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    I heard there is a MO yeshiva in st Louis MO

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    And to @n0mesorah, the Rambam actually says MY POINT in his introduction to Mishna Torah, that Yahadus is HALACHA.
    There is very little else, besides Halacha in the Rambam, and he calls it Mishna Torah! The entire Torah.
    See his intro clearly. He held his book was THE ENTIRE TORAH!

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    Yahadus existed before Nach.(don’t worry, I know the midrash that all 24 books were given to Moshe).
    Chazal say many times, (and it’s clear in the chumash), that Nach is NOT Torah. Yahadus IS the Bris of the Toras Moshe, nothing else aka the Law of Moshe, AND understanding it.
    The Neviim have a very important purpose, but that’s not Yahadus itself.
    No one has actually responded to what I said. They just skipped it over.
    And if you were on the recent Chabad thread (from which this thread was crafted – in fact, I inspired Yabia Omer to start this thread from there. Ayan Sham), then you would know that I am more “biblical nationalistic” than anyone. I am also an expert in Nach more than many. I believe Halacha is drawn from the pasuk first (Mechilta Sifra Sifrie, before Mishna. So, no, I am not focusing on Gemara too much, although you need it to understand the Law)

    This discussion is not about Jewish knowledge or scripture.
    It’s about Limud haTorah= “the Law”
    Read my previous notes, so I don’t have to repeat multiple times .

    We might be saying the same thing but referring to it differently

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    You assume the answer to weather we should rebuild the Mikdash if we could is a resounding NO?
    about 100 years ago, there were Jews in America who thought that we shouldn’t be keeping shabbos nowadays even if it could be possible.
    How can you CANCEL 50% of the Torah, just because?????
    If we are Anus (hands tied), ok. But stam????

    Don’t keep shabbos cuz it’s a chillul hashem

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    @RSo. “and the Rambam, in Peirush Hamishnayos (Sanhedrin 10:1), writes that whoever says Mashiach will not be a descendent of Shlomo is “kofer BaShem uvedivrei neviav””

    I dont wanna argue with haRambam or even Chazal (where it says from Zerubavel – not like Yermiyahu’s curse), but the Gemara says Bferush that Rebbi Yehuda Hanasi could have been Moshiach, and also says Bferush that He was a descendant of Shefatiah ben Avital (Avital was one of David’s wives).
    So, no, He does NOT have to be from Shlomo

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    As n0mesorah mentioned, there is a difference between “from Hashem” and “Torah = LAW”

    The Torah, the LAW – and, of course, the discussion of how to get to the law, is Yahadus.

    I would say, that even reading the story of the Mabul or Yosef and his brothers doesn’t qualify as “Limud haTora”, which is a very specific classification. (as i quoted above…., vshinantam lvanecha vdibarta bam….. “ki im bToras H’ cheftzo uvToraso yeegeh yomam vlalyla” and “vhagisa bo yomam vlayla”)

    “Ki al pi hasvarim ha’eleh karati itcha bris v’es Yisrael”, and many other psukim say beferush this concept. The entire Bris is the Torah, nothing else. Furthermore, the other Nevi’im have no right to give us any laws, = meaning they are not Torah AT ALL!
    Only that Moshe said there would be a place Hashem would choose to rest His Name and that we should put over us a king from whom Hashem will choose, so we need the Nevi’im for that.

    Of course, it’s important, just like Agada and Mussar etc…

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    Nach should be taken out. It’s not Torah. Also agada.(we should still learn it, don’t get me wrong!!)
    “Vehayu hadvarim ha’ele asher anochi METZAVCHA hayom….”
    The Mitzvos. That’s Limud haTorah.
    Torah means Halacha and the way we come to the Halacha.
    So, besides Chumash, we have Mechilta Sifra Sifrie, Mishna, Tosefta, Bavli Yerushalmi, HaRambam (and potentially, any discussion about Halacha, I only mentioned Rambam because he covers “kol haTorah Kulah”)

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    Right after the churban, they tried rebuilding. (“Be happy you were in the mouth of the lion and lived”)
    Then again a major rebellion by Bar Cochba, they were expelled from Judea.
    And expelled from Israel entirely 200 years later.
    in 470, An Italian group tried coming but got drowned.
    In 500’s, under Julian the apostate, they were very close, until he was assassinated by the Christians.
    In 609, the son of the Resh Galusa, came with 30,000 Jewish soldiers fighting in Persian army against Constantinople.
    They were promised everything by the Persians.
    They conquered Jerusalem and started building, only to be double crossed by the king.
    After that, we were scattered to the west, and the land lay barren and empty with no hope.
    Jews from France came with crusaders in 1100’s, only to find out they lost Jerusalem, and settled in Aco

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    Yechezkel is bayis shelishi. Pashut. Zvachim 59-60 makes it clear.
    Melachim is irrelevant.
    The mizbeach is 24 amos, including the shittin.
    Mizbeach adama means not on rocks or ditches.
    Anyways, Halacha is Halacha. It’s not effected by these things.
    That’s why we have chachamim and bes din

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    The “mizbeach” thing, is an outright excuse.
    We would never say that in any other area of Halacha.
    It’s only because you don’t want it.
    Stop focusing on so many things that have nothing to do with yahadus, and focus on re-establishing more than HALF of the Torah to it’s proper place.
    If you want it, you’ll figure out a way.
    There is no reason why we can’t know where the mizbeach should go
    There’s a 3 way machlokes tanaaim where it should go, so we should pasken like one of them.
    And according to R Yehuda, the whole azarah is kosher.

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    Forgot the stupid cheesecake and instead focus rebuilding the Mikdash so next year we can follow ALL the REAL Halachos of Shavuos, Yom Habikurim, when we bring the Mincha Chadasha.
    The whole inyan of cheesecake is only to remind us of the Bikurum which is brought from the 7 species of the Land, flowing with Milk and Honey

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    Also, there is something called Halacha for a reason.
    You don’t need Eliyahu for that.
    Building the Mikdash is like any other mitzvah and chiyuv.
    Lo bashamayim hi lemor mi yaaleh lanu hashamayma…..

    Throughout history, our ancestors always tried building it.
    There were dozens of times when we came very close, to varying degrees.
    People who say we can’t, are kofrim.
    Maybe we don’t know how to keep shabbos either until Eliyahu comes? Etc…..

    Study Torah and Halacha, and we’ll know how.
    The earlier generations NEVER said: we dont how to do it.
    They tried and failed. Ones rachmana patrei….
    We must try and succeed!

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    I’m not talking about balebatim.
    I’m talking about ppl “sitting in learning” in yeshiva for 10-20 years, who are Amaratzim gemurim in shas.
    They don’t even know what it is.
    When I quote a yerushalmi or a sifra, they look at me like I fell from the moon.

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    Well, if you never learn more than 3 blatt of 7 random masechtos, how will you ever know anything about yiddishkeit?
    The way to have a yearning for the Geulah, is by studying ALL of Torah. Then you will see that half of the Mitzvos cannot be fulfilled and you will have not just a yearning, but a fiery zeal for the Geulah.

    Why is it that people who try to build the Beis Hamikdash are called extremists by the FRUM YESHIVISH velt??
    And those that study the entire Torah, to keep it, are called baalehbatim??

    The Torah is REAL, not some joke

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    Wolf is right.
    The Torah will not change as long the world exists.
    This is EXPLICITLY throughout the Torah and Tanach.
    It cannot be argued with. Anyone who says otherwise, even chazal, is either wrong or a misunderstanding.
    See Dvarim 30:1-10. And many other places. The Bris Torah is eternal and never will be annulled, not during the galus and not after geulah.
    All the Neviim, most importantly Moshe, said that after the final repentance and redemption, Yisrael will listen to the voice of Hashem and follow ALL the Mitzvos, Chukim etc.. that I commanded them TODAY, ALL as is written in THIS Book.
    There are literally DOZENS of EXPLICIT psukim to this effect.

    The Torah doesn’t change because of peoples imagination.

    The word “Olam” means Eternity and World.
    After this world is no longer the same world, meaning Olam haba, etc.. LITERALLY new heavens and new earth, is something else. But that is beyond what we have in the Torah itself. Ayin lo raasa.
    When the world no longer exists, we will worry about that.

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    How could you say “there are no consequences to the vaccine”, when it’s only been 2 years and many consequences have ALREADY been seen?
    Just saying….
    It could years to see more widespread serious consequences

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    To yabia omer:
    Goes show how the ashkenazim brainwashed you.
    It was the ashkenazim who built Israel and it was them who forced millions of sphardim to come to Israel and become goyim.
    Everything Israel has today is because of the ashkenazim who considered the sphardim to sub human

    125 st

    First of all, you’re off by 1000 years – you probably meant 2460.
    Second, jews today there are Sphardic, not native Antochians. The natives were killed / expelled by the Christians in the late 300’s. They mostly moved further west (Italy etc..) where the persecution of the church was less. The expelled Byzantine jews founded / joined early European communities. They wrote the Yotzros / Piyutim that Ashkenazim use to this day.

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    Yes, SQUARE_ROOT is right. The Torah calls the Melech a Nasi. “Asher nasi Yechta…..”. It’s clear in Yechezkel (and Yeshaya) that Moshiach will have children. Yechezkel even says (46:16) that his inheritance would go to his sons – and we know according to the Torah, that that means he will die.

    And yes, if the Beis din paskens misah on them – so be it. Din Torah is Din Torh

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    ok – hineni

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    And…… Where’s the contact info?

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    Rashi in Parshas Toldos says the field which Hashem blessed (meaning Gan Eden) is the “Apple Field”.
    Meaning, the field is of Apples, but the Tree itself was clearly not, according to Chazal. (Fig, Grape, Esrog, Wheat). The Zohar (first meal of Shabbos) calls it “Chaqal Tapuchin Qadishin” – Holy Apple Field

    in reply to: Haredim denounce Ben Gvir Temple Mount provocation #2154524
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    IT’S TIME TO go up and rebuild the Holy Temple – and restore ALL the Laws to their proper lace, finally.
    It’s been too long!
    The Time Is Now!
    Be prepared to fight for it

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    The Software Course is very good, great professors.
    Really prepared me for my very lucrative career.
    In 1 1/2 years, you get more than the goyim get in 4 years.
    If you’re able to keep cheshbon, it’s really kdai.
    The zoom is even better than in person, in my opinion.
    Amount is a lot less than any other college, that’s for sure.
    i owe these ppl my life!

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    @Avirah – if you wanna say EVEN a Rebbe is toraso umnaso (an excuse for working) is patur from davening – then KOL SHEKAYN a real Uman is Patur!
    The gemara says bferush that “Am shebasadeh” – working ppl – do not hafta daven at all – the chazaras hashatz is for them. but, a Rebbe also? that’s a chidush – only R Shimon was like that. Most Non-workers must daven al pi halcha

    in reply to: Who said tachanun today? #2148526
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    The reason we dont say Tachanun by Ma’ariv – is for the “meorer dinim” reason – no source in Halacha.
    Originally, Tachanun was the MAIN part of Davening – as explicit in Daniel – literally falling on the floor 3 times a day. But, because of the “meorer dinim” reason, we dont fall on the floor (the sphardim dont fall at all – the ashkenazim fall on the table – but not on the floor anymore – which is the real Halacha)
    All this is because of “meorer dinim” reason.
    Most Chassidim in LKWD are VERY makpid to say Tachanun, with 13 Midos, every day Shachris and Mincha – even after Shkiya.
    But, i guess, fpr some since the minhag ashkenaz is to fall on the table, they extend the “meorer dinim” reason even more.


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    If you look at the comments there:
    kahane_was_right October 23, 2020 11:23 am at 11:23 am
    what if the election is stolen by the libs?

    does he factor that in as well?
    Ad Kan Lashon kadsho

    No one answered that question – so we dont know…..

    in reply to: Anti-semitism: Republicans vs Democrats #2146013
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    Well, if you use a topic that Repiublicans are sympathetic to, like Ye, who is a right wing conservative, and Trump – whaddaya expect?? Novelty, Please??

    Why dont you make a poll about many other topics that Demonrats are more sensitive too and the results will LITTERALLY be the EXACT OPPOSSITE

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    Ashkenazim used to speak only Loshon Hakodesh on Shabbos – as evidenced by the 18th Century Song of R Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, on Motzai Shabbos they would move back to “Loshon Ashkenaz” (it was only called Yiddish by secular nationalists at the end of 19th Century).

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    it represents the Human power of desire, which will eventually take over logic. Like many things, a lie is repeated often enough until it becomes true.
    let’s face it. people WANT to be jewish, but they dont want to actually work for it.
    This has been the CORE principal behind ALL anti-Jewish philosophies of ALL time.
    Ppl can’t take the fact the Jews have a covenant with G-d, but instead of following the law and becoming part of the covenant, it’s too hard, so they decide instead to deny that anyone has this covenant. THIS, and ONLY this, has been the sole reason for Paul founding christianity in the first place.
    The Ancient Greeks, if you read Apion, hated the jew for the same reason, so they said the jews are a made up ppl, with no real history. Josephus wrote an entire book, Contra Apion, to defend the jewish history of the Bible. Eventually, reality started sinking in, and if not for Paul, EVERYONE would have become jewish.

    “if you can’t join ’em, beat ’em!!”


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    This has nothing to do with being smart….
    Smart means figuring things out – problem solving.
    This is just if you happen to know something.
    Who is the current PM of Pakistan? Does that make you smart?
    It means you know global politics.
    If someone knows the answer to these questions, it means they are knowledgeable in that subject; not smart necessarily.

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    The Sphardim were never Meikil, that’s just a modern lie. Ya, if they are not frum, of course there are gonna be more lenient, right? The real frum Sphardim are the most strict of all communities

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    The Teimani Mesorah is very questionable at best. You have any reference to them before the Rambam?
    Only hostorical reference to them before that is the Himyars who took the revenge against the Ethiopians for how the byzantines were treating the jews. Not much else. The European Jewish Tradition is the MOST documented of all groups, by far.
    This has nothing to do with the Dark Ages. They were primarily in Italy during that period, where they produced some of the most memorable aspects of our culture during that time. Think about ‘Midrash Tanchuma’ (written almost entirely in italy by italian geonim), Rabba and yerushalmi (who joined these italian communities after they were expelled by the byzantines). There was an expression: ‘From Bari and Lombardi will Torah come and the Word of Hashem from Toranto’. These were famous communities of the greatest rabbis of the those centuries.
    The famous 4 captives who brought Torah to Spain and North Africa – were from Bari, Italy.
    Just open up an Ashkenazi Machzor and see all the Piyutim of all the Holidays for throughout the year. ALL of them were written by these Italian / Byzantine (includes Egypt, Syria, Greece, Turkey) Jews during the centuries from 550 – 950 CE; who then moved north into France and Germany, The Holy Roman Empire, by the Carolingian Dynasty.

    in reply to: Most Jewish Communities=No Mesora #2135392
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    @Yabia Omer:
    What is ‘obvious’ to you, is actually not true.
    The European Communities come straight from the Roman (and later Christian) Exile.
    Direct Mesorah from the Yerushalmi Talmud.
    ALL of Eretz Yisrael, Egypt, Syria and Turkey, Greece and Rome Jewish Communities of 2nd temple were ALL Ashkenaz (European) Jews. There were NO Sphardim at all until about 1300 years ago.
    Shimon Hatzadik was the first Ashkenazi Jew.
    Besides that, the Spanish and Portuguese almost ALL moved to Europe (those that left Iberia), over the centuries after the expulsion – to the point that almost no spanish jews remained Sphardi – they almost all became European Ashkenazi. Most of the Ottaman Jews in the 1600’s and 1700’s moved to south eastern Europe – think Hungary, Romania, Chechya, Slovakia, Austria.
    The Ottamans surrounded Vienna in 1683. Most Ashkenazim today are heavily sphardi. The entire jewish community of Vienna in 1718 was Ottaman.
    There are very few sphardim left

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    @Marxist: What makes Ben Gurion a Yid? What IS a Yid? I guess way Marx was a Yid?

    in reply to: Pruzbul Time #2127803
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    Fill out Prozbul Form and Give to a Beis Din
    i just finished filling out the form – it works

    in reply to: what’s up with the news trolls? #2119865
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    How come no one ever mentions me?
    im really insulted – i work so hard getting attn

    in reply to: Thank you for your love, best wishes and prayers #2119869
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    Baruch dayan haEmes
    not BDE

    in reply to: what advice do u wish you’d have received when you were younger? #2118522
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    you’re right. money is what lasts long term(usually), not much else.
    Beauty, Middos and all that other stuff changes

    I would answer the Q like this:
    start making money young (as a skill or business) and invest young.

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    look it up Yevamos(90b), i beleive.
    i said it wasnt tznius….

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    The chashmonoim who fought the secular jews (and eventually the Greek empire which supported the secular) were not the same ppl as those who killed the rabbis. That was their grandchildren, who were mad at the rabbis for paseling them from kehuna because of their mother being a captive.
    And I’m not condoning murder, especially a random girl who did nothing. Pick on someone your own size

    All I’m saying is that it’s possible for such a thing to actually be a massive kiddush hashem, in certain specific circumstances, with those who oppose actually creating the chillul hashem.
    Where and when is the major question. Most corruption in religion stems from a misapplication or misunderstanding of an underlying truth.
    Definition of kiddush hashem, showing that torah and hashem is important. Chillul hashem is the opposite. Doesn’t bother you? That might be a chillul hashem…….


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    @ aviraDar’a and his camp:
    The talmud (Yevamos 90) says about the Chashmonaim (Maccabees), that they would kill jews left and right for even committing Drabanans on Shobbas, and for committing Non-Tznuis PERMITTED acts. There is a concept of Hora’s sha’a, that goes above the basic law of due process.
    There were MANY times in history when we killed ppl against halacha because the situation called for it.
    i know the zionists like the “Maccabees”, but according to chazal and all historians, they were fanatic jihadi terrorist murderers who were much worse than Yishai Shlissel.
    it’s not so pashut. “Hora’as Sha’a shani”. its pretty scary actually……..

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    Adam knew everything. He saw from one end of the world to the next. Hinduism just happens to be an ancient expression of ancient religions, but you could say the same about most ancient Middle Eastern ones as well.

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    like any other yiush baalim

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    MDG nad ujm, look at tosfos yevamos 47b – if a master gives up hope (and every jew has inheritors [and the possessions of a ger who dies becomes hefker anyway]), then it’s like he’s mafkir him, and hamafkir avdo yatza lcherius – if you are mafkir a slave, he becomes fully jewish

    in reply to: Was Hordus a Jew? #2113459
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    @rav kaufman
    first of all yannai was the son of the one who enslaved them (although according to abaye, yannai was yochanan, but it seems rava was right that yannai (yonasan) was the son of yochanan who enslaved them).
    About him being Cohen Gadol, he was halachically pasul for kehuna because his mother was captured during the wars. This was the reason why Yochanan Cohen Gadol became a tzadoki after so many years (after finding out that the rabbis paseled his wife and kids). Yehuda Aristobulus, his first son, died after the first yom kippur, and then Yannai took over and spilled the water on his feet, got pelted by esrogim and crucified the rabbis. Eventually, he realized he was wrong and sold the kehuna gedolah to Martha bas baythus who gave it to her 2nd husband, Yehoshua ben gamla who restored Torah.

    ** – i actually have a perutah from Yannai which says on it in old hebrew “Yehonasan hakohen hagadol vchaver hayehudim”

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    @coffe addict
    i wanna cry over how close you are. The rabbis told Agripas, his grandson, not to cry because he is “our brother in commandments” – in other words, a slave is still better than a goy. But, they were wrong for pandering to him in a way which against halacha. Rashi says his Agrippas’ mother was jewish, but as tosfos (yevamos 47b) asks, then there should have been no problem with him being a leader, so Hordus’ wife must have not been jewish.

    in reply to: Was Hordus a Jew? #2113233
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    Tosfos in yevamos 47b asks: how come he wasnt automatically freed as soon as he forcibly became king? since a freed slave becomes a jew, he should be kosher? Answer: the owners must have not given up hope, and assumed that perhaps his haughtiness would bring his downfall. Who were his owners, if all the Hasmoneans were all killed? Answer: every jew has inheritors, no matter how far back you have to go.

    in reply to: Was Hordus a Jew? #2113072
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    Rav Kaufman, i dont mean to kauf with you, but what you are saying is what secular historians say, who KNOW NOTHING OF BASIC JEWISH LAW OR CULTURE, but yet they feel the right to talk about jewish history!
    Yochanan did NOT convert the inhabitants of Edom (SEE BELOW**), but rather forcibly ENSLAVED (which is worse? idk….) them, which is fine in Jewish law. The Gemara says MANY times that Herod and his family were SLAVES!
    From a secular historians perspective, enslavement LOOKS like forced conversion – forced Milah and forced following of commandments – but to say “forced conversion” is simply a LIE and a perversion of jewish law and culture, instead say “forced enslavement”.

    (**who were NOT edomim, btw, as the Assyrians had mixed EVERYONE up centuries earlier. The real Edomim were moved to a province in modern Turkey which the Assyrians called Idumea. From there, refugees during the Trojan war (which is controversial itself) moved into Europe, all over – like all Phoenicians who founded European civilization, but specifically founded the city of Rome (Remus and Romulus – sons of RED Mars))

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    You guys are all a bunch of amaratzim.
    The sun is actually CLOSER to us during the NORTHERN WINTER. How come NOBODY thought about the Southern half which is ALWAYS opposite of the north?? no one even mentioned it!!
    Summer and Winter comes from the 23.5 degree tilt of Earth. When south is tilted toward the sun = southern summer and northern winter, and vice versa.
    basic science, come on guys and gals.

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