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HEARTBREAKING IMAGE: Child Of Meron Victim Makes Toy Representing His Father Z”L

8-year-old Ari Goldberg of Beitar Illit, the son of Rav Elazar Goldberg Z”L who was killed in the Meron tragedy, was found playing this morning with playmobile toys in his home. Ari reenacted the tragedy that took such a heavy toll on his family with his toys.

Eli Rabinowitz, a community activist, publicized images of the game. The images show that Ari put a body underneath a small piece of fabric representing a Tallis while the figure was lying on a bed. Ari was playing with the toy and intending it to be his abba.

After Ari finished playing, he went up to his mother and showed her what he had done. She broke into tears and hugged him.

The Niftar was 37-years-old and a father of four children. The family lives in Beitar Illit and he was one of a number of residents of the city who were killed in the tragedy that transpired early on Friday morning.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. This is actually perceptive and normal for the child. This is what they saw and remember. It’s what healthy children do and it’s not necessarily traumatic, although I’m sure the community is making sure that they get to speak with professionals who would likely be able to pre-empt anything out of the norm.

    Most important is that they get the child in front of a professional who would be able to help. We need to come to terms with the fact that our emotions of what he’s made, do not have to be the childs.

  2. Was this verified? Been seeing this story and picture on WhatsApp, but it’s hard to believe that the child saw pictures like that…

  3. dr. ubershnitzel , hopefully hashem will give the mom strength to heal herself & her children ,
    proffesionals have their place where needed , if you know a good one for sholom bayis tell bill gates , if only he would go to a proffessional…

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