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    This child is reading both Hebrew and English very well,one of the best readers in the class according to his teacher and rabbi. He also does not complain of tiredness while reading or any other eye symptoms. His OT recommended he be screened for tracking and convergence issues. He also has a hard time focusing but he is not ADHD.

    Can vision therapy help such a child? The therapist seems to think so, but the price tag is holding me back-300$ per hour-no insurance accepted.

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    I bought TR brick roast from Moishas this past Thurs for 5.79 lb and was wondering also why it was so cheap.

    It was soft and fresh,so no complaints about quality.

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    Popa, you’re an Ima????

    I never would’ve guessed!!

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    My opinion is why mess with something that is working well. If crock pot chulent comes out yummy and you know the time it needs to cook for as well as measurements and the like, it sounds like too much work to create a new ‘system’,if you will….go with what you know!

    Enjoy and gut shabbos!

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    Someone…anyone…a little help over here…it’s getting kinda smelly around here…

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    WIY-you absolutely 100% can wash meat and dairy dishes at the same time in the same dishwasher. I have spoken to rabbis about this. The reason you are allowed is the dishwashing detergent makes a p’gam to any leftover food particles and even a dog wouldn’t want to eat that…it may be better to be machmir and not wash them at the same time, but it is definitely mutar.

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    I love my Keurig!

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    Oh,I already put my collection in the trash. Oooops.

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    It’s not necessary. Glass doesn’t absorb so you can drink milk in a glass cup,wash it out with soap and water,and drink your juice out of the same cup with a meat meal. The same goes for glass dishes,but only clear, uncolored glass. If it has a color then it must be either only dairy or meat.

    We have a set of glass mugs and a set of fancy glass cups that are both dairy and meat,but the mugs that match our china sets are strictly meat or dairy.

    I will go one step further,that according to Hacham Ovadia Yosef, those aforementioned clear,uncolored glass cups and dishes used a whole year for both meat and dairy,may be washed very well and scrubbed to make sure there is no residue and they may be used for Pesach.

    You must find and close up all the holes. My exterminator told me if there’s even a small crack,like under a door where you can see the sunlight poking through,that’s all a mouse needs to get in. They can squeeze through very tiny holes/cracks.

    Good luck!

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    Philadelphia is far way from sesame place,so those aren’t good ideas for us,but thanx smartgal.

    Anyone else have any ideas…or else we will end up at Hershey park,at least there there a kosher place for dinner..

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    You know the song ‘Baruch haba melech hamashiach’ by Avraham Fried? Ive heard it changed to ‘Baruch haba choson v’kallah ‘ as an into….cute idea

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    DIL-you asked if there’s a prescription med for appetite suppression. Someone answered there’s only xenical, but that’s not correct. There is also phentermine, which is related to the street drug speed. It’s an amphetamine,just like the drugs used for ADHD. it’s classified as an anorectic,which basically means it takes away your appetite. you need to be under the care of a competent md with this drug,and you need to limit your caloric intake. This drug can raise your blood pressure. I had much success while taking it for almost 4 months. I had energy and felt like I can do it all on it. I barely felt the need to eat. The amount of control it gave me was unbelievable. People would be eating ice cream and donuts and I would think,no I don’t really need that,and wouldn’t eat it.

    The problem with phentermine is that it’s not a long term solution. It can’t be taken for more then 6 months -a year. I had to stop it due to severe headaches it was causing me. I have learned to make better food choices and have been off it for 3and a Half months. I lost almost 30 pounds but have regained 5 since coming off it. I hope I will not gain more!

    Also I forgot to mention that phentermine also I’d known to speed up your metabolism and that aids with weight loss.

    Good luck,hope this helped

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    Ok,and while we’re at it,do we need to tip every kids speech therapist and OT? the mailman,the UPS guy?the garbage man,the bus drivers?? And if so, how much??

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    Should read ‘catch a shiur’ an hour a week,and ‘having LUNCH’….please correct,thanks!

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    Ummm….Sephardic married female here with children…. I worked when I was newly married until 2 months before my first was born(had to be on complete bed rest due to a hard pregnancy)and I haven’t worked a day since! It’s not because I don’t want to,I would love to go out every day and have a set schedule,instead of ‘hmmmmm…..what should I do today?shop,clean this room,or that one,laundry…etc….’ I would love to be on a schedule,but unfortunately,with kids you just never know when you need to run to the dr or other things that just somehow manage to come up. I don’t have any immediate family members that can help with child care so that I can work. If I were to pay a babysitter,or for that matter,a live in housekeeper,then I wouldn’t have much of a check to deposit,so I chose to be home and take care of my kids and house all by myself. I don’t belong to any group,or club foe that matter either. I’m lucky if I have a chance to catch a shout an hour a week!

    So,not all Sephardic women who stay at home are rich(I’m not)nor are they all frequenting card games and saks fifth ave or getting manicures and massages and having luck every day! Sometimes it just works out better that way! I would love to get a break from the kids and the housework and work parttime…I can use a bit of freshair…but that will have to wait until the youngest goes to school full time….

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    You can just omit the meat…it will be fine!

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    We have 3 phones on AT&T and we didn’t have to pay any deposit on them…we just needed to have a 2 year contract. Overall I am very satisfied with AT&T. They have a nice family plan with rollover minutes. I never heard if a deposit on phones. Either they give you free ones or a discount on whichever phone you want..

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    Oh my goodness! You mean to tell me it’s NOT emergency??? Wow….that’s what we grew up singing…

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    My whole family was born in Halab or Egypt and NO ONE wore a wig there. When they came to NY and became educated about the Halacha of a woman needing to cover her hair after marriage,THEN they took upon themselves to cover their hair,some with wig and others with hats. Even rabbis wives in Halab didn’t cover their hair there. They always knew of the Halacha but for some reason it just wasn’t kept in those places.

    I know that the rabbis in Brooklyn that are Hacham Ivadia Yosefs talmidim are against wigs very strongly. Their wives wear hats.

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    Thanks all!

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    ef613- I am Syrian too,and I would like to know which rabbis you are talking about that you say ‘strongly oppose’ Hacham Ovadia Yosefs psaks. He is a very well respected rabbi,all the shuls base their hanhagot on him. Whenever any questions arise the rabbis of the Syrian community contact him immediately for advice/assistance. I know,because they did it twice for me.

    So please do not be so quick to disregard a very learned,very respected rabbis opinions.

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    Feel better,haleivi. Can I ask what area you were in when you contracted this??

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    Yes,air fresheners are unhealthy to breathe in. Especially unhealthy are candles and those plug in air fresheners since they keep on releasing chemicals in the air. They are known carcinogens.

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    We did a couple of times with a company called Blue Green. Try googling them to see what you find.

    in reply to: Mohelim – Cost of Bris Milah #779586

    I can’t help you with rate info,but I would like to say that I had an excellent mohel who when he came to check the baby on the second or third day,and my husband asked him how much he needed to pay him (because my husband actually didn’t ask him beforehand, being we were very hectic,as you can imagine…)he responded very clearly that my husband owed him nothing and he would never,ever sell his mitzvah! We were floored! My husband who has an answer for everything was speechless!

    And, he does this with everyone,not just us! We asked!

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    ok,I’m pretty sure this is going to get deleted but I have to voice my opinion-which is-who cares? I’m not for or against this…why do we need to care which way someone “leans”? Does it affect you? Is what someone does in private anyone elses business?? I think not. So let’s just everyone live and let live. And if we think that such a bill passing will ruin our children…it wont. If the house they grow up in is safe and stable and open and communicative,the kids will turn out fine. Please,everyone just mind your own business and take care of yourselves!

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    Ummmm,Rabbi, I kinda figured that out! But Im just sayin that I never heard that term used before. Is it a real thing,or did you just coin the phrase? I’m Sephardic,so we don’t even have a shalom zachor.

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    But its still very cool!

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    What in the world is a sholom nekaiva?! Never heard of that one before!

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    Someone I know-this did not happen to me-did a large shopping order at a well known warehouse club. She had her infant with her,who was beggining to fuss,and other then the baby,she was alone. At the register she paid for her order,which included among other things,a blender,a coffe maker,a kitcen aid,lots of paper goods and some odds and ends. She had many coupons for the large items,and in figuring in her mind,the total should have been 500$. When the cashier told her her total was 2something,she did think it odd that it was so little,but as I said,the baby was getting very loud so she paid and went out the door. The guy at the door checked her reciept against the contents in the cart and let her go. Once home,baby taken care of,she began to look thru her reciept and noticed she didnt get charged for a 300$ item! She asked the Rabbi and he said,if it were a small store in which the owner is invloved,and it will cause a kiddush hashem,she should go and pay for it. If it is a large store in which its only employees,and the workers have no stake in the company,she can pay,but she doesnt have to!

    in reply to: Salute To Israel Parade Sunday, June 5th #773122

    I am be”h. I have to watch my kids march and do the dance/march they’ve been practicing for weeks!

    in reply to: What are you all doing today?? #772433

    Gefen-sorry for your bad weather,hopefullythesun will come out for ya tomorrow….

    Anonymrs-(what a cute name!)-thats actually what I wanted to do today! How was it? Was it crazy crowded? Maybe I should try tomorrow…but then for sure it’s gonna be crowded,right? But thats been on my mind to go see for a while. Did you all enjoy? Is it a kid friendly trip? Any details you can share would I’m sure come in handy!

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    yes,i was wondering that too btw….

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    Mazal Tov,Aries!! Much nachas!

    To everyone else,you’re all so….constructive! I was looking for fun things to do,not organizing,but whatever…the days just about done. We went to the park…maybe we will try to plan something more adventurous for tomorrow…

    What are you all doing tomorrow,anyways….

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    Ok MII-as long as your not crying I guess it’s ok!

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    Ok,I mean,what else besides being in the CR! Where’s there to go??

    in reply to: Camp Chaviva #961777

    Shanzze-I’m getting off topic for a sec here-I registered my daughter in sternberg,she too is going by herself,without a single friend. Can you tell me how it was to get on the bus and be all alone? And how was it when you got to your bunk,were all the girls friends from before? Did you feel like the odd man out out? Because I’m beginning to have second thoughts on sending her all by herself! Please felons about your experience! Thanks

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    You’re normal all the way! Mazal tov! When I give birth I cry when someone looks at me or just says hello! Seriously,it’s so strange. My husband has no clue as to what causes that. One minute we are talking,the next I’m bawling! It usually lasts for 2 weeks for me. Purely hormonal. Good luck!

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    Sac-I LOVED your above comment!

    in reply to: Kids and Allergies #770745

    Ok,heres what we do at our house since the majority of us have allergies. First of all,go to the allergist! He will test your son to see what exactly he’s allergic to,and then he can tailor the treatment to the timing of what he’s allergic to. For example,one of us is only allergic to trees,so the dr.will soon be weaning that child off his meds in the coming month since that is when the tree season ends. However,another child is allergic to all trees,grasses and weeds,so her meds must continue thru the fall.

    Second,besides for an early blocker-think claritan,allegra,zyrtec-we also use a late blocker called singulair. This drug has worked wonders fir all of us,myself included!

    Thirdly,we are on prescription nose sprays,some of us are even on two different ones at the same time!

    And fourthly,we are on prescription eye drops,and one child,who’s eyes were like slits and very puffy he looked Chinese,is on two prescription eye drops,one in the morning and one before bed.

    All this is of course in addition to keeping the house as dust free as possible as well as what aries mentioned.


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    Wow. Just wow.

    What will be next?

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    This is a yummy soup! My family and I love it! My kids ask for it all the time! It’s a green leaf that gets purreed,and then frozen. You can buy it at any middle east grocery along kings highway or ave u or ave p in flat bush. All you do is boil chicken in a big pot full of water,and when it’s done,in a separate little frying pan you sautee crushed garlic with dried coriander in oil until it gets dark brown in color and when it does,you toss this mixture into the pot with the chicken and broth. Voila! You just made what’s called in Arabic as molochaya! It can be eaten with white rice or pieces of pita bread broken into bite size pieces and thrown into the bowl. You don’t put rice or bread in the pot,you serve yourself a bowl of molochaya and then you add the rice or bread to each serving. Yum!

    in reply to: Whats with the Interrogation anyways? #768651

    First of all,mazal tov on the engagement of your daughter! This is a beautiful s thing so don’t take it for granted. Second of all,through your happiness,it seems that some jealousy is getting out,and this can spoil the simcha. You have your reasons for shopping/not shopping and that’s fine. Please don’t let this person or the many like her,spoil a wonderful time for you. At this point in the game you pretty much know what you can or cannot afford. So go with that. There’s no need to look at others and say ‘ they have an extra 20 grand tospend on silknscarves.’ You know,peer pressure doesn’t end when we get out of school. And this would be a good lesson to impart to the kallah. Ther will always be someone that has more and even less.but be happy with what you have,as I’m sure you already are, just keep the attitude in check. Yes,people in our community are nosy yentas,and no,there is nothing you can do to stop it, yentas have been around since the beginning of time! This woman had no right to interrogate you,you are for sure right. But the underlying complaint I’m hearing is ‘I wish I had more cash so I could get more stuff’. I think you gotta lose the attitude that youre missing stuff,and you need to be more happy with what you DO have.

    in reply to: Pros and Cons of Home Depot kitchen- need kitchen advice. #792078

    We used Capital Cabinets in BP. it was a number of years ago,but i distinctly remember that they were not the cheapest,but we went with them after hearing so many recommendations. They have an ABC system in which the A is the highest quality,B is of middle quality, and C is lowest. You can mix and match qualities on suchnthings as the actual type of wood for the cabinet(solid down to plywood),hinges and drawer mechanisms. I don’t remember what we chose,but I’m sure we didn’t do A all the way and there has been no problem to speak about. If you need quality as well as good looks and functionality,go with them! And,no,I don’t work for them!

    in reply to: ARMED guards by yeshivas and beis yakovs #767469

    K9 – you are absolutely right. There are no guarantees in life,but we do what we can.

    Happens to be,there was an incident that happened a block away from the school in which a man in an SUV tried to get a couple of kids in his car. They ran away and called police. Now there are more patrols around dismissal time.

    in reply to: ARMED guards by yeshivas and beis yakovs #767466

    Bpt-they charge every family like 500$ extra to fund the security. But now that i think about it,thats probably not even enough so i dont know how tey pay for it. Why can’t the other schools do something like that too? I’m telling you,when I go to work in this other school,that’s not too far away,I really get worried. There is no way an 80 year old lady can defend the entrance of this building. And everyone just says ” oh,don’t worry about and so,she knows exactly who should be coming and going at what time”….ok maybe she knows the morahs and the mommies,but if some crazy guy,or 2 would want to try something,I doubt that she can even pick up the phone in time.

    in reply to: ARMED guards by yeshivas and beis yakovs #767463

    Bpt- yes,it’s brooklyn I’m talking about,and yes,it’s one of those schools. And yes,the community I speak of is in the ocean pkwy vicinity as well as the east streets.

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