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  • in reply to: how do i make a subtitle underneath my username #1031756

    Um, whoever decided I’d like a subtitle (esp. as that)…

    No, not yet… I’d like to remain low.. (y’know what I mean?)

    and besides a Rov, I think, shouldn’t be monkeying (or frogging) out here there or anywhere.

    I’d prefer to remain as myself… (OH! How about “Moderator”?)

    in reply to: Why?…… #1029139

    Actually people would say “Avira dEretz Yisroel Machkim” (I would know better if I’d be living there!)

    But to get to the question (and fake being sincere for a change)

    Yes, the OP has a real valid concern and message. I, too, know of some who went there supposedly to “shteig” and ended up.. (or should I say down).

    Eretz Yisroel is the land of Am Yisroel, kedusha, inherent kedushas ha’aretz, the land chosen by HaShem to suit the needs of His people. A sincere individual, looking for shleimus and kedusha will have an easier time there. There’s a reason why all our greats had a special attraction to that land, besides for the mitzvhos connected with being and living there. Read up on Ohr haChaim – how he describes Eretz Yisroel time and again, over and over… other seforim, full with wild enthusiastic praise of chibas ha’aretz.

    And yet the “opposite side”, the yetzer hara, has not thrown in his towel yet. Ze leumas ze, he works overtime, especially in situations and circumstances of potential for great “Aliya”, he does his work, cunningly… (the game’s not over yet). So b’davka in such a setting of a potential of endless aliya in Ruchnius, Torah, Yiras Shomaim, Middos, you’ll find such a powerful force pulling to the opposite!

    Now, let’s take a more down-to-earth look. You send your darling bachur off to a faraway place, he knows your not gonna peek in on him tomorrow… with a bunch of his friends.. They all chip in for a “dira”… Then some more “friends” move in… Sure.. Ameich Kulom Tzaddikim… they’re all tzaddikim (’cause all it takes is ONE rotten apple), all seeking the same Aliya. Sure. Ma yaaseh haben shelo yechta… everything’s pulling him to the wrong side.. teen feelings of freedom.. “friends”.. unsupervised boarding..

    Again, everything has to be weighed and all sides and circumstances considered… still, there’s nothing better than a closely supervised Yeshiva setting – 24/7. A bachur at this stage must FEEL he is accountable for each action, each minute..

    in reply to: lol #1146429

    I wrote earlier, you’re the only one who drives on the right side of the road there.

    in reply to: The World is a Better Place Today Because… #1029270


    Well, I can’t say I’m a tzaddik.

    in reply to: lol #1146426

    Me? I don’t use such expressions, I’m not wild, no, not at all (oh, really?) Deep down, I’m really tame..

    in reply to: Remember the Old Timers? #1106159


    And do you get paid for doling out compliments, praises by the dozen?

    (actually you do, from Above, and to Him you’re not at all anonymous!)

    in reply to: lol #1146424

    cb, (as I wrote to you once before, I’d rather not spell out your negative sounding s/n), OF COURSE you’re wanted. And needed. You’re the only you. Nobody else can be!!

    in reply to: Whats Your Unexplainable Fear? #1029915

    Having a thread I started [closed].

    Having a post I worked on [deleted] (or worse, [edited]).

    Someone taking something I wrote, out of context.

    in reply to: lol #1146421

    Hallo?!? Where are you? (I thought the sun never sets over there)

    Just wanted to tell you to be careful how you drive. A NORMAL brit drives on the wrong side. A crazybrit drives on the right side… so if you ever meet up….<oish, I’m closing my eyes in fear>, JUST BE CAREFUL.. We need you..

    in reply to: Remember the Old Timers? #1106152

    and Me!!

    (whoops, I think they only want GOOD old timers)

    in reply to: Normal People ONLY #1029173

    As I wrote some time before, I have a Certificate of Normalcy. Where’s your’s?

    in reply to: lol #1146420

    I know EXACTLY what OP WANTED to write. Something about selling a vacuum CLEANER.

    If a vacuum had dust, it wouldn’t be vacuum!!!

    (and mind you, I’m not drunk!!)

    drunk maybe are the people who pick up a machine and call it by its brand name – ie. ‘Hoover’ (vacuum cleaner), the famous ‘Casio’ (electronic musical keyboard), ‘Tiger’, ‘Tender’ in Israel (bus, van).

    No, silly, they don’t put item names on the items. (I went out and bought myself an extra Dell that plugs into my dell. When I turn on my Dell and Dell, then click with my Dell on the file, I can print it on my Dell)

    You’re supposed to know yourself what the item is. (yeah, come to think of it, I never saw a sign “CAR” on a car, , neither in the front, back, sides or underneath)

    in reply to: CR Humor Bureau #1029226

    Sorry, I don’t “catch”. (I’m slow today)

    in reply to: Coolest Mod #1036061

    Coolest mod won’t <Zapped>

    in reply to: lol #1146417

    How could a vacuum collect dust?

    in reply to: Rechnitz – There is no Shidduch Crisis #1043131

    If I read through it all, you’ll reopen…?

    in reply to: Warning! Trojan.. #1028498

    <SiDi, CHEESE!!!>

    in reply to: ??? ???? ?? ???? – For women only! #1029320

    <OK Sidi, Does this meet your approval?>

    in reply to: A chesed for Sidi #1028321

    I do too.

    (ps a pear of spectacles or better yet a larger screen, would reveal that his s/n is actually SiDi)

    in reply to: My Last Joke… #1028275

    Oh.. (if I must spell it out)

    I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joking that I was only joki<<Endless Loop Detected>> Cancel, Ignore or Continue?

    in reply to: Married Women Learning Daf Yomi? #1028269

    Glad they catch on!!! (finally, after three years… maybe the rest would start coming out… ever so slowly)

    Push ups… shouldn’t be hard for a froggie. Esp. a little one!

    in reply to: A chesed for Sidi #1028315

    Oh, don’t worry. I don’t either.

    (I was just writing that I could invent an auto-bump apparatus…)

    in reply to: Alter, The Thread Titler! #1213439

    I am in an old thread?!? (How old do you think I am?)

    And I am supposed to have been eaten?

    in reply to: Xmas #1027916

    Why does any Jew want to discuss this hollerday?

    in reply to: Over Night Kugel……… SOS……….. #1114814

    Why don’t you just put kugel mix into the oven and bake it?

    in reply to: A chesed for Sidi #1028313

    I could auto-Bump if you’f like. I would have to first work on it, though… Y’know, go out, buy the parts, bang ’em together… wires, dials, lights, bleepers… it would take about two weeks, but I think I could be done…

    in reply to: What Does BEEP! mean? #1027909


    PLEASE!! Not on my….

    Morbid… (it’s not chodesh elul yet)

    in reply to: Alter, The Thread Titler! #1213433

    Hey Mod, where’d you get that title from?

    in reply to: What Does BEEP! mean? #1027905


    Bump for Sidi!

    Shopping, for me that’s not a problem. My parents see always. Anytime, anything I write… (right, Mommy?).

    Count me in on the red team. I love to see RED. It get’s me turned on!!! Mad!! Wild!! RRRAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <mad bull escapes..>

    in reply to: If You Had Access to the CR Administration… #1029076

    Gamanit: What would you say about me? I generally take on all three sides of an argument.

    in reply to: Forgetting to close the fridge light before Shabbos #1039228

    maybe try taping it to ON, always, even when the door is closed.

    Seriously, with today’s modern equipment, one must really know exactly how it works, completely, in order to avoid Chilul Shabbos. Some sensors work by magnetic. Some, even if bulb is turned off, still causes the fan to go on or off, causes displays inside to go on. There are many makes and models to contend with, many variations.

    in reply to: If You Had Access to the CR Administration… #1029072

    Just like all other things… You say not for mods and it’s they who peek… (kidding, I mean frogging)

    Anyways this thing was on my mind for years… pondering, dreaming, imagining what it’s like…

    The sheer feeling of absolute POWER!! With one click I can <Deleted>

    Posters vs. Posters

    Oops, sorry. That’s a real war..

    in reply to: what do you think? #1027705


    Not bad

    Mods vs. Posters (we the people)

    in reply to: Telling about pregnancy and gender #1027573

    First thing is telling US. Your best and closest friends!!!

    Mazel Tov!

    (I think there was a thread specifically about this topic)

    in reply to: What happened to the funny side? #1051057

    There is no shidduch crisis. A guy in Meshpacha said so. (problem is only for those that don’t have yet a meshpacha)

    in reply to: Poll: What's Your Favorite Nosh? #1027060

    I have the weirdest cravings… I’d give myself away if I’d specify..

    in reply to: Small Things that Remind you to Appreciate Hashem #1027582

    A real light (lofty) answer.

    One shouldn’t make light, loose etc. when referring or referencing to HaShem. Just my humble thought. Honored personalities, Rabbis may have a different say. (daas froggie hepach…)

    in reply to: riding on a bus is very interesting #1027232

    See the koach of one letz!!

    in reply to: Famous Personalities who are Jewish #1027177

    LF (and accessories) is Jewish. And (in)famous.

    in reply to: What happened to the funny side? #1051053

    This is so funny… Just today I was thinking of the need to make one (last, oh really) bash party here. SiDi – you beat me (ouch).

    in reply to: Relating the Tisha B'av message from Hashem in Today's generation #1204267

    OK. Time for some fun here.

    Could someone here (or anywhere) please explain to me what the “message from Hashem” in reference to this 9/11 thing has to do with being a “wake-up call for Teshuva”? The Baal Haturim is full with remozim, gematrios, roshei teivos, sofei teivos etc., yet I never found him saying “OK, that’s your wake-up call to do Teshuva”. (or better yet “I got it straight from Hashem!)

    We have to do Teshuva whether or not any relation to the Churban has to do with those numbers or not. Or of Tehilim. Mixed Secular dates with Yiddish ones… I’d like to hear more of these “messages direct from Hashem” – BEFORE THEY HAPPEN.

    Or is the OP trying to eliminate any notion one may have that something happening in the world is c”v coincidence. So now I know it’s not coincidence, because of these haphazard “signals” straight from above…

    Oh, and now that we finally have the web, emails etc., we can finally have the “movement Hashem needs and is awaiting for…

    And lastly… I don’t think it’s up to anyone to take another to task for not being able to feel the Churban. Medrash Aicha says that Rebbe Yochanan didn’t feel as much a Rabbeinu Hakadosh, since he was later on.. No one took him to task for that (we just wanna have a good time & don’t care about another persons sad situation…)

    OK, we’re now at the very end of our long journey. The fact that there are those that do (or to any extent), the fact that one feels the need or want to partake in this communal national mourning, should surprise and amaze you. Ashreichem Yisroel!!

    in reply to: What's going on with YWN site? #1026478

    yentachaya, the coffee room is down, time to do Teshuva. It’s that simple.

    Why it’s down? Some froggies got into the system.

    in reply to: Dentist in Brooklyn #1026649

    Mod (one who edited above), I still think question borders on avak l”h. I may be wrong, I don’t know all halachos (or maybe any).

    Asking for recommendations for a dentist is not l’h. If someone tries to post a negative report about a dentist it won’t go up

    in reply to: Dentist in Brooklyn #1026645

    Sorry about your broken items (tooth, account). We had a good experience with him.

    However I don’t think such questions should be allowed in the Coffee Room (or in any public domain). We just watched a production yesterday…

    he asked about having this dentist fix it, not complaining he broke it

    in reply to: …By not eating! #1026348

    42, BROTHERS?!?!? No way!! Maybe you, I’m something.

    (oh, btw I’m not a monkey, though my similarity…)

    in reply to: Moshiach is COMING #1026309

    “Moshiach is COMING”

    You heard it first, right over here in the Coffee Room!!

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