities near Manhattan #1022869

    Is this a joke question.

    Are you seriously asking if there’s a frum yeshivish community near Manhattan?

    in reply to: tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor.. #1011912

    Very random bump, but I didn’t want to start a new topic if we had one already…

    Ok so who made up the jump rope song “JJ chalav Yisrael”- it couldn’t have just randomly appeared out of the blue… Someone must have started it!! I’m a 90s kid and that was THE jump rope chant- and everyone knew it, camp, shul, school- it was everywhere. So ‘fess up. Who started it?

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    I hope they’re ok and that they safely return to their families. What a freaky situation!

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    Popas daughter is going to BJJ in 2033.

    in reply to: Megilas Lester #1060636

    Idk playnogames.. One of my favorite childhood memories was watching lion king and Tarzan with my parents at home.. We would all snuggle up together and share chocolate and for weeks after my father would play act the main characters and we would quote lines from them all the time. Maybe it’s not YOUR ideal bonding experience, but it worked with my family.

    in reply to: BJJ class of 2033 #1043439

    No but the deadline is soon approaching

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    I’ve never seen young Avraham. This is just a funny parody of the purim story where everything gets messed up. The animation is great! Not Pixar quality, but much better than any Frum film I’ve seen before. It’s very funny. My whole family enjoyed it- my parents, my teenage sisters and brothers and very young brother- we all laughed! It was great!

    in reply to: Megilas Lester #1060615

    It’s really funny, but I don’t think it’s marketed/appropriate for young children

    in reply to: tying purim theme into purim???? #1006992

    How about hoping for a venahapoch hu to turn this long winter/snow into spring/garden flowers

    in reply to: Summer Help #1003118

    Won’t you need a visa to work?

    in reply to: When you have a bunch of keys that look the same #1010186

    Those key covers cost over $5 for a pack. Nail polish is $1 at most 99 cent stores.

    And, as rebyidd said quite correctly, it can also be a good pet rock.

    in reply to: post sem wedding #1003057

    There are no rules but you don’t want to look silly. I’ve been to weddings where the OOT girls really stuck out because of the clothes they were wearing. I suggest bringing a variety and getting ready at a “in town” friend’s house to see what the type is.

    I think heels are a necessity unless you’re really tall. I tend to kick mine off once the dancing starts getting more intense, but I would never wear flats to a wedding.

    About top/skirt or dresses- really depends the type. I think more people are wearing fancy skirts and simpler (but still nice) tops these days, but I still see fancy top and nice skirt, and short dresses.

    As Torah613 said, there are no rules, but if you don’t want to stick out, maybe find out what the type is…

    in reply to: Translation of Yiddish meat names #1003088

    Nosh definitely made it. My friends don’t even believe me when I tell them that it’s actually a yiddish word. They believe it’s as English as tea.

    in reply to: Dentist Chair.. #1004454

    I have to make a dentist appointment soon but I’m scared the dentist will steal all my teeth

    in reply to: THE BROKEN TELEPHONE GAME!!! #1227928







    Nearly Headless Nick

    in reply to: [Do Not Bump] This Thread #1120809

    We should put something interesting here.

    Like a story. But it has to be an amazing story. About a princess, if possible. Or about magical sneakers.

    in reply to: Purim Kattan is greater then Purim #1138288


    in reply to: How To Fight Boredom. #1006073

    Lol Bookworm

    And then hide for three years

    in reply to: Seminary replys #1004389

    I’ve heard people apply to seminar and ateres bec they’re a bit of the same type,but Bnos Chava is a very diff crowd…just wondering why you chose those three…

    in reply to: The Crolympics! #1002719

    Can I win something?

    in reply to: Sephardi and Ashkenazi couple #1002406

    Can everyone just note that you can’t just say someone is “Sephardi” like you say someone is Ashkenaz. In my experience (and personal opinion, plz don’t take offense) Ashkenaz by and large are very culturally similar. But there are lots of different types of Sephardi (to be more accurate, a lot of the groups that are considered Sephardi are actually “mizrachi”, but I digress) and they are all very different. Syrians are not Persians who are not Moroccans who are not Egyptians who are not Bukharian…..

    There may be a lot of similarities, but I find that there’s just as much (or more!) differences.

    in reply to: Yeshiva World shpiel (without ketchup) #1002491

    Well I now see the k word in this post FOUR times! Control yourselves, people! MODS!MODS! I demand someone intervene and bring an end to this deplorablness!

    in reply to: ..Don't Look Here.. #1004086

    Couldn’t help myself 🙂

    in reply to: Ear Piercing #1002128

    I didn’t get my ears pierced as a baby and I always, always wanted them. My mother let me at age eight, but even though I realllllly wanted them, I was terrified. I only got them done when I was thirteen, and it was very painful for me. I still remember how much it hurt.

    I suggest having it done as a baby. Even though Oomis brought up the point that you’re not getting the child’s consent, I have never met a girl who was upset that her parents pierced her ears as a baby.

    in reply to: Summer Before Sem. #1004407

    I don’t recommend being a camp counselor if you’re looking to make money. If you’re good with kids, I suggest finding a local play group/day care that runs through the summer. You can usually find a $10/hr job that can really add up.

    Most offices won’t take a secretary for just the summer, but maybe you can try looking into that as well. They’ll pay a bit more.

    If you live in New York and can only get a day camp job, make sure you at least apply for youth corp. Even with youth corp, don’t expect to make a lot more than $1,000 for the whole summer. They pay minimum wage, and you end up doing “volunteer hours” and having fake lunch breaks.

    If you’re a good swimmer, maybe consider becoming a certified lifeguard and have a lifeguarding job.

    Good luck! And have a great year in sem 🙂

    in reply to: Yeshiva World shpiel (without ketchup) #1002485

    But Canada refused to let them cross the border because they forgot their IDs.

    in reply to: Summer Before Sem. #1004404

    Get a job and make a lot of money so you don’t have to ask your parents for spending money. I don’t know what situation you’re in, but even my friends that, Baruch HaShem, had parents that were able and willing to give them a lot of money just to “enjoy,” tried to bring as much as their own money to sem.

    There’s a sense of pride and responsibility when you use money that you yourself saved up instead of using money from Daddy’s pocket.

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    Nachamu-Aryeh Kunstler?

    in reply to: The Formula #1002563

    I think Popa is hilariously funny actually. People shouldn’t take offense when someone is obviously trolling.

    in reply to: When you have a bunch of keys that look the same #1010180

    Just paint the tops with nail polish. Why spend money?

    in reply to: THE BROKEN TELEPHONE GAME!!! #1227872

    (Don’t see the connection honestly, but I’ll continue)










    Chocolate chip cookies

    in reply to: THE BROKEN TELEPHONE GAME!!! #1227865







    in reply to: Jokes #1202444

    Is that an ostrich? Maybe in the wrong thread? He’s too ignorant to know otherwise so let’s just be friendly to him here.

    in reply to: BMG freezer #1014516

    @daasyochid maybe.. Being on the looking end for a learning boy, it sure seems like there’s a shortage of those as opposed to non-learning…

    in reply to: BMG freezer #1014510

    *wouldn’t have

    Sorry, I’m really not such a grammar person but “wouldn’t of” annoys me a lot.

    in reply to: BMG freezer #1014504

    There isn’t a shortage of the amount of boys total, just the amount of learning boys- and if a girl truly wants a learning boy, wouldn’t she be getting the real deal if the boy has to first sit down and learn without interruption? Just my two cents. Don’t want to start a war here.

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    I made tuna. Actually, I bought tuna. What I’m trying to say is that I ate tuna today.

    in reply to: Missed A Post? #996321

    How did you miss that, Little Froggie? I’ve written that in, like, every thread so far!

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