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    Its more then the fact that its an instant society. Its a very “me” generation… You know the joke that all the candy/food these days are either me, Li (like bisli) or I. So when things aren’t the way that the big I want them to be… people get angry. When people don’t agree with MY opinion, people get angry. When everything is not approved by ME, people get angry. Get MY (jk:)) point?

    in reply to: How'd You Know What you Wanted To Do With Your life? #756312

    My father always says to me when we discussed this exact topic “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

    You need to look at something you’re good at, and you enjoy and many times you see that there’s a way to transform this into a profession.

    in reply to: Chofetz Chaim: It's not just a Yeshiva. It's a way of life. #989144

    It’s funny cuz I was just discussing this with my friend on the way home from a vort tonight because it was a CC vort. And someone I know there said she thought of a CC boy for me. But can someone explain the blue shirt/white shirt thing to me?

    Do all CC boys wear blue shirts?

    Does it mean something if they do/or don’t?

    in reply to: New And Returning Members! #856255

    Well I finally got around to introducing myself in the new members thread… there were so many other interesting threads to check out first!

    I’ve been reading the coffee room for too long, and just itching to reply to some of the posts (actually alot more then some!) So the time has finally come! To make a member account!

    Sorry for the unoriginal name… couldn’t think of at… any ideas? maybe i’ll change it! 🙂

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Stories #1227382

    My brother’s friend had a really crazy story on his first date. He had just picked the girl up from her house, they were in the car and after driving for about 5 minutes, he started to turn left onto the next street, when all of the sudden he was hit from BOTH sides! For some reason (even though usually he’s a really really good driver!) He didn’t look before turning (and no, he was NOT looking at her… ) and his car got hit on both ends. So of course the police and Hatzala come, and she was totally fine so the police drove her back home, while he had to go to the hospital to get checked out. She goes home, tells everyone why she was home not even 10 minutes after she left. About an hour later He calls the house, asks to speak to her, and asks if she would allow him to pick her up in 10 minutes. After some deliberation she said yes, and the rest is history! They got married! 🙂

    in reply to: Any recommended Jewish novels? #1125591

    I just read this book, and coming from someone who’s usually very disappointed with Jewish novels I really enjoyed it.

    It’s called Invisible Me by Tzippi Canton, the same person who wrote Miracle Ride, however this one, is a novel.Anyone out there who read it have any thoughts on the topic?

    in reply to: Board Games #808909

    I used to love playing with my older brother these games.

    1. Risk

    2. Axis and Allies

    3. Spy Alley

    They were all games you needed to use your head in order to play… Not just randomly move pieces around…

    in reply to: Mistaken Lyrics #1087749

    I just know the classic story in my family that my older sister when hearing MBD’s “someday”

    “Never will we have to express any fears..”

    she asked fearfully why “our stars and moons will disappear” while in reality in words are “our scars and our wounds”.

    The funny thing is, that this story happened many years ago, and just last week with my 5 year old youngest sister in the car and this song was playing she asked the same question! so I guess its not that uncommon! 🙂

    in reply to: Your Feedback: New YWN Website #992872

    Dont know if this was addressed yet or not, but I find it extremely annoying when on the smaller headlines, the headline usually doesn’t fit on the front page, and you have to click on each one to see fully what its talking about. Maybe make the space for that bigger??

    in reply to: Mi keamcha yisroel #685167

    Just to add an amazing Mi Keamcha Yisroel story.

    My friend was waiting one night to pay a traffic ticket in traffic court. As always, there were quite a few people waiting with her. While waiting she noticed one Jewish elderly lady pleading her case for the judge to lower the fine as she was old, and sick with the machla, and she lost her only son to the machla just a few years ago. The judge did lower the fine but it was still over 100$. At this point, a Jewish man stood up and asked if he can say something. When asked by the judge if he was involved in this case he said “No, but i would like the honor of paying this lady’s ticket for her.” The entire place stood up and clapped for him, as he walked out to do so.

    When my friend told me this i was astounded. This is only something that happens amoung Jews.

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    did you try downloading a trial from the website?

    in reply to: Finishing degree #685148

    seriously the math clep is really really not hard… (i got in the 70s without studying) i would def tell you to clep it even if your not graet with cleps… just brush up the techniques and take it….

    the english clep on the other hand is not so easy… would you be willing to enroll and take just english in your local community college? cuz the prices for local colleges are amazing, if you live in that district…

    Also if you’re a female, you can look into Sara Schnierer College, its a division of mercy college and you can take english there, plus they get an automatic discount from mercy so its cheaper then regular mercy college..

    in reply to: Finishing degree #685144

    try taking an NYU language test… If you are able to talk conversational hebrew or yiddish then u’ll get credits from that… tell me if you are and i’ll explain the process to you… you can get up to 16 credits on each one…

    in reply to: Cheap Flights to Israel #685071

    Yeshivaguy1; Thanks!

    We’ll def check it out!

    in reply to: Musical Instruments #684943

    I guess so, but sadly there’s not enough time in my day to play/practice enough…. haven’t picked up my guitar in quite a few months…

    Koma; as you play more and more, the callous pads keep the strings from indenting adn hurting… you just dont feel it anymore

    in reply to: Instant times #685434

    Its really scarey driving down those roads,I think people just act without thinking.. If they’d just think they’d realize the rush is not worth it. Like they say “Haste makes waste!”

    in reply to: Musical Instruments #684940

    Yeah, the tips of my fingers got such a beating!

    The most annoying part is if i don’t play for a bit, I lose the blisters and need to start all over again… My poor finger tips!

    in reply to: Musical Instruments #684936

    Piano, keyboard and guitar a little bit…. U can pick up the guitar just from knowing the piano..

    in reply to: Falling asleep #685763

    the best thing to do is not have bright lights on… Just lay in the dark with your eyes closed and before you know it, you’ll be asleep!

    in reply to: Tears For Moshiach #684767

    I”m not sure where you’re from, but they are showing it in most major towns in the NY area… Maybe check the Yated, or other local newspaper…

    in reply to: Tears For Moshiach #684765

    The main idea was really to stop Machlokes… That there’s so much pain and hardships in our world and if we’d just be mochel whomever we have a machlokes with it will bring Moshiach closer…. It also talked alot about the different hardships that we shed tears on. It was really nice, I totally recommend going if you have the time. You can’t compare hearing about it to actually seeing it.

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