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    at the end of the day aussies have lockdown fatiuge cause if lockdown comes when they have 1 case its not seriouse even if they have thousands like not.

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    I finally decided to sell my vacuum cleaner. All it was doing was gathering dust!

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    syag: the situation i was refering too was actually me my parents never told me i had adhd till i was halfway down middle school. now i know but until a couple years ago i didnt know

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    syag i didnt think anyone actually takes me serious. (:. ive been caught

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    ujm it there’s no comparison. it is rare to know someone well and not know they have autasim or at least some issue. kids with adhd sometimes don’t know themselves they have adhd. I never told my son. autausim is much more serious. adhd is not even within a mile of autism.

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    these days its rare not to have a kid with adhd. its all meshugas (except for when its not). when you tell a kid he has adhd he uses that as an excuse. i have a son who when he was younger had “adhd symptoms, i chose to ignore it and now hes doing better boruch hashem. sometimes its temporary issues and you shouldent turn it into an issue.

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    An Israeli cop is patrolling the highways, when he pulls over a young driver speeding way beyond the speed limit.

    The cop proudly walks up to the driver’s window: “I’ve been waiting for you all day!”

    To which the kids replies: “I tried to get here as fast as I could…”

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    My Health

    Jack Silverberg who lives in a little shtetl in England goes to consult a world-famous specialist in NY about his heart condition.

    “So, doctor, what do I owe you?”

    “My fee is $10,000,” replies the specialist.

    “10,000? But that’s impossible!?”

    “OK, then – in your case,” the doctor replies, “I suppose I could adjust my fee to $8,000.”

    “8k for one visit!? Absurd! You are meshugah! What do you need all this money for anyhow?”

    “Alright, then, can you afford 7k?”

    “Who even has that kind of money for one doctor consultation?”

    “”Look,” says the doctor, becoming quite irritated, “Just give me 5k and get out of here.”

    “I can give you 500 dollars,” says Silverberg. “Not a penny more. 500 dollars is reasonable. Take it or leave it!”

    “I don’t understand you,” says the doctor, frustrated, angry and annoyed. “Why did you shlep all the way from Britain to the most expensive doctor in all of the US? You knew how expensive I am! If you don’t have the money, why did you come to me?!”

    “Listen, Doctor,” Silverberg explains. “When it comes to my health, nothing is too expensive!”

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    One Shabbat morning, Rabbi Levy noticed seven-year-old David staring up at the large plaque hanging in the shul lobby. It was covered with names and small American flags were mounted on either side of it. David had been staring at the plaque for some time, so Rabbi Levy walked over to him and said quietly, “Shabbat shalom, David.”

    “Shabbat shalom, Rabbi,” replied David, still intent on the plaque. “Rabbi, what is this?”

    “Well, David, it’s a memorial to all the young men and women who died in the service.”

    Soberly, they stood together, staring at the large plaque. Then little David, in a barely audible whisper, asked, “Which service, Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur?”

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    Shimon, i must agree

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    dear mod 29, i deeply apoligize for not being don lechaf zechus. i thought that this was a post in decafinated so i thought it would be first page of decafinated and i thought you guys were noty being fare to me. if i would have realized that it was posted in contrivirsual everything would have been alright


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    A Russian Jew wanted to immigrate to Israel.

    The local commissar calls him in for questioning
    and asks:

    Q. Haven’t we allowed you the right to worship in
    your Synagogue?
    A. Can’t complain.

    Q. Haven’t we let you live in peace with your
    fellow Jews?
    A. Can’t complain.

    Q. Haven’t we allowed you to travel freely within
    and beyond the village?
    A. Can’t complain.

    Q. Haven’t we allowed you to teach your children
    A. Can’t complain.

    Q. Haven’t we let you practice your profession?
    A. Can’t complain.

    Q. Then why do you want to go to Israel?
    A. “There, I can complain!”

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    all yidden have one god, one eibershter, one king, one tatty, one father. just as a brother cannot divorce his brother so too we cannot divorce our brothers. our brothers will always be yiddne and labels to change us.

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    i think that with out a doubt its aliens. this is not new, we actually know that the most techonilized species of creatures is the delbillug creatures, found amongst the galaxy of zekaf also know as its scientific name lubasophinis. these creatures were created on day six of creation and when they left gan eden they left through the northeaster gate of gan eden which leads to the universe of zekaf. they are very similuar to humans and contain some sence of intelect. they have created magnetic use of power using the force of the push created by the touch of the north and south magnet and have created a way to use this to travel at slow yet reasonable paces without discovering elictricity. they rarely visit earth. it is written in sefer zichron haolom written by harav chananya of luziensk that in his time they used to visit in the month of elul and in the month of adar. i think that what was reported about a month and a half a go was the delbillug creatures. i could be wrong it might be a species of creatures we dont know about. Taiku

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    They say what is the difference between a 20 year old, 40 year old and 60 year old?

    A 20 year old is very self conscious. Who am I? Where do I fit in? What do they think of me?

    A 40 year old says to himself: This is me, and I could not care less what they think of me and how they look at me. They don’t like what they see, tough luck on this, this who I am. Take it or leave it.

    And then the 60 year old realizes that nobody was ever looking at him in the first place…

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    A young lawyer, starting up his private practice, was very anxious to impress potential clients. When he saw the first visitor to his office come through the door, he immediately picked up his phone and spoke into it,” I’m sorry, but my caseload is so tremendous that I’m not going to be able to look into your problem for at least a month. I’ll have to get back to you then.” He then turned to the man who had just walked in, and said, “Now, what can I do for you? Make sure to do this fast, as I am in a mad rush, as you can see from the endless telephone calls of clients.”

    “Nothing,” replied the man. “I’m here to hook up your phone

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    vgam im yiyye beinov

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    avira as described in the other thread there are other issues with movies

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    Dear google doodle, 
    On April 22nd it will be the rebbe’s 120th birthday. The Rebbe was not only a leader for jews but helped guide anyone who seeked his guidance including, President Ronald Reagon, congressmen and congresswoman, mayors and simple people despite the fact that he did not hold a political position. The Rebbe had time for anyone regardless of stature or influence. The Rebbe spent countless hours dealing with simple people who requested his advice in both spiritual and physical scenarios. The rebbe’s Hebrew birthday (the 11th day of the month of Nissan) falls on april 22nd this year and is marked by his followers as a day marked for reflection and a day to focus on education. In 1982 President Ronald Reagen made a proclamation that the rebbe’s birthday would be a day of reflection for that year. Although the Rebbe is no longer physically with us, his legacy stays with us and God willing will continue to help the world become a better place for us and our descendants. We thought in order to respect the rebbe’s achievement during his lifetime it would be worthy to have his 120th birthday honored on the google homepage as a google doodle. Thankyou for taking the time to read my request.

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    avira, the only reason im doing this for the lubavitcher rebbe is because he made a big deal about birthdays.

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    always ask quesytions and aviradearah its a great idea but they wont excet it unless its in past 400 years besides thell turn it into a Christian thing, and they might start doing people from the new testimat ch’v.

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    whoever is saving me the time so i can shorten mods thanks alot, 🙂

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    Teacher: “George Washington not only chopped down his father’s cherry tree, but also admitted it. Now, Louie, do you know why his father didn’t punish him?”

    Louie: “Because George still had the axe in his hand.”

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    @aposhiter yid LOL

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    in reply to: bittul torah #2015353

    @reb eliezer you are en exeptional person who brings torah into the coffee room, the problem is you are not the usual case. most people dont use the cr for divrei torah like you. my question is mainly what makes somthing bittul torah if most things we do is bittul torah. besides how big of a deal is bittul torah? ( a genuine question)

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    thankyou mods especially 29. p.s. Yw Moderator 29 you reckin this one can get on the first page? (;

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    Yeshiva University decided to field a rowing team. Unfortunately, they lose race after race. Even though they practice and practice for hours every day, they never manage to come in any better than dead last.

    Finally, the team decides to send Morris Fishbein, its captain, to spy on Harvard, the perennial championship team. Morris schlepps off to Cambridge, Mass. and hides in the bushes next to the Charles River, where he carefully watches the Harvard team at its daily practice.

    After a week, Morris returns to Yeshiva. “Well, I figured out their secret,” he announces.

    “What? Tell us! Tell us!” his teammates shout.

    “We should have only one guy yelling. The other eight should row.”

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    mod 29???

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    we can say that water is not wet, as molecules are all bound together and not wetting one another. Though water has the ability to make other materials wet, the liquid itself is not wet.

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    Water is wet, in the sense of being a liquid which flows easily, because its viscosity is low, which is because its molecules are rather loosely joined together

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    a troll stands for, the reality of lifeless life

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    @YwModerator-29 i understand where your coming from probably better i dont relight the fight. i dont think your anti chabad you just have some seichal. (: thanks for making cr what it is

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    anyone know why this thread isn’t showing on front page? is that bedafka or a glitch?

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    @coffee addict common saychel says everything is trolling so i ignore him, but you?

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    if bitul torah is an issue would playing board games be ok

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    always ask questions. noach would only answer questions not try to get peole to do teshujvah. avraham avinu actively got people to bench der heilike barshefer.

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    thankyou mods

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    now that “ultra orthodox bochurim” are recognized by there hat and jacjket this has sort of become a uniform and the lubavitcher rebbe ztl was very into Bochurim wearing hats and jackets so people realize that they are not ashamed to be jewish!

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    chosid its not hapening. p.s. who are you a chossid of?

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    there have been a lot of comments on this thread saying that the rebbe is avodeh zorah. so i have a question, is it a mitzvah to destroy a rebbe photo?? its trash talk. chabad is not avoide zorah . people here think that they have free speech to say tru things and opinions. legally your right halachically your wrong. you cant say stuff that is loshon horah or motzei sheimra. most of the stuff here is not loshon hora cause loshon hora needs to be true. its motzei sheimra. people may be temted to respod “oh everytime we nicely critisize chabad in a disgusting way and accuse chabad of disgusting stuff you just say its motzei sheimra you have nothing else to say!” theres on simle answer. if we always say its motzei sheimra….. maybe… its actually motzei sheimra? im probably wrong. calling chabad A’z is probably ok. there are fanatics in every group. the fanatics if chabad dont reresent chabad even if it hels your agenda. p.s. i dont know if im allowed to tell you of for motzei sheimra and loshon horah when the rambam says your not allowed to tell someone off if there not going to listen. i dont think all frumer yidden are like this just the ones that are bored enough to go on the coffe room that also hapen to enjoy a nice fight in the name of “torah” while breaking torah. thats breaking lo sisa. realy hope the mods accept this post even though im “defending” chabad as legitimite yidden.

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    the purpose of life is to make a dira bisachtonim as said in the maamer bosi legani

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    “Does marriage change one’s personality?” Greg asked his buddy Mike. “In a way,” says Mike. “You see, when I was engaged, I did most of the talking and she did most of the listening. When we just got married she did most of the talking and I did most of the listening. Now we both do most of the talking and the neighbors do all of the listening.”

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    A successful young businessman opened the door to his BMW when suddenly a car came along and hit the door ripping it off completely. When the police arrived at the scene, the young man was crying, Oh, my Beemer! My Beemer!”

    “You’re so worried about your BMW, that you didn’t even notice that your left hand was ripped off!” snarled the cop.

    “Oh no!” said the young man, “Not my Rolex too!”

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    @mod 29 what is the process of moderating cr. do you get a notification or something and you have to read it and either click accept or deny? whats the process like

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    how come any post written by reb eliezer it says This reply was modified 19 minutes ago by YW Moderator-29 👨‍💻.

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    When Ben and his family returned home from his son’s Bar Mitzvah, they were shocked to discover that all the money and cards he received had gone missing! Rivkah, Ben’s wife swore she handed all the cards and money to the Rabbi and asked him to keep an eye on it throughout the party. Ben didn’t want to accuse his Rabbi of stealing, so decided it was best to avoid him!

    A full year later, Ben see’s the Rabbi at the grocery store. The Rabbi corners him and says “Ben, nu! Why have you been avoiding me!” Ben sighs. “To be honest Rabbi, I have been avoiding you ever since we discovered that the cards and money have been missing from the Bar Mitzvah!” “Tell me, Ben,” the Rabbi says. “Has your son been putting on his tefillin?” “Of course!” Ben answered. “But what does that have to do with the money?” The Rabbi answers, “I put the cards and money in your sons tefillin bag which he clearly hasn’t opened since his Bar Mitzvah!”

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    gotagoodpoint isnt that ilegal?

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    if its no facts than no.

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