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    Everyone here knows me.

    (long time no see)

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    Stuffed it into my pockets.. snowball fight in bed.. Whoops.. She’s looking.. (hey Mommy, now you finally know why our beds were cold and wet

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    Thank you, Oomis!!

    I’m not saying I’m completely down, only….

    Still I’ll have your beautiful piece in mind. And “the husband of Oomis” too.

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    Hearing myself sing (croak)… only brings out…

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    Oomis. Thanks for your concern (Oomis as usual!!)

    It’s just a few things that have gotten to me lately, plus the frightening matzav of Eretz Yisroel, our period pf mourning etc. have taken the fluff out of my otherwise (not so wise) self.

    Hope to be back, both IRL and here too (Mod & Great Grand Editor willing) with a more cheery, chirpy mood.

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    “See you later”

    Isn’t that what the anchors on the TV say?

    Right on, they’re gonna see me!

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    and Bookworm120

    Thank you again.

    (it’s like saying hello/ good morning to someone in the street. It shows someone is thinking of him/her)

    But again, I fail to note anything I have done or written here lately. I’m more or less fluffed out. (in a general sense, IRL too)

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    Where did lightening come from before the invention of ‘clouds’?

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    Any updates??

    in reply to: Lets All Make Non-Nasty Comments About Other Posters! #1037542



    Thanks! (how did I make it in?)

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    Scary.. You plan on SEEING me?!?

    in reply to: PAA's not-always-in-context Coffee Room Report Card Comments #1156513


    This past year I was relatively quiet. Can’t dig up any nasty things about me. (at least I hope so)

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    Wouldn’t think of it

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    I’m thinking along those lines too. It’s zayde was Offee, this one’s only LIKE Offee so it’s C’offee.

    in reply to: Non-halachic question #1024350


    So it’s you, the one with the sticker in the back!!!!

    (ok, stop hyperventilating.. I’m just kidding.. at least so far.. I’ll check my mail..)

    I like that last line – You should be zoche to make your Simcha b’simchah!! True happiness and gladness, with only good and fond lasting memories of it (and preparations too!)

    Tzefardea HaKatan at Coffeeland

    in reply to: Popa's Retardedly Retarded Mad Libs Thread #1200594

    I also saw this one a few days ago.. I saw noun, verb, adjective etc. and made a mad rush for the door. Nightmares about school, tests, regents… HELP!! I WANNA SLEEP TONIGHT!!!

    in reply to: Is there less CR activity than there used to be? #1024174

    Ha! You don’t know what you’re missing.. (neither do I)

    in reply to: Shemiras Halashon #1023988

    RY, perhaps we are doing what we should be doing. Focusing on the improvement of our character and middos. As a way of responding to HaShem’s subtle signals.

    in reply to: Non-halachic question #1024328

    It’s a real sha’alah. I think the seforim deal with that particular sort of problem. In Talmidical terms it’s called “mareh makom hu lo”.

    Kidding aside, I’ve seen such. And there’s one who’s a close friend, and I don’t know where on earth the hall is (actually I know it’s somewhere in the state of New York). If you’re only inviting people from the immediate surroundings, nu – why bother. But if you plan on inviting someone not from that neighborhood (and you really want them to attend), I would think it’s common sense to put an address on it too.

    (maybe to save on ink, print two sets of invitations…)

    in reply to: Is there less CR activity than there used to be? #1024170

    Thanks to you SaysMe, for justifying my existence.

    And yes, it has become so much quieter here since mods started to delete three quarters of my “valuable” input. Imagine if they were let out…

    in reply to: Toll Road #1023643

    Tell them to lower the charge. Maybe that will make it less feasible..

    in reply to: You know you're on the CR too long when… #1023620

    …when you remember the old threads asking the same question

    in reply to: Is a good president possible? #1023548

    “Is a good president possible?”

    Just wait and see.. “Little Forggie 2016”

    in reply to: When I was younger I thought…Now I realize that…. #1023363

    HP, I get the feeling you were here before. True?

    in reply to: "Official List" of CR Users #1220779

    OK, I’m not a fishel CR user. Only a froggie.

    in reply to: Do you know the words of the natural anthem? #1023150

    What happened to Reb Avraham’s (Lincoln) two minute shiur? Anyone? (the yeshivish version)

    in reply to: "Lane In Stay" #1022850

    No, I was terribly busy trying to decipher the secret code of “Lane in Stay”. Two weeks (I think) already, I came up with nothing. Anyone here with a clue?

    in reply to: "Official List" of CR Users #1220767

    SiDi: It happened again.. (I got busy). I know it’s not the worst thing, but it comes close.

    in reply to: Nice place top go in the catskills #1022830

    ‘scuse me, looking for WHAT?!?

    in reply to: Things that are avoda zara #1094526

    Where is Hakatan???!!

    in reply to: "Official List" of CR Users #1220764

    Why do some who have long been absent get their names listed TWICE, while active ones …

    in reply to: Who's Luckier.. #1021630

    Me? I double shvitz. Once to go through that ritual. And the once more to be able to pay for it!!

    in reply to: Nothing More to Add.. #1021694

    Honorable Goq:

    Many here have complained I’m not in the least funny. Definitely not smart, by the stretch of anyone’s imagination (mine’s overstretched). Compassionate? Again, many here will disagree. But awesome – yeah – entirely! A lot of people are scared of me. They keep their distance…

    (thanks for being so brave)

    in reply to: Why don't we reverse our sleeping habits in summer? #1021448

    I generally sleep walk in the winter. How do I reverse that for summer? Walk backwards or stand on my head?

    in reply to: Do you ever pretend to be stupid? #1021535

    And how!!!

    And that’s why I post here!

    (deep down I’m really not so dumb..)

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076705

    Sam2, I apologize.

    Now, to back up my argument.. (na, I won’t do that after Parshas Korach.. I call it quits. Hurray!! I lost!!)

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076697

    Oh, wow, I was busy for the past few days, and didn’t not have time to waste (still don’t, but..)

    PAA, the sefer I quoted from was from Rabbi Miller’s “Awake My Glory”. He was one of the greatest giants of the previous generation, (a musmach of YU, I think). A genuine Godol bTorah, giant of a baal musar, hashkafa, real chochma etc. (I have a niggling feeling he doesn’t need little me’s approbation)

    Sam2, you too can look up in his books. I didn’t make up a thing, he writes a whole lot more than the little I posted.

    Sorry, I subscribed to this “dangerous”, “scary”, “potentially lethal game” way of life at Matan Torah (couple of years ago), so did most of us. ???? ????? and ???? ???? ?? And that is what and how I was taught.

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076682

    This is just the mesorah we were brought up with, going back to Sinai (was there!).

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076678

    Sam2, PAA,

    I’ve purposefully taken a back seat to the most important orders of the day, proceedings going on over here in the CR, due to the communal tzara, calamity, distress of our brethren in Eretz Yisroel, and our natural participation in our national sorrow.

    So I’ll be brief.

    Yes, there’s a mountain of a difference between two Gedolim arguing, two lions engaged in ?????? ?? ????, and some conceited, arrogant boor trying his hand at judging, reckoning with, appraising a Torah leader. Sure, as I wrote earlier, everyone down here makes mistakes, some big some small, that’s what being human is all about, but it’s not for the layman (or woman), commoner, to evaluate, appraise a Gadol.

    That’s elementary to any boy starting out learning Gemarah (in an Orthodox surrounding), there’s a ?????, a tradition, ??? ??? ???? ????? ????? ??????. No, we don’t break ranks, no matter how smart we think we are. There’s more, much more to Torah than brains. They say Esav had more brain-power than Yaakov, where did it get him? OK, so his head rolled into … No, Torah is not just a “subject”, so that the so-called “smarty” gets to call the shots. There’s a Rebbe – Talmid tradition, along with the way of life the Torah is supposed to impart into one’s being. So at elementary grade any child knows one Amorah does not argue with a Tanna. Same with Rishonim and Achronim etc., down to this day. Indeed that is our ????, our existence, how we (us commoners) never swayed from our cherished leaders.

    Sure, you bet, there was always a here and a there, where a naughty, disobedient, insolent individual disobeyed and rebelled, the first actually in this week’s Parsha – and all his “talmidim” followed (or did teshuva in time). But the general populace was always faithful and a true to its’ leaders.

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076672

    I would like to quote from one of the greatest that went through YU!

    Who are the eyes of the people?

    (The Leaders of Israel #747)

    And in fancy sefer-form (thanks to Google-translate) it would be something like:

    ?? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??????

    ????? (????? 15:25) ??? ??????: “???? ????”. ??? ?? ??? ???? (???????) ?? ????? ????????, ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????. ?????? ??? ??? ????? ??? ????? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???????, ??? ??? ????? ?? ????? ??”?, ??? ???? ?????. ???? ?? ??????????? ????????? “??? ????? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ???????”. ??? ????? ????? ???????. ?? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ?????; ??? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ?? “???? ????” ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????, ??? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????.

    in reply to: What do the MODS think? #1019637

    What they think of me?

    {Unprintable} {Unprintable} {Unprintable}

    {Unprintable} {Unprintable} {Unprintable}

    {Unprintable} {Unprintable} {Unprintable}

    and just plain {Unprintable}

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076667

    And maybe that’s the reason I don’t follow the “daas torah” of such “manhigim” who say not to follow Gedolim. To question, analyze their every saying, thought to see of it fits into my pithy narrow mind.

    No, I follow the ones and the derech of mesorah, that say ????? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? not with an? fancy, modern explanations. A “Rav” who says otherwise, deserves to have HIS views examined, analysed, scrutinized. ??? ???? ???.

    in reply to: Common Sayings That Irritate Me #1148932

    “Don’t aks what happened!”

    I won’t.

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076661

    Sam: I don’t think it’s up to us, men and women of the Coffee Room to judge, evaluate, appraise the actions and thought of our Torah Leaders. Yes, everyone down here is human (including a certain froggie), make missteps and errors. But we (laymen and women) don’t judge our greats. That’s the sad lesson of ??? ???? ?? ??????. And also ??? ?? ???? – ??? ???? ???? ????? ??? ???? ???? ?????.

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076660

    Sorry, haven’t heard of him. But the Torah Greats we learn from are thoroughly Torah. ????? ???? ?????, every aspect of our Torah leaders is Torah. No divisiveness, no time-outs. A true Godol is a Godol 24/7/52/120+.

    If My Rov would tell me this week is parshas shelach, I’d have to lein parshas shelach this week.

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076657

    P. A. A.

    I don’t know who all the abbreviations are referring to, but I find it quite amusing to listen to “daas torah” that there’s chalila no Daas Torah!

    in reply to: Daas Torah #1076656

    Oomis: I don’t think this should be the place for you to hock against Rabbonim. In your particular case, I could well understand this Rov’s retort. Why should a frum woman put herself into such a position of danger. (Sounds like a sound advice, why look for problems!) But I’m sure he went further and delved into, dealt with the issue at hand. He didn’t just walk out. Am I wrong?

    And as a general rule we are (as per Chafetz Chaim) supposed to give a Rov the benefit of the doubt MORE than a regular person. So a person off the street will be more, much more inclined to give his own biased opinion.

    in reply to: Rocky Zweig is too funny! #1026199

    How old was his shoe size?

    in reply to: Common Sayings That Irritate Me #1148930

    And my favorite: “Hello how are you I wanted to ask you to..” (punctuation, question mark, etc. intentionally omitted) Caller had no interest in my well-being, at all.

    So my response when hearing that introduction on the phone: “Liar!”


    You asked me something. Did you mean it?

    in reply to: what would your patronus be? #1020121

    ??? ?????? ?? ??

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