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    *hopping into the shower only to realize that the water looks and feels like rain on your glasses-how cool that it works on your eyes, oh wait, why am i seeing so clearly?…

    *waking up to people talking about you…

    *the second you hit enter on chat the other person goes offline

    *you call/chat/text the wrong person because she has the same name as five other people in your contacts

    *standing up very quietly so as not to disturb the class/shiur while leaving, and tripping VERY loudly after successfully standing up…and then everyone turns around and stares πŸ™‚

    *being the only person to know the answer/offer an answer, and saying, rather loudly and confidently, the wrong answer, and you were so proud of yourself too! (???? ??? ????)


    in reply to: How to tell the Shadchan that the girl's too heavy #946232

    as was pointed out, there is a big difference between 400 lbs and a size 8. hatzlacha with your search and all that stuff. should be w/ mazal b’sha’a tova u’metzlachas. πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Jonathan Swift #945344

    second promotion of a modest proposal!!! loved learning that!


    in reply to: 1:00 AM Lurkers #1011161

    yeps b”H!!! by about 5 hours! it was great! πŸ˜€ thanks for asking! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Want to move from out of town community to New York… #936504

    you might want to try luach .com, though i hope this works out. (also, someone mentioned it, and i’ll say it again-Baltimore is a really good place to go to. i’m not just saying that-i did it.) Hatzlacha!:D

    in reply to: Chedvas #1142084

    snowbunny-not to put a damper on things, but i thought you can’t go to touro israel if you’re making aliyah. is that not the case?

    (also, i debated whether or not to say this, but i think i’m going to, and i do apologize if it hurts you in any way.i’m just putting this out there, and you can do with it what you like.

    i don’t know who you are, nor am i interested in finding out. it’s not my business. but there are yentas in this world who think that everything is their business. and based on information that you wrote, people are trying to figure out who you are. meaning, they made an assumption that you went to my school, and i’ve been asked to identify certain things. i’m a year ahead of you, so if you did go to my school, which idk if you did or did not, i don’t know you. i also did not try to find out, b/c like i siad, that’s not my business. i’ve told people who asked that it’s not their business as well… i don’t know how private you want to be, but i would like to warn you that people get all excited when they “figure someone out” and it’s almost an exciting thing for them. again, i’m not trying to be hurtful.i just want you to be aware of certain unfortunate realities in this world… )

    hatzlacha rabba with everythign! i hope it all works out for you! πŸ˜€

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    oy! hope you get to sleep soon! some of us are up doing all the work that we need to do… no worries, my paper’s not due for another 8 hours! πŸ˜€ i’m way too not stressed for this to be good for me πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Misophonia #965522

    Thank you anon91! it’s also worse in my house for me, but i did try a few years ago (when i first heard about this) to explain. i was told to grow up and deal with it… oh well πŸ˜€ but yeah, having to explain why you’re suddenly so agitated and angry… it is better in other places, but sometimes it’ll happen in another place, and it’s so awkward cuz i’ll start fidgeting and tapping and naildigging and everything to keep from exploding on the person… but you know what i mean, sadly. if i think of anything, i’ll let you know. HATZLACHA RABBA!!!! have a great shabbos! πŸ˜€

    fkelly-i guess it could be a type of sensory issue, not really sure. imean, the feelings are right, but tend to be more extreme. the sounds that bother me most are people eating, breathing heavily (which is a problem cuz my brother has asthma),people smacking their lips, and then sometimes other sounds, depending on the moment. if it is a sensory issue, it might not be offically, as most doctors still don’t know about it…


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    thank you! but do you have any advice about what to do on a day to day basis? sometimes it seems like it’s not a problem, and sometimes it’s so hard to stay calm and not blow up cuz you know logically that they’re not doing anything, but that feeling is ripping into you… during the week i plug into my ipod, but if someone is eating in class or it’s shabbos, or i don’t have my ipod, i have to either nail dig myself to keep from screaming or going insane, or i have to leave the room, which i can’t always do… any advice???

    thank you!

    and thank you torah!


    in reply to: Puzzle #933281

    on shabbos of course! when they went back home to the aretz, they heard the siren and were able to reconfigure themselves to keeping shabbos on the right day… πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Davening in Public #933681

    no! well to be fully honest, i used to be, but now i’m not. most people respect that i’m praying and leave me alone, and those that don’t, well i can’t answer them anyways! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Misophonia #965515

    thanks Toi for that well thought out answer! it did make me :D, but somehow that doesn’t really appeal to be as a solution…

    anybody else? please???

    thank you! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Misophonia #965512

    bump πŸ˜€

    anybody know how to deal with this???

    thank you! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: I'm Bored #932736

    Wow. I’m speechless with wonder. Masterful work!!! i enjoyed πŸ˜€ including the moral πŸ˜€ Can i use this for a babysitting story? or is it copyrighted?


    in reply to: Found myself in a rotten mood #933184

    Start fake laughing;you’ll crack yourself up for real! It works!!!

    Do jumping jacks! Or any exercise for that matter…

    Talk it out to Hashem… at least you know someOne is listening…

    Listen to Hashem Loves you…??? and dance along! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Are Joseph and Mrs. Zarves related? #933662

    really mrs. gorf turned the 19th story into apples and gave them to louis for mishloach manot, but then he ate her by mistake…

    and milo was jumping back and forth from conclusions, so he couldn’t save her, though tock did growl

    in reply to: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? #931782

    a wood chuck would chuck as much wood as a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

    in reply to: Seminary in Ofakim and FAFSA/College Credits #930961


    anybody have any information??? or is this a no clue what you’re talking about kind of thing?


    in reply to: Seminary in Ofakim and FAFSA/College Credits #930959

    was that an “oh, now i get it” makes sense, or a “what on earth are you thinking?!” makes sense? πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Seminary in Ofakim and FAFSA/College Credits #930957

    hate to do this, but



    in reply to: Seminary in Ofakim and FAFSA/College Credits #930956

    thanks snowbunny! i’m not in seminary there;i heard about it, adn that it’s a college. Basically, to make a very long story very short, i was in seminary last year, nad i’m in college now, was going to make aliyah, but makes most sense to finish my ba before doing so, because then the gov will pay for my masters… but i really want to go now… so i was wondering if i could transfer my credits there, finish my ba paying with fafsa, and then start my masters…

    anyone else have any info whatsoever???

    Thank you!


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    Thanks for fixing the title, whichever mod did that! Really appreciate it! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Girl with "Sechorah" (AKA GELT) #930986

    squeak-now i’m not moving, and i’m losing… i should’ve took teh gelt…i’d rather walk than hear you sqwack!:D

    in reply to: Anorexia In BY Schools #929871

    oh lordy… mods can you please close this???

    in reply to: Mice in mein hoiz #994270

    one time there was a mouse in my house. so i named it happy and made friends with it… or attempted to anyways. but it was scared of me, and when i started talking to it, it ran away πŸ™ and we haven’t seen it in about 3 months… oh well πŸ™‚

    in reply to: All 9th Graders Who Want to Go to Sem!! #930171

    Veltz Meshugener-not to start anything controversial or anything, just responding πŸ™‚ your generalization that going to seminary is something “that someone else pays for” is not true for many of the people that i know. yes, i got scholarships, and yes my parents paid some, but i paid for a chunk. and my spending money was MY money that I earned…and it wasn’t like the scholarships just landed in my lap… i offered my parents that i wouldn’t go. but yeah, sarcastic as you might have meant your comment of being important for Hashem, i asked a shailah, several times, and for me, it was important to go. and there were many girls in seminary with me who had similiar financial situations, who helped pay their way and who spent their own money.

    that’s not to say there weren’t girls who had it as a given that they would go, adn who had daddy’s credit card… tehre were. but it just bothers me when people make generalizations about how spoiled we all are spending money that our parents don’t have for something we mgiht not necessarily need.

    ok rant over πŸ™‚

    and i apologize profusely for any grammar/spelling mistakes

    in reply to: Purim Shtick for teachers to do on students #1059783

    My tenth grade chemistry teachers takes teh prize… she had another teacher come in and teach us in hebrew, and had us believe that we would be tested on the material. It was sooo much fun though-it was a lesson on dry ice, so we filled balloons with it, did different experiments, all in hebrew. at the end, the teacher said purim sameach, or something like that πŸ™‚

    in reply to: In Witch He Snorted #1115439

    I think I’d like to be Nearly Headless Nick, or maybe Hagrid…

    in reply to: Seminary Help! #930135

    Ateres or Ateret? They both exist, and that tuf v. suf makes a big difference…

    in reply to: In Witch He Snorted #1115395


    That’s a first…

    Why doesn’t anybody want to be Moaning Myrtle? Or Umbridge? Or Dudley(I mean, he did do teshuva in the end…) ?

    in reply to: Seminary Tips #925183

    How much you spend per month depends on you-if you walk a lot vs. taking the bus, go shopping, buy a lot of food, go out to eat, etc.

    Personally, I spent less than $100 per month, but i had friends who spent double the amount. But to be fair, I walked most places, and the money was mine that I earned, and it wasn’t unlimited, so I was a lot more careful… depends really on a few things: you and your spending habits, your financial situation, and if you’re willing to give up american products and buy cheaper israeli things, which for the record, are NOT inferior! Just not what you’re used to.

    Laundry-depending if you have to pay for the washing machine, how often you do laundry, if you wash stuff buy hand… Several friends and I bought a basin (about 3 shek each) and a thing of hand washing detergent, and that saved quite a bit.

    When you budget, keep in mind gifts for your shabbos hosts, transportation for shabbos, and all those little things that add up

    There will be months you spend more (ie adar, and the rainy months when you don’t want to walk) and months that you spend less.

    What i found worked very well was to set out half the money i brought, say i’m only spending that, and divide it up into even amounts for the months. this way, in a month i spent less, ihad money for a month i spent more, and i had money to fall back on if needed, so that i came back with money left…

    in reply to: Frequent Posters and Personality #925381

    And there i was, thinking it was green… Shows how misleading the internet truly is

    in reply to: Seminary Tips #925180

    If you can stay afterwards, STAY! For as long as possible!

    Go to birchas kohanim all gimmel regalim! If you can’t do that, than at the very least walk to the Kotel on Shavuot morning-it’s indescribable!

    Go to vasikin at the Kotel often! Go to the Kotel as often as you can! You won’t regret ever having spent time there!

    Beyond that, if you’re not going to have room/weight, don’t use it on seforim-you can either get them from someone who was there the year before, or you can buy them for a lot less than they cost here. Also, I highly reccomend seforim store browsing!!! If you’re going to shlep out to Geula anyways, might as well take advantage…

    Just because people say something is a chavaya, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Just because people don’t say something is a chavaya doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Make everything into a chavaya!!!

    Be quiet on the bus… Yes, there will be those annoying seminary girls who are chattering in high pitched voices and telling the olam their life stories, but don’t be part of it. Those few give the rest of us a bad name… And we find them jsut as annoying…

    LEARN FROM EVERYONE!!!! (I know people don’t like all caps, but this is such an important one) Your roomates, your hosts for shabbos, the old lady on the bus next to you… They all have something you can learn from.

    Everyone has a story-nobody grew up in a vaccum. Keep this in mind, and never ever judge, because you can never know the full story just by looking…

    Always keep a positive attitude! Don’t underestimate the power of a smile, good morning/boker tov. Get in the habit-say it to everyone-your seminary mates, the bus driver, the man cleaning by the kotel, the people collecting tzedaka. It makes their day!

    You probably wanted advice that’s a bit more concrete, sorry about this then. If you ask specifics, I’d be thrilled to help!

    Get ready for the most amazing year ever!!! Hatzlacha Rabba! πŸ™‚

    in reply to: In Witch He Snorted #1115377

    And Joseph is either Voldemort or Rita Skeeter, not really sure which… I’m leaning towards Rita πŸ™‚

    in reply to: I Really Need A Job #965050

    snowbunny-do you know if the going downtown part is mandatory? i’d hate to have to do that…

    also, luach is a really really good place to look for jobs, as well as posting that you need a job. however, there isn’t so much from the midwest, as far as i could tell when i was looking…

    (and yes, i know this is grammatically incorrect! sorry haifagirl and others) πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Girls in Shidduchim wearing sweatshirts ? #922957

    snowbunny-i think your english teacher, my english teacher, and morahrach all know each other πŸ™‚

    that being said, yes, sweatshirts may cause a girl to look younger. but why is that anybody else’s business? if what’s she wearing bothers you, chances are she’s not looking for somebody like you (i have a feeling this is going to be taken the wrong way…)

    in reply to: will you marry me? #919765

    gefen, out of curiosity, did you ever answer? maybe i better come check it out in person πŸ˜‰

    in reply to: Oldest Current CR Posters #1211669

    oooh oooh, ME!!! about a few times every couple of months _is_ somewhat regularly…

    in reply to: contact info #917998

    they’re full… but thanks!

    anybody else? please… Thanks in advance!

    in reply to: contact info #917996

    bump! anyone, someone? pretty pretty please????

    in reply to: 20 Questions #937365

    not a piano-no legs! and prob not casio cuz htat would be electricity (though i guess batteries)

    i’d say flute, but no metal

    maybe an accordian? or a guitar? or even a drum? but i’m not guessing… just suggesting. though for all i know it could be a tuba or the bagpipes… πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Yachad girls Israel program #915234

    hi! sorry if i’m putting this in the wrong place, but i wanted to know if anyone knew of girl’s camps in eretz yisrael that i could apply to as a counselor, and what the contact info is… it doesn’t show up on google! so if anyone knows how to contact sse, yachad, ashreinu, or knows of any other relevant place (besides sdei chemed and ncsy-applied to those already πŸ™‚ )please please please let me know! thank you so much!

    in reply to: Guitars for beginners #908115

    thank you so much!

    in reply to: Post to PostοΏ½NOT #1047455

    theres no art to find the mind’s construction in the face

    in reply to: Maarava? #902235

    getting this back on track… i went to maarava for 6 years, though not this past… what can i say? i come from chicago, so my views on things are coming from an out of town perspective…

    it’s an awesome place! mrs. gettinger and mrs. eisgrau are amazing and are really there for every camper AND staff member. the girls-it has changed a bit over the years imho, gotten a bit more “in towny” though it’s still more “out of towny” (anyone else mixed up yet?) than most places (def not like sternberg though! but that’s more that they’re diff types of places, can’t compare) the “snobbishness” of hte girls depends on your age group, though i can’t say i ever experienced that. everyone feels welcome, and the activities are amazing! though there are “special days” throughout the summer, in truth, every day in maarava is special! (corny, but it’s true!) any specifics that you’d like to ask?

    in reply to: ATT POETRY PEOPLE #1168461

    l’chvod the murphy’s law thread…

    “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong”

    At least so states Murphy’s Law

    This means that if you burn the rice

    The chicken will certainly be raw

    But if you want to know my opinion

    That is, my version of the truth

    It’s that this law is false

    For the opposite there is proof

    So many things go right each day

    But we have a tendency to forget

    We only notice the bad things

    ’cause they make us all upset

    Please stop what you are doing

    Now take a nice deep breath

    Now is as good a time as ever

    Upon your day to reflect

    Think about what has happened

    Since you woke up today

    Think about all those things

    That actually went right today

    You handed in your report on time

    You found both of your shoes

    You even found time to do things

    That you usually don’t have time to do

    But even if this is not the case

    Things seem to be going wrong

    Think about the fact that

    Baruch Hashem you woke up this morning

    And now you’re feeling fine

    Everything in working order

    No reason to scream or whine

    Now you see this law is false

    At least for your sake it better be

    Because you’ve broken the law countless times

    But then again that’s a good thing

    in reply to: midrasha #893932

    thanks for your help! actually, the focus right now is finding a place to live, not so much classes… thanks for your suggestions! i’ll definitely try those as well…

    in reply to: Camp Songs #893544

    sternberg your song, it echoes in our hearts, how can we forget, our home way from home way from home? we will never stop singing cuz sternberg your song…

    in reply to: midrasha #893925

    before anything else, i want to apologize for my last post-it came out sounding obnoxious… the way i say things and the way they come out written are very different, so i’m sorry if it was taken the wrong way and that it came out as it did. Thank you so much for your help! i still can’t find it, but b’ezrat Hashem i’ll figure it out… Thanks again!

    in reply to: midrasha #893921

    d’ya really think i didn’t try that first? i couldn’t find it, and also i wanted first hand info… but it’s ok if you don’t know… i was only asking for pple who do. but thanks for the tip, adn i really do mean it! :0)

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