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    So anyone who was brave enough to go for anger management and admit it is assumed to be a sociopath?

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    I think this is an exceedingly small group (boys supporting their family), and there is usually a story behind them. However, I think that this theoretical group contains the most eligible boys for marriage, being as they have a mature outlook of life and dealing with its challenges. Your average working boy doesn’t fit into those category, however. I’m not saying anything against them; this thread just isn’t discussing them. Any boy that fits into the category that we are discussing should be more than happy to go back to learning, if the girl had a decent job and he doesn’t have to support his family.

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    Now if you would have left that half a shot there, in three years you would have had Glenfidditch 18.

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    How can anyone with yiras shamayim shower more than once a week? Think of the bittul torah! Try it, it won’t kill you. (Although telling someone to try it might constitute trying to figure out someones identity, being as it will be pretty noticeable that the person didn’t shower in a week; and would therefore violate cr policy.) You would be surprised how many purple take two or three showers a week, with no one the wiser.

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    Our aveiroz have a lot more to do with the equation than the political atmosphere.

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    There is a difference between the segulos in the gemara and the refuos.

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    The divrei yitzchak supposedly brings a source from the gemara. I got the sefer, but was unable to find the piece. For all those who said that you are suffering from mental disease for thinking about it, our that is darkei emori, you’re going to have to answer for calling the taamei minhagim those things. Maybe think before sticking your head between the lions. (There is an article by Fred Rosner in the NYS Journal of Medicine 1992:5 titled “Pigeons as a remedy (segulah) for Hepatitis”. He actually cited a lot of relevant information.)

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    From lag baomer to yom yerushalayim is a pretty long date. You may as well just say to move there, and name every mitzvah hanoheges baaretz; instead of yom yerushalayim, of all things!

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    My teacher always called me “Quiet!”.

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    35 mph isn’t quite speeding like a meshugana. And people shouldn’t be walking in middle of the street. 25 mph is excessively slow. Almost every city in America has local speed limits around 35 mph. So unless you’re calling them all “speeding tow trucks on a rain slicked highway” (Can you imagine someone going so fast on a highway? 35 whole miles per hour?!?!?), calm down the rhetoric.

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    Fifteen more hours (to file your extensions).

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    The exercise is not supposed to help you introduce yourself to others; as much as to introduce yourself to yourself. It raises self awareness when you have to think what your main essence is.

    in reply to: Divorced Women Face Higher Heart Attack Risk #1072714

    What about women who’s marriages are failing but stay with them anyways? How are those numbers? (In general, married people do better socioeconomically than divorced people. I don’t know how that impacts the statistic.)

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    Three are dozens in Brooklyn. Just search for the listing, someone made a compilation. (I think I saw it in the newspaper, I’m assuming its online.) I usually do it by one on avenue L and east tenth. There’s a prominent spot on avenue O and east tenth area. Sign in front and multiple trees. All this info is also in the listing, so I know I can post it.

    in reply to: Reporting Abusers #1093587

    Ahh. I love witch hunters. Easy way to lose your olam haba in one shot; just hang someones picture on the wall. I wouldn’t bid much on this persons olam haba if it was on Ebay.

    in reply to: Parking Tickets- Innocent Until Proven Guilty? #1073015

    To be fair, the mini-meter system is the best thing to happen for fighting parking tickets in a long time. (Good things tend not to happen when it comes to fighting tickets).

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    No Meir Kahana loyalists mentioned nuclear bombs yet? And to think that Boruch Marzel almost made it into the Knesset.

    in reply to: Why it Takes Some People a Year or Two To Comment on a Thread #1215854

    Neither do I, that’s what I wrote. 🙂 I tried to write rules, but my keyboard knew better. Sorry.

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    All Jews have an equal status as Jews, regardless of level of religious observance.

    in reply to: Why it Takes Some People a Year or Two To Comment on a Thread #1215851

    Its actually in the cr rule thread stickied on top; that you should check if there is an existing thread in the subject before starting a new one. So your question is really who listens to tiles. To that, I have no answer.

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    If you are ever in a situation in which you ate considered a mandated reporter and halacha doesn’t allow reporting, you are mechuyav to leave the country. Quite a nisayon.

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    Chess isn’t easy or hard. It depends on who your opponent is.

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    If you report someone to the police in a case which you are not entitled to do so, the din is hashkem lehargo. It doesn’t say that about many things. The role of the government is not to provide justice, but to protect society. If no protection to society would come from reporting this guy, is forbidden to report it. (I can already hear the next poster saying that prosecution protects society by dissuading other potential wrongdoers. For that, you have no right to use this guy as a korbon.) Remember, you are gambling with his life (and yours, being as you have a Din Rodef.) That’s not something to play games with.

    in reply to: What is your weird family minhag on Pesach? #1071369

    Writersoul: my grandparents did.

    in reply to: get rid of smart phone #1072524

    ZD: do you want zahava growing up with unlimited unfiltered internet access?

    in reply to: get rid of smart phone #1072475

    Zd: that’s the third time you tried to divert the thread from the issue at hand. Three strikes and you’re out.

    in reply to: Satmar levush #1070533

    Boruch mechayeh hameisim. Welcome back kj chusid. (I see you got a revised subtitle.)

    in reply to: What is your weird family minhag on Pesach? #1071364

    We have a weird minhag on Pesach not to call people crazy for their chumros. The rest of the year, anyone more machmir is fanatical and crazy, and anyone more meikil is a goy.

    in reply to: $10,000 shidduch offer #1072961

    For that price, you can donate $10,000 to the needy for Pesach and register on craigslist. You may not find your soul mate you were looking for to build a bayis neeman beyisrael, but you’ll probably have fun. Or you can deal with a real person that actually knows what both sides are aiming for in life. The fact that their goals match on paper means nothing. All five people to describe yeshivish, and you’ll get five different descriptions. A search engine just doesn’t cut it.

    in reply to: ———–Reading Between the Lines————— #1070562

    Yiftach bedoro kemoshe bedoro.

    in reply to: get rid of smart phone #1072466

    There’s an old saying in yiddish (I’ll say it in English) “She says the daughter but means the mother”. Everyone knows that the problem is as bad for adults as teenagers and kids, but it’s more comfortable to talk about the kids.

    in reply to: The Wicked Son #1070524

    The haggadah is talking about a missionary. First save what you have, them fix what’s broken. Your “ben rashah” today has nothing to do with believing in Hashem or not. His problem is emotional pain, so that’s what contemporary gedolim tell us to work on. The concept of a maskil is almost non existent in our generation. People in kiruv will say the same thing. People don’t become religious because they rationally decided that there must be a Hashem. They do it because they are looking for happiness.

    in reply to: ———–Reading Between the Lines————— #1070558

    Yekke2: you’re not the first to define frum like that. The tziddukim already did thousands of years ago. In more modern times, that description was taken up by the Christians. Just believe and you’ll be fine. And don’t worry about those crazy rabbis. They’re still living in the dark Ashes, and don’t know that things have changed. Just believe in god, and love everyone, and j—s will save your soul.

    in reply to: get rid of smart phone #1072458

    This whole discussion is ridiculous, because regardless if a smartphone is a problem in theory, it takes a moron to say that it’s not a problem in reality. Ask anyone involved in marriage counseling how much of a role phones play in sholom bayis issues. Look around next time you are in shul during the week and see how many people are using them. Same thing for any event. How about by family time? And this is without discussing what they’re doing. Just look at how addictive it is, even if its for purely innocent things. And the comparison to a car was also rather unintelligent. I think that is self explanatory. However, anything that is said against the internet over here will automatically elicit a defensive rather than rational response, being as every single person here is on the internet (and not for business). If its a choice between you being wrong or the rabbonim being wrong, and you already decided that you’re not listening to them, you may as well call them delusional idiots, to ratify yourself (in your own eyes, at least), why you’re not listening to them. Anyone on drugs says the same about the police and the doctors. You have plenty of company.

    in reply to: get rid of smart phone #1072445

    Being as the crowd in the CR are people using the internet for recreational purposes, you’re automatically going to get a slightly biased opinion. You’re not getting a real cross section off the frum community.

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    Someone who believes in the sanctity of Torah and mitzvos over anything else, who tries to fulfill its dictums, and who believes in the worthiness of our gedolim.

    in reply to: ———–Reading Between the Lines————— #1070550

    What do you call frum?

    in reply to: Tragedy has fallen on all of us #1070985

    Health: I apologize. I didn’t realize you gave for safety courses. Of course they’re essential. I have no time, but I’ll be happy to give you a donation.

    in reply to: kosherlpesach cigarettes???? #1067565

    ???? ??. I don’t think anyone knew that until you told us. Thank you for enlightening us that smoking can kill. It might even be assur, according to some poskim. I’ll bet none of you knew that.

    in reply to: Theological Conundrum (read at your own risk) #1090308

    In line with their religion,I think the Arabs are right for killing people. However, being that their religion makes them a life threatening danger to society ,I think we are right in killing them first.

    in reply to: Who are the top ten posters that EVERYONE knows? #1070034

    What happened to kjchusid? He went zionist?

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    Its a 24/6 computer. People are on them all day and night.

    in reply to: Gebrokts on Pesach #1067549

    Reb Yitxchok Hutner was makpid that people eat gebrokts.

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    in reply to: Whatsapp Calling #1067434

    I just got it last night. Unlimited minutes maybe, (but this is over the internet and is better for international calls, which are free, and when you don’t have service), but its definitely better than the other voip apps, simply because more people are on whatsapp than anything else. All these calling apps require both sides to be members.

    in reply to: my dream shul #1197672

    How about people actually connecting to Hashem through davening? Everything else is nice, but secondary.

    in reply to: ———–Reading Between the Lines————— #1070548

    Ny times was left in, but mine was edited? There’s no issur saying lashon hara about them. Their self stated purpose is to rake up the dirt on the frum community to try to prevent people from joining aka: baalei teshuva, and to try to bring us down. I think they can and should be denounced for being the hatemongers that they are.


    in reply to: Poll: Do you think I have a beard? #1067458

    Take it how you like it. Age is a one way street, so savor every moment of each stage. There’s no going back. Chap arein!

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    Just read it (the one about the fire and the one about hot plates.) Didn’t seem so bad. I would attach a link to the non religious Jewish one, but I don’t think I’ll get away with that.

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