Journalist Published Eye-Witness Reports Which May Explain How The Trampling in Meron Began


Maor Tzur Ish, a journalist from Channel 13 news published a report regarding a catalyst that may have been the cause of collapse that claimed the lives of 45 people in Meron and turned the holiday of joy into a day where Israel witnessed the largest civilian disaster of its history.

According to Tzur, according to numerous people present at the location, the initial cause of what became the collapsing crush of people that killed both young children and older men, was one of the celebrants suffering a heart attack and collapsing in the first row.

Tzur explained that according to numerous witnesses who were rescued from the incident, no one was in the passageway, not even the police, when the throngs were coming down from the grandstand. The police were in the lower section of the compound.

A man collapsed after suffering an apparent heart attack. Participants who saw this, screamed for help from the police and from the medical teams who were present. They attempted to pick up the man while at the same time they stopped the masses from coming down the passageway. This is what caused the bottleneck and the eventual collapsing wave of the people trampling one another to death. According to these same eye-witness reports, the police were attempting to stop the throngs of people from trampling the man who had collapsed and those trying to help him and for that reason they closed part of the passageway.

This version of events makes a lot of sense with regard to how things developed and how such a stampede was possible while all of the barriers collapsed.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. More zionist drivel from YWN. Multiple eye-witness accounts have attested that police blocked off this exit, despite the increasingly desperate pleas of those crushed within the closed-off area to remove the barrier. The capacity for zionists to lie is astounding. There’s nobody like them in history. They cannot see reality.

  2. I’m not sure Hashem wants us to figure out exactly what happened. He wants us to figure out what needs to happen, what we need to personally learn from this.

    But once you are on the topic, Channel 13 news will obviously find a way to take the blame off the police. There are surveillance videos. Once released, we’ll see how innocent the police were.

    And just for the record, the police were well stocked with pepper spray. It shows just how unprofessional and off target they were.

  3. It’s all about the physical news. Maybe could have been this, if only it would have been that. Halevai this. What if we would have done this? Who is at fault? Calculations, blaming and physical gashmiyus what ifs.

    Not. One. Single. Mention. Of.

    You know what the problem is? The problem of all problems, that it the source of al problems? Everyone puts their heads into the gashmiyus chol/sand, and their outward conscious expression is one of gashmiyus, and the inner voice of ruchniyus is flatlined

  4. avreichamshlomo:
    Hashem’s hashgacha 24/7/365 everywhere is, of course, obvious to those here.

    But the question of what happened here is an important one to understand for multiple reasons, including how much more evil the Zionists have added to their already over-abundant evil.

    If you want to get into gemara, the gemara says that shiluchei mitzva einan nizokin…but a makom that’s shchiach hezeika is different. So if the Zionists made this into such a place then that would explain how this situation fits with this gemara.

  5. We’ve all known or heard of successful family businesses that expanded well beyond the size the family could manage using its familiar methods. The ones that remain successful find ways to deal with the very different needs of a large company. It doesn’t matter how the unique Meron event was managed back when it was much smaller. Accounts I’ve read suggest that, in recent years, the expanded attendance put this event on the edge of disaster before. No matter how pious and well-intentioned you are, you can’t organize and manage these things solely by an act of will. Now, we’re in the finger-pointing stage, where everyone involved seems to want to deflect blame onto others whom they never got along with anyway, or to make it seem like a mystery. Lots of things can set off a stampede, so don’t set the stage for it!

  6. Really weird that not a single eyewitness account can collaborate this lie, we were all there and saw exactly what happened , why is there no phone records from mada or ichud about a heart attack…..