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    The pizza store is run .by a frum person who is there always and has star k aside from cherry hill. The fleishig restaurant has ok certification aside from the vaad and has
    mashgiach. The bagel store which solely has the cherry k l is trusted by the Chofetz Chaim
    yeshiva and their Rebbeim and they even will get bagels there .
    ( the store does not have chalav Yisrael product).

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    FYI they reached the 400k

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    poppa what is irr?

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    @Daas not funny (Disclaimer:I do not have my head in the sand no person or organization is perfect) However there is no way that this is acceptable.

    This whole discussion was started to publicly find fault and to to take to task a cadre of very dedicated individuals.

    But I will be Dan lekaf Zechus perhaps there were other reasons for this topic as well some of which I’ll list below.

    A) Our Rabbonim have never talked like this about the OU (or any other Frum organization) that has done so much for the Klal in such an undignified disgusting and humiliating manner.

    I guess some commentators feel they must do the Oilam a favor and show they know better then our Rabbonim.

    B) Perhaps the Rebbeim/ Roshei Yeshiva of Satmar, Lakewood, Torah Vodaas, Chofetz Chaim, Chaim Berlin, Skver, and Riets among many others must be shown how wrong they were for bringing in Kashrus experts from the OU for training seminars for their yungeleit. Im sure glad all the true experts here are showing the Roshei Yeshiva how misled they were.

    C) To Show some of us how low one can sink into Lashon Hara, Kina,

    Gaava, Onaas Devarim and Motzi Shem Ra due to misuse and anonymity of the internet.

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    The OU is a tremendous organization and does not at all deserve this Motzi Shem Ra. The ugliness of this has been resurrected from three years ago,just because somebody has a personal beef with their Kashrus does not give a right to bash an organization compromised of many talmidie chachomim. The whole topic should be taken down and erased from your servers.Forget about Kashrus that enters your body look at what so many commentators are spewing out

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    reyitzchok2 response: you are correct the microwave issue was at least three years ago if not more. Rabbi Mehlman pulled the hashgacha (avenue j location)and the management team was canned after the owner of the franchise did not make business for three months as Rabbi Mehlman refused to reinstate the hecsher if the current staff would have remained in place. There is not one single dunkin donuts in flatbush that is supervised by the vaad or the ok.

    BOOKWORM120 RE the baskin robbins within the store. Rabbi mehlman does not supervise, but requests that only kosher flavors be made available. beware though that the made to order baskin robbin cakes have zero supervision and can have trief filler or decorations. they also sell some premade cakes with StarD or kvh etc..

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    dear mods:

    I know one of the homeowners

    The person became an AlMANA this year. Yesterday her thirteen year old son was chopping the ice like crazy even near where the street was and i could not understand why but now I realize. I think he even took a break from Yeshiva.

    This is our fault as a community someone should have volunteered to help her son still at home.

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    you are being terribly harsh on yourself, please discuss your feelings with a Rav or frum psychologist.

    May the simcha of Chanuka give you a lechtige spirit full of light and joy.

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    If it is true that an especially auspicious time is tomorrow morning and my next chance is in 50 years I am willing to take nine minutes of time that there might be something to it and say some Tehillim and Daven for myself and others. B)Davening at the same time with more emotion then usual as many others will be, will definetly have an effect in Shamayim,as Rachamim and Bracha is greater when Davened united with others.

    C)I made sure to preface my post with the FACT that Hashem ALWAYS listens to our Tefillos. Worse comes to worse I poured my heart out a little to the one above

    May Hashem grant whatever we need

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    Dstern: I am sure you are a wonderful person that being said it is not fair to ask people to publicly post info about private places to stay.

    My suggestion is call some rabbonim in the one mile radius (google the address of where you are staying to find nearby shules youll find at least 20)and they’ll help you with hachnosas orchim and potential places to stay.Even if the Shule does not have a direct line you could find out who the Rav is.

    Additionally, I assume you have a reason/simcha to be near R and east 10th why not ask the Baalie Simcha to help you?

    P.S. this is for your benefit as well. For all you know someone here could set you up with a place to stay where you will be totally uncomfortable.

    May you only have Simchas

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    Two satellite locations were available in Lakewood, and 107.9 radio carried an audio stream.

    Wait till shabbos and mussar shmussen this week I am sure many rabbonim will speak about Rav yosef ZTl

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    rebdoniel: Good Moed 1)I have tremendous respect for you after having just read about your early years you truly are a Gibor. 2)I have a differing perspective on two thoughts that you wrote within your paragraphs

    A)”English hymns (some of them very beautiful, taken from the Protestant tradition, which are not theologically problematic for Jews)”

    B)”Orthodoxy is imperfect and is a reaction against Reform”

    A) The use of hymns based on protestant church prayer or tunes used in protestant churches is problematic with Jewish theology.The whole reason they were used for reform prayer was to be seen as less traditional and to resemble a church gathering.Additionally, to praise Hashem based on something taken from another religion and incorporating its use for tefilla purpose is definetly a zilzul,falls under Uvichukoseichem Lo Sieleichu and probably Chillul Hashem as well.(many other reasons can be listed)

    B) (I assume that you are not talking about the vailidty of frum versus reform because that would be denying Moshe Emes Visoraso Emes but rather you are talking about some of the Halacha and Hashkafa chumras that have been going on versus the secular world which do not have a discernible reason for their implementation.)

    Various strictures and sometimes seemingly unnecessary positions of chumra have always been around. To say that Orthodoxy as we know it is a response to reform does not jive. Even in the days of yore we have had lenient versus strict interpretations of Halacha and Hashkafa. Granted over the past decade there are issues of extremism within our ranks. However, would anyone have thought even just 5-10 years ago that marriage laws against family values could be passed or that the usage of vulgar language and improper topic matter in mainstream media is such that one cannot even turn on a news station with kids in the car for fear of the ads they might run or that even a clean internet site can showcase ads or topics that are improper for a G-d fearing person?

    The move to the right in all sectors of orthodoxy over the past twenty years is not a response to the reform movement but a response to the sick world we live in.

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    main program at yeshiva of brooklyn boys division, corner of L and ocean parkway (1200 ocean parkway)

    shachris 8am kinos with explanations at 9am speeches start at 1pm

    b)a smaller program at kollel bnei torah 1323 east 32 bet m and kings highway starts at 230 pm

    Lishana Haba Biyerushalayim

    at L and ocean parkway

    8:00 AM SHACHARIS (Please bring your own Siddur & Kinos)

    9:00 AM KINOS- with Introduction and Explanation by

    1:00 PM RAV SHMUEL YAAKOV KLEIN, Director, Publications / Zechor Yemos Olam, Torah Umesorah

    2:00 PM MINCHA *(2nd Mincha Minyan upstairs)

    2:45 PM RAV BARUCH RABINOWITZ, Menahel, Mesivta Torah Vodaas

    The Flames of Destruction / The Fires of Construction

    4:45 PM RAV MOSHE TUVIA LIEFF, Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyamin

    5:40 PM RAV SHMUEL DISHON, Menahel, Mosdos Yad Yisroel, Karlin-Stolin

    6:35 PM RABBI AVRAHAM REISMAN, Rosh Kolel, Yeshiva Ohr Somayach, Yerushalayim

    7:30 PM RAV JONATHAN RIETTI, Director, Teacher Training, Mishkan Yecheskel

    *2nd Mincha Minyan upstairs – 7:30 pm

    8:15 PM RABBI FISHEL SCHACHTER Magid Shiur, Yeshiva Torah Vodaas

    Bridging Av and Elul: Navigating the Crossing


    at Bnei Torah

    8:00AM Shacharis and Kinos Explained

    1:45PM First Mincha

    2:30PM Days Are Coming, There Will Be A Hunger In The World

    Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, Shlita, Renowned Maggid Shiur

    3:45PM A Study of Megilas Eicha and its Applications to Our Times

    Rabbi Moshe Usher Reinitz, Shlita, Maggid Shiur, Hakhel, Flatbush

    5:45PM The Hidden Hand: Lessons and Teachings From the Holocaust

    Including A New Audio-Visual Presentation

    Rabbi Yaakov Astor, Editor, Zman Magazine, who has just returned from Poland

    7:40PM Second Mincha

    Rabbi Simcha Kallus, Shlita, Maggid Shiur, Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin

    9:10PM Maariv

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    Daas Yochid – While I disagree with certain things he posted in defense of Rebdoniel eating possible trief he does state clearly “I did eat Tablet K cheese, but I now believe that the heterim they use are incompatible with the actual halakha.” In other words now that he knows better he wouldn’t touch the stuff anymore

    in reply to: Hechshers #959159

    Reb doniel sorry Gevinat Akum is not Tablet K’s main issue.Tablet K was started by rabbi safra who died in 2009 it is assumed that his family took over the business.

    A good example of what to expect from tablet K: A bagel store in manhattan that sells fresh cut boars head and other non kosher items has tablet k supervision on their baked goods and bagels even though they are all processed by non jewish workers near the trief meats at the same counters.

    I once visited a non-jewish supermarket that had a bakery counter claiming tablet k supervision (they baked fresh on premise) this counter was shared with fresh seafood and other products I asked the workers how often supervision came to check and they could not even give a straight


    Additionally, they are a mom and pop company certifying all types of fresh and processed products manufactured under non -jewish auspices even a reliable Hashgocha certifying jewish owned companies would not be able to do a proper job with such a skeletal staff to oversee everything.

    Re triangle K Rabbi Ralbag is a tremendous talmid chachom and actually got rid of many heterim that triangle K was using. There are still some leniencies that the triangle K uses that not everyone agrees with.

    in reply to: Child Abuse #959247

    A smart person would never post such a thread or ask such a question unless they were not sure if they should stay quiet about something a)you are suspecting someone of child abuse,or afraid someone might commit such an act and needs help to prevent themselves from abusing others or b)someone you know was/might have been abused and you are not sure how to handle either scenario.Speak to a Rav experienced in these matters or a Frum psychologist or social worker who can guide you.


    Akupermena- It is our fault that Torah study has been diminished to just another category of government spending and became politicized.All government programs can be slashed especially if presumed to be wasteful.We must change our perspective and change the perspective of chilonim. If we who study Torah take the ability to study for granted treating stipends as if they are nothing more then government money, why should our supporters not feel the same way?

    in reply to: Looking for a High School #957437

    I believe Birchas Shmuel has a ninth grade (Rabbi Wallerstien)avenue L and east 15th

    yeshiva in five towns is Darchei Torah (Rabbi Bender)

    Just btw “trouble learning” is a very vague statement: it could mean that the boy has slight learning disability, doesn’t have the means to sit through long shiur,or is just a boy whose learning skills are not so strong. I assume you are in brooklyn

    in reply to: Buying Shabbos shoes with chessed vouchers #954677

    “If this person really understood that shabbos would pay back…”

    A)Accordingly with the above line of thinking if people do not have money then they should not petition Vaadim or Tomchei Shabbos for food and other expenses for Shabbos.

    Boruch Hashem you had a Mitzva today and helped a family look nice for shabbos and every time those kids run to play, learn, perform a mitzva or daven while wearing those shoes you have a schar in having enhanced their Simchas Hachayim and a piece of mitzvos that they run to do.

    Be Dan Likaf Zechus and thank Hashem for giving you this chance to have been able to so positively enhance these childrens lives.

    The next time someone with vouchers walks through your doors and you feel like making a mechaa use that same koach to repeat to yourself your new motto: BORUCH HASHEM I Am NOT IN THEIR SHOES!

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    “If this person really understood that shabbos would pay back…”

    A)Accordingly with the above line of thinking if people do not have money then they should not petition Vaadim or Tomchei Shabbos for food and other expenses for Shabbos.

    Boruch Hashem you had a Mitzva today and helped a family look nice for shabbos and every time those kids run to play, learn, perform a mitzva or daven while wearing those shoes you have a schar in having enhanced their Simchas Hachayim and a piece of mitzvos that they run to do.

    Be Dan Likaf Zechus and thank Hashem for giving you this chance to have been able to so positively enhance these childrens lives.

    The next time someone with vouchers walks through your doors and you feel like making a mechaa use that same koach to repeat to yourself your new motto: BORUCH HASHEM I Am NOT IN THEIR SHOES!

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    As a learned rebbetzin or as a yoetzet women can accomplish all that a womens role can be and in fact fill a need. B) Reform clergy and non Jews have been involved in this process there is now way this can be true Torah if the foundation is rotten.

    C)Just because someone is knowledgeable in Torah and Halacha doesn’t mean they are fit to teach it (This of course applies to men as well). The fact that they might know more then many men in Torah and Halacha does not matter at all.

    Disclaimer: The following paragraphs should NOT be taken as a reflection of all students studying to be a maharat attending drisha or at YCT and is also really directed to the heads of school who have the greatest influence over their students.

    It is not proper to discuss manner of dress but after we and others I know , met a few drisha studnets and Maharat candidates it is mind boggling that someone who wants to be a Rabbi or have an official post in an orthodox shule or organization is so neglectful in areas of BASIC tzniyus. I don’t say they have to be chassidim but every job has a uniform. I would ask the heads of school if you are a rabbinical school what are your standards of acceptance? How can you promote yourself as religious but your clergy candidates go around daily without regard to basic Halacha?

    I am all for men and women having greater roles in Yiddishkeit but this just is not a True to Torah path that the school or Chovevei is encouraging.

    Unfortunately for many learning Torah is no different then learning shakespeare or science at a liberal arts college. If you pass the final exams you are given a diploma,Semicha is much more then book Knowledge

    May Hashem help all of us reach and practice our potentials in Torah and Yiras Shamayim

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    Rational Frummie- Reflective of you posts you seem to be both A)Smart and B)Searching for greater Emunah.

    People especially a smart person is constantly looking for empirical proofs in life. In this case it is a struggle whether to go for or against changes in Halachacha or Hashkafa and what can and cannot be acceptable.(especiallY in a religion with an all encompassing G-d that we cannot see) You seem to have a tremendous knowledge base. I want to try to show in a calm non-screaming post how given your smarts and knowledge you show your struggle as otherwise you would never post such things. The answers to your posts are simple without quoting any seforim or Gemara

    1)”that YCT is centrist is just as… Who can judge what are the extremes in frumkeit, and who is really in the “center?”

    a) When most Talmidie Chachomim across the spectrum say that YCT is on the extreme then I think it is fair to say that they are not in the center every nation has laws Rabbanim are our arbiters.

    2)”At least YCT seems to care about most of Halacha, there are many talmidei chachamim in their ranks,’

    A)I am sure you will agree caring about most of Halacha is a form of intellectual Judaism.Using the words caring about most of Halacha and being a talmid chacham in the same sentence does not really make sense.

    3)”Once most rebbeim at YCT renounce torah mi-sinai and tell their students they can drive on shabbos I’ll agree with you.”


    1)Quoted from the incoming Chovevi Rosh Yeshiva. You cannot say reform theology contributes to Torah in any way.

    2)This is a total belittlement of all Halacha sefarim and poskim out there as well as an interdenominational approach that the vast majority including Rav Soloviechick ZTL disagreed with.

    4)”Look at bava Basra 25 and pesachim 94 to see that the Amoraim believed the earth was flat, the universe was geocentric, and that the sun literally travels through the sky. They also believed that you could see demons by burning a black cat and putting its ashes in one’s eyes.”

    A) I could tell you about a split sea, hail mixed with fire etc… this was actually the post that bothered me and got me to write as I understood the first part as you trying to bolster your argument for modern day science. But using the part about the black cat and then using it again versus another poster was indicative of an emotional more then intellectual struggle

    5) “In Just like science, when these ideas are abandoned or rejected, we have to rethink if those still apply today. This is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from objective halachic conceptsa similar vein, some of the information chazal used in establishing Halacha regarding women is based on goyish systems.”

    A)Sorry nothing based on goyish systems. Sometimes semantics mean nothing and sometimes they mean alot. Chazal was definitely influenced by the world around them but nothing was goyish based.Influenced a little yes.To say something in the Torah is goyish based is reflective of todays society where we must try to rationalize everything.

    6)”Its a lot easier to quantify and put height “in order” than it is religious beliefs.”

    a) :)agreed!

    Many people I know (all FFBs) have gone to AISH, Gateways Hineni or similar seminars,and from time to time all of us I.E. myself have similar queries. Dozens of Seforim are devoted to this topic. In a million years,I would never from your posts call you an apikores or your thought process heretical . Your posts reflect your struggles with Emunah, and the ability to correlate modern knowledge with Halacha.(totally normal)

    Just go get the answers you need

    Good Shabbos

    in reply to: Orthodox Jew Won Major Lottery #950403

    Simcha- Sorry to disagree but that is a very un”Simcha”thought as that could be applied to anyone that gets Parnassa Birevach or any other Bracha in abundance.

    It just happens to be that person A got their Parnassa via a lotto ticket while person B had to work or pick the right stock or venture to invest in.

    If you think in the back of your mind that Hashem is giving you a certain Bracha that it might not really be Litov then Chasvishalom it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    B)Additionally,If you think deeper into it you are inadvertently giving a Shtuch to very many great Baalei tzedoka out there who might not have had to work so hard but still managed to amass great wealth.

    Your logic would also apply to a person who is brilliant and can more easily learn Gemara then the average Joe.

    B)everyone has different nisyonos and suffering in life this hypothetical lotto winner might not have needed money struggles on top of whatever else they were destined for.

    Every person has unique Brachos, Kochos and Mazel in life and has try to utilize them for their personal tafkid and various stages of life . If a person uses that which Hasehm bestowed upon them in a proper fashion it’s a Bracha for them, those around them and as a shield in Shamayim.

    If the Bracha that Hashem gave you whether it be money, looks, intellect… is then misused via your OWN BECHIRA then what should be a Bracha can instead chasvishalom lead to your undoing.

    Be BiSimcha and may Hashem shower many Brachos upon you and Klal Yisrael:)

    in reply to: Come and get a brachah! #950142

    Dear damoshe It was very Kind of you to start this thread. May you be Zoche to Arichas Yamim vishanim, Simchas, Health, Yiddishe Nachas and Parnasa Tova.May you also continue to have the Bracha of the fine Midos you displayed today by remembering others on a day of your Simcha Mazel TOV!

    in reply to: What is the Best girl's Yeshiva in Brooklyn #948172

    torah613-A)The way you worded your comment is very condescending.If my kid wasn’t someplace already I would actually send to Lev(my brother and some of my best friends kids send there)all nice people with smart kids that send to lev bais Yakov. Its Lashon Hara if the only comment you can say about a school is that it is good for non academically inclined kids. B)I will say though due to their old method(Montessori leaning) some people had the impression that maybe the school wasn’t challenging enough.Four years ago they completely revamped their curriculum.

    Even if YOU feel your above statement to be true. To make such a statement would still be wrong, condescending,and lashon Hara as you have no real basis for this assertion.

    in reply to: Sienna or Odyssey? #940556

    A)Honda has better gas mileage

    B)The odyssey is better made and can handle the wear and tear of kids much better

    C)You usually get more bang for the buck with an odyssey. Especially if you are comparing an ex to a sienna le

    D)The outside of the sienna is definitely more appealing and it is a bit shorter and a bit less wide. However, the interior trim and finish of the oddysey is better

    D)The backup camera and audio system is much better on odyssey and you can only get comparable back up camera on the sienna if you go upmarket or as part of a package.

    If leasing:

    a) Honda has a proven damage waiver and is inclusive in the lease toyota is only gotten through a third party provider and tacks on 10-20 dollars per month(also provider might not be around when lease is up)

    b)honda has gap insurance built in toyota you usually have to provide for or build into the lease

    C)Honda is basically the only company left that has no lease end disposition fee and you can just give back the car as is. Toyota charges a $400 dollar fee at lease end if you do not purchase your vehicle or lease or purchase a new toyota/lexus at the end of contract.

    P.s. If you are willing to take a chance Chrysler might save you alot but many people have spent significant and multiple times with repairs by the dealership even on short term leases.

    Whichever you choose they are both good choices and may Hashem give you Hatzlacha wherever you may go

    in reply to: R' Blumenkrantz Pesach Digest 2013 #939907

    I would venture to say a big reason people are aware of a paper towel issue and can even talk about it to begin with (knowing about Kitniyos in paper towels) is because increased awareness was bought about to the masses solely because of the book.

    After widespread use of the book began kashrus agencies and local Rabbonim looked into certain matters more deeply and while sometimes they felt Rabbi Blumenkrantz was Machmir or disagreed with his Psak they always maintained respect for him.

    Additionally,prior to Rabbi Blumenkrantz many Kashrus agencies would put out only brief lists regarding products, usually would not fully explain reasons why something was or could not be approved, and they would add in only a smattering about dinim for pesach.

    Every major Kashrus agency guide over the last 10-15 years has become much more informative and comprehensive.I am sure this was in large part due to them seeing the tremendous benefits the Blumenkrantz guide was providing to the community.

    I have tremendous Hakaras Tov to Rabbi Blumenkrantz ZTL for the book.

    in reply to: Elal VS. Swiss #939582

    nanny- I believe that you might have gotten me mixed up I never mentioned about Maaser. However a compromise (and might even be gotten for same price as swiss)would be british , virgin delta continental etc.. much better in terms of security and at least you will be safe if stuck.

    in reply to: Elal VS. Swiss #939579

    nanny-you will sometimes have a codeshare from tel aviv to zurich or geneva operated by elal.

    TO some above posters: bear in mind when traveling issues can occur beyond your control. A couple I know had a weather delay forcing them to stay in zurich overnight the wife became sick to her stomach from hearing the german over and over again.

    In a more concerning scenario I also know of a person who had to stay in Istanbul.The person in turkey was offered accommodation as the delay was due mechanical failure and turkish air was footing the bill. However due to fear of antisemitism and security concerns they opted to stay in the safety of the airport.

    Many things can happen when traveling so far away.If given a choice why fly on an airline operated by out and out sonei Yisroel or are run by countries where if stuck you can be placed into sakana?

    in reply to: Elal VS. Swiss #939561

    While I cannot argue with saving money there is more to flying on ElAl then security versus Swiss.Also you will have to make a stopover in europe which is currently a hotbed of antisemitism.

    B)Unbeknown to many, a while ago Swiss was fully taken over by Lufthansa. There really is no difference flying the two of them.

    If you are comfortable flying lufthansa and do not mind german on the flight (german is the main language of switzerland followed by french)then you can.Many people would not be able to stomach such an experience.

    in reply to: Internet in Lakewood #934769

    ‘If you do not have paid access but mooch of your neighbors wireless, is that a problem? ‘

    I assume you don’t realize but by mooching you are violating Halacha. You are slowing down a connection your neighbor is paying for, plus possibly exposing him to virus/malware.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933177

    mewho- both are important please see that this thread actually started before purim. B)I don’t think there needs to be a discussion on the topic of the elected official he unfortunately used as he will now himself agree bad judgement.Even a smart nice person can sometimes make a bad mistake and if you are a politician that mistake can sometimes happen publicly.The faster we and he moves on and learn from the mistake the better.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933176

    Just my happence-yes it is widespread in secular and in church symbolism as well.

    However:Take the symbol away from the costume and use it solely as a decoration or perhaps, wear it as a pendant, brooch, ring, earring etc.. as is common and readily available for purchase.

    It would undoubtedly be interpreted by many onlookers as wearing a christian symbol.

    Regarding your citation of clovus there are many places that claim that fleur was the flower used in his baptisim or that an angel presented it to him upon his acceptance of the so called savior.There are many other sources of its religious use prior to heraldry, not neccessarily the legend of picking the lilly.

    Cited from many sources, regarding its transformation into more modern use ” The fleur has been used to represent French royalty, and in that sense it is said to signify perfection, light, and life.” It has since been adopted by many monar…to show divine origin”

    Obviously they attribute a level of avoda zara to this symbol regarding sources which say the flower was heavenly sent.

    Even on a popular tourist website for new orleans( which uses it as a city and football team logo)the fleur is referred to as a symbol of a saint.

    Many offices of knights of columbus(the largest catholic fraternity in the world) have fleurs on their signage.

    Again I will reiterate what I wrote above Forget about the knight costume or the fleur.It could be anything else instead that has a religious significance to non-Jewish people.

    I did this post simply to make people aware of what they are buying.Many people would not want to wear anything that has a known association or symbol that was and still is given a significance by the church. Even knowing just about a chance of its association with avoda zara would make many people refrain from buying such an item.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933169

    just my hapence – It is still widely used and was widely used as a sign in the church.Sorry disagree about what you wrote about scholars recent conclusions. Many kings used it as their coat of arms due its supposed divine origin.

    Anyway, the point of this thread was to make people aware.For many even if there was a chashash of avoda zara on a Purim costume if people knew about it they would not want to wear it.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933168

    rebdoniel-that is why i specifically wrote that these symbols still have religious significance till this day decorating many flags churches and used in ceremony.

    If you can also please elaborate about wearing an iron cross. Acceptance into a british order is a ceremonial thing now largely devoid of its religious significance it is more like a govt appt. Of course for centuries a person can refrain from using nonjewish terminology and books at a swearing in ceremony when becoming a lord or accepting a gov. position.

    But I am intrigued by what you say about the Iron cross. I think you might want to reconsider your example.

    Prior to world war two the iron cross was used widely and was a recognition for government and military service but afterward it became a symbol made infamous by the nazis. I think you would not find a contemporary Posek allowing a person to wear an Iron cross. The German govt themselves found it so offensive that after a long debate still have not allowed the original iron cross returned, it is now used very much by skinheads, biker gangs and heavy metal goers.

    Along the lines of UbiChukoseihem Lo Seileichu I doubt a modern posek would allow it to be worn nor would a person want to wear it.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933165

    rebdoniel- the costumes are meant to be reflective of the crusader knights a diploma does not have a religious aspect to it. B) Also over here you are using a catholic symbol as part of your costume to celebrate purim (i.e. you are wearing something similar to a cross as opposed to it being displayed on a diploma. I feel Rabbi Revel ZTL would have differentiated between wearing and also actively purchasing such a costume as compared to a diploma which you have no control over.

    Zahavasdad- re pick your battles I am not in a battle I just think that people are truly unaware about what they are wearing. Yes a knight/guard is not in the top ten purim costume choices however,I truly feel that 99% of how many ever people buy this costume upon realizing catholic significance to this symbol would not wear such a costume,nor would Frum stores offer it.

    Re using a plus sign. I guess I would in fact use similar reasoning as said by Rabbi Revel ZTL with a diploma even most goyim do not know origins of a plus sign but a fleur de lis is still widely known as a religious symbol and used among nonJews (even the new orleans saints use a take of it as their logo)

    Just my happence- you are missing the point the symbols on these costumes (whether the fleur or from the lionheart who led a crusade) according to the church have a divine (avoda zara)origin. These symbols are around today and in use solely because of the church attributing significance to them. If you would realize this then you will not be so easy to make light of people unwittingly wearing such things.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933158

    says me- virtually all knight/castle costumes have a fleur delis or a variation thereof on the costume or shield. The ones that don’t will many times have a lion which was the sign of the crusaders and was the shield of richard the lionhearted who led a crusade.

    While there were knights of different times and places I am talking about what is popularly sold online and have witnessed being sold as costumes in many frum stores and catalogs.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933156

    The fleur delis symbol is the symbol found on knight costumes and has great significance.

    To those above posters who were concerned about where the symbol originated (i.e. maybe it was from a kind nobleman)this symbol originated with the pope and THE NOTORIOUS king Louis WHO USED it as his coat of arms.

    King Louis IX financed a crusade, EXPELLED Jews from France and forced debates and burned all the Gemaras in france for which we say Kinnos over. (for his efforts against Jews and service to the church he became st.Louis)

    Please do not make fun of this issue as people are unwittingly putting on symbols of the church on Purim day.

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933152

    WIY??? most of these costumes have a cross on them or similar symbol which was used by the church B) knights were sworn to glorify the church and we say kinnos because of many of their atrocities. In fact most knights became knights to fullfill their lust for blood and killing “for the sake of heaven so to to say”.I am sorry but I do not understand your comparing what I wrote to people being upset about secular education

    says me: Knights were a church entity all kings even Jewish ones wore a crown and robe

    Even if you are unaware of the true nature of the knight the costumes being sold all have crosses and/or ancient church symbols on them why would someone want to wear such a thing?

    in reply to: Disturbed by Knight and Castle Guard Costumes #933146

    thanks for editing I actually went back to edit it (and possibly title) but i saw you did it already 🙂

    in reply to: Mitzvah Tantz? #1208118

    The Muzinka/broom dance was bought about by the early not-frum yiddishists and is not a minhag at all.Due to being unaware of its roots and having a yiddishe name it has become more commonplace over the years. Many people are not aware of this.

    Regarding using brooms during the dance around the parents:

    As more then one Gadol I heard basically put it(paraphrasing direct conversations): A Yiddishe mother and father should never, even after marriage of a child mimic sweeping kids out of the house or to give a sign that chasvishalom their jobs are done. Davka especially as they send them off they should always show signs of open homes to the new couple where they could come for advice and IM Yirtze Hashem show that they keep a place where they and their future families are welcome.

    A Rosh Yeshiva (now in the Olam Haemes) was once so upset after witnessing people dancing with the brooms by a wedding that he spoke out against the practice publicly as he realized people were just totally unaware of where the broom dance originated and what it signifies .

    As one older Rav once told me.”It is a tremendous accomplishment to see all children married and the parents (even with a possible dance around them)should be acknowledged but this could be done without the broom.”

    May we have only Simchas in Klal Yisroel

    in reply to: Mitzvah Tantz? #1208116

    There was group of alien space explorers searching the universe for inteeligent life forms.On their journeys they chanced upon planet earth.

    From their vantage point in the saucer they saw NYC with all its tall buildings and figured if intelligent life resides on this planet it must be there.

    After looking around for five minutes they quickly went back to the mother ship reporting that while once possible, intelligent life no longer exists on the planet as all inhabitants seem backward and furthermore the inhabitants were so unintelligent that they didn’t even recognize the aliens as being a different life form. On they went they continued searching for intelligent life on other planets.(To bad they landed for those five minutes on October 31 otherwise they might have had a different perspective of the human race)

    The same is true with perspectives on Mitzva tantz. While not all do it, it is a very holy Minhag practiced for many centuries by many great Tzadikim.

    It is only because of our superficial knowledge that we cannot appreciate it properly.I am sure if spent more then five minutes thinking about it descriptions such as weird, untzniyus disturbing would not be used.

    (you still might not want to have a mitzva tantz but at least you will know why people have them)

    in reply to: Kashrus of Dunkin Donuts #1022389

    Some posters have wrote a statement that can be easily misconstrued that black or any type of known kosher hot coffee can be basically had anywhere(which means including many starbucks and similar cafe type establishments)The OU StarK CRC all have published guidelines one should follow or issues to be aware of even when purchasing even plain black coffee from such an establishment. Just as an example Re starbucks: One can find a quick basic do and don’t chart from the star k for starbucks on their website just google star K and starbucks

    in reply to: Help With ADHD Child – Anyone Have Any Info To Help? #929726

    BTW did the professional they take him to order a full metabolic work-up as well as MRI of brain? Before recommending any ADHD medication a good doctor would want to rule out any Biological factors and also be aware of anything they should NOT prescribe due to possible adverse effects

    in reply to: Help With ADHD Child – Anyone Have Any Info To Help? #929724

    The main NYU child study centers in Manhattan and Long island are the best at this in the northeast.They have a FREE lecture series for parents with questions about ADHD one thursday per month and they also have a very comprehensive website explaining various disorders parental concerns, possible diagnosis when/when not to medicate… many therapists and psychiatrists there work with frum kids.

    They will be able to give a good second opinion as while they deal alot with adhd they also deal with other disorders as well. From what you describe a second opinion is a must and a good neuropsych eval should be done

    It happens to be the next free lecture is in two weeks on this very topic

    Thursday, February 28, 2013

    The Role of Neuropsychology Assessment in the Evaluation and Treatment of ADHD: Careful Considerations

    “Many children and teens with ADHD also have learning difficulties and other complications. This workshop explains what a neuropsychological assessment is; how it can help you to better understand your child; and how to determine when it should be used in treatment and school planning”

    The NYU childstudy centers website is

    NYU Child Study Center, One Park Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10016 (212) 263-6622

    (I know of many students whose lives were changed or finally had a proper diagnosis given after going to the centers)

    Re medication: As said above it involves trial and error. Regarding things like no food coloring etc… things like that working have found to be truly isolated or that the the child really did not have adhd


    in reply to: Jewish Mayor Koch Being Buried In Church Cemetery #927250

    To all above posters. It was not uncommon in Europe to have a section partitioned off from a non-jewish cemetery to be used solely for Jews. Mr Koch consulted with Rabbonim and aside from fencing off his area he also acquired the rights for a gate into the cemetery near his plot to be known as the Jewish gate and only Jewish funeral processions will go through it.

    While myself and I am assuming most posters (we should all live long) would not want such a resting place, before people say that he is being buried in contradiction to Halacha at least check with a Rabbi for clarification if what he did was okay(It actually may be kosher).

    Regarding temple emanuel for the services and many of his liberal policies (including an even if Halachichally kosher definitely not normative burial): A Jew who grew up in early – mid 1900s America without true formal education is a true tinok shenishbar you cannot judge him because of that.Aside from lack of knowledge there was also a constant undercurrent of bashing orthodoxy as something for the old world.

    May he be Zoche to find a resting place in Gan Eden

    in reply to: Keeping Challah fresh from Friday night to Shabbos morning Seudah #925742

    doubling a plain food storage bag will be just as effective and will cost as much as 75% less(remember no ties on Shabbos)just seal it off with the second bag

    in reply to: Royal Jordanian Airlines #925317

    Litvish answer your question I could never bring myself to fly Lufthansa or buy German products. And if having a choice I avoid products from poland france ukraine russia etc.. Many major German companies are around today solely because of the slave labor they used to get through the war years whether you are talking about mercedes or puma some of these factories actually had killing grounds on premise.

    Additionally, except for Kevarim,many Rabbonim (Rabbi Reisman very recently)speak out against visiting Europe for pleasure.(they also many times will suggest spending the same amount of time and money in Eretz Yisroel)

    Aside from possible Sakanos nifashos and difficulties that could ensue by flying with a bunch of Jew haters,if given a choice of where to spend money why directly support the jordanian government and antisemites?The op obviously had his/her reservations as people don’t post about flying on delta or virgin atlantic

    Snowbunny- Jerry Reinsdorf is openly proud about the fact that he is a Jew and has owned the bulls and whitesox for at least 20 -30 years. He also gives heavily to Jewish causes across the spectrum what antisemitism are you talking about? If you are talking about racist comments by some players a few years ago, it really does not have a reflection on the organization.

    in reply to: Keeping Challah fresh from Friday night to Shabbos morning Seudah #925740

    double plastic bags and clear off right after seuda so the challa doesnt get stale

    in reply to: Royal Jordanian Airlines #925313

    With so many airline choices why would you a)want to put yourself at possible risk over 100 dollars

    b)While we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to filling up our cars and possibly other areas of commerce,why would you want to unnecessarily support sonei Yisrael?

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