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    I really shouldn’t be posting now, there are far more serious issues to attend to, but I’ll post & sign out for now. Wishing EVERYONE a sweet, good, super, great, fantastic, uplifting and really fulfilling new year.

    May everyone be gebenched and geshenked from Above with much good mazel and hatzlacha, very much aliya l’tov in both Gashmius and Ruchnius!!

    Little Froggie

    ps – Have me in mind!!

    in reply to: Strange Noises Being Heard #1032591

    That was my car (everything but the horn).

    Oh, and also other drivers’ reactions (variations in decibels) to my driving ‘skills’.

    in reply to: How do you translate your Hebrew name? #1034331

    Eftach bhinor means that (I think). ‘evtachbchinor’ means I trust my harp /violin / lyre.

    in reply to: -1 years? #1036160

    Haleivi: You got it wrong. The newer model time machines were invented before the older models.

    in reply to: goldfish has brain surgery #1039622

    *** NEWS FLASH ***


    Breathe easier, world. Until…

    in reply to: Please Be Mochel… #1032829

    Goq: Thank you, and be ‘gebentched’ with a real ??? ???? ??????.

    SiDi: Thank you for your kind, warm words. May HaShem shower you with his blessings. And v’chol tuv selah.

    Golfer: An EXCELLENT question!

    And my personal (that’s admitting that deep down I’m a person) answer is that I try really hard not to antagonize, cause pain, hurt, discomfort or etc. to anyone in the first place. Yes, I’m human (that again) and I do slip (boy do I), but I always try to make up as soon as possible. I know that “pirud levavos”, “sinas chinam” and the like are grave offenses, they cause much harm, and I take it most seriously.

    There’s just one difference between here and in real life. In real life, face to face, I won’t end up doing much harm (I’m not such a “in-your-face” type), whereas here, being (supposedly) anonymous, and also not seeing another party, I may end up hurting and annoying another. Then again, it’s also easier to ask on-line, anonymously, my (big) ego won’t suffer much, whereas in real life …

    I do know I have annoyed one poster here, am still waiting for her Mechila… <Waiting… press and key>

    in reply to: Please Be Mochel… #1032824

    Whooo hooo!!!

    Randomex, (why’s someone so interested in me?)

    Me? I’m a quiet being, don’t make too much noise (anymore), no more trouble… what’s the problem?

    OK, if you must, it’s “The Golem Speaks…”, a try-out at a new chance to restart and refresh & a play on the “Maggid speaks” series. (obviously folks didn’t get the pun – a golem by definition can’t speak!). There was an earlier tryout, it held for a week, then some poster got really mad at me for trying to reboot & clean my slate, and admin here closed it. Why? I don’t know. Can’t anyone restart without having the whole world gang up? And I’m not really such a noisy personality. (really?)

    OK, that was another. Then there was one right before my current one, I needed to change because family and acquaintances were hounding me. Goodness!! What has the world (world wild web) against me?

    Maybe one day I’ll run a contest here for a newest best (SECRET, of course) screen name. One day.. For now I’m staying put. Enough “agmas nefesh”. Just Little Froggie.

    But we’re getting side tracked here. The ikkar is the request for mechillah, and brochos for a good, blessed (gebentched), sweet and fulfilling year. From the deepness of my collective hearts.

    in reply to: Rosh Hashana davening in BP #1099478

    I read once that singing in Tefillah has its roots dating back to the Bais Hamikdash. It’s a zecher, an echo of the song the Leveim used to sing daily in service for HaShem in the Bais Hamikdash. That’s why on Shabbosim etc. when the ‘olam’ generally has more time, we express ourselves in song to our Creator at parts of the Tefillah.

    in reply to: Please Be Mochel… #1032820

    Thank you

    in reply to: Best Textbooks #1031671

    The thickest ones. Your children need them for stools, chair boosters etc.

    in reply to: Can Moderators, please monitor what threads are being posted?? #1031631

    From your keyboard to the M-d’s ears!

    in reply to: {Please Wait While…} #1031598

    Controversial? No. Deep down, really deep (deepest of the deep) I’m really amiable, pleasant, courteous.

    in reply to: {Please Wait While…} #1031596

    Thank you, Shopping. I didn’t really say (or indicate) I was leaving.

    in reply to: {Please Wait While…} #1031591

    Wow SiDi, do people (humans) REALLY read my posts (and everything contained in them)?!?

    What you get when a Little Froggie pounds away with most of ten fingers on a sleepy computer is a mish-mash (hogwash) of epic proportions. Such as thus.

    <Please Wait While This Gets Posted>

    in reply to: Potato Onions #1086520

    Sorry. That was a recipe. Calling for potato <insert comma> onions <insert another one> and eggs (or some other edible edible).

    Punctuation is important.

    in reply to: DIVORCED? #1031707

    Seems like you know a lot!!

    Mods, kindly change his/her subtitle to “ a lot!”

    in reply to: {Please Wait While…} #1031582

    MODs, isn’t that question sort of snooping, prying, soliciting? If I tell him what I was waiting for, he’d find out my address, my age, gender, hair color, how many fingers I have…

    OK, I’ll tell you anyways. I was waiting for an entire directory with over 20,000 (or was it 2,000,000) files to change ownership. I then had to copy those files onto another computer (hours…).

    And prior to that I had to run a lengthy virus scan, wouldn’t want to infect a brand new computer.

    So now you know.

    in reply to: {Please Wait While…} #1031580

    I was waiting (and waiting and waiting and..) for the privilege to continue using my computer. Obviously he (maybe she) had a kinah and taavoh for kavod, that I wait for it.

    in reply to: Can Moderators, please monitor what threads are being posted?? #1031628

    Sidi: WOW!! And thanks!

    Well first of all it IS Elul (is it?). And Mods / admin are not really so fond of me hanging out or hopping all around here.

    But as I wrote “regretfully I’m ignoring my conscious”.

    in reply to: Can Moderators, please monitor what threads are being posted?? #1031625

    Ahh! So you’re the one who deletes all my posts? edited

    in reply to: Does anyone have information about a good exorcist #1031470
    in reply to: Good jewish websites #1037780

    There’s one, not so well-known site. I’m almost sure you haven’t heard of it. It’s called the BaisMedreshBuilding or the YeshivaTown, yeah, that’s it the YeshivaTown. No, I think it’s called the YeshivaRoom. Na, couldn’t be.

    Oh, I got it. it’s theYeshivaWorld. Yeah. Now I remember. It’s been a long time since I logged on…

    in reply to: Questions on stuff I really should know… #1034258


    We do not chalila pray TO the moon, stars, sun (or any other entity, being, creation etc.) We bless and thank HaShem FOR it.

    Why? A simple translation of this most special blessing will suffice. Pick up an ArtScroll and read.

    in reply to: Does anyone have information about a good exorcist #1031464

    No, no Haleivi, that was an obstetrician you needed, not an exorcist. (you’re not sleeping??)

    in reply to: Can Moderators, please monitor what threads are being posted?? #1031620

    29, Sometimes mods delete ANYTHING I write, just because it’s mine. No rhyme or reason, no rules broken. And it’s the long, meaningful one’s that I actually put some thought (& effort), that bother me when they get randomly deleted. For being mine.

    OK, I get the hint. I shouldn’t be wasting my time here. (regretfully I’m ignoring my conscious)

    in reply to: Mazel Tov! #1224269

    Oh yeah, sure, HaLeivi. And make sure to identify yourself by your s/n.

    in reply to: Does anyone have a source for this? #1034126

    If I’m not mistaken, I think that quote (or something similar to that) was from the holy Chafetz Chaim.

    in reply to: Can Moderators, please monitor what threads are being posted?? #1031608

    I think the mekubal will tell her her problem is that she runs to mekubalim.

    in reply to: Can Moderators, please monitor what threads are being posted?? #1031601

    This forum is not moderat<<DELETED>>

    in reply to: Mazel Tov! #1224260

    Mazel Tov to HaLeiVi, HaLeVia (and their little LeiVi!)

    in reply to: MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!! #1030498

    I can’t believe Yummy and Gefen are related!! (Is someone pulling my leg? I really don’t follow all posts.)

    Anyways, MAZAL TOV to you Yummy, your (awesomely amazing) lucky Choson, and any other relatives (whether poster here or not).

    May HaShem fill your requests for good, and build a holy, fulfilling and happy home together.

    ???? ???? ????? ????..

    in reply to: Ice Bucket Challenge #1030439

    SiDi: You may have missed this one:

    Yeah, in fact, there’s no reason to do it in sadness, melancholy, depressed state. A mitzvah (teshuva too) should be done with happiness and enthusiasm. So let’s grab to moment and use it..

    (sorry for derailing this tread)

    in reply to: Do people with Ruach HaKodesh exist today? #1031105

    What a question!!

    Of course they exist. (Some are not even so humble.. they admit it themselves.. for instance me..)

    And I don’t think it says anywhere that the thirty six tzddikim who the world stands on are hidden.. (I think)

    in reply to: Ice Bucket Challenge #1030437


    How did i (little i) get onto the OP’s radar?

    Anyways it’s a bad challenge, froggies live by the water. Cold, hot or anything in between.

    Smile people, happy times are coming.. Ellul’s in the air!!

    in reply to: How to Let Loose Right Before the Mad Ellul Rush #1030133

    oops… too late

    in reply to: Public Speaking #1029390

    I’m sorry. What I wrote is that you must have just come from listening to such a speech.

    in reply to: Volunteer/Chesed opportunities #1029383

    start a Biker Cholim – offer bikes to cholim who need it for their health.

    in reply to: Public Speaking #1029387


    It seem that the OP just suffered (a big, bad) one…

    in reply to: Wow…just wow…who would put up such an ad??? #1029995

    You’re not supposed to post or reveal your age here..

    in reply to: Does anyone know mekubalim in NY? #1029376

    Mods thought yesterday that I was one…, BH removed!!

    in reply to: how do i make a subtitle underneath my username #1031778

    And I’m happy that you’re happy..

    in reply to: Whats Your Unexplainable Fear? #1029919

    Yeah, truly unexplainable!

    in reply to: ??? ???? ?? ???? – For women only! #1029324

    I’m sorry I bothered you by making you look at (yet) another of my antics. I just thought I’d make someone grin..

    Sorry, I’ll behave (like what)

    in reply to: how do i make a subtitle underneath my username #1031773

    Thank you, Mod (whoever).

    Which language finally did the trick?

    ????? ???? ?????

    in reply to: how do i make a subtitle underneath my username #1031767

    Maybe I can get a good kindhearted Mod to remove my subtitle (read my earlier post)

    ????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ????? ???????? ???

    ????? ????, ? ???? ???????? ??????? ?????? Mod ??????? ??? ??????????

    ???? ?????? ?????? ??? ????? ?????? ??? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ??????? ???????

    in reply to: The World is a Better Place Today Because… #1029276

    I actually hate it. And I’m trying again and again to get them (or him or her) to remove it. (Maybe some don’t read English?) Maybe I’ll try again

    in reply to: how do i make a subtitle underneath my username #1031761

    OH! That’s cute. Actually adorable. In fact I tried the same. To no avail. That offensive (Mod induced) epithet still appears…

    in reply to: The World is a Better Place Today Because… #1029274

    No, I’m no Rav, tzaddik or anything close. (I’m a BT wannabe wannabe wannabe..)

    I will still give you a Brocha from my heart – to find contentment, satisfaction, happiness in all your endeavors. To be able to achieve true simchas hachaim, happiness of life, and a life of happiness, fulfillment and achievement.

    in reply to: Does anyone know mekubalim in NY? #1029367

    Then there is this other aspect too. Sometimes a genuine Tzaddik and Mekubal can effect a change, a miracle, an alteration to some bad decree, but he won’t truly know the whole person, and what after effects it will bring on. Lots of stories abound of people who after their own Manhing, Rebbe couldn’t or refused to intercede, went to other TRUE Tzaddikim and Rebbes and in fact did effect a Yeshua, only to have a worse setback later on.

    If you have a Manhig, Rebbe, Rov, stick with him (asei lecha rav), and stick with YOUR BEST FRIEND – HASHEM (reacha v’rea avicha)

    in reply to: Normal People ONLY #1029177

    I only know of Dr. Middos who spoke to himself (of 20 years in the past)

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