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    The Kedushas Levi says that each night of chanuka is mesugal for different things to daven for.

    1 st night -not to be lonely or depressed.

    2nd night- shidduchim, shalom bayis

    3rd night- good children,happy children, healthy

    (Chasam Sofer says when u cry in front of the candles u can be sure your tefilos are answered)

    4th night- 4 imahos

    To be a normal woman, in my 4 walls, of true essence

    5th night – chamisha chumshei torah

    Daven your husband should be a talmid chacham children.

    By the 5th night more of the menorah is lit up can daven for more light in your life, for a revelation

    6th night – simcha

    You can have everything and still be sad, so opportunity to daven for simcha.

    7th night -happy shabbos

    Zmiros ,divrei torah by your seuda. Shabbos is source of all bracha.

    8th nignt-mesugal for barren women

    8 is above nature, powerful day to daven.

    Kedushas Levi says if you are planning to start something new ,if you start on chanuka it will be blessed.

    A freilichen chanuka

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    Doesn’t the one in Boston also go back and forth to Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh like his father A”H used to do? He used to be in Boston from Rosh HaShana through Purim then go back to Yerushalayim from Pesach through Elul. I remember being in his shul for Simchas Torah. It was unbelievable.

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    Actually I was hoping to rent with roommates and stuff like that. So yeah. Thanks anyways.

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    Very nice! Which Bostener Rebbe? Reb Naftali?

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    Dear ZeesKite,

    What does UNBUMP mean?

    Sincerely, Nisht Gedaiget Yidden, So Yeah

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    Excuse my ignorance, but, does UNBUMP mean?

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    We won’t!

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    Thanks Comlink-X! Greatly appreciated!!

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    I am happy! There are so many new threads and posts to read in the CR! It makes my day more enjoyable! Thanks guys for allowing me to read your entertaining rambeling ons! Greatly appreciated folkies!

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    You can change your password?! That’s cool! I never knew that!

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    Once my brother was telling my mother that he wanted something to eat right before dinner time and my mother didn’t let him, so she told him that some people don’t have food. My other brother butt in “Yeah, like dead people”

    I thought the reason why you need to cover your water overnight had to do with Ruach HaTumah when you are asleep, and liquids absorb Ruach Hatumah more so than anything else. On the other hand, if one person is awake then the liquids are fine. That’s what I heard. But I may be wrong.

    My mother always told me not to walk over people as it will cause them to stop growing. If you do you have to step over them and that will resume their growing. Did anyone ever hear of that one? I’ve heard of a lot of things. My teacher told me that the reason you don’t interlock your fingers is because the right hand is Middas HaChesed (I think) and the left hand is Middas HaGevurah and it will be mixing the Sefirois or something like that. So yeah.

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    Did you weigh it first?

    (sorry, I know that sounded really lame, but I had to say it)

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    I think (and this is my own personal opinion) that if we were thrown in a situation, we would be able to handle it. Hashem never gives us something that we would never be able to handle. (Does that even make sense. I think there were too many nevers in that sentence) Anyhoo, this is the reason Hashem gives us these challenges. To show us what we are capable of and what we can handle. If we didn’t have these challenges we wouldn’t know if we would be able to handle it. (Im not saying that we should ask to be put in these situations. We say in davening in the morning “V’lo Leedai Nisayon…”

    My humble opinion. So Yeah.

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    Just saying that if you guys think the internet is a yetzer hara then get off of it. In my personal humble opinion (no one has to listen to me) I think that there are good things and bad things about the internet. The same as there is with anything else. There is a good side and a bad side to everything. The same with for example money. If a person has too much of it, it can cause a problem. Each person needs to know how to use everything. As my Rebbeim have taught me, we need to take all of the physical and uplift it to the spiritual. There are many good things that we could do with the internet.

    So Yeah. That’s just my personal opinion.

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    My family peels all of our fruits and veggies, but for some reason we do not eat bananas. Probably because they didn’t have bananas in Russia. so yeah. We also have some other minhagim, like boiling our sugar and everything that falls on the floor is automatic chametz.

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    I heard somewhere but I forget where that a Jewish person is not supposed to go to the moon because it says in Tehillim “Hashamayim shamayim laHashem, v’haaretz nasan lifnei ha’adam” meaning that the earth belongs to man and the heavens belongs to Hashem. so yeah

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    I just noticed your post now (6 hours later). Sorry, can I still get a bracha anyways?

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    why? where you in that video?

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    Why can’t everyone just love each other? Why does there have to be Mackloikes? Why can’t the Jewish people just get along? This is why the Bais HaMikdash is still not here yet. I love everyone. Well at least I think I do. I don’t love people who have a Yimach Shemoi at the end of his name like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. so yeah, that is just my humble opinion, because I am so humble. 😉

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    Right now I am obsessed with the song “Ana BeKoach” not sure who its by, but I think Gad Elbaz sang it at one of his concerts. I also love Chassidic Niggunim, as they always are very touching. So yeah.

    Well then I obviously failed, because I just copied and pasted from the email that they sent into the password box. so yeah

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    Thanks guys for all of your ideas. I am going back to Boston for Pesach and it looks like I will be taking a bus. Yes, I am taking a bus from Arizona to Boston. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but hey, if I can take a bus from Arizona to Boston (an almost three day journey) I can take a bus anywhere in North America. so yeah

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    Not sure if this was posted or not. (seeing as there are 35 pages)

    Will you remember me in an hour? (yes)

    Will you remember me in a day? (yes)

    Will you remember me in a week? (yes)

    Will you remember me in a month? (yes)

    Will you remember me in a year? Two years (yes) (yes)

    Knock, Knock?

    Who’s There?

    (you don’t remember me?)

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    Its not Adar yet! Its still Shvat. Rosh Chodesh was last week. Chill a litte. Maybe wait a couple of weeks. I’m very sorry for spoiling your fun, but yeah.

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    You could put some of those winkie watches that they have. If they still have them around. They had them around a long time ago. Not sure if they are still around though. So yeah.

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    I heard that. My mother told me that I was not allowed to knit or sew because until Chatzois because we had to wait until Shabbos was over for the gantzte velt. I don’t know. That is what my mother told me. So yeah.

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    Goq- I’m originally from Boston. So yeah. That kind of gives it away. Go Pats!!!

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    Is there a Shulchan Aruch for Hilchos Snowman. For example: how high the snowman must be, the length of the carrot for the nose, how many raisins, chocolate chips, etc. for the mouth, etc. Is a snowwoman Tznuis? How do you make a snowwoman Tznuis?

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    My house!!! I am in Arizona now. We don’t have any snow. The temperature is approximately 60-65 degrees. So I’m not shoveling any snow. (though I wish I did.)

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    My teacher told me a story where after she spilled the wine out of her becher for the makos she gave that wine-that was in the plate- to her upstairs neighbor. That night the neighbor died. Now I’m not saying that the neighbor died because of the wine, but you never know. I heard that that wine has negative, spiritual impurities.

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    “Chazzanim usually put me to sleep”

    Ha! I guess she would try with other chazzans and the only one that would get me to shut up was him. so yeah.

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    actually, when I was little my mother used to put me to sleep with his tapes. he is still my favorite.

    (this is my first post by the way)

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