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    what are the to 10 longest threads?

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    yes but not against the Upsilon variant ( coming out in 2024) you need to get the 28th booster to combat that.

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    melbournian i think that chabad niks do what ther Local orthodox rabbi tells them to do and litvishes do what there local orthodox rabbi tells them to do.

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    what did the right eye say to left eye. “between me and you somthing smells

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    trolly is something you use in the supermarket

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    bring him to a chabad house

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    A child determined to burn his home down. His dad watched, tears in his eyes. He put his arm across the mother and stated, “That’s arson.”

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    always ask questions the rav was not from america and i read in some panflit given out by th local litvish community

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    Dugi a continent is in a country

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    is this a serious post. why the trolls

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    can anyone help i have an ID 10t error

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    you dont need a parachute to go skydiving, unless your going twice

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    technicaly if you take 2 2s it equals twotwo, which is also tootoo wich is the noise the train makes if you prounounce tuna as t-una as apposed to chuna therefore we realize that sinse no one says choochoo we realized its pronounced tuna not chuna and that exlains that 2+2 is incorect

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    A famous litvish rov (i forgot the name) spoke to the litvish comunity and said they shouldent go to minyonim cause of chilul hashem. when someone explained to him the situation that most people are not keeping the restrictions he said it would not be a chilul hashem

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    Melbourne australia

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    An old man is struck by a car and brought to the hospital. A nurse enters his room and says, “Sir, are you comfortable?”
    The old man replies, “I make a nice living.”

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    Bernstein walks into work one day at 9. He is very late The boss is furious. “You should have been here at 8:30!” he shouts.
    “Why?” says Shapiro. “What happened at 8:30?”

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    in the teiva noach spent the whole time focusing on avoida and ruchnius after the mabul hahsem tells noach to leave the teivah i.e. leave the ideal life, the life of just serving hashem and enter into the real world. the Be’sht taught that teivah can also mean world enter into the ‘word’ the words of torah and davening. we enter the teivah in the month of tishrei and envelop ourselves in words of davening and torah. now that tishrei is over we must go out of the teivah and enter the real world.

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    hey noo what haened to this thread where are the dvar torahs?

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    in a tish you eat the rebbes shirayim in a farbrengen you the bakerys shirayim

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    you must be a wise man!

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    noo i heard that tosfos asks your question in sota daf 57 and answers that since the majority are red it is not lying to say roses are red. we have a rashi that says in temurah daf 118 that say that there was a story where an epidemic started that says that after the churban beis hamikdosh hasheini roses stoped being only red

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    Wow @reb eliezer i was never zoiche too see the rebbe as i only came crown heights after the rebbe was niftar. i missed the rain.

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    A California state trooper pulls over a car and walks over to the driver. “Today’s your lucky day.” he says. We have a program to promote seatbelt use. I pulled you over because you were wearing your seatbelt. You will receive a reward of $5,000. So, what are you going to do with the money?

    The man thinks for a moment and answers, “I think the first thing I will do is go out and get a drivers license.”

    His wife in the front passenger seat screams out, “Oh for goodness sake, officer don’t listen to him, he always talks nonsense when he’s drunk.”

    The commotion wakes up their friend in the back seat. He sees the officer and screams to the couple, “I told you we wouldn’t get far in a stolen car.”

    And then there is a banging from the trunk followed by a voice, “Ay amigos, did we cross the border yet?

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    i think i got an answer to the question. “its not about the daf its about the yoimi” i saw it in some ad

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    this is last post on the list. geshmak

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    reminding them going otd is nto rebelious satying on the derech is srebelious these days

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    @reb eliezer your from crown heights?

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    syag lachochma godal hadorah. i think the way i said it was stupid, i do not C’v want to say a chasidisher rebbe is ” one guy” it came out wrong. i apoligize profoundly

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    Guys this is not the right people or forum for this discussion

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    wow i thought everyone was in their late 20s like me.

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    Two bochurim are walking through a neighborhood one evening when they notice they are being followed by a pair of hoodlums.
    yossel, say his friend, we better get out of here. There are two of them, and we’re alone!

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    a breslev a poilishe and a lubavitcher are stuck in gehenim.
    The breslev screams “rabbi nachman mauman” and rav nachman pullss him out by his peis
    the poilisher screams “rebbe” and is rebbe pulls him out by his feet
    the lubavitcher screams “rebbe” and the lubavitcher rebbe comes, gives him a dollar and tells him brocha vhatzlocha in your shlichus!

    Im also lubavitch so please dont get offended

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    There i also the idea that he was such a big Tzadik that even in a time that nobody else was good he was good

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    did you give u on shteiging all day?

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    i have a flip phone and i finalyh figured out how they kasher it. they duplicate the oerating system and delete what they want and thats why you cant get around it

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    Firetrucks should be pink obviously

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    WHere did all the comments go

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    A chabadnik on a train walked up to a man across the table. “Excuse me,” she said, “but are you Jewish?”
    “No,” replied the man.
    A few minutes later the chabadnik returned. “Excuse me,” he said again, “are you sure you’re not Jewish?”
    “I’m sure,” said the man.
    But the chabadnik was not convinced, and a few minutes later he approached him a third time. “Are you absolutely sure you’re not Jewish?” he asked.
    “All right, all right,” the man said. “You win. I’m Jewish.”
    “That’s funny,” said the chabadnik.” You don’t look Jewish.”

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    Farbrengen definetly. in a tish everyone is just looking at one guy and at the end of the day you dont gain that much. at a farbrengen you get inspired start learning more get more involved in yidishkeit.

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    what is the longest thhread?

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    im 150 like jooe

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    i agree

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    Melbournian, i still dont understand how chabadniks like me and you and that tzvati yechie hmelech will have no issue sitting in the sukkah through hail and snow but when someone tells us that theres kedusha so we feel uncomfortable to sleep regardless of weather. Us lubavitchers are a shtickel confusing

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    Lol we dont sleep in the sukka. #thereskabalisticreasons #chabad

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    I believe that it is not a question that a yid must wear a yamulka. minhag yisroel torah hi. i know that the baal hatanya says that halachakly were a yamulka and you shouldnt walk 4 amos without it. i believe most others disagree.

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    This reminds me of a video title i once saw. it was called judiasim is not a proper religion. i thought that this guy is a kofer and he didnt believe in haveye. A week later i looked at the video and its the person explaining that a religion is when believing in Y makes you part Yism and if you dont your not part of yism. if you dont believe in hashem your still a yid. before i watched the video i automatically assumed he is a kofer it turns out he said something completely correct. (please dont turn the first part of this comment into a discussion it was just an example “dont marry the moshel”) Some non lbavitchers see a sentence pulled from the middle of tanya or a maamer or sicha and make stupid and incorrect asumptions without seeing the context of the quote. “you cant just focus on the content of the quote you also need to look at the context.” how many people here who think the baal hatanya is a kofer for writing such things actually know the context of the quote and actually understand what he’s talking about. Anyone who honestly thinks that the baal hatanya is a kofer should go jump in a lake because the fact is that he dedicated his life and was moiser nefesh for yidishkeit. for those that like to say that all lubavitchers are fanatics that think the rebbe is alive, they completly miss the context. i dont believe the rebbe is phisically alive, i know that the rebbes llegacly is still alive. there have been many big rabonim from the 20th century but a lot of their legacys are dead or forgotton. the lubavitchers rebbe legacy is not only alive now, but may i dare to say more alive then before he passed away. tens of thousands of people have become frum because of the lubavitcher rebbes shluchim ( as it says in brochas perek hey mishnah hey shliach shel odam kmoisai). Look at the context of what your trying to bash. btw there are a few wakos in chabad who are in the minority and the reason you know about them and not the majority of chabad is because normal people arent exciting but wakos who have stupid ideas excite you. most lubavitchers are normal. btw its not new that some non lubavitchers hate chabadniks for no readon, my great great grandfather was sent to siberia because a misnagid dobbed him in for teaching chasidus and he almost died there!

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