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    It may lead to mixed dancing.

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    SJSinNYC – I spoke with a Board Member who was pretty embarrassed to even be associated with this Board right now. He told me that most of the Board had no idea that this was going down. It was basically this Wolf character (whom I don’t know, but really would not want to be in his shoes now or after 120) and one or two other board members. They felt that they could do a better job managing the school with one of their friends sitting in the Administrators seat instead of someone who actually knew what was doing and might not agree with everything they say.

    I’m appalled.

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    He left due to the new Board that was brought in last year making it impossible to work there. The teachers salaries probably will be cut in half along with many of them let go. This how a Board who knows nothing about running a school is “saving the school”.

    Being that he was one of the last people putting in all his effort to actually get the teachers paid on time and keep the school running, I would say good luck to BYBP now.

    I heard that many parents will be pulling their kids next year because of this Board.

    Much Hatzlocha to Rabbi Shapiro. Any institution would be lucky to have him bring his 40+ years of experience there.

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    You can say that your wife doesnt want you shaking other women’s hands. Said nicely, with a smile, anyone will understand this and not take offense.

    Good Luck!!

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    Dropped it in the mail. Hope more will follow.

    Ksiva V’chasima Tova!

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    BP Totty – Its frightening that you keep talking as if you know.

    I will respectfully stop answering your pointless claims. Though I think you should do a great chesed and walk over to BYBP and offer your services. They would be lucky to have you.

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    Mod, I understand your editing but when people are posting blatant lies…….

    “And the new building? If they can’t fill it and pay for it, they can sell it to Bobov or Satmar tomorow. But that will never happen.” Believe me that if they could sell it, they would. Its not such a simple matter to sell off a huge building, especially if people technically gave (any) money to build it.

    And to generate some income, they have actually consolidated alot of their classes for this year and rented out rooms to Bobov.

    Stop generalizing “mosdos”. Not so nice to be bashing when you arent really informed of the facts.

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    BP Totty:

    Unfortunately alot of kids hardly pay any tuition and probably another 30-40% have pretty significant discounts. And oh, maybe they should also pay their tremendous mortgage of about 40,000 a month so they have a place to store all that chalk and copy paper…

    I spoke to Rabbi Shapiro at the school and he informed me that the old payroll was over 7,000,000 a year. With all the cuts they had to put in place the new payroll is less than 6,000,000 a year. Tutition revenue should be bringing in between 6 and 7 million and instead it brings in less than 5 million. You can do all the math by yourself. But in my book that still leaves them way in the red…

    Everyone thinks they can do a better job. Noone is manning the store. The school has just been running on auto-pilot for 70 years?? Amazingly, it managed to turn out some of the finest in our community while never missing a payroll until the economic crisis hit. Many more parents cant afford to pay, contributions tanked, and many large pledges never materialized.

    I hope after you lose your bet, you still have the $100 to donate.

    The store is being manned. Just noone is paying for the products.


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    I do sympathize!! Just don’t write “Its not fair”. Write that “Its so hard”.

    I’m in for $100 and I have no problem with it going towards toilet paper.

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    I really don’t even understand the original post. How can you say “It’s not fair to parents who are struggling to pay daily bills, to put them under tremendous pressure to pay tuition, and if not their child can’t attend school.” Whats not fair??

    Do you not have to pay for any product or service?? I am not in any way making small of the struggle to earn a living and then to have to pay a large tuition bill. But to say it isnt fair?? Try telling the pizza store that its not fair that you should have to pay and otherwise you dont get any pizza. Etc etc.

    BYBP is currently a few months behind in payroll. Teachers and administartive staff are basically working pro bono, hoping that the situation turns around one day.

    And seriously people. What’s with all the bright ideas? Do you really think the school is not doing everything in its power to get out of this situation?? You dont think they have tried to get money from any donor that they can?? They have made millions of dollars worth of budget cuts, and still cant make a payroll. Many large pledges have never been paid resulting in a new building which should have raised millions in dedications, becoming a tremendous liability.

    Noone wants to hear about children being turned away from school. Noone. But be honest with yourselves. How can a school function without tuition revenue??

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    I heard that they are not making a recorded version of this concert like they did in Caesaria…

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    Rabonim, Gedolim, whatever you want to call them. You saw who signed the letter that they advertised.

    I dont know what made them change their minds.

    They are not paying their suppliers. They are still being supplied only because these vendors remember when BYOBP was one of the only customers paying on time, each month. I personally know a vendor who is owed over 150,000 and is still supplying them.

    I wasn’t looking to answer anything. There is no answer really.

    And you assumed correctly that I am not Rabbi Shapiro.

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    They are listening to the shaila which they themselves asked. It was these same Rabonim who now told them to open. Seems pretty pointless to me to tell you the truth.

    Yes, there are 2000 children who rely on their education, but they were also relying on it a few weeks ago when they told the school to advertise that they are not opening. I guess we cant ask on their decision. I dont know.

    They accepted people without payment. True. But once again, this was after being told by Rabonim to take in these children. I guess they thought the community would pick up the slack? I dont know.

    They technically use all their staff and need them. But in times like this, they should be combining classes and getting rid of alot of teachers and their salaries. In this case, the member of the hanhala who opposed this did indeed shoot everyone else in the foot.

    On their side, they were promised tuition from alot of their paying customers and these people never came through. Additionally, there were alot of large pledges, some I believe from members of their own board, which never materialized. This could be because of the economy now. I am not placing blame, just laying out the facts.

    The school opened today, but it really shouldn’t have.

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    It was a high member of the hanhala who stopped the plan. Not as simple as you think.

    This “Feeling even less bad” stupidity just makes you seem insensitive to something affecting thousands of others lives. Takes any point you might be making and just makes it childish.

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    I know that there was a plan to cut many positions there in an attempt to save the rest of the school, however it was met with fierce opposition from within the school staff and the plan was put aside. So in that aspect, they did fail themselves. It is unfortunate that people should have to lose their jobs, but in this case it would save many others.

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    Worth alot more??

    Yea, I’m sure Rabbi Shapiro and the rest of the administration would sleep better at night knowing that hundreds of people have no job, (even if you are not getting paid, having a chance at getting paid is better than not) and thousands of children have no school.

    And there are no “owners” in this case.


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    The school was NOT saved. Therefore no recognition was given. The Rabonim requested that the school open because so many children’s Jewish education is dependant on BYOBP.

    As far as I know, the administration did not want to open, due to the fact that the same problems as before (no money) are still tremendous problems. The teachers still won’t be getting paid in time for Yom Tov.

    Yes, some people stepped up and cleared their tuition. Yes, people gave at the Kumzitz some nice donations. Others stepped up and donated what they could. And this is a tremendous zchus for them. However, they are still waiting for that big donor to come along and bail them out of this terrible situation.

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    Gavra At Work, I feel bad for your children… This school has over 2000 children ka”h and hundreds of staff. You really think everyone will just be absorbed into the other schools?! What if you send your child to this particular school because that is how you want your child brought up? Etc. Etc.

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    After all this discussion, noone seems to have any answer for this terrible crisis. Yes, finally something that actually deserves the word crisis. What can we do to fix this problem? Is noone taking this seriously?? I recently spoke to someone at the school and I was told that so far noone really has come forward to help out… What will be?

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    You can’t buy happiness…

    in reply to: If You Had a Chance… #644738

    Mine would be

    1. Squeak

    2. Joseph

    3. Brooklyn19

    So when is the first ever Yeshiva World Coffee Room dinner?? 🙂

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    Eichler’s in Flatbush still sells tapes, but not of anything that has come out in the past couple of years.

    Brooklyn19 made a good point that you could buy a converter for an ipod or CD player that plugs into your tape deck.


    We can tell all the Arabs to back off, as we rip eachother apart over here.

    Can’t we get along on anything?!?

    The IDF is pounding Gaza, the whole Israel is tzitering waiting for suicide attacks to resume in full force, people in Ashdod are running from rockets, and all we can do here is fight amongst ourselves.



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    I’m going to stick to my name and not answer that moronic question.

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    “His voice is no good. His songs are not Jewish. What’s happening to our generation?”


    You are what’s happening to our generation. You dont like his voice? Dont listen! You think his songs are not Jewish? So certainly dont listen!

    But to publically say another persons voice is not good, especially when its his parnassah, that is certainly wrong.

    And you are worried about Frum Yidden discussing the Superbowl (See Sports thread). Please. Check your Lashon Hara at the door before giving mussar to others…

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    The Superbowl should be the worst thing that Frum Yidden are talking about…

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    Yea, I chose to respond to the point addressed to everyone OVER the age of 12. Maybe we should stop all the food threads too so people shouldnt start loving food too much.

    What exactly does talking about sports have to do with idolizing??

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    “The Bitul Zman would be terrible”

    Eh? What exactly are you doing with your time now?! The bitul zman would not be any worse then posting on any other thread.

    So if you would rather waste your time on things other than sports, thats your prerogative. Others would rather waste their time on sports, which there is nothing wrong with.

    Just my opinion.

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    Finally got a chance to pick up the CD yesterday. The rest of the songs are as good as the ones I heard on Nachum Segal. Rarely do I feel like I wasn’t ripped off by buying a CD. Thank you Shapiro Brothers!!

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    I totally agree with Sing Song. The songs that I have heard so far sound amazing. I met the Shapiro Brothers last night at a wedding and one of them played me a song titled K’shoshanah, which has a guest appearance by Dovid Gabay. The song was just gorgeous and is sure to be the next hit slow song in Jewish music…

    Looking forward to buying the CD as soon as I hear its in stores…

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    Because as I comment on other people’s comments, I usually wonder this….. 🙂

    in reply to: Random Questions #1077685

    Pashuteh Yid, I will let the others jump down your throat, but I do have to say that your comment is one of the dumbest, narrow minded comments I have read. Most people at least say that “My rav told me this” or “In my community this is acceptable”. You just went and paskened your (wrong) opinion…

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    The skirt down to the ankles with a slit is much less appropriate because of the peek-a-boo effect… The other skirt should be fine unless its too tight that it wont cover your knees when seated…

    in reply to: Respect for other posters comments #624335


    Since you picked out any one name of the Rabbis listed by Cantoresq, I am assuming you feel the same about all the people on his list.

    Can you tell me what YOUR definition of a Gadol is?

    Because you dont have to like or even approve of YU to know that R’ Herschel Schachter is a tremendous Gadol B’Torah and has unparalled middos. People from all different walks of life flock to hear him speak when he comes to any neighborhood. Is he not “good enough” for you??

    Ah Gutten Erev Shabbos

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    Just Me,

    Although the song is in fact sung by Neshama Carlebach, it was not “first sung and recorded by Shlomo Carlbachs daughter Neshama”. It was originally sung by Shlomo Carlebach himself, but did not become popular until she recorded it a few years ago. I have a recording of Shlomo singing it many years ago.

    You can untwist your knickers now…

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    Maybe according to some of you people posting one should stop ringing the doorbell to pick up the girl for the date. You should just honk when you are outside so chas vshalom you shouldnt have to GASP walk a girl to your car. And to the genius who compared a date to a cabbie or your brother, seriously?? Would you ask your cabbie to marry you? How about your brother? Walking a girl to her door is no different then walking and talking with her for the last four hours!! Contrary to what some people here believe, there is no Isur to be a gentleman.

    As far as this seatbelt issue is concerned, I seriously doubt any QUALIFIED halachic authority would EVER permit a girl to not wear a seatbelt. V’nishmartem me’od….

    A good day to all…

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    Very well said. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem. There is no doubt that camp is an integral part of a childs growth, as it certainly was part of mine. It is amazing that people question why so many children these days have no positive role models and end up places they should not be r”l. One of the main reasons for this is that the Yeshivas are not letting most of these role models attend camp!! And for the high school and beis medresh boys who just need a break, keeping them in yeshiva or in a yeshiva camp, as opposed to being a staff member in camp, has a negative effect not only on the children they could have helped, but on themselves too.

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