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    You would have to put the CR in hypnosis mode…

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    ..Sort of Welcome Back!

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    WOW.. It took two years to find that out!!!

    (btw who are you responding to? Discussions tend to get hazy after two years)

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    In times of old, our great Rabbis yielded great power, both in the upper realms and in conducting the affairs of our nation. It’s been said that the Gedolim in the era of the crusades cursed and put a cherem on the land (I think it was York) that no Jew should ever live there again, due to the great atrocities that were visited upon our people there. A land’s greatest gift is the ability to have a Jew do mitzvhos on it, they felt that was the best way to repay, avenge it – forever – for the brutality, cruelty done to us on it.

    I have no doubt, had they been living in our era, they’d most certainly forbid – FOREVER – any Jew from treading upon its most cursed land.

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    I popa would have entered any of the numerous shuls in these United Lands of Amerigo, he would have instantly noticed the Daf displayed on the huge zmanim screens. (Do they uses electricity in his shul?)

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    and he was… just bumping.

    (btw, there’s a world of a difference between someone just bumping one or two good oldies, for the sake of reminiscing good old times, and going on a rampage. just saying…)

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    Thank you, Golfer, for that compliment.

    (if my brain wouldn’t be limited, I’d probably be doing something constructive)

    in reply to: Passport Pictures for Seminary Applications #988941

    If you believe anything else he says…

    The reason they ask for pictures is to be able to better identify that girl once on campus, staff and faculty have an easier time.

    in reply to: What if I'm really a retard #1198805

    The words of a person are a reflection of his/her inner self. Cannot fool people too long, once someone has opened his/her mouth (and in some instances the pen or digital input device). Take a tip from Froggie, it always pours out, for good or otherwise.

    We find that Yaakov avinu, how hard he tried to fool Yitzchak Avinu by pretending to be Esav, once he opened his mouth, his inner self showed and shined out. He could not help it. No – a real oved HaShem, with refined character cannot get himself to verbalize the commoner’s street “language”.


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    No, the man is correct in questioning. They may actually be bones of dead humans, which are assur (I think)

    in reply to: Page 2 #1023528

    Jump (oh, I mean hop)

    in reply to: I hate you all, you big fat jerks #1019683

    What with such language? Someone (alleged to be) learning should express himself a bit more refined. I think.

    in reply to: Who Has Time to Post on Erev Sha.. #1040232


    in reply to: Which gadol should I get a bracha from? #988294

    Not me. I’m not gadol at all.

    in reply to: Random Thread #78532 #988489

    I knew it, I just knew it’s going to happen one day…

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    One does not talk (or croak) while eating. ??? ????? ??????.

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    It’s extremely hard to type while sticking out my tongue. (ith vethy hart to thay anythin thith way)

    in reply to: Saying each word of Shma multiple times #991188

    It’s supposed to be able to get one out of / cool off (any single type of) Gehenom.

    in reply to: "Get a life" #988498

    Your local Chofetz Chaim group. ?? ???? ???? ????.

    And I’m told that women too want (a) life.

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    Monkeys? Where on the keyboard is that?

    in reply to: Hadron Aluch, hopefully! #988441

    Of course you don’t remember me jumping around. I was (sort of) invented after you sobbed out of here. So officially we don’t know each other.

    in reply to: Hadron Aluch, hopefully! #988438


    Is it really you?!? I really did miss you. Are you here for the unforeseeable present?

    in reply to: THE CODE…. #987916

    “You sound so polite, respectful, refined. Do you frequent the Coffee Room by any chance?”

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177833

    and me

    in reply to: [Bumped] 11/18/13 – 7:29 pm (EST, Earth) #990164

    OK, You have to be maiven that I sometimes write things without being Yaavining. That’s a better way to get to know me.

    in reply to: ERROR: Could not establish a database connection #997627

    Maybe it get bugged (or frogged)

    in reply to: Good and Bad.. #987742

    WIY, aren’t you WI? Yes, I had one. A head and a headache. (good and bad). If you really need to know, it’s B”H over by now. Hodu laShem.

    in reply to: [Bumped] 11/18/13 – 7:29 pm (EST, Earth) #990161

    Uh oh. Here’s another cryptic post of HaLeiVi. I’m sweating it out for the past 12 hours, cannot fathom what that’s intended to mean. Anyone else here on his wavelength? I haven’t the froggiest idea what he’s talking about.

    in reply to: I hate vegetables #987592

    What would click vegetable say about this?

    in reply to: SUC Grand Member Master List #1177824

    How do I get OFF your list?

    in reply to: [Bumped] 11/18/13 – 7:29 pm (EST, Earth) #990159

    A maivin would yaavin.

    in reply to: Good and Bad.. #987740

    And the answer would be, an “insider” would say “I feel for you”.

    in reply to: Not Being A Slave and other rants #990142

    Yeah, right. That was popa – “Are women Jewish?”

    in reply to: Saying yes to offers of help #987543

    “I need help learning how to accept help”

    Hmm. If I help you learn, would you accept?

    in reply to: What to do when your hero lets you down? #987454

    Gory, morbid stuff. when they let you down, there’s not much you could say… (or do..)

    in reply to: Why is it? #987529

    Yeah, I know. It’s really funny.

    in reply to: I did it #1002463

    Some time ago there was this screen name “Say I Did It”. Is that you?

    in reply to: This isn't my thread title. Please change it. #987072

    Lucky they don’t change what you write in a post. After all, they have the last (first and middle) word. Actually it’s they that are posting, publishing all this (and this). We’re only suggesting what should be be posted. So they have the rights to “slightly” alter things that “need to be”.

    in reply to: Who Has Time to Post on Erev Sha.. #1040227

    OK, Finished cooking! Now, I wanted to say that… Hey, is that the soup runn…

    in reply to: How to make people look at your thread #996118

    I actually started one with “Don’t look here”, many people choose to ignore that and peek in. How do you keep people away from a post?

    in reply to: How to make people look at your thread #996117

    2 scents, yes, I do too. (wonder why). And unfortunately it too got closed (reopened and then closed)

    in reply to: Men Cooking #1036680

    “Cleaning is an unnecessary….Men of the world unite!! Fight back!!”

    First of all many men, unfortunately do fight…

    And many men fight back cleaning..they leave their unclean stuff all over the place, dishes…

    in reply to: Women Cleaning #1027236

    I’m busy drawing.. hey gimme back my yellow crayon

    in reply to: Divorce in the Frume Veldt #987387


    I once wrote about it. Yaakov Avinu was thinking about divorcing Leah, ?? ????? ???, so Hashem hurriedly sent children her way. Medrash continues, Yakkov exclaimed, “How can I divorce the mother of these?!”.

    There is a lesson to be learned. Today’s selfish society wants every thing for self gratification, glorification, no time or room for another. Marriage is for external desires, passions, and the minute external “circumstances” wane or wears off, people, like disposables, are dumped.

    A far cry from the selfless life style of the previous. Children were not “in the way”, to the contrary – they were the glue that actually solidified their marriage.

    in reply to: Funfering… #986808

    That’s a he. (ever saw a female frog?) And it’s software designing. And it’s intermittent “coffee breaks”, to air out, refresh, recharge, rejuvenate. In short – to take a blissful break. AHHHH!!


    I was just wondering if anyone had access to the official excuse book.

    in reply to: Explain Your Username #1019461


    Plain (as in blah) simple. They live without smiling. On a different hemisphere, atmosphere, biosphere than me.

    in reply to: Explain Your Username #1019454

    OurTorah: As I indicated in another thread, It just “jumped” into my mind.

    in reply to: Explain Your Username #1019448


    Yeah, I saw it before, now it’s gone. Maybe there are mods who are not taking any chances. Maybe there are mods who don’t fully comprehend, understand, grasp the complex, intricate sciences of humor.

    in reply to: What would you do? #986780

    I know exactly what it feels like. It’s mostly on a hectic erev Shabbos or better yet erev (three day) Yom Tov, when the bell rings over and over from these sweet kids collecting… or this meshulach.. We gotta stop what ever we were in middle of doing (again) and answer (again), take the time to find the “vault”, come back to the door…

    For our own sake, for the sake of our children we try to do it bsimcha as any other mitzvah, knowing that it’s just so, a great mitzvah, all the more enhanced by the hardships in it’s trail. Also, the children take it ALL in, they absorb the attitude a parent has when going about Mitzvohs. So it’s a good idea to do it with zest, enthusiasm, happiness, a “bren”.

    Of course, one must take caution when opening the door to strangers, this point being driven home by an incident r”l…

    in reply to: Life is AWESOME! :) #986592

    I know. I tried it out too (life). It is awesome. (awe inspiring)

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