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    You remind me of a story. Once two litvish Bochurim came to the yeshivah in 770 to get tested for semicha. the rav testing them gave them a much harder time then the Lubavitcher Bochurim. When the litvish bochurim asked why the discrimination? The Rav answered the Lubavitcher Bochurim are getting semicha to fulfil their rebbe’s instructions. you are getting it in case you need to know what to do in this and this case. if the lubavitcher bochur encounters a problem which he learnt about he wont have the yeshus to pasken for himself so he will ask a rav even though he got semicha on it. But if you (the Litvak) get encounter a shaila, you will pasken for yourself (since you don’t have an inyan of getting semicha) and I want to make sure you know it well so you wont make a mistake paskening for yourself.

    (please don’t take this the wrong way😁)

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    I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?

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    I always hated when anyone called me a blondie but it doesn’t happen often except when one of my magedei shiur called me a blonde and I just didn’t take it personally.

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    what? thats your name!

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    Shimon how is it meant to be spelt?

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    Its always good to gert external cooling.

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    someone still might fall for them

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    you mamash are a poshiter yid. 😉

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    @maivin i personally try to be makbid about music. i dont listen to macabeets, lipa or any song i know has a goishe tune. Most of the big wigs in the market make new tunes.

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    Avira just some clarification, when you say olam haba are you using the rambams definiton or the rambans?

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    can you say that not stealing and no killing was also a choick back in the days of avraham?

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    Syag, i have no issues with you, quit the contrary, I find it intriguing that you are able to pick up such small details and figure out information from that. Its a talent. (from someone probably 9 years younger then you (: )

    <abbr title=”Syag”>HTML</abbr>

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    good point syag. you probably know my social security number by now and then you’l realize we dont have social security numbers in New Zealand. Syag, what else (not private) info did you gather about me?

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    on point two maybe pharos free was taken away only for thatchoice but for other choices he still had free choice. i.e. maybe on an issue that was unrelated he would not lose his free choice. the reason why his free choice was taken away was not a punishment it was just to make an example of paroh as in this is what happens if you mess with the lord of the isralites.

    Avira based on that do i have a choice what flavored instant soup i have?

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    ujm what? what about that goy from Shanghai who saved the mir yeshivah and countless others who saved jewish lives while risking their own lives

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    On a lot of jewish cd covers it syas. ” unauthorized reproduction of this film is against both halacha and the law.” or such. are they lying? are they wrong?

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    when I searched up what it mean, google gave me the English definition, I thought that google was Frum so it would give me chazals definition but i guess google is otd. (:

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    it is important to note that even if a goy is a good goy, you are connecting to to the etzem of a goy wich is not what a yidishe neshomah should be connecting to too,

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    Reb Eliezer I would hope no one is typing this in the right context.

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    Gday: good day
    W’zup: whats up
    Chuck’s them sausies: please pass the sausauges

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    What thats all you do in the mikvah. just cratz for hours and talk vchooloo

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    Can a “jewish” song have a not jewish tunes? e.g. bas kol, hashem melech Ext.

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    In his early years, before he went public with his teachings and disciples came from far and wide to learn from him, the founder of the Chassidic movement, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, was an incessant traveler.

    Dressed in the clothes of a simple villager, he would travel from town to town and from hamlet to hamlet, asking questions. “How are things?” he would inquire of the water-carrier yoked to his pails, of the market-woman minding her stall, of the child playing in the doorway of his home. “Is there enough to eat? Is everyone healthy?” “Baruch Hashem, blessed be the Almighty, all is fine” or “Thanks to the Almighty, things are improving,” these simple, G‑d-fearing and G‑d-trusting Jews would reply, and the traveler would depart with the gratified step of one who has found what he was seeking.

    One day, Rabbi Israel arrived in a village and made his way to the study hall. There, in a corner, sat an ancient Torah scholar over his books, wrapped in tallit and tefillin. This was the village porush (“ascetic”), who led a life of holy seclusion. From sunrise to sunset, not a morsel of bread or a sip of water would pass his lips; he spoke to no one and never lifted his eyes from the sacred tomes. For more than fifty years he had kept to this regimen, utterly removed from the mundane cares of material life.

    So why was this stranger pestering him? “How are things?,” he was inquiring, “Is there enough to eat? Is everyone healthy?” The ascetic made no reply, hoping the stranger would go away. But the stranger only leaned closer, and his questioning grew more insistent. Impatiently, the ascetic waved him away, pointing him to the door.

    “Rabbi,” the stranger now asked, “why are you denying G‑d His livelihood?”

    The words had their desired effect: the old man was roused to indignant attention. G‑d’s livelihood?! The audacity of this uncouth peasant! “What are you saying?” he demanded in a thunderous voice. “How dare you disturb me with such blasphemous babble!”

    “Only what King David, the sweet singer of Israel, proclaims in his Psalms,” replied the Baal Shem Tov. “Tell me, Rabbi, what is the meaning of the verse , ‘And You, the Holy One, who dwells by the praises of Israel’1? ”

    “We mortal beings,” continued the Baal Shem Tov when the porush made no reply, “subsist on the sustenance that G‑d provides us in His great kindness. But what does G‑d ‘subsist’ on? On the praises of Israel! When one Jew asks another, ‘How are things’ and his fellow responds by praising and thanking the Almighty, they are nourishing G‑d, deepening His involvement with His creation.”

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    dude theres nothing wrong with being a bochur on CR but dont pretend to be someone older then you are. i am not saying anyone is faking Ch’v just implying it.

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    A poshiter yid what are you on about its 65 up here in new york. besides how is it summery

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    @marvin dude unless we make this intresting noting gonna happen

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    I invented a new word!

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    What is immuturity at its core?

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    issaco im stuck with covid so yeh im bored. cant go out. vchooloo

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    And i know some who barely have enough clients to make a living. If you’ve got the talent jump in but only if your better then the next one. What makes you better then other frum graphic designers? if theres an answer and there is enough demand then go for it.

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    even tho he did bust me i think me and syag agree that you have to bring them back with love and hate drives them away

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    ujm what is ahavas yisroel? what is ahava? if we all come from the same shoiresh we dont differentiate.

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    Literaly yeshivah means: an Orthodox Jewish college or seminary.
    literaly world means: the earth, together with all of its countries and peoples.

    does that answer the question?

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    was the colour orange before the fruit orange

    P.S. so we stay on topic yes I’m a yeshivah bochur

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    ujm WHAT??????? when did you make this up. sorry im just astounded by such ignorance. EVERY yid no matter how far is a yid and belongs to the yisroel in ahavas yisroel.

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    Philophisor, theres one issue, i dont believe this theology cause ive been told it works ive seen love and warmth help people i know both tinoiks shenishba and people who went otd come back to yidishkeit. my grandfather sheyichye helped over 10 people become baal teshuvas in his shlichus. he was always an optimist and he never ever looked down at a single yid. he would have the most not observant yidden come to eat by a shabbos meal or come over to help them. he never looked at a yid by his aveiros, he looked at yidden like they were yidden with heilike nishomos that came straight from the eibershter! his aproach of love and warmth has helped tens become baal teshuvas or return to the derech. your aproach is negative and has no place in a yidishe derech. we live in a yiridos hadoirois and negativity only pushes people further.

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    i have a harder time sitting through a class or a test (yes as syag figured out im only 17). by the end of year exam several years ago i mamash couldent sit still and i started walking around and got 150 kids upset at me for just walking around during an exam when your not allowed to stand up. so yes we learn diffrently but im in no way dumb. i just have a hard time sitting still and focusing

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    philosopher excuse my language but your a ‘Yesh’! a Yesh is someone who thinks he exist thinks he is great enough to be able to look down at another yid. this is clearly violating the fundamentals of ahavas Yisroel to look down at another yid especially if nothing good comes out of it. ahavas yisroel is not to shomer Shabbos individuals or those who follow your customs. Its harder to have ahavas Yisroel to another yid whom you consider lower, so in order to have a proper ahavas yisroel you have to realize that all yidden are brothers Mamash! “וְלָכֵן נִקְרְאוּ כָּל יִשְׂרָאֵל “אַחִים” מַמָּשׁ, מִצַּד שׁוֹרֶשׁ נַפְשָׁם בַּה’ אֶחָד” we come from the same root and no matter what we do we cannot change our root just like brothers have the same source, their parents, we have the same source, hashem, and how can we look down at a brother if at the end we are all from the same source? I think its integral to learn perek lamud beis tanya to understand why what your saying, philosopher is not only wrong but against torah. Im not trying to be harsh, im trying to come out of ahava not to ch’vsh try shteching you.

    The Farby

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    why are there duplicate of old posts like 5 times and whya re the replies always gone?

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    anyone know why in the orginal posts there are a lot of question marks or why this is on the top of cofferoom? @mod-29?

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    i dont think kids with adhd are more or less talented then other kids. they all have mailos and chesronois

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    ujm wrong words. dont use tzion a word used across tehilim and tanach to describe people you dislike

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    we must encourage them not look down at them. negativity is only good for corona tests we must look at them as a fellow neshama with a deire to serve hashem that has been hidden by some dirt. help them clear away the dirt and they will see the bueetiful engravement of a rotzon far der eibershter inside.

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    “מִי יוֹדֵעַ גְּדוּלָּתָן וּמַעֲלָתָן בְּשָׁרְשָׁן וּמְקוֹרָן בֵּאלֹקִים חַיִּים.” who are we to look down on a fellow yid. who knows how great his neshama is? who knows how great his tests are? who knows if we could stand the challenges he has? this is the fundementals of avas yisrael as described clearly in tanya!

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    goldilocks you can be “anything you wana be”

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    Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

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    at the end of the day aussies have lockdown fatiuge cause if lockdown comes when they have 1 case its not seriouse even if they have thousands like not.

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    I finally decided to sell my vacuum cleaner. All it was doing was gathering dust!

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    syag: the situation i was refering too was actually me my parents never told me i had adhd till i was halfway down middle school. now i know but until a couple years ago i didnt know

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    syag i didnt think anyone actually takes me serious. (:. ive been caught

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