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    girls are looking for generous guys, i def prefer guys who take me to nice places, but i wont necessarily say no to a guy who takes me to starbucks. chivalry lives on….open the door at least for the first few dates….be a gentleman, be sweet, courteous and nice and youll be fine. ….depends on ur budget, but ur looking for a wife remember….$$$ comes and money goes, most girls like guys who spend money, but never talk about it on a date, cause thats kinda tacky :)).

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    if and when should the girl offer to pick up the tab?

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    My sister lives in kiryat motzkin, about 5 minutes from haifa, its really hard for her because she comes from a more modern yeshivish background and that area is basically modern mizrahi and secular. I dont know where you fit in, in the religious spectrum, but sometimes we dont realize what we are getting ourselves into, like my sister. I think if religion is important you will find a neighborhood to live in based on that. For example you probably do not want to live in Beit El, Efrat or Moreshet, all being more mizrahi yeshuvim if you say you are from more a yeshivish background.

    if i had a choice I would move to ashdod and live next door to rabbi brody!!!

    daven to hashem to help you make the right choice and to help you along the way!!!

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    Garden of Emuna has tons!!! you can also check out rabbi lazer brody’s website,

    also there is a nightly emunah conference at 10:15 est we learn goe and discuss it. 401-694-1602 the pin is 1836. it lasts about five minutes total, and u can call in or hang up whenever u please.

    but heres a brief one….an athlete will endure rigorous training and criticism from a tough coach…why?? because he knows that the coach is doing it for his best and ultimately wants him to succeed.

    hope you can join our nightly learning!!

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    I work for an all female accounting firm, I find that its individual clients who are inappropriate, and in the beginning I would allow it because I didnt know how to react but now I would never let anyone act inappropriately or touch me without my consent.

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    Its so easy for so many to judge a single girl, but when your thrown from a bais yaakov setting to the secular workforce its definitely easy to fall. Although I am in my early twenties I have never done anything immoral but definitely have done many things Hashem wouldnt approve of, but bh I am past that….

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    In my opinion this guy sounds incredibly immature. How could he lead a girl on like that?? He would propose to a girl he is unsure about?? that is just horrible, no wonder divorce rate is 52%…I sure hope he breaks up with the “second choice” and take some time off to do some serious sole searching to figure out who he is and what he wants??? and definitely talk it out with his rav, if he has one???

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    a frenchman and a czech went to the zoo.

    as they are looking at the bears, one of the bears eats the czech.

    the frenchman goes over to the zoo-keeper and tells him the bear ate his friend.

    the zoo-keeper said we have 2 bears, a male and a female, which one ate ur friend?

    the frenchman says the male….so they cut open the male hes not in there, they cute open the female, his friend is there.

    whats the lesson learnt??? never believe a frenchman when he says the check is in the mail :))

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    Its interesting to read others suggestions, I find myself in the same situation all the time. I usually try to hold something in my hands so it would be awkward to have to shake hands. But theres always one client who tries to kiss me…I cringe and politely tell him to back away!! I find it very difficult sometimes being a woman in the secular work force and keeping shomer negiah and yichud to the letter of the law.

    I work for an accounting firm and meet with clients, bankers, sales people on a regular basis, some are aware that I am a religious girl, but most dont realize or dont care, its definitely a struggle for me.

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    Tazo tea passion flavor is so yum!!

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    theres no clear cut definition, but when u see one u just know…

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    idk who puts it out but i saw it in judiaca place on ave m

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    often times when i say no to a guy, i will try to set him up with on of my friends unless there is something seriously wrong with him. So I say…so in so is not shayach for me, but I have a friend….people appreciate thoughtfulness 😉

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    you may wanna check before going to any of these hotels on dates…

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    olgas on smith its a quiet out of flatbush but not the city cafe and the foods great….only problem, they are not open late….but you can check out their website for menu and directions. Its better than meeting all ur friend and their dates at the brooklyn marriot!!

    Depends what you want to do? Theres starbucks all over the city, but thats a pretty cheap date. Theres Dave and Busters, ESPN Zone, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Central Park….the list goes on and on.

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    go for something you enjoy, because if your going to end up dreading going to work everyday, its not worth any amount of money!!

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    Which brokerage firms do you recommend?

    in reply to: Most embarrasing moment outside #1041949

    this just happened today and taught me a valuable lesson. A sales person came into my office to speak to my boss’s husband who was out of the office. The secretary asked him to reschedule but he said he came all the way from florida and had ‘a flight to israel’ that night and he insisted on waiting. After about an hour of trying to call my bosses husband and to no avail. The secretary emailed me and asked me to come in and say to her (in a loud enough voice for him to hear) “Mr. X just texted me he is held up in court and must reschedule.” Two seconds later I turn around to go back to my office and guess whos walking through the door….my bosses husband!!! needless to say my boss and I laughed for the rest of the day and we decided its crucial to have a code just in case one of us ever needs to be bailed out of a situation!!! lesson learnt….u lie, ull prob embarrass urself!!!

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    I work in an accounting firm and hope to become a CPA. My boss always tells me to go to law school and become a lawyer because she says accounting is 90% work and 10% bs…..but law is 10% work and 90% bs….so hatzlacha to you!!!!

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    @yeshivaguy1 the vad harabonim of tzius in har nof got involved, idk if they ever caught the perps tho…it happened 3 years ago.

    in reply to: Dressing More Professionally at work(schools) #708436

    The way you dress most of the time will reflects the way you act and the way people treat you. I work in an accounting firm and attend school in the evening and would never wear sneakers to work (perhaps to walk to the train if my feet hurt from wedges or heels) and I occasionally wear denim on “casual fridays” but if I am going out to a client I dress in regular formal attire.

    Kids notice every detail of what their teachers are wearing, I dont think its respectful if they come in looking like shlumps…everyone is busy these days but theres no excuse for not taking five extra minutes to put on something a little classier.

    in reply to: IRA…Traditional or Roth?? Stock trade or mutual funds? #707750

    Thank you!! Is it better to manage your own account or to pay the management fees and have vanguard or another brokerage firm do it? and if so which brokerage do you recommend?

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    my father always asks if a goilem can be part of a minyan….darn i hope i didnt just reveal my identity lol :))

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    @yeshivaguy1…idk if the mods will allow me to go into detail on this one….get my drift??

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    olgas on smith….EVERYTHING!!!

    in reply to: Whats The Craziest Thing That Happened To You? #1011029

    my friend and I getting attacked by two ‘yeshiva guys’ in the neve shortcut on our way back to seminary…

    in reply to: Anxiety Ridden #706050

    maybe u should see a shrink?!?!?

    in reply to: using your own money #707057

    @adorable WOW…I am sorry if this offends you but your question is extremely immature, idk about you but not only do I pay for my own clothes, tuition and credit card bill, my sister and I who are both living at home help to contribute by shopping for household items without expecting to be reimbursed…I would never even ask, I mean my parents supported me for 18 years put me thru private school and seminary, and provided me with all my needs. I think its just hakaros hatov to help them out. If you ever want to become independent you should start now!!

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    when you begin to feel anxiety, STOP put ur hand on your stomach and focus on your breathing. When your feeling anxious about something your brain panics and you dont breath properly. If you stop put your hand on your stomach, close your eyes and focus on breathing properly it should help!!

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    Atlantic City is a great idea now that shabbos will soon be ending earlier…

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    Atlantic City is a nice getaway thats close to home, but its only appropriate for couples, not kids. There is a shul and chabad house and theres kosher food. I recommend going in the summer time when the weathers nice and there are many frum people who have summer homes up in ventnor.

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    The boys name is avigdor ben yaakov named after rav avigdor miller ztl, the baby in the hospital is etel bas chana named after rebbitzen miller ah

    in reply to: Things to do in Zurich #705196

    I am sorry I neglected to mention that shes only 17 and its not a vacation she will be returning to school after spending her life savings on flying in to surprise us for a simcha, so….so much for banking although she may like to window shop thank you!! 🙂

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    people like to feel important, when their blackberry is beeping every three seconds from an email, bbm or text it makes them feel special perhaps?? i love traveling abroad without giving out my cellphone number…if theres an emergency, call 911 there are no emergencies in accounting, and unless you have high end clients who expect you to be on call 24/7, i dont see a reason for a blackberry.

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    depends how close you guys are?? and if u decide to point it out be aware of how critical your being…you dont want to come across with a holier-than-thou attitude. my friends piss me off all the time, i just learned to accept that, that is just the way they are take it or leave it….you cant change others, you can only change urself…but good luck!!!

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