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  • in reply to: Some pple are good at giving themselves away.. #885958

    not quite sure what gave it away 🙂

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    actually, i believe that he is the leader of china 🙂

    in reply to: what is your worst language? what's ur favorite? #1006405

    i hate english

    and looove lashon hakodesh

    and like ivrit

    in reply to: What should I pack for seminary year in Israel? #884017

    k not much too add, i think e/o really covered it but a few comments from the peanut gallery…

    shabbos outfits-most pple end up wearing the same thing a few weeks in a row. if you don’t like the idea of doing that, you still should NOT bring a lot-that’s what roomates are for! several girls in my sem had an open closet policy, and on friday mornings four or five girls could be found by my roomates closet checking out the selection. by the end of the year, n/o even remembered which thing belonged to who (except for the owners) on that note- i know it sounds fifth graderish,but jsut hte same LABEL YOUR CLOTHES!!! they’ll get lost! nad if 5 girls have wet black medium bizes hanging up in the laundry room, you prob won’t know whose is whose… especially label shells!!!! when you share a load you don’t want to be stuck with that shell that neither of you is positive about!…

    re shampoo and stuff… it’s been said a bunch of times, but i’ll say it again-buy it there!!! if in the middle of the year you get fed up with the israeli brands cuz they aren’t working (not that i’ll mention names or anything) then you can buy certain american shampoos over there-and they’ll even have hebrew on em, so you won’t feel like your missing out! 🙂 but mousse, yah,

    bring rain boots! very essential item!

    make sure to have a few shirts besides tiyul shirts and button downs… unless you don’t mind button downs, in which case never mind. but if you do mind, you’ll def want a few shirts for vacations days or you ended class early or your goin out but it doesn’t warrant rosh chodesh clothing, but button downs/tiyul shirts won’t work


    if you plan on doing yam l’yam, bring really good sneakers!!!

    leggings! they are pretty impt to have on a tiyul climbing up a mountain/ladder/etc

    oh, also laundry can get expensive, so several girls and i bought a basin and hand washing detergent (i believe the label said “textile shampoo” to be exact) and did most of our laundry like that-it’s hot! things dry really really fast! and in the winter you can probably find some place to hang your things to drip dry.

    like candy said, a positive attitude, determination to make it work, and just remember-you’re all in the same boat! everyone else is pretty much just as confused as you are, even those that don’t show it… (you’ll be pretty shocked by some girls’ memories of the first few days-those you thought had it all together… well uh, didn’t);)

    b’hatzlacha! get ready for the most fantabulous year!

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    well, after that warm welcome, how could i resist?

    to quote a very wise s/o… shalom y’all!

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    sssho glad i could make you shnicker! shabbat sholom! :0)

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    mischeif- if you’re having probs signing up, try emailing the mod. and it gets update approx every 7 days :0)

    blabla- glad you accepted my permission! :0)

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    wait, Mod, don’t stop there, i’m in such suspense! lol, idk what we’re talking about, i think i missed it! :0)

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    totally random, you might want to read/post on frumteens. it sounds like it might be beneficial for you. idk!

    good! i’m glad you’re not sorry! and you can write whatever makes you happy! i give you full rishus! :0) and you’re not making it depressing,so don’t worry.

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    yummy, are you hinting anything on behalf of your sis? :0)

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    sh…. it’s a name… now you chap? :0) hey, my name is in the title! that makes me so happy! and shpeshul! :0)

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    pizza is healthy. the end. veiter! :0)

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203524

    Springfield! :0) i’m 201! hurray!:0)

    in reply to: shhhhhhhhhh #932850

    k, can i pleassssh be the ashishtant honarary mod? pretty pleasssh?

    thanksssssssssh sssho much yummy for the shout out! it made me feel sssho shpeshial!

    we all shound a ssshtickle tipssshy, no? SSSSSSSSSSHHHMILE!!!!! :0)Ivdu es Hashem b’sssshimcha! :0)

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    Yellowstone National Park! :0)

    in reply to: Am I A Conversation Stopper #824662

    i know! let’s talk about me! jk! how about the gorgeous weather outside?! B”H, the past two weeks have been gorgeous!!!!!!! oh, wait i know what we could talk about! everyone write down a few things that they’re grateful for.. that way we could stay :0)! anyone else wanna do it? :0)

    in reply to: ATT POETRY PEOPLE #1167087

    a few things…

    1)they’re not nasty

    2)we’re not sick of them

    3)don’t stop

    4)”okay sorry”, nope not ok- don’t you DARE be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    MAZAL TOV!!!! may you be zoche to build a bayis ne’eman biyisrael!! :0)

    in reply to: shhhhhhhhhh #932837

    ssssholom! have a shpectacular, shtupendous, shplendiferous, shunny time! make sssssure to shend a poshtcard! and don’t get shunburned, c”v! :0)

    Mods, if she’s leaving, can i take over as honorary mod? please? :0) i’ll give you chocolate…:0)

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    oh, is that his name? i was wondering who that guy i was watching was… :0)

    in reply to: yossi and yummy #781998

    yummy, do i need to threaten you with ssshhh… i won’t continue the rest of the name!

    and in yummys defense, she only talks to a few boys, mainly one named fatso…:0) so it really isn’t her type! :0)

    in reply to: Is Pizza Unhealthy? #865829

    pizza is very healthy: eggs, milk,tomatoes,etc.! and oil!!!!! good for arthritis! :0)

    in reply to: yossi and yummy #781984

    but what if he’s yummy’s friend cash in disguise? :0)

    in reply to: Sefer Tehillim Worldwide Daily #1229456

    was asked to spread a name:

    Devorah Leah Chaya bas Esther Rochel

    may all the people who need refuos receive them speedily

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203505

    Acco! :0) or Akko, i forget! :0)

    in reply to: shhhhhhhhhh #932820


    Shh! sorry, couldn’t resist! :0)

    in reply to: Zees=joseph? #781662

    To the Mod whom this concerns: could you please change Zeekite’s subtitle back? I think this might border on ona’as devarim (not that eclipse is a bad person. C”V! NOT what i’m insinuating)… and I know you work really hard,and we all appreciate it, but if it’s not too much trouble, could you please change the subtitle, adn stop with this nonsense? Thank you! :0)

    in reply to: Mazel Tov! #1223572

    mazal tov to my second mommy gefen and her husband chaplain tzvi on their anniversary!!!! :0) sorry it’s a little late… :0)

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203414

    Swaziland :0)

    in reply to: Worst Joke Contest #1004660

    what did the dentist say to his patient?

    harchev picha v’amalahu! :0)

    in reply to: does ur screen name represent a/t bout u? #875756

    you’d never be able to guess! :0)

    in reply to: Worst Joke Contest #1004652

    why did mrs. freidman start crying when shmuelly fed himself a cracker? it was pesach

    hehe, it’s so bad, i bet n/o cracks a smile, so to fix that… :0)

    in reply to: Tatti, Abba, or Daddy #779830

    I love my Mommy and Daddy!!! :0)

    (and my second mommy, who i call mrs. gefen)well, not quite, but you get the idea :0)

    in reply to: What to do tonight?? #779759

    brotherofurs, i just wanted to make a random comment. i used to think your sn was brother o furs, and i couldn’t figure it out. just wanted to let you know that you had me going for a while. i hope you found something productive to do! :0)

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203403

    New Zealand :0)

    in reply to: Who would you rather consult??? #779622

    Pac-Man-sorry didn’t see your post. I’d answer you, but people on here know me, and if they knew the other sites i go on for hashkafa, they might figure out my sn, and then i wouldn’t be anonymous… :0)

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203342

    Vermont :0) (i was just about to start the word chain game again…)

    in reply to: Mazel Tov! #1223559

    giggle girl and i are talking about the same person :0)BUT i don’t actually know her cousin, or who msk is, so i have no idea if we’re talking about the same person! :0)

    in reply to: Worst Joke Contest #1004602

    so how do they say maze? Corn!

    what bracha do you make on a corny joke? Ha’adama! :0)

    in reply to: SMILE CLUB :) #1100204

    i’m there! :0)

    in reply to: Mazel Tov! #1223554

    Mazal tov! my friends’ cousin just got engaged! :0)

    and my family friend has a new grandaughter!

    in reply to: Report Card Comments #778178

    The parents look, and so do the kids. Does a kid really need to have years of report card comments that all say the same thing- “a pleasure to have in class” or something that basically says in fancy language “is smart”? B”H not the opposite for either of those, but…it hurts. Sometimes the parent cares more,and sometimes less, but the child almost always cares, regardless of whether he/she admits it. Thank you to all those that work so hard! I know it’s hard, and there are a lot of comments to make, so I’m not complaining (even though it sounds that way, sorry!)and I really appreciate all that all of my teachers have done for me, so if you’re here, thanks! (sorry observateen, not trying to copy you) :0)

    in reply to: Yet another tznius issue (but probably not a crisis) #778310

    gefen- your daughters including me? cuz then no!:0)

    in reply to: lyrics to old song? #779103

    i think its mordechai ben david

    my sefer tehillim i’ve always held you so dear

    i’ve turned to you in troubled times, you taught me not to fear

    your words are engraved upon my heart, your pages have felt my tears

    my friend my tehillim

    something like that! :0)

    in reply to: Too Old? #777565

    when you’re too old to stay up all night, run around, play machanayim… that’s probably a good indication that you should find another summer job :0)

    in reply to: who do u think has 2 names in cr and wat r they? #780277

    i think gefen adn smile e. face are the same person :0)or not! jk :0)

    in reply to: Mazel Tov! #1223543

    my brother graduated kindergarten today!!!!

    mazal tov blinky!


    in reply to: Do you know your IQ? #1054349

    which should say I don’t think I’d do too well :0)

    in reply to: CONGRATS!!!! #776803

    just came back from my party! thanks obsevanteen and gefen! and of course i forgive you! :0)

    in reply to: Do you know your IQ? #1054323

    Personally, I know my IQ-it’s exactly how much Hashem said I need and gave me! What more about IQs do you need to know than that? :0)

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