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  • klugeryid

    At least now you’ll be posting under a moniker of only bidieved.
    As I don’t know you it’s certainly possibly that Bidieved you keep no issues there.
    But now your rants against Torah will hopefully be dismissed by the mainstream readers as the bitterness of someone who has not found the sweetness of yahadus.


    How could you possibly ”notice” that it was blocked ?
    Is there like a way to check if someone is blocked?
    Like many others I read many of its comments.
    Some were weird, some stupid, and most were juvenile.
    But too many were outright insulting, and attacking, yidden, yidishkit, and distorting halacha, as well as poking fun at many of minhagay yisroel.
    It did not belong being given a platform to spread its poison.
    (as a comparison. There are many threads here where people really go at each other, including name calling, attacking minhagim and the like.
    However the general feeling is that it is really a frank and open discussion with certain niceties removed due to the anonymity afforded by a screen name.
    That’s in some sense a beautiful thing as well as anyone who gets involved is or should be aware of what they are getting into.
    Like chabad shelucha .she knows good and well that she will be subjected to full frontal attacks. But she is basically saying that’s why I am here. Attack and I will explain. No holds barred and may the ”correctest ” one win)

    But this vermin was in it for only one thing.
    Now that’s also great
    Until you start using devorim shebikedusha for your fun.
    Think about it.
    David hamelech was punished for calling Torah a song.
    And we can all understand that if said that with the utmost respect for Torah. But he was punished for the choice of words.

    Can you imagine this maggot????
    Good riddance

    in reply to: Do women need to stay up all night of Shavuos? #1732024


    during sleep the head is on the same level as the digestive system in the body and the mind dream of illogical/silly things: pila b’kupa d’machta – an elephant walking through the eye of a needle)

    Again, arguing with chazal.
    The gemora says no-one ever dreamt such a thing.
    Yet you open your sewer and spout it out as if it’s a normal thing.
    Stop arguing with chazal

    in reply to: Q regarding Tefillin #1731231


    Kluger- I hate to spoil your fun but I am pretty sure he wrote this post in response to your last comment in the hopes of you saying exactly what you than sad

    syag, I respect you, you know the game.

    Thereby proving my other posts about this רשע
    It’s all a game
    Distort דברי חזל-הלכה-השקפה
    Be מלעיג על דברי חכמים
    Insult and malign large swaths of אחינו בני ישראל

    And it’s all a game
    To garner reaction
    To see if ”it ” can correctly predict responses
    נידון בצואה רותחת מפני שהוא צואה רותחת

    in reply to: Q regarding Tefillin #1730849


    Wow!! Like manna from heaven
    I have long contended, publicly here many times, that rgp is nothing more than a לץ with a search engine.
    Now look what s/he did here.
    Was a simple straight forward question.
    Yet the convoluted answer was clearly lifted straight out of a dictionary, DOES NOT EVEN REMOTELY ADDRESS THE QUESTION!!!!
    If anything it makes it stronger as it clearly states ”Tefillin “phylacteries”, are composed of two teffilos,”’
    I don’t know the author of that but that is exactly what the op asked about
    Since it’s tefillah + tefillah = tefillos
    Let’s call it that

    But our resident genius saw
    Etymological question? OK search word origin.
    Didn’t even realize it’s not addressing the question.

    What a laugh

    in reply to: Is there a hetter for staying up both nights of Shavuos? #1730846


    So I take it you think it’s always OK to say a few chapters of tehillim .
    Let’s take a page out of your book.
    So you would say it even in the bathroom?
    Even when your ”husband ” needs you
    Even at the expense of helping a random person in need.
    Even if it means keeping the light on while someone tries to sleep.
    I think you just say teHillIm because it gets you out of doing the hard life work you really should be doing.
    You wimp out of your responsibilities by opening a tehillim
    How classic
    You make fun of people for making a ”heicha kedusha ”
    But then you wimp out of your own responsibility


    I didn’t write that


    How come three days ago is listed as less than two days ago?

    in reply to: Shabbos Food #1730514


    Who can explain the comparison between being עובר a דין to being מיקל במקום יש על מי לסמוך?

    in reply to: Milchig Meal on Shavuos #1730200



    in reply to: Milchig Meal on Shavuos #1730184


    its not google
    its along the lines of אוצר החכמה

    in reply to: Milchig Meal on Shavuos #1730021


    Don’t be fooled for a moment
    As I posted before
    RGP is far from a תלמוד חכם
    It is a person with a decent Torah computer search engine and a rudimentary understanding of Hebrew.
    Coupled with a few controversies they have picked up on over the years.
    And I’ll prove it to you. (not to rgp you can’t prove that person anything)
    Why choose to attack not staying up on the second night of shavuos which requires convincing people that there is even a reason to do so, when he could have much more easily pointed out that most people don’t stay up all night after the seder ,something explicitly brought down, nor does a great portion of klal yisroel stay up all night הושענא רבא also something with a much greater. Basis.

    The answer is quite simple
    Rgp searched ‘staying up second night shavuos’ and ran with that.
    Didn’t have the mental faculties to realize or didn’t even have the knowledge that there are nights much more clearly brought to stay up, to ask from there
    Rgp is not a תלמיד חכם
    Rgp is a לץ, שוטה, מלעיג על דברי חכמים, ובעל מחלוקת

    in reply to: Milchig Meal on Shavuos #1729985


    R Elyashiv זצ”ל did not sleep because he was ill
    He slept two hours every night of the year up to his final hospitalization. Learning every possible minute.
    He slept those same two hours on shavuos night because , it was יצא שכרו בהפסדו to stay up those extra two hours.same reason he ”wimped out ” on דאוונינג כותיקין
    אפרא לפומך

    in reply to: Who is RGP ? #1727895


    Avi k
    The context I was referring to was so you can tell who you are responding to
    What did you think I meant when I wrote
    ”you think there is a person named chosid”?

    in reply to: Who is RGP ? #1727785


    Avi k
    You don’t have to post it even once. I think most people get it
    We just don’t care.
    You use screen names just so your comment can be understood in context
    You think there is a person named chossid ?


    Rabbi Chaim is a great talmid but he is not a posek and never claimed or tried to be one
    He paskens tens of thousands of shealos
    Are you nuts?

    in reply to: Should Parents Intimidate Their Kids? #1727157


    That was some leap you made. I understand it (your basing it on your understanding of all my comments on this thread) but it happens to be wrong.
    I would take away the treat and tell the child
    Sorry bubbaleh.
    I know you want the ”chips ” now but they are for…. And you can’t have them. Then if it’s age appropriate I give the bike a hug and kiss and that’s it. After that I don’t really deal with their crying directly.
    But to say you just ignore negative behavior and it goes away is just a foolish statement.

    in reply to: Should Parents Intimidate Their Kids? #1727100


    Just curious. Let’s say they take treats you don’t want them to have.
    You just ignore that negative behavior and it magically goes away?

    in reply to: Did Rebbitzin Golden Pick Sponsor an Article Just to Troll? #1726750


    ”KY (Kiryas Yoel?) – Rav Hutner ztzl did not “encourage” boys (as they force boys in other yeshivos) to shave. Those that had beards he would sometimes fondly comment an expression from Zohar about beards.”
    where do you get all the stray from for your stray man arguments?
    Do you by it wholesale?
    Where did I mention that he encouraged shaving?
    I asked his opinion, as if it were assur presumably he would have made that known to his talmidim .

    BTW the passuk says
    Mibeten shiol
    From the bowels of hell
    An apt name for your sefer


    As I commented earlier
    It’s important to understand not just to have a good search engine.
    Do you know what it means אין מורידין למי שלא נתמלא זקנו ????
    It’s talking about the AGE of the ש”ץ
    See the מ”ב and ביאור הלכה where you yourself pulled quotes from!!
    ו- אין ממנים אלא מי שנתמלא זקנו כו’ אבל באקראי *** משהביא שתי שערות יוכל לירד***
    ביאור הלכה – באמצע דברו – ”כשאנו יודעים לפי ענין המקום שבכל השנה לא יזדמן להם ש”ץ קבוע שנתמלא זקנו לכן מותר לענות *** לבן י”ג *** אפילו בקבע
    How on earth did ”a 13 year old ” become the counter balance to someone with a beard???
    He should have said , if you know you won’t be able to get someone with a beard you can take someone without!!
    But no. The point is it’s not כבוד הציבור to have a young whippersnapper be the ש”ץ but In a desperate situation you can do it.
    That’s all the talk about רמב”ם ופריסת שמע because a קטן can be פורס על שמע so the רמבם points out that that does not extend at all to becoming a ש”ץ for which it’s not enough to just be 13.
    שו”ע סעיף ח
    מי שאינו בעל זקן, כל שניכר בו שהגיע לכלל שנים שראו להתמלאות זקנו, נתמלא זקנו קרינן ביה. הילכך בן כ שנה אע”פ שאין לו זקן ממנים אותו

    ובסעיף כ מדבר בענין הסריס
    So it’s clear we not talking about a סריס .
    We are clearly being told that as long as he is of age that most people have beards and he is not a סריס it’s fully OK to appoint him even though he does not have a beard.
    רמ”א -וכן אם היה לו זקן אפילו מעט -קרינן ביה נתמלא זקנו אם הוא מבן יח ולמעלה

    Again the focus on AGE

    and seemingly one who shaves, as long as the stubble is evident (as it is with almost anyone who doesn’t use cream or a razor) ,according to the רמ”א is perfectly fine

    מחבר סעיף י
    יש ללמוד זכות על מקומות שנונים שהקטנים יורדים לפני התיבה להתפלל במוצאי שבת כו

    Again issue is קטן

    In סימן תקעט he does not mention a word about a beard
    Presumably because he said someone with small children, so that already shows he is not a קטן
    And one more
    סימן תקפא סעיף א רמ”א
    וידקדקו לחזור אחר ש”ץ היותר הגון והיותר גדול כו’ושיהא בן שלושים שנה גם שיהא נשוי
    Noplace mentioning a word about a beard while listing everything to look for for a ש”ץ for ימים נוראים but strangely coming up with a thirty year old being a מעלה.
    Except when you realize that all along זקנו מגודל was an age threshold and for ימים נוראים we look for someone older. It all makes sense.

    היצא מכל הנ”ל
    Noplace in שו”ע does it say someone without a beard can’t Daven by the amud.

    I beg the mods
    Please let this post through
    I sent a lot of time on it because you have someone masquerading as a תלמוד חכם who really has no idea what he is talking about. He just pulls quotes from a search engine and is ממש making a mockery of תורתינו הקדושה והטהורה

    As I said before
    Troll all you want. Enjoy yourself
    It’s fun and harmless
    Until you start to misrepresent the רבש”ע ‘ס תורה

    in reply to: Did Rebbitzin Golden Pick Sponsor an Article Just to Troll? #1726535


    What did r hutner hold in regards to shaving
    Seems most boys in his yeshiva shave till today


    Can someone just answer the following
    The gemora krisus either 6b or 7b, according to the second pshat in rashi says that Aaron haCohen trimmed his beard
    What do we do with that?


    Shauli, speak clearly
    The Torah clearly prohibits shaving WITH A RAZOR!!!!!!
    anyone who is shaving with a razor is not involved in this conversation nor is the book for them.
    So let’s not fudge things to prove a point.
    There is no clear issur to have a hair free face
    The question is is there a rabbinical issur
    Or perhaps even a drasha that would make it min haTorah
    Or is it only an Inyan , perhaps Al pi KaabaLA,
    Or is it , gasp! Actually permitted.
    But to say the Torah clearly dosages it is at best ignorant and at worst a new religion


    Where exactly does the ”Torah ” forbid shaving?

    in reply to: Sports #1725883


    If he is מקבלם כאלוה And עובד אותם then אה”נ
    But In most cases no ”worship ” takes place
    As opposed to let’s say someone who is מלעיג על דברי חכמים, let’s say by calling a gemora ”a joke ”
    On such a person is said כל המלעיג על דברי חכמים נידון בצואה רותחת
    Just like that other מלעיג על דברי חכמים
    ישו הנוצרי
    An ע”ז himself

    in reply to: Is there a hetter for staying up both nights of Shavuos? #1725859


    In truth, most people that I have spoken to, end up learning less on the first day of shavuos because they learn about four hours at night and end up sleeping all day
    So really we should not even stay up the first night. (like r elyashiv didn’t) However being as the custom for ages has been to stay up, we dare not abolish it.
    But הבו דלא לוסיף עליה!! שלא יצא שכרו בהפסדו
    To convince people otherwise without regard for the tremendous ביטול תורה that will most likely result, takes a real לץ וקל דעת like our resident goldenpicker

    in reply to: Waiter’s finger was in my my soup! #1725458


    I was not taking a position. I never researched the issues I have no clue. I was just firstly finding the gemorah for what I thought was just an unknowledgeable person.

    Let’s I was taking public umbrage at the temerity of the fool to publicly call a line in a gemora a joke. Feh !!!
    Let him peddle his dung elsewhere

    in reply to: Waiter’s finger was in my my soup! #1725402


    Actually that specific one would indicate that it is OK to eat. Just they only sold it privately

    in reply to: Waiter’s finger was in my my soup! #1725281


    R. G.
    Watch your fingers
    Your calling a Gemara a joke??
    You can troll all you want
    You can incite all you want.
    But watch yourself before you start to call a gemora a joke.
    Shame on you.

    You want to say that’s not what it means.
    Go ahead. Offer an alternate explanation. However lame. But don’t you dare come on and call a gemora a joke.
    Afra lipumacha !!!

    in reply to: Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yishaya’le of Kerestier #1725277


    Some story about a building in Manhattan was going to get cited with massive violations, the frum foreman mentioned this Rebee’s name to the non Jewish inspector, upon which he went back to his car for a while and came back and issued a minor violation.
    Was all over social media when it happened. Very recently

    in reply to: Sports #1725029


    Is Greek yogurt made from Greek cultures?
    I’d stay away from sports as it seems to impair cognitive ability
    . Case in point
    The Op asked about following sports without watching
    G h who seems to be on the yes side is busy pontificating about watching and playing. Two things not in the original question
    Having said that, I personally agree with ry23

    in reply to: Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yishaya’le of Kerestier #1725028


    Probably because of the story that took place this year with the Buildings Department made him very famous

    in reply to: Do women need to stay up all night of Shavuos? #1725035


    To chosid
    You keep mentioning that there ”may ” be a heter
    What pray tell is the possible issur?
    Going to sleep then? So make a shomer.

    As to the main point im shocked nobody mentioned. The reason to stay up all night is to attone for sleeping late at מתן תורה AND THE FACT THAT THEY WOKE UP EARLY FOR THE חטא העגל.
    the women did not do the עגל so there is no reason for them to stay up all night
    (unless of course you can’t afford a goyta)

    in reply to: Waiter’s finger was in my my soup! #1724695


    בחולין צב ע”א: “עולא אמר: אלו שלושים מצוות שקבלו עליהם בני נח, ואין מקיימין אלא שלשה. אחת שאין כותבים כתובה אלא לזכרים) כלומר שלא העיזו למסד זוגיות במסגרת נשואין). ואחת שאין שוקלין בשר המת במקולין. ואחת שמכבדין את התורה.”

    in reply to: Are women required to make brocha when saying on Hallel on YH? #1724683



    in reply to: Building a Mansion #1724159


    I see my comment came out garbled I was trying to say that in a small spread out family you can exercise such security measures and they will work when one is blessed with a large family with many children one has to be concerned that while the parents are away one of the older children who is not yet fully responsible will figure out a way to go in and then will not be careful and a younger child will manage to figure out their way in God forbid and you can result in a tragedy recriminations later will not bring a child back to life it’s a risk not worth taking

    in reply to: Building a Mansion #1724142


    Ctl that may be so but then that is the proof not what you said before
    Either way in a large family and on-premises pool is not a good idea you can God forbid have a situation the parents are away and older sibling decides to go swimming is negligent and closing the gate and leaves it open younger one comes in the bag they’re not as responsible they found that the code they know where the keys are it’s very good and wonderful when you have a small family far spaced out children I wish you lots of goodness

    in reply to: Building a Mansion #1723752


    Ctl your last story is not really a proof
    I would not put in a pool on my property were I to be able to afford it, due to safety worries.
    But you can be sure I would use one I had access too as often as I could.
    Reason being, the safety issue people are concerned about is c”V a child getting in when nobody is around.
    Not really concerned about allowing my. Kids to swim while I or a different responsible adult watches them.
    It’s no different than any other pool.

    in reply to: Scranton, PA #1723352


    Which approach you referring to?
    The 81? 84? 380-local road?

    in reply to: Scranton, PA #1722948


    CT lawyer
    Am I missing something?

    in reply to: Scranton, PA #1722359


    And a son in law is rosh yeshiva of chafetz Chaim yeshiva

    in reply to: Scranton, PA #1722276


    In terms of sightseeing not much
    Bob mellow state park is gorgeous
    (they may have changed the name) but it’s not sightseeing.
    Rabbi fine is a sight to see.
    Massive Talmud Chacham down to earth and as sweet as you can get
    Fink poultry farm
    Go to national bakery on ash street
    Cheap delicious and PAs yisroel too!! (some stuff is dairy, pizza I believe is dairy cholov yisroel)
    If your coming from new York and you have little kids, check out apple blossom farm on the PA border

    in reply to: Bedikas chametz on an airplane seat #1721715


    Interesting concept contrary to my post on a different thread which was tongue-in-cheek I don’t do all that much flying so it’s not really a question in actuality it was more of a hypothetical


    R golden
    It’s good pesach is over cause nobody allows mishing as much as you did there
    I can’t even untangle what you did, and you did it to my post!! Enjoy
    If you repost in a coherent fashion I’ll be glad to respond


    You lost me
    I thought the question was why is the last day of pesach the only ”last day ” that is named
    You want to know why the others have more defined names??
    Well then the question really is why doesn’t the last day of pesach have a more defined name then ”the last day ”
    To that I’d say
    Suggest something better and maybe it will stick
    But to ask why do we call it hoshana rabbah
    Why don’t we just call it last day of succos
    That’s just a stupid question not worthy of a response


    From Rabbi Chaim Fogelman as printed in the OK’s Kosher Spirit magazine (spring 2017)

    We don’t find any other Yom Tov which has a special name denoting the last day – there’s no Acharon shel Sukkos or Acharon shel Shavuos
    Let’s go through the holidays

    Rosh Hashana
    chazal we’re quite unequivocal that though it is two days they are considered as one long day so of course there won’t be a separate name for the second day

    Yom kippur
    Only one day
    Take your pick
    Hoshana rabah
    Shimini atzeres / simchas Torah
    (Simchas Torah separate day in chutz laaretz but probably only named such because in e y that name exists too)

    Ever hear of ”zos Chanukah?

    Shushan Purim

    Acharon Shel pesach

    Shavuos is only one day.

    No name of any other holiday is for a day that exists only in the diaspora

    More accurate to say that all ends of holidays have special names
    They are just different for each
    It’s almost like asking

    No other yom tov is called pesach so how come this one is?

    in reply to: WARNING : Shemita wines being sold in NY/NJ #1720345


    true but you cant spill any out
    what do you do with a bit left in your glass?
    a small amount left in the bottle at end of the meal?
    your kid took some and doesnt like it

    in reply to: Biyur Chometz in the self-cleaning oven #1719225


    But not because of you

    in reply to: Biyur Chometz in the self-cleaning oven #1719202


    And your point is?

    You asked if one may burn their chametz in their oven and he yes why don’t people do it

    So I quoted you a mishneh berurah that addresses both points.

    I wasn’t hiding the rest of the piece.
    I Gave you the exact place where to find it.
    I left that part out as it was not germane to the topic.
    The honest thing to do would have been to say thanks.
    Or to say I was trolling and didn’t think anyone would catch me.
    But just to throw in other random pieces of information to make is seen as if I tried to put one over on you and got caught, is just
    Transparently disingenuous

    in reply to: Biyur Chometz in the self-cleaning oven #1719142


    The Mishna berurah says the minhag is to do it in the courtyard and also not in an oven

    אכן המנהג לעשות לו מדורה בפ”ע אפי’ בשעה ה’ כדי שלא יבואו להקל גם בשעה ששית
    ונוהגין לשרוף אותו בחצר ולא בכירה [אחרונים]:

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