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    A sheep without a spleen… I suppose you think I should wake them up in the middle of the night to spend time with them

    That wasn’t the intended insult, the intended insult was that christianity just isn’t where it’s at.

    (On a side note, at 5 PM EST… are you from israel? And if you are why are up at 4 in the morning?)

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    Oh no. A smoking girl is clearly easier to get married of as she cannot possibly object to smoking boy. Why she should go to jail, that’ll teach her a lesson about equality

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    emunah? hello? Is half your brain tied behind your back to make it fair?? maybe untie it. this thread was about self esteem. sheesh.

    @ apushuta

    yeah? how long will the fat girl be around? or the girl who lies about her age? Its so important how long they will be around? The older girl is definitely closer to dead.

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    The damage you did to yor chldren with spending the 3 minutes writing that post instead of spending time with them is worse than three hours they could spend with a missionary

    More people should smoke -it’s good for business!

    You’re right, it supports the tobbaco farmers in brazil, the lawyers, and the doctors. Best of all it prunes off the unproductive old folks, that’s real Medicare Reform

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    Yah thats my goal, I’ve never made it that far.

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    try googling word gasheekee

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    Hey everyone look theres 770 posts in this thread. 770 770 770

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    What exactly does Gasheekee mean??

    If you really want to know then just search google for “word gasheekee”

    Google is the real all-knowing.

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    What “stuck” really means to say is-

    This is the thread where everyone writes about the story they once heard about some guy who did something he thought was funny and then later realized it wasn’t as funny as he thought it was originally and then they went to some rabbi and he gave some psak, but the poster cant quite accurately remember what said psak was and so he writes his own psak as fact and the story is very funny and probably not true, but it could have been true if it was.

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    A Reviis of wine is enough to passul a kohen from going to duchan. Perhaps the mishna berurah simply means the minhag is to duchan by shachris because many kohanim would have made kiddush and had a reviis of wine by the time mussaf comes along. That is how my Rav interprets the mishne brurah (some bachurim wanted to bring a proof from this mishne brurah that getting drunk on simchas torah is endorsed by the mishne brura and wanted the Rav to relinquish the keys to the closet where the liquor was kept).

    Presuming it’s the same shiur as davening, it’s not really a reviis, our wine is weaker, and anyway much more than an hour would have elapsed. I’m not sure why he had to stick that stuff in, a halacha can account for inappropriate things that are done.

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    And Yekkes start it later than the others,-about 2 weeks later- because they want the first monday to fall around Kristalnacht

    Is that really true?? Sounds a little funny to move a minhag.

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    -*burp* excuse me!

    -The rotten meat was tasting better coming up than going down

    -Mr. Gasheekee Sr. was lying in a pool of his own puke, surrounded by yungeleit dancing with sifrei torah.

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    I think I understood what you said at least, if not then I laughed at my own joke. And I read it like poultricide, which made it much funnier.

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    I got it last night in my bed, very good. We’ve come to use the word outside of the original context.

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    You’re so right, BS, that’s how the end of the song makes sense

    uch uch uch uch uch uch uch

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    Dear B.S.

    Define Gasheekee

    -B.Gum Sr.

    Why don’t you ask Gumball Jr., if she doesn’t know then what’s the iss

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    what are shaidim?

    Male Shades, like in the color blue, or gray.

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    sam2: I have better things to do with my time than think about the words coming out of my mouth

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    When I say no way, I mean I didn’t, but I don’t actually recall saying any of the words in the bracha, so it’s bigeder a safek and (I think) Chazaka paskens I said it

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    Gasheekee, and he was a rough old fella

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    Shticky: Here’s the point. If you really have a rabbi that says you can, that’s fine (I mean a rabbi, not just minhag because I believe many gedolei hador have said that you should go against your father’s minhag for this) But stop with the geshikte questions “the pasuk says 7” “we don’t take lulav” “we don’t sleep”. We follow halacha, not saichel.

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    Every other Gematriya is just a Remez. Why can’t anyone make up a Remez so long as it fits with a real idea/source/Halacha?

    You’re making the baal haturim sound pretty silly, I would think there’s more to his gematrios than intellectual “cuteness”. Do you know someone who has or had a beard who says that???

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    oops! my DH just told me the JNF gives money to the Palestinians :/

    I was just interested in this cuz of the tree plantings… ignorant of the politics.

    Even better, waste their money

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    Please be Dan Likaf Zechus, it was probably not the first time a girl dumped him if he smelled so bad, and that also explains why he was still dating when a rav

    It’s pashut disgusting not to take care of body odor. Yet many people don’t. It’s truly appaling. Once, i was standing next to a chashuv rabbi and boy did he smell. Personally, I think it was a big chillul HASHEM.

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    and you can move a bed into the sukka its no big deal. why dont you try that?

    Why don’t you and see if it’s funny. If it is you can come move mine in (and out at 3 in the morning when it rains, don’t worry, I’ll wake you)

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    I dont eat there. The pasuk says 7 days not 8.

    Good point shticky, I always wondered why my father stuck his tefillin on his nose

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    Now that sounds like judaism, do garbage to make people happy

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    Be B’Simcha.

    Boy am I B’Simcha. I slept like a human last night and danishes all morning in shul. What could be better?

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    interesting. i didn’t think of that.

    Good, because it’s irrelevant. You’re only pattur if it’s something you couldn’t have avoided. I could have installed a heater in my succah. And a bed ( not made of pine). And a timer to turn the light off on yom tov. And a fridge with beer. But I didn’t so though I cry through the night , I am chayiv.

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    is everyone ready for hoshana rabba? the reason we beat the ground is to show the chazzan we mean business

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    I dont encourage women to eat in the sukkah, except one of my sisters; shes fun.

    in reply to: Kup Moiach Shtroyzat #818760

    Definition: When you look in your goblet and your dismembered brain is there.

    Origination: King Louis VI was very ill and at one of his last meals his cranium was leaking out of his skull and he was very bothered.

    Usage: Chaim jumped as yankel tripped and spilled his plate all over chaim’s shirt, why I’ll kup moiach stroyzat you!!!

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    Thanks for the laugh, optimus

    in reply to: definition of average #623327

    Did this question have a purpose or were you just bored at work and wanted to type unintelligent questions. More likely the latter but then it would seem you are below average in keeping halacha since you should be working. in which case you have a motive, you dont like being below average so you want to redefine avergae, in that case you had a reason… confusing no?

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    i appreciate your defending those of us who come to shul to daven, otherwise everyone would think he was talking to everyone

    thank you from the bottom of my heart

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    You brilliant masterminds. It’s so nice you have the right hashkafos in life but yet are so clueless which religion you are following. I believe your question stems from the fact that YOU interpret the gemara as saying that you should point out reshaim so that no one should think a bad thing is happening to a tzadik.

    Do you think you are smarter than Moshe? Maybe only an Amora?

    Berachos- Moshe asked Hashem, how is it that good things happen to reshaim and bad things happen to tzadikim?

    God- ” be quiet”

    Gemara- Because they get their s’char or punishment in olam haba.

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