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    even yummier- That was funny! I actually haven’t been on here for a very long time, but I searched something on Google and something came up in the coffee room, so figured i’d browse through a bit, and found this!

    And now I shall leave again πŸ™‚

    To all those who i “know”-hi! Hope all is going well with you!

    To everyone!-hi, hope all is going well with you too!!!

    Gut Chodesh! (almost)

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    Okay, okay, it was me. I dressed up to tell him… oh the shame

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    Actually i meant it’s a book, not a feature length documentary, meaning there’s a “time limit” of sorts, for lack of a better explanation. But thank you for pointing out that i didn’t actually say that which i meant to say πŸ˜€

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    Hey-now that i finally read the book today, just thought i’d comment πŸ™‚ It’s really well written, accurate, and doesn’t rely on melodrama to keep it going. Like others mentioned, the fact that she was so open so fast may not be the most realistic, but hey, desperate times and all that, not to mention it’s a book, not a biography. So yeah. Shkoyach!!! πŸ˜€

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    Syag- Funny you should say that, cuz i seem to recall a certain sibling of mine receiving mishloach manos that was purportedly put together by you… (ok, really i just wanted to use the word purportedly, which is why i posted.)oh, and thank you… πŸ™‚

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    Little Froggie-he doesn’t know what the CR is πŸ™‚

    rebyidd-What makes you think that it is a serious argument? I’m not being any more serious than you are…

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    rebyidd-you were so so close to having a good argument, but you forgot one of the most important aspects-a qualifier. You may or may not have a valid point on geometry teachers, but because you generalize all dentists as evil, you lose the case. Besides, you wouldn’t be calling my father evil would you? Cuz then i may have to take drastic measures.:)

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    Thanks LF πŸ™‚ Refuah Shlaima!

    rebyidd- I’m not sure I understand what your assumption is based off of. Would you care to elaborate? Thanks!

    (And for the record, she’s an awesome geometry teacher!)

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    “Never assume unless it’s a line”-geometry teacher.

    That being said, were you speaking to me?

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    Thanks 29!

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    What?! It’s snowing???

    Hey, we still might get 50 degrees on Thursday, just be prepared for massive flooding… YAY! A swimming pool that will help us deal with the heat wave! See, it’s the refuah before the makkah!

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    And what about small fat jerks?

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    bklynmom-normally I wouldn’t care about typos, but as there actually is an AtereT, i think you might want to confirm that you are referring to AtereS

    I actually fixed that as you were posting πŸ™‚ – 29

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    rebyidd- My guess is yes! For real! Dentists are so cool!

    I love going to my dentist. He’s geshmak! He also happens to be my father, but on an objective level, he’s geshmak! Dentists are cool! They have these funky chairs, and all these cool instruments, and they employ physics and biology among other disciplines. They even get to paint sometimes and make cement, and sometimes that cement is color changing and basically dentists are really cool so everyone who isn’t so pleased with his/her dentist should just remember that dentists rock! The end.

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    I’m not bumping this thread, merely moving it up the page.

    Besides, things go bump in the night, and it’s daytime now. πŸ˜€

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    I thought this thread was gonna be a question on ??? ???…??? ???? ?’ ??? ?????… πŸ™‚

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    oomis-My father is of the same opinion, so was not allowed to get them pierced. When I turned bas mitzva my mother offered it to me, but i turned it down because i saw his point and it wasn’t something i really cared about. The Goq isn’t too far off, though i wasn’t actually on the plane back. A few weeks before i left Eretz Yisrael i got them pierced, when it wasn’t because all of my friends had earrings or any other sort of peer pressure, it was just because i wanted to.

    I don’t think you should pierce a baby’s ears. Let it be her decision, once she’s old enough to decide if that’s what she wants, after being able to think it through. Just my humble opinion. Sorry future daughters of mine… your ears will not be pierced from birth πŸ™‚

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    Are you referring to Cam Jansen or Carmen Sandiego? Cam Jansen is the person you were thinking of from learning to read chapter books. Carmen Sandiego is a computer game that The Goq mentioned. Feel free to google her is you so desire. πŸ˜€

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    which meant that the chicken was not only injected with ketchup, but dunked in coffee as well, rather like a donut for the insane

    in reply to: What happened to RGB? #1002105

    SIDI- that’s Cam Jansen. Carmen Sandiego is a woman in a red coat with brown hair and a red hat. You have to find her in the USA, in the world, in time, and there are math and spelling versions as well.

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    I call Frimet being pba or his wife

    in reply to: Where do tall gals shop? #999476

    I’m also 5’7, so I feel your pain!

    writersoul-I don’t know if they have Ross where you are, but b”H I’ve had some success finding pencil skirts that are long enough and not tight. ( Emphasis on some-I guess there’s a reason that I’ve found two in the past two years πŸ˜€ )Occasionally Old Navy has, as does Carson’s (it has a different name in different states, but I don’t remember what, sorry!),though usually you have to scour the stores and daven.

    I’m not such a big shopper, so I couldn’t tell you the best places.

    If she finds something that isn’t tight but is a tad too short, she could try getting the skirt in a size or two above what she wears and allowing it to fall lower (okay, that only works if it’s under a dress). Always check the hem to see if there’s enough to let down to make a difference!

    Hatzlacha rabba!!! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Song name #999807

    Incidentally, here are the lyrics, as per jewishguitarchords.

    Smile and dry the tears

    That streak your weary face

    Your wounded soul will be consoled

    By the wonders of this place

    Laugh away the fears

    No need to be afraid

    The storm will pass

    See sunlight splash

    On these stones and on your face

    After these long days of sorrow

    After theses long nights end,

    After this black night passes

    A new light will dawn and

    Follow the signs

    Nachamu Ami

    Nachamu Ami

    So be strong, be true, be brave,

    Gotta keep your head up high,

    Smile and dry the tears

    The day will soon be gone

    Throw off these chains

    Return and carry onnnnnnn

    After these long days of sorrow

    After theses long nights end,

    After this black night passes

    A new light will dawn and

    Follow the signs

    Nachamu Ami

    Nachamu Ami

    Yea yea

    Nachamu Ami

    Davru al Lev


    Davru al Lev


    After these long days of sorrow

    After theses long nights end,

    After this black night passes

    A new light will dawn and

    Follow the signs

    Nachamu Ami

    Nachamu Ami

    Yea yea

    Nachamu Ami

    Yea yea

    Nachamu Ami

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    Gefen- i see that you have become a family of olaf-lovers… 0> (side view of his head with the carrot, just for you)

    in reply to: Home #996066

    It all depends on what you mean by home.

    Than was the hound that came a stranger to us

    SaysMe-then you find a definition that does. Or rather, a place that fits your definition. The place that you live is not necessarily your home. It’s a versatile word.

    in reply to: If I knew who you were #1075851

    fkelly-I figured someone out, and started a thread like this to see if they would answer. She never responded on the CR, so i figured she doesn’t care if people know who she is. On the other hand, there was another poster who was posting very personal things who I didn’t figure out, though she left enough clues for somebody else to figure her out, my friend, so I left a thread for her telling her that people knew, and she changed her name. So probably see what happens… otherwise ignore it.

    in reply to: [closed] I kill threads #993805

    Either way… I open at the close. So this thread is open πŸ˜€

    in reply to: NeutiquamErro's favorite thread with an obscure title #1147264

    Just a few sidepoints- (to quote Shopping)Half-blood=people who have intermarried parents and think they are jewish… That doesn’t work because half bloods are still wizards… unless you wanna say that you’re referring to a case in which the mother is jewish, in which case you shouldn’t say they think they’re jewish in that way, because they actually are.

    (to argue on yytz)-if you’re going to list the failings of the other 3 houses, put in the same for Gryffindor-not every single person in each house fit the description, and every house has their good guys and their bad guys

    writersoul-Thank you for saving me the time to write that. Seriously, shkoyich on pulling it all together and writing it out so well.

    Gamanit-precisely.In regards to comparing, the religion situation, and dementors. Complete tangent, but I have a friend who, shall we say, at times is the impersonation of a dementor. She sucks EVERYTHING out of you… so when she was in a situation once in which i knew that she was going to pretty much give me the dementor’s kiss, i made her chocolate brownies, cuz chocolate is the cure πŸ™‚ B”H it worked!

    Also, Umbridge is the nachash. Actually, never mind. She could be Balak.

    Not to start the whole religion thing again, but as pure lehavdil mashalness, Snape could be the person (forgot his name-john? the other one? ) who started the offshoot of christianity to prevent other jews from sinning and went undercover in order to do so.


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    Syag-I know, crazy, right?

    in reply to: Lost Dor Yesharim ID Number #1141027

    When i did it, they said the SS# could be used instead… If that’s not actually true, then a lot of us our going to have a problem…

    in reply to: New RCA siddur #988667

    mms601-Try looking for an Ohel Sarah siddur-it’s a siddur specially made for women. I don’t have one, so i’m not sure how it is different from a “regular” siddur, but i think it has ?????? that are special for women and gives directions. Artscroll makes it, you can check their catalog/website.


    in reply to: Dancing in the Dark, by Shoshana Mael #1010864

    Did the book stay true to the facts or did it dramatize them in a stereotypical way? Not trying to be cynical or c”v cause lashon hara (some people like books like that!), just to figure out if i should spend the time reading it πŸ˜€ For those who don’t know what i mean-there was a novel that came out a few years ago by an author who i really enjoyed (she tended to stay away from the stereotypical jewish novel format and her writing was a pleasure to read). The premise of the novel was that one of the main characters suffered from schizophrenia. He was diagnosed extemporaneously, and was back with his family, seemingly “cured” about 3 weeks later. The entire book was filled with cliche situations and ignorant projections of mental illness. (Sorry, i don’t think projection was the right word, but i can’t think of the correct term.) There was a similar book about a girl struggling with anorexia-the book kind of glorified the whole situation, glossed over her, and continued on without sticking to reality.

    So, back to my original question-was this researched, or was this just a drama feeding into the stereotypes and images that society has?


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    Oops! I meant it doesn’t seem right! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: In Witch He Snorted #1115582

    live right- i see why you would say that, but somehow it just seem right. i’m going to think this over… πŸ˜€

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    Well seeing as it has been bumped… Eragon is too wordy!!! The third and fourth books could have been chopped down by a lot. Also, Angela should have been in there more. Just saying.

    And not seeing how Health is Gertrude. At all.

    Let’s get back to Harry Potter!


    in reply to: If you know me, raise your hand #985448

    Oh perfect! I was going to start a new thread, but this is the perfect place for what I want to say. Geshmak! Here comes my lovely little rant/request, and then I shall withdraw πŸ˜€

    End rant.

    Have a great one everyone!!! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: At what point is it considered studying too much? #985115

    On a total side point, could you ask to be in tutorials anyways? By us, you get placed there based on your writing assessment test, so if you’re going to need them, you could probably join, regardless of whether or not you are currently in an English class.Or if your college has a writing center, the people there will be happy to help!

    That being said, hatzlacha rabba! There are those professors who hand out 3 chapters worth of material and expect you to know it by the end of the week. It’s tough for anyone, so I definitely hear you that it takes a loooong time. You might want to speak to other girls in your class/girls who took this teacher before so that perhaps they can help you narrow down what it is that you really need to know. We have a teacher notorious for HUGE packets and LOADS of material, but after going through it, you realize that he doesn’t require you to know all of it, or all the details. (Though half the time nobody really knows what any teacher wants… )

    B’hatzlacha!!! Hope it gets easier!


    So actually there was one person who i didn’t figure out, just told them a while ago that they were giving out enough information that they potentially could be figured out. Having seen this person recently, i realized who it was, but decided not to say anything.

    There’s another person on here about whom i have a very strong hunch that i know who they are. However, not knowing this person personally, only by sight, i haven’t said anything. Though sometimes it’s so tempting to just go over to her and say are you ___? But that’s stalkerish and creepy, and i don’t make an effort to figure people out. Sometimes it clicks.

    And as for others finding me out… they asked straight out πŸ˜€ There are several people that know who i am, and one person that knew who i was, but, because of my sporadic posting, may or may not still know.


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    I didn’t know what a boodie was, until I was doing chesed by somebody’s house last year and she asked if I would give her kids a boodie, and I said something along the lines of “sure, WHAT?!” And so i received an education. Baruch Hashem. πŸ˜€

    in reply to: My Favorite Teachers Had This In Common: #970934

    unconditional love


    Pay attention to all your students, even those good quiet ones sitting in the corner who appear to be the most frum, aidel, tznius, etc. ESPECIALLY to the good quiet kids sitting in the corner. Those who maybe aren’t the loudest, who aren’t openly rebelling. (For those that know me, this is not about me, it’s about a friend.)There are so many girls who are hurting for whatever reason, and because they don’t outwardly rebel, because they aren’t the most popular, because they make the teacher uneasy, because the teacher can’t imagine how this sweet good girl could have anything but the perfect life, because of a thousand and one reasons. Everyone speaks about “at-risk” and the need to pull them back. What about those who don’t appear to be “at-risk”? We had questions. We wanted out. And real hurt is knowing that if you just unbuttoned that button or pulled that skirt up a little higher, you could’ve gotten help. It’s knowing that because you didn’t just have questions and leave it all, because you instead looked things up, researched, discussed, and decided that Judaism is real, and you weren’t going to leave it just because you were hurting, you couldn’t get help. It’s making a decision to stick with the emet even when “the truth hurts.” Imagine having to research everything on your own because you had classmates who, nebuch, were falling through the cracks and you were the perfect aidel knaidel so your questions weren’t as important.

    For so many it wasn’t, isn’t an intellectual need. People leave a place because a need isn’t being met. People go off cuz a need is there. Rarely is it from intellectual misunderstandings. (it happens, but more often the underlying cause is emotional.)

    That’s how we end up with all these robots. Do you know what it is to go through four years of high school not feeling the part but acting it perfectly because you know it to be true but there’s nobody there to listen? You’re a good kid, you don’t need help.

    You want to know what to do to help? Listen to the silence. It’s the things that aren’t said, the ones that aren’t blatantly in your face, that say it the most. Silence hurts.

    Don’t think the exterior says it all. Everyone needs a kind word every now and then. Everyone needs praise or recognition for something. And nobody wants to be the good quiet kid in the corner for the majority of their elementary and high school years. It hurts.

    Kiruv krovim became a big deal at one point. But only, apparently, for those whom it was deemed necessary. Don’t judge, you don’t know.

    end rant πŸ™‚

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    it actually happened one summer that i couldn’t find my shoes, so the only shoes i had to wear on tisha b’av were my shabbos shoes… boy did that feel wrong!

    in reply to: Misophonia #965530

    Thank you neuroscience!

    oomis-i don’t think so because i have a twin, and he has no such problems, b”H!


    in reply to: Nice Try, Syag! #1158575

    Like Speedway, only better! MUCH!!!

    Syag- it’s *my* 7-11-during finals i think i tripled their yearly profit, to say nothing of the summer semester slurpee fund… πŸ˜€ but i’ll share


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    I had a camper last year who wet the bed. It’s fine, just as long as you let the camp mother/nurse know and the counselor. But make sure that they know!!! Otherwise it can be problematic. I don’t know what others do, but we made sure she got the bed closest to the bathroom, and i woke her up first in the mornings so that if she needed to get to the bathroom first (so that nobody would see she was wet), she could do it as i was waking the others up. And it’s not so hard to take some wet sheets and throw em in the machine!

    also, just from the counselor’s side-bunk houses tend to smell. If your child generally tells me when there’s a problem, and I see that she’d rather I didn’t ask, I won’t, at least not every day. So if she puts her wet sheets in her laundry bag and i ask her if she needs me to do laundry for her/ does she need to change anything, and she says no, please do not scream at me when you come to camp and your child’s laundry smells moldy, and how could i not smell it and on and on… I have other campers, and like I said, the bunkhouse smells. I check, but depending on the child, I am not going to constantly hover. I can’t, and I’m not there to harass. (Obviously if she had been the kind of kid who didn’t tell me I would’ve questioned her. Some kids would rather tell, and some would prefer to be asked.) rant over. Sorry about that! πŸ˜€

    To all those who say he should not go to camp-this is not a reason.


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    SUMMER SEMESTER!!! what could be better?


    in reply to: ChicagoοΏ½Vanilla Reload Card #958612

    Dairy Star!!! (they even have cholov yisrael) πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Waking Up Your Kids #993777

    Zushy-you’re bumping threads but threads generally fall off the page because people ran out of things to say on that topic… once they’ve responded and said their piece, they’re done…don’t take it personally. maybe try responding to things that are ongoing, like the humor or forwards threads, things like that..


    WELCOME!!! try not to get stuck here πŸ™‚

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    coming from the sleepaway camp angle (more specifically 9-10 yr olds)

    *if your child takes medication, it’s not enough for the nurse to know. i need to know as well. i’ll be discreet, but don’t expect your 9 year old to remember to go get her meds every time, or to tell me herself.

    *as has been mentioned, i will notice if your child is a bed wetter. letting me know beforehand lets me make sure she gets a bed on a lower bunk near the bathroom, and to know to wake her up a bit earlier in case she has to clean up. at the same time, i’m not going to question her if she needs her laundry done. at age 10 i expect that she’d rather come tell me that she needs her laundry done than for me to ask her every morning. (obviously this depends on the child.)

    *if your child has social problems, or there’s something going on at home, i will find out eventually, so i’d rather you were honest and upfront with me and tell me so that if a situation arises, i knwo how to deal with it. no, i will not treat her differently, and no, i will not do anything with the information. but it’s important that i know. you woulnd’t believe the things these kids discuss, yes, even your 9 and 10 year olds. case in point, i had a camper whose parent got remarried over the summer, another who’s parents had just recently divorced, another whose brother was sick, and several other similar issues. when these kids are talking about pple being sick, or pple dying, or when they get hysterical because one parent came and not the other on visiting day, it helps me deal with the situation if i know WHAT i’m dealing with.

    from the day camp angle (5-6 year olds)while at sleep away camp

    *if you run the camp, and your kid constantly runs away, and you give him a popsicle every time, please don’t blame me if he continues running away

    *if you’ve been in camp all summer, then yes, by the time i come for the last month, your kid will be camped out. he wants home, and he wants mommy. understand that second session is a lot more difficult than first, and it’s not a lack on our part

    *just because your child says he hates day camp doesn’t mean a thing :)you should see him when he’s in daycamp. but please don’t come visit-he’s impossible then cuz mommy’s there to protect him

    *when i invite your kids to play freeze tag with me after supper, or cops and robbers or hide and seek on shabbos or other times after my hours, please understand that this is something i offer because i love your kids and don’t mind doing. but telling them to go find me/come to my bunkhouse is not appropriate. i do my best to be the best counselor i can, but i need down time in order to do so. while i’m happy to play, outside of daycamp hours, please, lets do it on my terms, and be respectful of my privacy.

    *i can’t shadow and be a counselor for other kids at the same time. i tried that once, it didn’t work out that great…

    *yes i know your sister/brother/nephew/cousin/neighbor/kid that youre a motehr’s helper for/random staff kid friend is adorable. he is, and i won’t deny it for a second. but PLEASE do NOT come visit with all your friends in middle of daycamp to go show him off. in fact, please don’t come visit. it’s incredibly disruptive, and throws everyone off. you really wanna bond with him? put him to bed or go play with him on shabbos. not when he’s playing quite happily, or even if he’s crying.

    *if you see your child crying, keep in mind that if this was daycamp anywhere else-you wouldn’t see him. you’ve entrusted your child to my care for the day. please let me deal with it. if i can’t handle it, i’ll let you know. honest. but for all you knwo he’s crying because he bit another kid and i sent him to timeout…

    this for everyone:

    *i’m a counselor because i love kids. i might not know yours at the beginning of the summer, but once i get to know them, i’ll come to love them as well. i do my best to give them the best summer that i can. i can’t promise that they’ll have an amazing summer because i can’t control everything. i want what’s best for your kids and i want us to be on the same page. please tell me everything that you think i hsould know, and if not me, than someone in camp so that when situations arise, somebody can deal with them fittingly. we all just want to give your kids the best summer. please help us do that. work with us, not against us. and while yes, you should listen to your kids, and if they say someone or something is bothering them in camp-let us know!!!-at the same time, bear in mind that they may not be saying the hwole situation. you trusted me to watch your kid. please trust my judgment. and when you see me on visiting day, don’t say things against me or about me to your kid. it’s not fair…

    basically, work with us, and know your child-some kids are NOT READY for camp just because you want them out of the house. and they’ll have a miserable summer, no matter what we do…

    have a great summer everyone!!! πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Pareve Milk Chocolate Brownies?! #952382

    thank you so much! funny, when i tried looking it up, i could only find the milchig version. oh well! thank you!!!

    re my silly arguments-yes, i agree, but it distinctly tasted like milk, and the last time something like this happened was on pesach when s/o ate something that tasted like kitniyot, and when she checked it up, the package had been mislabeled.but yes, i admit, my logic there was faulty. but i have a tendency to treif up the kitchen in the craziest ways, so i went into panic mode… πŸ™‚

    sorry about that!

    have a great shabbos! πŸ˜€

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