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    @Bookworm120 beat me to it. 😛

    in reply to: New Seminary, by Popa #930256

    So you see, inspiration, eretz yisroel, new friends, fro yo, sister’s house. We have it all.

    What are you guys doing with my sister’s house?!

    in reply to: Post Here to Add/Change Your Subtitle #1199134

    Can I have a new subtitle?

    I am willing to change or give new subtitles as long as you say what you want and it’s not offensive.

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    Google Drive gave me 25 GB

    So you already had 17 GB?

    in reply to: Calling OOM #986893


    Sent from my Awesome browser.

    I thought you used FireFox?

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    What’s with bumping all your threads?

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    Toi, that’s two

    in reply to: Where is __________? #955622

    Good question.

    in reply to: Like! #897565

    Instead of “Like” it should say “Maskim”, because let’s face it, you more often click “Like” b/c you approve something, not b/c you developed an emotional attachment to it.


    in reply to: Suggestions to Improve YWN #1225480

    Yes it is one of the most annoying languages, known for its never ending grammar…….

    English is the most annoying for spelling.

    in reply to: Moski and Sidi #1030237

    Eh… Probably just lurking.

    in reply to: Shlomo Carelbach #895723

    That’s strange. And Joe gave a wink too.

    in reply to: Between 70 wolves #891964

    Which Wolf is TheWolf?

    in reply to: The Laboratory II – Try Your HTML & ASCII Art Experiments Here #1054199
    in reply to: Calling Curiosity! #891885

    Why did u kill the cat?

    Yekkusiel cut his payis.

    in reply to: Riddles #1050109

    ursketching: I think corn.

    in reply to: Taking children (3rd garde and up) to shul #891625


    in reply to: You Are Cordially Invited #1096154

    Yay! I get a cupcake.

    in reply to: IDEAS FOR STORE NAME #899506

    How about ” Best Kept Secret”?


    in reply to: You Are Cordially Invited #1096138

    Oh good ModNosh is here with the food, come in everyone plenty of room.

    in reply to: I Wanna be a Wonk #1108509

    I’m a winky wonky stinky donkey.

    in reply to: Calling Curiosity! #891870

    Were there any Kosher restaurants there? Was it run by alien chabbad muppets?

    in reply to: Assur to HOLD a smart phone ??? #1197643

    So a Rav did say that?

    in reply to: Mazel Tov! #1224084

    Mazel Tov!!!

    Does that mean musser zoger is from Chicago?

    in reply to: Ask the opposite gender #989415

    TY, Syag (not Swag).

    lol. I actually thought it said swag at first.

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932716

    OMG Moski! I wanted to know what you look like so I looked in the mirror like you said and I was so shocked! I thought you were a guy, not an old lady. And I have the same tichel as you besides!

    I also did, I thought it would be a he… the way your clothes are very cute.. they look familiar, where did you get them?

    I think it’s time to get new glasses. Me? An old lady?! *jaw drops to floor*

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932712

    do you ever win?

    Nah. Mirror dude cheats.

    (If anybody wanted to know what I look like, I am a doppelganger of the guy in the mirror.)

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932710

    I actually do enjoy talking to the mirror. We spend countless hours playing rock paper scissors.

    in reply to: ATT POETRY PEOPLE #1168437

    Did you notice that everybody reads this thread but never posted till bar Shattya did?

    in reply to: You Are Cordially Invited #1096130

    You’ll notice that on wednesday 12 months will turn into 1 year.

    in reply to: Fun with Thread Titles #1074626

    What would you do if… you are coridally invited to eat Kosher food near Sesame Place? . And where should I eat if I want to eat cholov stam? I think I’ll ASK THE OPPOSITE GENDER

    in reply to: I want to eat cholov stam #891723


    in reply to: Assur to HOLD a smart phone ??? #1197622

    I dunno, but I’m in Lakewood right now holding a smart phone and not getting any stares.

    They just can’t tell it’s a smartphone.

    in reply to: You Are Cordially Invited #1096122

    Happy B-Day!

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932707

    It is very hard to tell horror stories like that in this forum. I can tell you about a man who used to sit in shul and talk about all the things Obama did to ruin our country and how people were so sick of listening to him that they had to volunteer him to be the Shaliach tsibur for every tefillah.

    <Hiding under bed>

    in reply to: My dumb friend #1008456

    He should marry her. Two negatives = one positive.

    in reply to: Riddles #1050096

    7 letters are in my name

    If you subtract one 12 remains

    What am I?

    Shouldn’t it be 8 letters?

    in reply to: Where is _____________? #891129

    Carmen San Diego?

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932703

    Now tell me a fairy tale about people who talked about politics all day.

    in reply to: School For n00bs #890908

    I think finding people annoying is directly related to how much time you spend here and how seriously you take this place.

    Actually that’s what I find annoying. The new people always take posters like Popa and The Wolf seriously.

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932701

    I don’t know if that’s real.

    First of all the unicorn can’t be Jewish since the mother was a horse and the father was a rhinoceros which isn’t allowed in the Torah. Second of all a puppy can’t marry a unicorn since 1. it’s too young and 2. the Torah forbids it.

    So I’ll rate that story %70 half decent.

    in reply to: What would you do if………. #891030

    Cup it up and sell it to popa.

    in reply to: Pranks I wouldn't do on my worst enemy #988838

    I know a really mean one. When I was in yeshiva, one of the guys would get so worked up over nothing. So, just to get his goat–we killed his wife.

    So funny…He was so mad…We were rooooollinng.

    (In other words, this thread is retarded, and I’m horrified that you people get your kicks imagining how to be mean to people.)

    Mod 80 would’ve blocked you for that.

    in reply to: Riddles #1050091

    Ok you have a chicken,fox, and chicken feed on one side of the river you want to get them all to the other side eagerly but you can only take one item with you each time. If you leave the chicken with the chicken feed it will eat it, if you leave the fox with the chicken, you will come back to find a fox twice as big and no chicken….how do you do it?

    I think you messed it up a bit. Don’t all three things have to eat one of the others?

    in reply to: Calling Curiosity! #891864

    Oh that’s too bad. Nice pictures by the way.

    in reply to: School For n00bs #890905

    Something the n00bs don’t seem to understand: Popa doesn’t mean to sound rude or obnoxious. He just is.

    in reply to: how to give shidduch advice… question #891154

    Why does anyone take this OP seriously?

    I know, right? They’re probably just another mod name, lol.

    in reply to: How Often Do You Give Your Threads Tags? #890859

    I tagged my I’m bored thread No tags yet but it didn’t go through. Can a mod fix this for me? ( Note the words “for me”)

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932699

    The kids started drooling over the big houses and the father started drooling over the low gas prices. The mother shook her head sadly and said, “I could never live here.

    Well duh! There’s drool all over the houses!

    Now tell me a real story. One about unicorns and puppies.

    in reply to: If You Can't Read This.. #890853

    Someone’s out to ruin my sleeping threads..

    That’s terrible!!!

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