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The Chilling Letter A Meron Victim Left Before His Death

Reb Shimon Matlon, z’l, a 37-year-old Breslover chassid, a father of 11, and a Rebbe in a Talmud Torah in Beitar Illit, lost his life in the Meron disaster.

His friends and acquaintances say that R’ Shimon was a ba’al aliya, was constantly engaged in tzadaka and chessed, and was a true eved Hashem, suffused in simcha and emuna.

On Sunday, Chareidi journalist Yossi Elituv, who knew the niftar personally, published a letter that Reb Shimon, z’l, entrusted with his friend last Thursday, requesting that he open it only on Sunday.

When the grieving friend opened the letter on Sunday, never having imagined he would be doing so after his friend’s tragic demise, he was astounded to read the words (in rhyme) that Shimon, z’l had written:

Instead of feeling disappointed – accept everything with love.
Instead of being strict – be flexible.
Instead of grumbling – let your seichel guide you.
Instead of finding fault – have more gratitude.
Instead of complaining – put negativity in perspective.
Instead of drowning – say “Hakol M’Shamayim.”
Instead of blaming the whole world – remember Who is greater than all.
Instead of getting angry – breathe deeply.
Instead of getting irritated – practice emunah.
Instead of seeing black – choose to see the full half [of the cup].
Instead of sinking in depression – remember that Hashem can you save from every difficulty.
– Because Hashem determines the situation (המצב) – and you determine your state of mind (מצב הרוח).

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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