LIVE BLOG DAY 27: Operation Protective Edge [9:47 PM IL]



21:47: Red alerts ringing now in the Eshkol Regional Council.

21:26: The IDF confirmed the death of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin HY”D by checking the DNA of parts of his body that were found in a tunnel.

21:22: Channel 2 reports that the estimated DIRECT cost until now of Gaza operation is a staggering $1.7 Billion.

21:18: There are 115 IDF Soldiers hospitalized in Israel from injuries sustained in Gaza fighting. Seven of them are reportedly in serious condition.

21:15: As of this posting, there have been 86 rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel on Sunday. 58 exploded in Israel, 6 were intercepted by the Iron Dome. Meanwhile, the IDF struck more than 150 terror targets in Gaza – killing 122 people.

21:12: US representatives said Sunday that they were “appalled” by the “disgraceful shelling” outside a school in Gaza earlier in the day when 10 people were killed in the purported attack. Full statement can be read HERE.

20:36: A rocket fired from Gaza has struck a school in the Sdot Negev Regional Council. There are no injuries reported.

20:10: Explosions heard over Ashdod. IDF confirms Iron Dome intercepted a rocket.

20:05: Red Alerts ringing in Ashdod right now.

18:38: The Iron Dome intercepted two rockets over Ashdod.

18:35: Gaza reports 71 dead today in IDF attacks.

18:33: While the military operation in Gaza appears to be scaling down, Israel is likely to increase the blockade on Gaza to turn up the pressure on Hamas.

18:29: It is now reported that two Chabadniks were wounded in an earlier mortar attack, not one person. They entered the closed military zone as they were visiting soldiers in the area and apparently did not hear the siren from their vehicle. One is reported in moderate condition and the second light.

18:28: Sirens now sounding in Nitzanim, Nitzan, Nitzan Bet, Ashdod, Bnei Darom and surrounding areas.

18:22: Sirens sounding in Chulit, Nir Yitzchak and Sufah.

18:17: Be’er Tuvia Regional Council – one rocket landed in a corn field and a second in an open area. There was damage to a passing truck. B”H there are no reports of fatalities or injuries.

18:03: The Iron Dome intercepts two rockets over Ashdod. One rocket landed in the S’dot Negev region.

18:00: The man wounded in a mortar rocket attack is now listed in moderate condition according to MDA paramedics on the scene. He is being prepared for transport.

17:55: One person was seriously wounded in a rocket attack in the Shar HaNegev Regional Council
• Egypt Air resumes flights to Tel Aviv

17:53: Sirens once again in Nachal Ohz, Bnei Darom, Yavne, Nir Galim and surrounding areas.

17:52: Thousands are taking part in the levaya for Lt. Hadar Goldin HY”D, who was taken captive by Hamas on erev Shabbos in the bomb attack against Pulsar Givati soldiers.

17:43: Sirens sounding in Gaza border communities again.

17:42: Sirens sounding in Gaza border communities again.

17:41: Sirens sounding in Gaza border communities again.

17:40: Sirens in Kiryat Malachi, Ashdod, Telmei Yechiel, Be’er Tuvia, Kfar Warburg and many surrounding areas.

17:25: The feared infiltration that began over three hours ago near Kibbutz Zikim and Moshav Netiv HaAsarah is still ongoing at this time. 

17:16: Hamas boasts responsibility for the rockets fired towards Tel Aviv and Gush Dan a short time ago. The terrorist organization sent messages to the media that it fired M75 longer range rockets towards Tel Aviv.

17:09: A rocket interception is reported over Gush Dan. Sirens are sounding again in Zikim, Karmiya, Yad Mordechai and area communities.

17:06: Rocket interceptions reported over Ofakim. Four rockets were fired towards Gush Dan and seven to Southern areas. There are no immediate reports of injuries from the rocket fire.

17:01: Sirens in Tel Aviv, Yaffo, Holon, Gan Yavne, Gadera, Ashkelon, the Shvelah, Rishon L’Tzion, Bnei Brak, Givatayim, Givat Shmuel, and many other areas.

16:57: Gaza reports the IDF continues striking in Gaza, killing 70 Gazans since motzei Shabbos. The report places the Gazan death toll in Operation Protective Edge at over 1,830.

16:46: Seven rockets exploded in open areas in the S’dot Negev region.

16:39: Sirens in Nachal Ohz, Alumim, Kfar Aza.

16:36: Sirens continue to sound in Nachal Ohz, Alumim, Saad and Kfar Aza.

16:31: Sirens sounding in the Shar HaNegev district.

16:29: Sirens sounding in Alumim and Nachal Ohz.

  • In the previous attack in which sirens sounded in Beersheva, the Iron dome intercepted at least one rocket over Ofakim.
  • There was a terrorist infiltration into N’vei Tzuf in Shomron. A resident was stabbed. The terrorist fled. The wounded person is reported in light condition.
  • Sirens sounding in Kfar Aza and Saad.

16:20: Sirens are sounding in Beersheva and the surrounding areas.

16:15: The Finance Ministry has allocated and additional six million shekels to assist institutions of higher education in southern Israel. This includes Ben-Gurion University, Sapir College, Sami Shimon College, Achva College and Ashkelon College.

15:55: Security officials uncovered a major tunnel in the cell of a terrorist imprisoned in Gilboa Prison in Israel.

15:38: Sirens in Netiv HaAsarah and Yad Mordechai. 

15:34: At least three rockets were fired in the last round of Hamas attacks. There are no immediate reports of injuries. It appears the Iron Dome intercepted one incoming rockets.

15:30: Sirens sounding in Zikim, Karmiya, the Ashkelon Industrial area, Nirim, Ein HaShloshah and the surrounding areas.

15:26: Givati Brigade soldiers operating in Gaza located 150 Hamas mortar shells.

  • The IDF struck 40 terrorists targets since midnight.
  • There are no injuries reported in the rocket attack to Sderot and the surrounding areas a short time ago.
  • Givati Brigade soldiers also detected another access point to an underground tunnel.
  • Sirens sounding once again in Nirim and Ein HaShloshah.

15:24: Sirens sound in Kibbutz Nirim and Ein HaShloshah.

15:09: Sirens sounding in Sapir College, Nir Am, the Shapirim Industrial Park, Sderot and the surrounding areas.

15:03: Three terrorists that emerged from a tunnel were targeted and killed by the IDF.

14:57: Another rocket attack to Kerem Shalom.

14:53: Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu spoke on the phone with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) about advancing a ceasefire in Gaza.

14:39: Rockets landed in an open area in the S’dot Dov Regional Council.

14:30: Racheli Gazit, relative and spokesperson for the family of fallen IDF soldier Oron Shaul HY”D.
• The family has completed shiva but does not plan to remain silent
• We will do what it takes so the IDF brings something that will permit a levaya for him
• We embrace the entire IDF and its officers and daven for the speedy recovery of all the wounded.
• We will no longer remain silent now that the shiva is over.
• The IDF should not leave Gaza prior to recovering the remains of the soldier so a levaya can be held.

14:21: Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi to Channel 2:
47% of all Gazans killed in the fighting were terrorists, adding Israel has this documented by photographs and names.

14:19: IDF artillery fire against terrorists in Gaza  continues at this time.

  • Gaza reported aerial attacks in eastern Gaza City and Rafiach.
  • The security alert in Kibbutz Zikim and Moshav Netiv HaAsarah continue.

14:12: Sirens sounding in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom.

13:59: Update from Soroka Medical Center

  • One of the soldiers wounded in Rafiach on erev Shabbos morning is showing signs of improvement, now beginning to respond to his surroundings. Doctors say this is an encouraging sign.
  • The 70-year-old man wounded in a mortar attack on Shabbos is also opening his eyes and showing signs of improvement.
  • 28 soldiers remain hospitalized, of which five are listed in serious condition.

13:40: The ongoing security alert also pertains to Kibbutz Netiv HaAsarah as well as Zikim.

13:33: Roads leading to Kibbutz Zikim have been shut down.

13:27: Security alert in Kibbutzim Zikim. Residents are instructed to remain locked in their homes.

13:26: Rocket fire directed at Alumim and Nachal Ohz once again.

13:01: Regarding the terrorist incident in which a Givati Brigade soldier was injured earlier, the gunfire came from a home. The terrorists fled in a vehicle. The air force spotted the vehicle and targeted it in a pinpoint strike, destroying it.

12:55: Sirens in Ein HaShloshah and Nirim. Multiple sirens

12:39: Sirens sounding in Nachal Ohz and Alumim once again.

12:34: Sirens sounding in Nachal Ohz and Alumim.

12:16: The Givati Brigade soldier wounded by sniper fire in Gaza is listed in moderate condition.

11:57: An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by terrorist sniper fire in northern Gaza.

11:40: For Gaza border communities, today is the 37th day of warfare. They moved to emergency status ten days prior to the start of Operation Protective Edge because of the daily heavy rocket fire in those communities.

11:35: A rocket landed in an open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council district.

11:27: Gaza reports ten dead and dozens of wounded in an IDF attack against an UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) school earlier today.

11:09: Sirens sounding in Yad Mordechai, Netiv HaAsarah, Zikim and Karmiya.

10:52: Update on wounded IDF soldiers and officers. Over 130 wounded remain hospitalized:
Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva
• 22 soldiers are hospitalized
• Nine are in serious condition
• Four are in moderate condition
• The remainder are listed in light condition
Ichilov Hospital in Petach Tikvah
• A soldier is hospitalized in serious condition. He was wounded in a mortar shell attack on Thursday
Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem
• Four soldiers are hospitalized
• One remains in extremely serious condition
Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv
• 51 soldiers are hospitalized.
• Three are listed in serious condition
• 21 are listed in moderate condition
• The remainder are listed in light condition
Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah
• 18 soldiers are hospitalized
• One is listed in serious condition
• One is listed in moderate-to-serious condition
• Three are listed in moderate condition
• The remainder are in light condition
Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon

• 36 soldiers remain hospitalized
• One is listed in serious condition
• Five are listed in moderate condition


10:49: Sirens sounding in Miflasim.

10:45: According to a Yisrael Hayom reports quoting AP, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told American Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapira: Don’t ever doubt me again. Washington must trust me when it comes to dealing with Hamas.

10:42: It is now cleared for release: IDF 2nd.-Lt. Hadar Goldin HY”D was a relative of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. The senior minister’s grandfather was a brother of Dr. Simcha Goldin’s grandmother.

10:35: Sirens sounding in Nachal Ohz and Alumim.

10:20: The rockets fired a few minutes earlier landed in open areas in the Eshkol Council district.

10:19: The IDF has not completed its operation in Gaza. Troops are simply being refreshed and moved to different areas to better serve the next stages of operations.

10:15: Sources in Gaza reports 20 fatalities from four IAF attacks in Rafiach, Dir Balach and Jabalya.

10:14: Israel is permitting 200 trucks carrying humanitarian aid into Gaza on Sunday via the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

10:08: The levaya for 2nd.-Lt. Hadar Goldin, who was killed in fighting in Gaza on erev Shabbos, will take place on Sunday, 7 Menachem Av at 16:30 in the Kfar Sava Military Cemetery.

10:02: Sirens in Nirim, Ein HaShloshah and Kissufim.

09:19: Three rockets were fired from Sinai to the Ramat Negev Reigonal Council district on Friday night.

08:52: Sirens sounding in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council.

07:25: Sirens sounding in the Gaza border communities.

  • Artillery fire is being directed into Shajaia.
  • Exchanges of gunfire reported in Jabalya and Rafiach.
  • Gaza reports at least ten dead.

06:49: Continued warfare reported between IDF forces and terrorists in Jabalya. Gazans reports fatalities.

06:42: Levaya information for IDF soldiers killed in Gaza fighting HY”D.

  • Captain Omri Tal HY”D, 22, of Yahud, who was killed in Gaza fighting, will be buried on Sunday 7 Menachem Av at 17:00 in the Yahud Military Cemetery.
  • Captain Liran Adir HY”D, 31, of Azuz, who was killed in Gaza fighting, will be laid to rest on Sunday, 7 Menachem Av at 17:00 in the Netanya Military Cemetery.

04:36: Red alerts now in the Shar Henegev Regional Council area.

03:23: Over Shabbos, 84 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, and Iron Dome missile defense systems shot down six of them. Meanwhile the IDF attacked 153 targets in the Gaza Strip.

01:58: The IDF has released a statement that missing soldier Hadar Goldin is dead. The Givati commander died in combat on Friday, August 1, 2014, in Rafah when a terrorist emerged from a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip and detonated himself near an IDF force, killing another officer and a soldier from Givati Brigade – Major Benaya Sarel and Staff Sergeant Liel Gidoni.

01:22: For the Motzei Shabbos (Israel time) blog – click HERE.

UPDATE: 12:00AM IL: With the clock striking midnight on Motzei Shabbos / Sunday morning, Israel has now entered “Day 27 of Operation Protective Edge”. Stay with YWN as we continue our non-stop 24 hour news coverage – updated just seconds after an event occurs.


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  1. We all know what we need to do internally. The parshiot and haftorah make this very clear. The foxes will be judged by Hashem. To this there is no doubt.

    As for the work of our hands in defense of our people Torah and Mitzvot, emunah and b’tachon, redo Hashem b’simcha: each of us has our tasks. For the mil hams and tzivos Hashem-our soldiers on the front lines and the heavy decisions to be made: I wonder (1) do we think that catering to world opinion in our tactics will lessen the hatred of a Hashem and his people? (2) does the belief that only America can save us really help? Did the turning to mitzrayim stave of the exile to babel?
    (3) should we not maximize the use of technology to minimize danger to life of our people? I hear talk of humanitarian ceasefire? The implication being that our enemies are humanitarian. Is this a valid assumption? The putative innocents are shields. Are they willing? Where are the stories of resistance? The murderous government chosen in gaza was elected by the “innocents.” So who are they? Where are they? Where is the islamic protests for peace? A culture that openly seeks world domination and cannot achieve peace among themselves? Let loose the power of prayer and ovoda beg Hashem to fight for us. Yet let lose too the fury of the technology available for all out war. Let those of us sitting comfortably in golus (read USA) take our beings, skills, money and lives to where it’s needed. Let’s all go home.

  2. So the empty tunnels and buildings are basically all destroyed and Netanyahu wanted to finish up and go home and already sent many ground troops home. What now? What will Israel do in Gaza if there are no empty lots left to destroy? Will they finally have the courage to go after the terrorists or are they too afraid of world reaction lest they’ll be condemned for killing civilians?

  3. I heard that there may have been a secret trade-off that Netanyahu’s people made with Hamas which allows them to live – Israel does not go after their lives and in return all suicide bombing stops!
    Think about the trade-off!
    Hummm! Now what?

  4. It’s Erev Tisha B’Av. It is not as spectators and commentators that we will bring the right and necessary forces to bear upon this situation, and the ultimate conclusion of eternal calm and peace that we surely desire. Let our actions do the talking. Let us respond with tears and tefillos to the news of our brave soldiers suffering injury and worse. Let us ignore the time zones that artificially separate us and unite in tefilloh on Tisha Be’Av “Ke’ish echod beleiv echod.” Who can say Kinnos this year without tears in his eyes? Let’s cry together now that we may very soon laugh together and never again endure such pain.

  5. Just a small fraction of the 1.7 B wasted on this war, would of gone for yeshivas , kollelim and large families and HASHEM would of take our prayers fast to avoid all this, and were not finished.