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    charliehall in addition the rav normally advised against saying hallel (with or without a bracha) on yom haatzmaut while his brother reb aharon and rav shachter say you should say without a bracha.

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    that narrows it down to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 20……………….. a little more specific please?

    A chtiyeh!!


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    sometimes i argue with them for fun. i know i’m not going to change their minds, because they keep changing the topic when you prove them wrong. but you shouldn’t argue with those creeps unless you know Hebrew very well, and you need to know some New Excrement too. (the ressurection story is a good place to start because there are so many stupid mistakes………..)

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    max, reform is not a church!! (in church, they believe in (three) god(s). in reform temple, they don’t belive in nobody!!)

    my shul happens to be VERY quiet. there is never any shushing because i don’t recall anyone talking during tefillah or kri’ah. i know that sounds a little absurd (unfortunately), but it’s true.

    mod nice one

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    did u ever try arguing with those guys? it’s so funny when you corner them and then they change the topic

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    about the Chazon Ish, i don’t think the majority of frum american jews are obligated to follow his psak. of course he was one of the greatest talmidei chachomim of the 20th century, but so was R’ Moshe Feinstein who permitted using an electric shaver.

    and how many of you guys hold that you need a mesorah to eat a land animal that has split feet and chews its cud? but the Chazon Ish said it!! nevertheless, in america we follow the american gedolim, and in e”y they follow the israeli gedolim unless there is some other reason.

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    for the record my previous comment was sarcastic.

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    i’m not a posek but i think maybe if he’s in a place where nobody would recognize him, and he can barely see anything but a bunch of blobs of blurry color, then its probably okay to be there, but he defenitely shouldn’t be without a shirt (believe it or not, men do have hilchos tznius)

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    holtzich just in case you hadn’t noticed i was being sarcastic

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    what was the controversial topic? mod i won’t comment on it i just want to know what it is

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    use seichel and don’t potch without thinkng beforehand “what do i want to accomplish and how will this accomplish it?” and if it won’t have a long term good effect, then dont do it you’ll just be hurting your child.

    also note that every child is different and will react to being hit differently.

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    if we go by solomon’s definition of chukas hagoyim, then judaism would be a bunch of starving suffocated bald nude people. goyim eat, so we can’t eat. goyim breathe, so we may not breathe. goyim have hairstyles, and since we can’t copy any possible hairstyle that goyim use, we are mechuyav to shave bald. and goyim, as was noted, wear shorts, so we can’t wear that. they wear pants, so we can’t wear that either. same goes for shirts, undershirts, shoes, socks, underwear. somehow this doesn’t seem right to me……

    sorry solomon 😉 maybe look into the sources to find out what chukas akum is.

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    py i agree with you 99.99% but be careful of mosherose is gonna put u in cherem!!!

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    vitameatavegamin dont drink too much 😉

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    if there’s no realsource then it’s lo sinachshu

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    wolf i LOVE your sarcasm but i think you overdo it

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    personally i don’t have a tv, nor do i plan on getting one. i’m pretty sure, that if the Rav zt’l were still alive today, he would be much more restrictive about the tv. tv now and tv in the 60’s are two completely different animals.

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    is there going to be a cd of it?

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    maxwell i didnt see that the gemara says that shlomo hamelech invented chess whichline is it?

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    no but the earlier mekoros were closer to the invention of chess so chances are they are more accurate

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    yaakov what is the earliest mekor you know of?

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    yaakov what are the mekoros?

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    it doesn’t change much. but i have a thirst for knowledge, even useless knowledge. its a habit i guess. whether it’s a good habit or a bad habit i don’t know. but i like knowing stuff. 🙂

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    Apushatayid: so true

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    reb chaim kanievsky can say that its completely ossur.

    we little people are not allowed to denounce all the rabbonim who said electric shavers are mutar.

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    it depends who you you ask. according to rav hershel shachter, even water needs a hechsher nowadays, because of the way things are manufactured nowadays, the machines are interchangeable, and you can have a lard melting machine being used to filter spring water the next week……

    ask your rav

    in reply to: Pre Tisha Ba'av News: 50% yearn for Mikdash; Lechem HaPanim Ready! #690427

    hmmmmmm, i wonder what that’s like compared to american jews………. (“what’s a holy temple”)

    MORE KIRUV, EVERYONE!!!!!!! and fast, because moshiach is coming!!

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    well said, totty!

    in reply to: What Does The Word Yishivish Mean? #689785

    frum: okay, many un-yeshivish are frum though…

    ehrliche: same as above

    not TOO worldly: very relative

    with it: un-yeshivish are also with it (i think. what is “it?”)

    not too modern: if i’m not mistaken, “modern” is being used to refer to MO, which i think usually means un-yeshivish. so the definition of yellow is not “TOO” purple?

    bissel chassidish: is this yeshivish or chassidish we’re talking about here?

    black suit, black hat, white shirt: many un-yeshivish wear these also…

    “GOOD” hashkafos: now that covers a VERY wide spectrum of hashkafos.

    my point is, we are all jews, we are all brothers, we might dress differently, live differently, and accept all different kinds of “good” hashkafos, but at the end of the day, we are all alike in that we have one torah, one god, and one hope that moshiach will come and redeem us from golus.

    and maybe we should look more into how to perfect OURSELVES, than what the word “yeshivish” means. especially during the nine days before the day our temple was destroyed because of sinas chinam, if you get my drift.

    sorry for ranting.

    may moshiach come and redeem us from this exile speedily in our days (and before tish’a b’av please)

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    uh oh….. here it comes

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    lol read how it works good one!!

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    but i wouldnt want the satan living in my house………..

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    in reply to: Books or Sefarim that have inspired you #689107

    @wellinformedyid it addresses many issues that people have questions about, and i like the way it’s written (a conversation between a sage and a skeptical teenager)

    in reply to: Do Boy & Girld Need Exact Same Hashkafa? #689063

    but that is quite hard to imagine that someone who holds that medinat yisrael is a maaseh satan, will get along (and live peacefully with) someone who will want their kids to say hallel…………

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    smartcookie- thats wonderful!!! kein yirbu!!

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    LIPA!!! is a tzaddik nistar (though sometimes he’s not so nistar)

    in reply to: Books or Sefarim that have inspired you #689102

    Listen, O Youth – Rav Miller zt”l

    in reply to: Do Boy & Girld Need Exact Same Hashkafa? #689060

    to a certain extent.

    quite frankly, we have yet to see a mizrachi boy marry a satmar girl…………… (or vice versa)

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    @ chesedname:

    i dont know where the teshuva is. i heard about it in a dvar torah and i can’t for the life of me remember which rav gave the shiur. but i remember he was very reliable.

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    he’s fine there’s no bd’avad ruling of mamzer in his case

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    poppa if more people thought the way you do, the world would be a better place.

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    reb moshe writes in a teshuva that if you are 100% SURE!!! that you DEFINITELY wouldnt have bought the cds if they werent available from your friend, then its mutar. but you have to be very honest with yourself, so you don’t convince yourself that you’re doing nothing wring when you are.

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    yamaha makes the best keyboards!!! the best keyboard by yamaha is the tyros 3 because of its great realistic sound, and its simplicity (and the great price!!) all the other brands have these big fancy keyboards that you waste years trying to figure out how to use.

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    “Its very inapropriate for you to be holding a 12 year old boys hand in the street if yur not his parent.”

    there is nothing “inappropriate” about holding the hand of a kid with down syndrome when he asks ytou to!

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    @emoticon613 you’re welocme

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    we jews don’t believe that mashiach is god. that’s called christianity. at least the wolf realizes that it’s not good to put nonsense from other religions into jewish songs. of course that wasn’t YB’s intention, but the more people know not to sing it that way, the better.

    in reply to: Non-Jewish Jewish Music #688500

    personally i think as long as it doesn’t sound like it once had bad lyrics. then it’s fine. but you’ve got beethoven symphony 9, and acon. there’s got to be a line somewhere…………..

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