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    shidduchim woes

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    not an answer, but i’d like to point out that sometimes the parent IS the problem, not that s/he is ignoring it. if the parent is abusive, s/he is not going to be the one to put the child in therapy…

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    stone cold

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    yes, why?

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    raining cats and dogs

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    lets start at the beginning-i don’t even have a cell phone, and if i did, my parents wouldn’t allow texting. second of all, i’m going to b dan l’kaf zechus and assume you were just joking about the grammar and english situation, because what i write must resemble english if you were able to read it. if it doesnt, then you must be speaking the same language as me, in which case, what do you care? third, i enjoy writing, so just accept it and move on!

    on a separate note wiy-apology accepted!:) i wasnt offended, just wanted to make sure you chapped what i was saying

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    pens “are” ink filled

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    “lure”king in the shadow

    “doe” a deer

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    good meaning what exactly?!

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    just wanted to add while i’m on the defensive… i actlly like writing! (and im being serious this time)and i would appreciate if u didnt call me lazy, cuz im anything but… its not ur fault, u apparently didnt chap that i was jk, but for future reference, im not lazy and i tend to have an odd sense of humor. guess thsi was a sohf! oh well!

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    wiy- oysh! i was just kidding! i thought u could c that from my post, but i guess things sound diff when u read them!

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    um honey sweetie pie, i know a lot of pple who r paying for sem themselves (including me-donate to the fund, anyone?) and thats relying on babysitting $, anything made in camp, adn A LOT of scholarships. and of course, many of us having been buying the “extras” with our own money for a long time. if ur making $, i think it is perfectly reasonable to be paying for “some” of ur purchases. but i was serious, if anyone wants to donate to my sem fund, this is a shameless request to start sending me $! cuz i h8 scholarship essays…

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    just want to mention, the screams i heard when pple saw a mouse were not eek, more like one of two other things:1) strangled sound with a very white face 2)high pitched drawn out squeal that sounded nothing like eek. its not a sound i can exactly describe:)

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    um can i just say that talking to your wife is very important?! al tarbeh sich im haisha means foolish chatter. marriage, in fact all relationships, are built on communication. u seem to b missing hte point-if nisht marriage, nisht piru u’rivu. wat do u say to taht? then again, it could b that im just a senior and spewing off the top of my head…:)

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    bowling is not a tznius issue…therefore, its not putting halacha aside. therefore, that last comment didnt make too much sense to me…

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    ‘fia” pascha b’chachma:)

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    iluvhashem-srrry!!!!! i was just repeating what i was told! sorry if i mislead a/o, i didnt know either! um, can i ask a stupid q-wat does it mean ranging from yeshivish to reg to withit? r they all mutually exclusive? i never did get jewish politics…:)

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    “creak”ing stair

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    up in arms

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    buy all the candy thats on sale!!!!! every year something diff happens-one year they knocked, so we gave them r leftover lollipops from simchas torah that n/o wanted… the next year we left a bag of candy on the porch-n/o knocked, adn the bag was gone the next morning

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    steps in the right direction

    in reply to: Is it unTznius for a girl to ride a bike, razor, ATV? #817165

    first of all, it is possible to ride a bike without the skirt going up.(i know from experience!)

    second, driving a car is a tznius issue?! rlly? ive heard some crazy ones b4, but not that…

    third not to b ignorant, but whats a sea doo? is it some kind of thing like see and do and i’m just missing it?! ich bin tzumisht!!!:)

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    sacrilege-wats yavne like?

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    #6-night fall and daybreak

    in reply to: Personal interview Yated #704039

    if you want to hear the story, the lady who brought them up spoke on chazak its story #87 i think, might be #86

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    Bnos Sarah=academic, yeshivish

    Bnos Chava=academic, more “trendy” than bnos sarah

    This is NOT 1st hand info, so i could b totally off base:)

    Hadarling=girl who went to hadar

    bp totty- hadar is very yeshivish,but like very very yeshivish…

    monseygirl-machon raaya? from what i’ve heard its academic, but not as stressful as bjj, as well as being smaller (30 girls or something like that), its by, but they have girls who are out of the box.

    not to hijack this thread, but does anyone want to help me decide where to apply? i’ve been told bjj, but i want to get other opinions, cuz the other suggestions ive heard range from michlala to machon raaya to bnos sarah and beyond:) i have an interesting list of qualifications…:

    ACADEMIC!!!!!, b’iyun, tochen NO “fluff,” i need to be able to ask questions!, yashrus-i dont need a show…,emes!,NOT narrow minded(actlly if it is narrow minded i prob wont get in,so its nisht a prob)

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    speak your mind

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    mischiefmaker-thanks for the welcome

    josh31-how’d u guess?!?!

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    well worht the effort

    in reply to: List of good Jewish books #910879

    bymeidel-yup i did… and more! do you want me to add to the list, or r u good for now?

    in reply to: Orange Soda #704349

    well, i was at the dentist, getting my braces on, adn he was using acid to etch my teeth. he so kindly pointed out that the acid is of the same kind found within coke… oh yum!

    in reply to: New Members? #900628

    more like i came on to check out something adn didnt know wat the coffee room was, and well, curiosity killed the cat…

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    try red kool aid! and then the grape juice of course…

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    you just had to drag food into it?! when will anyone learn that politics (jewish or otherwise) and food just dont mix?! and either way, it doesnt make sense, seeing as nobody seems to agree on the meanings of these terms… its like saying i bought a jar of peanut butter-some will tell you the only real peanut butter is JIF others automatically assume Skippy. then there are those who can only imagine homemade, and thats not even getting into things like reduced fat, crunchy, creamy, superchunk… the same way that in my not so humble opinion, when you say peanut butter, you obviously mean Skippy superchunk, but you meant Jif creamy, when people say these terms, everyone defines it in different ways…

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    gavra-well i guess ur shocked:) well, its not a q anymore, but it was two years ago… no its not the kind of q im talking about now tho cant say the one about satmar occurred to me, but its a good q, i’ll add it to the list:)

    sacrilege-thats the prob- i know that judaism is real, its been proved to me and its the only logical religion… the prob is even after e/t else has been disproved, i still have qs! not necessarily on that point, but on lots of other side points… be’ezras Hashem i’ll have a chance to listen to the R’ Mizrachi soon, and i’ll c if that helps…

    and thanx again e/o for all ur suggestions! i’m working on them

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    -i went to chessed and the three year old wanted to know why i had polka dots on my face… i told him Hashem put them there

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    charge card

    in reply to: typical teen… or not! #703718

    thanx so much e/o! i appreciate all your suggestions, and hopefully they’ll help. the thing is it’s not that i dont do those things i do! i go on aish all the time, i read R’ Kaplan books, ive read What the angels taught you, i read hashkafa books all the time.(and i was planning on starting garden of emunah and chovos halevovos soon) its b/c i do that that i have a problem-why dont i feel it now that ive done the research adn i know logically that it all makes sense?! i still have hashkafa “issues” and qs…

    theprof1-no theres nothing wrong with typical. i just want to know wat typical is!

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    territories disputed

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    relativity defined

    in reply to: List of good Jewish books #910875

    The Youngest Bride ( jewish historical fiction)

    Struggle to the Summit by Rivkah Zucker (true story)

    Captive Soul by Shoshana Schwartz (fiction)

    The Betrayal (jewish historical fiction-kuzar)

    anything by Marcus Lehmann (jewish historical fiction)

    Sun Inside Rain by M Bassra (fiction)

    Shadows on the Moon by Brocha Goykadosh (fiction)

    THe Scribe by Uri Raskin (fiction not high level,but very good)

    The Yellow Notebook by Devorah Rosen (fiction)

    Agains the Wall by Ruthie Pearlman (fiction)

    Dual Discovery (jewish historical fiction-yetzias mitzrayim)

    And Rachel was his Wife (jewish historical fiction-r’ Akiva’s wife)

    The Gordian Knot by Yair Weinstock (fiction)

    Race to the Top by Sarah Kisner (fiction)

    A New Song by Barbara Bensousson (fiction)

    Shortchanged (historical ficiton)

    Barriers by Ruth Arielli (fiction)

    Morning Star by Meir Uri Gottesman (fiction0

    Deep Blue by Meir uri Gottesman (fiction)

    Wings by Meir uri Gottesman (fiction0

    The Harp by Meir Uri Gottesman (ficiton)

    Pyramid Base by Eli Shekter (fiction)

    The Accused I and II by Mayer Bendett (fiction)

    Tomorrow May Be too LAte by Chaya Stavsky Rubin (historical fiction)

    White Ice by Devora Weiner (fiction)

    more coming…

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