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    oish… this was supposed to go by a diff. topic! sorry guys!

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    and the wolf. havent seen him around in a while!

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    just get used to it… ur human, its natural. learn to live with yourself!

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    PBA: do you not approve of my methods of showing love and concern for others?

    ha ha! stole that line from… hey guys guess where thats from!

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    jmh- i guess ur right. i do need more self control… im just sharing my experience and letting ppl know that if theyre not careful….

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    Please type in English, not text. thank you

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    lol i lurv you guys!!! k, no idea. pms.

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    guys, am i gonna be invited to your shower? 😉

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    hmmm… dont take it personal if your posts r ignored…. GUYS, IM INSULTED.

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    well, yah.

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    oh yah its awesome. u can use it to rant, rave, cry, get advice, or just hang in a kosher place! THE COFFEE ROOM RULES!

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    ur dumb guy is actually not dumb! He’s just a very emotional kinda person. He probobly likes psychology as much as I do! Hey he sounds lyk my type:) thanx for this thread popa ur awesome:):):)

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    1. when I’m standing alone in public and play with my fone or pretend to txt someone so I don’t look like a loner…

    2. Slapping ur friend hard when you get excited, then realize it’s not ur friend, it’s the person uv been trying to impress…

    3. Waking up from a great dream and tryin to fall back asleep so you can see what happens next.

    4. That little dance ur thumbs do when ur not sure what to txt



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    speak to rabbi wallerstein. Great guy. Totally saved my life.

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    we hardly have any bechira at all if you think about it.who well marry is annonced 40 days b4 were born, we don’t choose our family, who will like and accept us for who we are, whether were a dude or dudette… Hashem give us our lives and we have to decide what to do with everything.

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    haha love this!!!

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    chaviva, penina, ilana, freidy…

    in reply to: I can relate #948495

    dropping something in a store and not being able to put it back properly on the shelf…

    in reply to: I can relate #948494

    turning off the lights downstairs and running upstairs so noone kills u

    in reply to: Prove G-d in One Sentence #959617

    this is longer than one sentence but it’s so cool I’m putting it up neways.

    if the athiest is right,then he lives life the way he wants to, dies, and then nuthin( they x believe in afterlife). The religious jew lives a torah life tryin to improve himself and do kindness to others, he dies, and then nuthin.

    if the religious person is right, then he lives a torah life, dies,and gets rewarded 4ever.the athiest lives his life,dies, and… We can only hope he won’t be 2 surprised…

    they can’t both be right. In either case, the religious person hasn’t lost nethin.but there’s a 50% chance that the athiest is in for a rude awakening.

    this is from the book sun inside rain by m. Bassra btw…

    but… If the religious jew is right, then he lives

    in reply to: Do I exist? #945179

    hmmm…. You definitely exist cuz ur writing to us. My question is: since when have I existed? Am I a gilgul from the days of moshe rabeinu? Am I moshe rabeinu?

    in reply to: PHOTO: Orthodox Jewish Man Covers Himself In Plastic Bag On Plane #945782

    completely wrong of this guy! Is he trying to put more antisemitism in this world?!?!

    in reply to: Everyone Must Answer: Your Favorite Song #1032913

    definitely kol berama by simcha leiner. Makes me cry every time:)

    in reply to: How to Stop Nail Biting??? #944482

    c lear nail polish rly worx! Also, if ur desprate, get nail extensions. It’s 70$ at any nail salon.

    in reply to: No sem next year… #944504

    omg thanx so much for all the replies!

    yes, I only applied to israeli sems and I only want to go to them. Where is halichos located? I’ve never heard of it b4.

    mammele: I dunno… It sounds good theoretically but from what I’ve heard, it’s either go to sem and ya know, lyk popa said, become yeshivish, or not go to sem and turn modern.

    NSH and yiddishemeidle613: I kn that’s wat I should be thinking but it’s kinda hard when all anyone at school will talk abt is sem…

    torah613torah: lol! Me n popa:) hey popa I want ur resume asap!!! And are you a learning boy? Lol

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    I don’t believe in time travel…

    in reply to: Really Good Novels #973778

    definitely! I cried when hannan died… But they kinda made that 2 abrupt, right?

    btw, what does everyone think of science fiction? I wish there’d be some good jewish scifis…

    in reply to: The Sefiras Ha'Omar game!! #949737

    15 weeks since I found out I’m not accepted to ne seminary…

    in reply to: What should I do instead of lurking here? #944722

    nuthin to do but sleep probobly… It’s kinda hard to read wen ur sick, know what I mean? Refuah shelaima btw!

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