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  • in reply to: Free Prescription Glasses – VERY Limited Time #807001

    I, too live in Israel and am about to order a few pairs, but I am just scared that they won’t come in good condition. I was reading the reviews and some people wrote that they came bent or scratched from the shipping.

    How did your’s come wrapped?

    I also read that they have terrible customer service so I will order it on my amex and talk to them if there are any problems.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!!

    in reply to: Check out my musical compositions! #806584

    Really good stuff!!! Very enjoyable listening!!!

    I would love to hear Dear God too.

    And how about the best song of all time, November Rain?

    in reply to: What Crazy thing have you done today? #1023196

    Walked into a pet store in Israel and asked if they sold cats.

    in reply to: Dating in the Rain #799256

    “OBAM- I agree that on the first dates that would be inappropriate but once they are engaged I think he can nicely discuss it with her.”

    If they are engaged then they should definitely be able to talk about the rain.

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    I want to be a toll booth collector.

    in reply to: Shliach Haken #795984

    It has to be hefker before it was layed.

    R’ Elyashiv says that you have to physically pick up the mother and shoo her away, which is almost impossible because they have eyes on the side of their head.

    All you have to do is pick up the eggs or chick 12 tfachim and put it back down. after you do it, it can be done by others again.

    Its also a big mitzva to be very careful while doing it.

    Star K has a small sefer online all about it, google it.

    in reply to: #796167

    They were selling such a thing in lkwd a couple of years ago. Sorry

    in reply to: Commiting to two dates?? #797613

    The first date with my wife was terrible but since I commited myself to always giving 2 dates I went out for a second date with her.

    I did not have a good time with her and wasn’t too interested in seeing her again.


    When I finished that second date I was ready to marry her.

    I think it’s impossible to judge someone in a few hours, go out with her again, you never know!!!

    Remember, always treat her respectfully even if you know it will not work out.

    Hatzlacha Rabba

    in reply to: Wierd, Great or Interesting Names #799954

    I know an Aron Aron and an Aryeh Aryeh

    in reply to: Good Quotes #925672

    Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric- Bertrand Russell

    Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight protestants, today its open to anybody who owns hideous clothing- Dave Barry

    Humility is no substitute for a good personality- Fran Lebowitz

    The proof that man is the noblest of all creatures is that no other creature ever denied it- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

    If you always do what interests you, at least one person will be happy- Katherine Hepburn

    in reply to: bobby pins in yarlmukas #794133

    My rebbi used to tell me “ONLY GOYIM USE BOBBY PINS”. We would crack up and say yeah only goyim wear bobby pins to keep their yamys on!!!

    in reply to: How Often Do You Eat Meat? #1088154

    Can I ask what that shitta might be?

    I can”t imagine why someone would willingly stay away fron meat.

    in reply to: How Often Do You Eat Meat? #1088149

    I eat meat Almost every night for supper.

    And yes I’m going crazy but isn’t that the point?

    in reply to: What is the funnest thing you'll be doing this summer? #795021

    Plan on attending Glenn Becks Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem on Aug 24.

    Tubing down the Jordan.

    Klezmer music festival in Tzfat.

    Wine factory.

    Chocolate factory.

    Blind museum.

    Deaf museum.


    Horseback riding.

    Relaxing and doing nothing the rest of the time…

    in reply to: Can I ask a very stupid question? #793356

    Sometimes we need a kick in the pants, its unfortunate but we don’t realize until something terrible happens.

    in reply to: Tipping when the service is terrible. (or not there at all) #792691

    I happen to agree with you, but it was Rosh Chodesh so I wanted to spend whatever it costs on a nice meal.

    One would think that going to a real nice place you would not run into problems with the waitstaff but apparently I was wrong.

    And once in a while its nice to give the wife a night off from cooking and cleaning.

    in reply to: Tipping when the service is terrible. (or not there at all) #792689

    In the one and a half hours that I was there I had to deal with 3 waitresses and 2 busboys, I doubt he’ll fire them all.

    But I’m gonna take your advice and email them for the restaurants good (and mine a little).

    in reply to: Tipping when the service is terrible. (or not there at all) #792685

    There was not much hakaros hatov to be had there

    in reply to: Should the coffee room be split into two? #792224

    People that are more frum than you are usually not any less “normal” than you.

    The one reason we all love the coffee room is to hear and argue and discuss all the different views on almost anything you could think of.

    Splitting it up will make it much less interesting and not as entertaining.

    I don’t think you have to split it up, people just have to understand that not everyone fits in the same mold as they do and its not that terrible.

    And yes the super frum that are bored at work with internet should be here better than anywhere else.

    in reply to: What are you all doing now? #791569


    in reply to: Prewedding Jitters #790581

    I just got married 8 months ago. Best move of my life!!!! Just try to relax and not worry too much, everything will work out, it always does.

    I know I’m not married long but marriage is not as scary as most people make it out to be.

    They say you are at the best time of your life right now but I say it only gets better, much,much much,better.

    Just take it one step at a time and in a couple of weeks you’ll both be laughing about it!!!


    in reply to: Restaurant name #801546

    How about “kosher delight”

    in reply to: DIVORCE CRISIS – young couples getting divorced #1200052

    Chassanim and Kallos must be told that there is no way out of a marriage. Men go into a marriage thinking “if this one doesnt work out I’ll just find another”.

    I know too many people with this mindset and it destroyed their marriages.

    Another problem is that young couples are too embarrased or scared to go for help, or they think that what they are going through is fine, until it blows up in their faces. The chosson and kalla teachers must explain to them that its the right thing to do and you’ll be happier.

    in reply to: nails that are cut off and pregnant woman? #786416

    Is there anything to do about it if you cant find it?

    I heard something about dropping two pieces of wood on the floor and then throwing them out.

    Any truth to this?

    in reply to: Marrying a Prisoner of War #785888

    you gotta shave her head, make her nails grow long, no perfume or makeup, wear unflattering clothes, and wait a long time.

    The point was to make you not interested in her anymore.

    I’m gonna guess that it worked pretty often.

    in reply to: Bucket List #786212

    I would love to see moshiach before I die

    in reply to: Tips for budgeting #784378

    Thanks everybody.

    in reply to: Quitting Smoking #784144

    I was smoking 2 packs a day for several years. I read Alan Carr’s book on quitting smoking and it did nothing for me until one day (my birthday) I took my last cig at 11:57 pm and never looked back. He explains in the book to wait for a big day to quit. The philosophy in the book kicked in and I knew for a fact that I was never going to take another another cigarette. That was exactly a year and a half ago. I recomend the book to any smoker who really wants to quit.

    in reply to: Quitting Smoking #775294

    a box of cuban cigars and a day off

    in reply to: shaving this friday #1072884

    is that a yes? where can i look it up?

    in reply to: Would you continue? #772362

    i wouldn’t ruin a good thing because of only one person. i would keep on going and try to ignore that person. Hatzlacha Rabba!!!

    in reply to: teeth whitening #766107

    i did the expensive tooth whitening a day before my wedding and i was extremely happy with the results.

    ive seen other people use the strips and i was not too impressed.

    the proffesional whitening takes only 20 minutes and is entirely painless.

    in reply to: What makes your blood pressure go up on a scale of 1-10? #765868

    kids with runny noses, why dont the parents keep them clean???

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